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  1. That Got Milk commercial is permanently in my brain. I say it the same way too. Did anyone else think that the new champ, Kyle, sounds quite a bit like Mayor Pete?
  2. I thought I was listening to an interview with a Masked Singer contestant. I knew it was Mexico and Belize, but I was debating between Honduras and Guatemala.
  3. I was looking at it from the perspective of Chekov's gun. Not the one on the Enterprise, but the one who said that things are that introduced earlier should come into play later, You may very well be right, though. We'll just have to wait and see.
  4. Ah, Commodore Oh-No. It is indeed the rank between Captain and Admiral. Not just Kirk and Picard, but likely Janeway and Archer too. I suppose it's because they are StarFleet heroes. You don't have to be a Commodore before becoming an Admiral either. In the TNG episode "Coming of Age," Admiral Quinn wanted to directly promote Captain Picard to Admiral. There were more Commodores in the original series, Matt Decker (USS Constellation), Jose Mendez (Starbase 11), and Bob Wesley (USS Lexington) to name a few of them.
  5. That's a great catch. There has to be something more to this story of Thaddeus Troi-RIker's disease, mandaxic neurosclerosis. Evidently it was silicon based and could only be cured by culturing cells in an active positronic matrix. I suspect this might come into play later. I realize it was the ban on synthetics that resulted in the inability to cure him, but I am guessing somebody is going to get it and Soji will be their cure. To echo everyone else, Kestra was just awesome.
  6. I was expecting either "A Night at the Roxbury" or "Superstar" to be there too. I could understand not knowing those clunkers.
  7. So it wasn't the Impossible Whopper? 🙂 Me too. Chinchillas are cute little animals.
  8. All right, so what Phil Collins song were they referring to? Did they actually say? Was it Something Happened on the Way to Heaven? (How many times can I say I'm sorry? You can run and you can hide, but I'm not leaving unless you come with me. We've had our problems, but I'm on your side. You're all I need, please believe in me.) That could be it. There's a few others like Separate Lives that might fit too. I know they played "Take Me Home" at the end, but I don't think that's it.
  9. That's my thought too and why I listed them first.
  10. I was just thinking of something. As I was tuning through the channels, I saw Alvin and the Chipmunks and I thought to myself...hmm...where have I seen these personalities? Alvin: impulsive and reckless, but well meaning, (Dewey) Simon: intellectual, stickler for rules (Huey) Theodore: lazy, likes to eat, somewhat cowardly (some aspects of Louie) Of course, the Chipmunks had their equivalent Chipettes: Webby (Brittany): acts before thinking too, likewise well-intentioned. (Dewey) Violet (Jeannette): loves learning (Huey) Louie and Lena (Eleanor) are an interesting pairing as both of them are con-artists acting against their nature struggling to be on the good side. I know the creators have said that Webby has been de facto adopted into the McDuck clan so effectively she's their sister, but she is Dewey's counterpart.
  11. I don't think so. At the end of "The Best of Both Worlds," Dr. Crusher said she'd have no trouble removing the rest of the implants.
  12. I had no idea that Lebanon even had a space program, but cedars was the operative clue for me. I was shocked wiener schnitzel was a TS along with the Battle of Trafalgar. I got Chile too and Ray Donovan. MacKenzie is one win away from the ToC. We'll find out tomorrow if she makes it.
  13. I'm baffled by them missing Jane Curtin too and the Last Battle. When the DD appeared in the Russian "V" category, I said Pavlov even before the clue came up. No idea for FJ. Guessed Gabon.
  14. The "one for yes, two for no" system reminded me of the original Star Trek episode "The Menagerie" with the former Captain of the Enterprise being severely injured from radiation poisoning and could only communicate in "yes" or "no" through a blinking light. At the end, he was saved by very powerful aliens who were able to bring him back to his old self by their mastery of illusion. Unfortunately, we don't have that yet, but at least Zoey can hear him through songs.
  15. Oh I liked it too. You knew they would get the band back together, but I didn't expect the guy to have bought the Phoenix. I noticed the nod to Indiana Jones when MacGyver when his class ended. I knew it sounded familiar when he said it. He told them to read Michaelson, Chapters 4 and 5 for the next class. That was the same book and chapters Indy told his class to read in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Both are masters of improvising solutions out of whatever is available to them.
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