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  1. What's SOP? Who are the Risibles? "G and D" "Blinds"? So much Covid = so much time on my hands.
  2. Skinny as hell, yes, and leather trousers on anyone should be forever banned, but I thought he actually looked relatively healthy. Has Justin Warner never read "Fast Food Nation"?
  3. Did I miss something or did we just see an extremely rare and complicated twin pregnancy/delivery with no highly experienced OBGYN present? I'd be suing about that too.
  4. Does this mean the myriad of people involved in this week's episode have to self quarantine? Does anyone how long ago it was filmed and whether he'd tested negative?
  5. If Stella were leadership material she'd know that her PDAs at the firehouse with Severide are entirely inappropriate. And as her superior, Severide should know better, but he's always been led by his dick or his ego. Casey should have sat down with them separately (at work) and told them there would be consequences if he saw or heard of any further incidences. And then follow through. But since this is TV that will never happen.
  6. That's because Maggie's hair didn't grow for months last season, so it had a massive growth spurt to catch up. Makes total sense.
  7. Hermine is from Benin, in West Africa. The official language is French, so although Hermine is obviously bilingual she has a regional accent - or maybe we just all have accents (except me). When she is with her family, I wouldn't be surprised if they pronounce her name as "Airmeen". There are also Celebrity Bake Offs and GBBO Red Nose skits that you can find bits and pieces of on YouTube. You can get vegetarian "suet" in the UK. I've never tried to find it in the US.
  8. April and Natalie on Chicago Med. Both seem to consider themselves as completely above the law and medical ethics, and are sanctimonious to boot.
  9. After zero contact she just turns up? Presumably with a lot of luggage. Why didn't she contact whoever had set all this up? What if her room-mate wasn't home? Or was on holiday? Was she going to camp out on the front doorstep until someone turned up?
  10. Is your porch secure? I just ask because the incidences of porch pirates have been rising dramatically. Do you know about Nextdoor.com? You sign up to a specific location/neighborhood. People often post offering services such as landscaping, odd jobs, etc, or you can post asking for recommendations.
  11. I loathe Delilah on A Million Little Things with the heat of a thousand nuns (sic).
  12. I could only watch up to Thatcher's meeting with the Queen. I grew up in the UK during this period, and Thatcher's election had enormous and long-reaching (negative) repercussions for the country and for my family. One of a handful of times I ever saw my mother cry was when we heard the announcement of Mountbatten's death, and I just can't bring myself to watch. If it weren't for Covid, maybe I would have persevered, but it's too much right now. The fact that Gillian Anderson is nailing it makes it worse, because the sound of that voice still literally makes me nauseous. It's just all too close to home.
  13. Oh, and I hated that she, who is supposedly super independent, had to ask a man to fix her phone.
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