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  1. The "one for yes, two for no" system reminded me of the original Star Trek episode "The Menagerie" with the former Captain of the Enterprise being severely injured from radiation poisoning and could only communicate in "yes" or "no" through a blinking light. At the end, he was saved by very powerful aliens who were able to bring him back to his old self by their mastery of illusion. Unfortunately, we don't have that yet, but at least Zoey can hear him through songs.
  2. Oh I liked it too. You knew they would get the band back together, but I didn't expect the guy to have bought the Phoenix. I noticed the nod to Indiana Jones when MacGyver when his class ended. I knew it sounded familiar when he said it. He told them to read Michaelson, Chapters 4 and 5 for the next class. That was the same book and chapters Indy told his class to read in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Both are masters of improvising solutions out of whatever is available to them.
  3. I liked Gauravi (or Gor-vi) so I'm glad she won. I'm curious about the combination of nuclear engineer and improv comedian. I got Fred Astaire and Fred Willard, Daughter, stripper, megaphone, and the late great Nora Ephron. New World didn't quite come to me in time. I got Charlotte Bronte. I read Jane Eyre at some point in high school English class.
  4. If you've seen the Pinky and the Brain episode "Win Big", the Brain is on Jeopardy! and the answer he misses is Ralph Kramden despite Pinky mentioning him all day. As for FJ, when I saw World Mammals, I first thought it was "Weird" mammals so instantly thought of the platypus and when I saw Australia and paradoxus, I figured that was it. Ran the "Where does it hurt?" category. Got "Bleak House", Hawaiian, Plymouth (I'm from Massachusetts so that helped) and Prokofiev.
  5. That is the existential question right there. I don't see why it can't be both. After all, Tahani decided she wanted to become an Architect and had begun that process. My original guess for the ending was going to be all of them becoming Architects tasked with ushering humans into the Good Place, but Tahani was the only one who opted for that path.
  6. I ran quickly through the African countries on the Mediterranean and figured that Tripoli means three cities in Greek so that fit. I've been to the Rock of Gibraltar. In fact, there are a colony of Barbary monkeys that live there. There's a legend that says that if there are no more monkeys on the Rock, Gibraltar will return to Spain. I was singing the SchoolHouse Rock songs during that category. Unlike Interjections!, Lolly, and Conjunction Junction, I didn't remember Busy Prepositions either so I looked it up.
  7. So wait a second, the bureaucratically inept Good Place committee outright lied to Michael about the contract he was signing and left him completely in the lurch? They can't decide on anything, but they had no problems with that. Do they even realize that they just put a reformed demon / 6,000 ft fire squid wearing a human suit in charge?
  8. It looks like the same balloon from the "Best Self" episode where they planned to take it to the Good Place, but that setup was just a sham as Michael didn't actually know how to get there. They hadn't even met the Judge yet.
  9. I was having trouble thinking of another Russian city besides Moscow and St. Petersburg and 400 miles seemed about right between the two as it looks about the same distance between Boston and Washington, DC, but maps (especially Mercator projections) do distort distances. I also got Shaw, Champlain, and a hen. I also thought of A Clockwork Orange and Atlas Shrugged popped into my head too. Catch-22 never crossed my mind.
  10. I've got "Karen looks like..." Megan Boone who plays Elizabeth Keen on the Blacklist. I thought it was her when I first saw her. She even sounds quite a bit like her character on the show.
  11. I remembered from Cinco de Mayo that it celebrated Mexico's victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla, FJ was pretty easy for me. I have awful memories of my retainer for my braces causing me to have a lisp as if a seventh'grader didn't have enough to be self-conscious and embarrassed about. Orthodontia was torture both physically and emotionally. Thanks for dredging that up, Jeopardy!
  12. Yet again, the trial science behind this is irrelevant with respect to obtaining the verdict Bull's team wanted as it was more like Matlock getting the evidence to get his client freed. That guy was never going to stop stalking her. That neighbor/girlfriend should be thankful to Erin as she may have been his next target. The trial science was only important in that Marissa proved she knew quite a bit more than Bull gave her credit for. I also agreed with her conclusion that a juror that was reluctant to accept help carrying groceries from a young man (What's his motivation? Is it more than just courtesy?) may be more empathetic to Erin than one who waited at a railroad crossing.
  13. Thanks for the description. I did get LEVI as I couldn't think of any other 4 letter word associated with jeans (WGLR for Wrangler, maybe), but I also figured a company that's been around for so long would likely have already been on the stock exchange so I can why it would be confusing.
  14. Chidi had written that Eleanor is the answer and gave it to Janet. Eleanor, after finding out that they were about to be rebooted at the end of the first attempt, wrote a letter to find Chidi and gave it to Janet. Very nice callback there,
  15. I knew it was the McKinley assassination too, but I had no idea where it was either. I also guessed Chicago. Got those and I suspect a couple of them might have been puzzled that Gary Busey was once nominated for an Academy Award. I have some hearing loss so I was having some problems with Kevin's trailing off with his responses. I needed the captions for missive and misdemeanor to make sure that's what he said. Agreed!
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