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  1. rhys

    Blood & Treasure

    That seemed utterly awful.
  2. rhys

    S08.E08: Episode 8

    I kept wondering if Kath was putting herself in some kind of legal jeopardy by testifying about obtaining an abortion.
  3. Yep, I get all confused about the delineation between uptown, midtown, & downtown. Add east side (i.e. UES vs UWS) & my brain almost combusts. I have a general idea but don't know where the demarcation occurs. Plus the women seem exhausted if an event happens outside their twee neighborhood.
  4. rhys

    Barefoot Contessa

    Well, yum. Not sure if I'd make any of those pastries but they did look good. The spinach one looked particularly terrific.
  5. rhys

    The Red Line

    Hmmm. That was...unsatisfying. I guess I don't know exactly what I wanted with the exception of Officer Evans's expulsion plus prison time. But the rest? Too much wrapped up with a big sparkly bow.
  6. rhys

    Barefoot Contessa

    Hers is the only show I watch on TFN anymore. Gosh, in the days of yore, I watched so many. Alton, Sara Moulton, young Dave somebody who was charming & cooked with few ingredients, Anne Burrell. Emeril before he got loud, Sandra Lee so I could snark on twop. But I learned from Ina & Giada. I have their cookbooks. Ina's my gal not gonna lie--she teaches. I also learn from Gesine on her baking show. Grrrr, I hate when the true cooks are taken off air & are replaced by more contests. Damn I want to learn, Food Network!
  7. I'm sorry you have to go through that, chocolatine. That must be frustrating and scary at times. I don't see a way out of this for Mateo either. There's no way for him to become "legal" is there? Sniff.
  8. Oh man, Mateo shackled on that bus? My living room got dusty, not gonna lie. I did love how Dina, Cheyenne & Amy were trying so hard to get him out of the store.
  9. rhys

    In The Dark

    Ack, what happened after the 3 of them tossed that dude in the trunk? I got a phone call. Grrr. TIA
  10. Crap...now I'm getting kitchen re-do ads on my kindle! Ack!
  11. Haha! You guys are hilarious. That would point to Dorinda as the killer!
  12. But then why paint around all that? Why not address the elephant in the room? Just say: "Crikey, I don't know what the previous homeowners were smoking when they put a complete kitchen in a bedroom, but next month, I'm having it pulled out & having everything painted."
  13. Frankly, with that kitchen stuff being left in the second bedroom, I'm having doubts that Lu actually bought that house. There's no reason for a true homeowner to leave that 2nd kitchen in.
  14. rhys

    S7 E21: The White Whale

    Avec plaisir, mon amie!
  15. rhys

    S7 E21: The White Whale

    I haven't seen Jerry much since his ER days. Was he that enormous or was it just camera angles tonight? Funny he hasn't moved out of Chicago.
  16. rhys

    S04.E21: Forever Hold Your Peace

    I know I'm a terrible person but I was so hoping Choi & April would drop that darling baby off at a fire station. Can you still do that? Someone would love & care for Vincent more/better than flakey Emily. Ugh, poor Denise. That was brutal.
  17. rhys

    S01Ep22: Luna

    Also, doodle, what was with the vertical incision?
  18. rhys

    In The Dark

    I've missed a couple of episodes so this could have been addressed, but I'll ask anyway. When Murphy found the body, how did she know for sure it was Tyson? Had she felt his face before?
  19. rhys

    S01.E22 Whales

    I thought Cecil got married a few episodes ago. Nice that the Jewish woman was the one to save St Agnes's. Bittersweet about Peg being heartbroken instead of heartless. Good lesson from Mike to Frank. Plus I loved his line about eating gravy on a pizza crust. Comedy gold.
  20. rhys


    Damn, guess no Sela next year. That stinks. We (well I) like seeing women in position. That being said, Dana needed to speak with Kristen & Maggie about their side job of looking into Jason & Angela's phone calls. That was not a good use of fbi resources. It turned into a case, but it was off book sneaking.
  21. rhys

    The Code

    But what about the corps (or at least the military or the USA or someone) who lied to the Korean family to get what it wants? "Hey, come be our translator, be in the military & we will give you & your family citizenship. OOps, nevermind, bye." What Rami did took stones--maybe he should have called the local press or USA Today, but what the U.S. military did to the Korean family was unconscionable.
  22. rhys

    The Code

    So is Rami going to another base just cuz of the whim of the colonel (not sure of her title)? Why didn't Trey stand? That was beyond, since she was his superior? Anyway, is that how transfers work? A superior officer gets in a snit, then sends you to Timbuktu?
  23. I would have liked Angela's dress more if the straps didn't show. I just can't wrap my head around bra straps & a cocktail dress. But I'm glad we didn't have to wait til fall for a wedding. i didn't recognize Carla! I was all "whooo?" Eddie's mom looked familiar.
  24. rhys

    TKAA Officially Cancelled

    Sing it. Plus we may have more time than some people to watch tv. I know I do anyway, but I realize I can't speak for others. I'm just not driving kids to ballet & soccer & violin.
  25. rhys

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I'm wondering why Lee Radziwill was not acknowledged correctly as Caroline. That's her real name, but maybe tptb were concerned viewers would think the clue was oddly worded. I dunno. The clue used the word "sisters" in it. Anyway it could be argued that the guy who guessed "Caroline" got robbed.