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  1. My local NextDoor community has a few groups for games varying from Scrabble, to cards, to Dungeons and Dragons. I was about to go to my first gathering when coronavirus struck! I was interested for companionship, not to find a romantic partner, and I'm still looking forward to trying it out when the madness is over. One of my coronavirus resolutions is try to bring back the lost art of letter writing.
  2. Dear Jeopardy! clue writers, "Similar" and "same" do not mean the same thing.. For example, "Dove" and "Dove" are not similar words, they are identical. Same problem with Delta, Pandora, and Whopper.
  3. I'm oldish and also use pen and paper, but then generally forget to take the list (because I'm oldish?). Someone suggested that I photograph the list on my phone. Great idea, but I'm so old school (I wear a wrist watch and I'm not joined at the hip to social media) that half the time I forget my cell phone when I leave the house.
  4. Anyone watch The Unicorn? In one of the last episodes, there was a handy-dandy stone bench right in front of the protagonist's dead wife's grave. A couple of episodes later, gone!
  5. I had an (overdue) appointment for a couple of weeks ago, but I postponed it a few days earlier because of coronavirus concerns. If I'd known how long this is likely to be going on, I might have risked it! I already look as though I'm modelling myself after Andy Warhol..
  6. I get the golf courses being open, they're outdoors and it's possible to maintain social distancing. (Unlike some public spaces/parks/trails that only have narrow paths in places.) The beauty salons being allowed to remain open is ridiculous though. Does the governor's wife have a weekly appointment for hair and nails that she just can't miss?
  7. Can anybody tell me whether Carl Ruiz pronounced his name "Ruez" (like Guy Fieri does) or "Ruiz" (like everyone else does)?
  8. A couple of times I've been "reduced" to using a little melted vanilla or chocolate ice-cream. I found them very satisfactory substitutions.
  9. Thanks Redhead. As Shapeshifter mentioned above, The Week is considered left-leaning (at least in it's op-eds), but its sources in the print edition that I am familiar with cover the gamut of reputable publications.
  10. The Week is a print and on-line magazine that summarizes and reprints the week's news stories from various international written news stories, gleaning from sources such as The Guardian, New York Times, Times of India etc. They also offer some op-ed pieces, a page of the week's best political cartoons, and a personal essay by a different writer every week. It is reputable and does not include fake news, unless it's an article about fake news. There are at least two print versions, UK and US, that vary slightly in their coverage. (I find the UK more global in its slant, the US one more insular. I clicked on the link and it seems to be The Week's (free) newsfeed, not previously published articles, for which you have to pay. (Click on the subscribe button for details.) (If anyone living in the US considers ordering the UK print edition, I would counsel against it at the moment -- The Royal Mail doesn't seem to be making it to the US at the moment.) (I don't like clicking on blind links either.)
  11. The comment with this Facebook post was: "Boy! You try to self-quarantine and there's always that one asshole."
  12. If you order from Amazon, search for Typhoo tea. It's a bog standard British brand (everyone has that or PG Tips in their home). Just make sure it's being shipped from the US, and you should get it in a couple of days (I ordered some stuff from the UK before the craziness started, and three separate orders are now a week beyond their arrival date, with no end in sight). Be aware that British tea is much stronger than say, US Liptons. Good luck! (I just googled Typhoo and I see there are other US companies shipping within the US.)
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