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  1. I'm upset about it too. This has been one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. I wonder if a factor behind it is because the show seemed more geared towards people who watched the cartoon in the 80s as opposed to children today. I skip past all the commercials after Louie asks me to do his chores for him.
  2. In that great hand-off between Rachel and Lawrence tonight, it's clear again how much respect he has for her and she does for him. I honestly get the impression that he enjoys that nightly hand-off more than doing his actual show always saying to take however long you need. He mentioned how well she handled the technical difficulties with her microphone. There's video of him having a meltdown during a commercial break due to difficulties and distractions.
  3. I had forgotten they mentioned it then too. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂 As for the awesome pogo cane, any reference to the DuckTales video games are most welcome. The Moon Theme, very much used during Della's time there, is still considered one of the best NES music pieces ever.
  4. I would have to imagine it would too. Scrooge relayed the story of the Treasure of the Golden Suns which was the pilot to the old cartoon, but he said he came away with nothing from it. The plane was coated in gold at the end of it and the nephews (Huey, Duey, Louie) were there for it so I thought that was odd. Keeping with the James Bond motif of the episode, Scrooge said his cane was a Von Drake Action Cane PPK. James Bond's gun was a Walther PPK.
  5. That's Lt. Bryce, As operations / tactical officers, Worf and Data would often handle that duty as well. Open a Channel, Mr. Worf or Hail them, Mr. Data, but that's not their primary role.
  6. We know about prions now, They cause Cruzfeldt-Jakob-Disease and a variant is known as mad cow disease. There's no cure now, but you'd think they would have had a thousand years to figure it out. They have transporters with biofilters in the 24th century so you'd think that would have been an option. Maybe Nhan wanted to stay in the environment where she won't need her respirator. At least she's still be around, unlike Airiam. Even if that worked back in her time and her Universe, they haven't fixed that? The line of "Why would you ever ask me a question like that?" was particularly disturbing. Obviously, she's not okay.
  7. That part did remind me of the Golden Goose episodes too, They are absolutely great together.
  8. Well, it was really good to see the way the characters found their inner strength. Lena has already her inner strength by rejecting Magica and turning good and she got Huey to tap into the rage he's been hiding for his inner strength, He goes and gives Steelbeak an atomic wedgie and ties his laces together. I wonder just how many scenarios Lena let Huey try out, While Louie and Violet were trying to pull off a con, as it turned out, they are actually even more imposing in real life than their fake personas. Violet just downed those spices like Westley in the Princess Bride having developed a tolerance to them and helped fight off Magica. Of course, Louie is already a notorious con artist in his own right so naturally the underworld is already aware of what he's done. Webby and Dewey found their strength in friendship and Scrooge's inner strength comes from his bond with his family. What are they going to do with that feather? Are they going to clone Scrooge?
  9. It was quick but Dr. Pollard had actually cleared Detmer for duty saying there were no concussion or neurological damage and that she was clear to go. I didn't believe that either considering she took a nasty hit and was bleeding from the head beforehand. I'm not sure what the equivalent to the Distinguished Flying Cross is for StarFleet, but I think she has earned it multiple times.
  10. That ending reminded me of the Game of Thrones episode where Jon Snow leads a group to capture a White Walker on the other side of the Wall and they were about to be slaughtered. It seemed as if the Discovery was being pinned down by a bunch of White Walkers after crashing on the other side of the Wall. Fortunately, Michael Burnham swooped in like Daenerys did to rescue them with a Valyrian tractor beam to save them.
  11. Absolutely. She was Emperor Georgiou of the Mirror Universe. In order to survive in that role, you have to have a mastery in badassery and be able to just shrug off assassination attempts. To take from a famous quote from Street Fighter, for her, it was Tuesday. Given its conditions, people in the Mirror Universe may be more genetically pre-disposed for higher tolerance and leaders may well be genetically augmented and enhanced. I don't think ethics was a major concern there.
  12. You said Webby twice, but I know you mean Lena for one of them. I was thinking the exact same thing. It may require a crossover depending on if Darkwing Duck becomes a revival in its own right, but I do hope Gosalyn will join up with Webby, Violet, and Lena at some point for some adventures. They might need to make more MLP: Friendship is Magic bracelets. Seriously though, it would be great to see what a ninja, an archer, a genius, and a sorceress could accomplish together.
  13. He was born (hatched) in 1867 making him 153 now. Webby reads it from the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck in the episode where Lena (still Magica's shadow essence) tries to steal Scrooge's Number One Dime.
  14. Let's get Dangerous! If that was a backdoor pilot for a Darkwing Duck remake cartoon of its own, I'm totally up for that. That was fantastic.
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