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  1. I do a daily jigsaw on my phone. It has a sliding scale thingy to change the number of pieces you want. Every day I am inordinately annoyed when it asks whether I want less pieces or more.
  2. I'm watching a repeat and I'm horrified by the lack of social distancing and lack of mask-wearing. For the beginning line-up, the four cooks are standing in the normal, 1-foot apart row and, even worse, are maskless, They mask up to approach the shoppers, but then they all crowd around the poor shoppers. Even behind their masks, you can tell how alarmed some of the shoppers are. When Alex goes up to see what they're cooking, she stands 3 feet away, no masks. At judgement time, the guest judges stand about three feet apart, maskless. Alex does her usual lean against the Judges
  3. What I don't understand is that if Preacher was going to get rid of the body, why can't Paige and JChristophr just stay? Hope was awful throughout, and I can't stand Muriel at the best of times, but her flirting was nauseating.
  4. I couldn't believe how ridiculous both Jack and Charmaine were in their first couple of scenes. How clueless of Charmaine not to realise that she needed to just shut up with her questions and judgements about Mel. And for Jack to be so petulant and rude when he first bumped into Mel. Do they both have such a lack of self-awareness that they haven't given a thought about what Mel must have been dealing with on learning about the pregnancy? Selfish jerks.
  5. I don't even understand what she is trying to say. I hate the Paragard ad - everyone is way too perky and I can't stand the bouncy dancing. Then again, I can't bear musicals, so that probably doesn't help.
  6. In police procedurals where the good guys are racing to catch the bad guys, there is always a parking space exactly where they need it, despite being in New York, Chicago, or some other overcrowded city.
  7. Grape Nuts. Growing up we only had Cornflakes and Weetabix and, later, Raisin Bran.
  8. Why are the characters so stupid? Sophie is trying to make music busking, but doesn't silence her cell phone. Rather than go somewhere private to rehash his new relationship with Maggie, he sits on the stairs within earshot of everyone else in the house, including said new girlfriend.
  9. Ugh. My kid's best friend is the oldest of three. The second child had a serious medical condition when she was young (she is in perfect health now). The third is the long awaited boy. Guess who gets all the responsibility.
  10. "Whelp." This needs to go away.
  11. I don't know what you mean by preposition. None of the above makes sense. I think your mission is to beat out the abuse of the word "like", not "to be".
  12. A weather guy (person) is bland and easy to ignore. Ken Jennings is beyond insufferable and so the channel has to be changed.
  13. There's some chat show on my TV at the moment where there's a woman wearing trousers that have one denim leg and one leather leg. (ETA: "Daily Pop": never heard of nor seen it before.) This has to be the stupidest look in a long time.
  14. I just watched an episode from Season 11 - they had fish heads, durian, and I've already forgotten what else! A woman called Alejandra won, and I was so happy because she beat one of the most arrogant guys I've seen on this show, and that's saying something. His name was Robbie, a heavyset African American. His attitude was breath-takingly ugly; at one point he made an incredibly rude comment directly to another competitor. When asked if he had anything to say at the end, he just walked off. As usual, I wonder what their families think (I can't imagine they have any friends).
  15. Thanks! I remember now. (Too much time between episodes and a brain addled by old age and living in The Age of COVID!)
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