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    Just kind of curious. I've been hearing all about Wordle so I thought I would check it out to see, & I got the word on the 2nd try. I have no idea if this is unusual or not since you get 6 tries. Anybody else doing it? Since I did this at 12:30AM on 1/27/22 I'm going to put what I did in spoiler tag so I don't ruin it for someone else.
  2. Akbar really sucks, Sheri is kicking your ass, STFU Oh good, Arun & Natalia are still in the race, how many times do you think they'll get lost next week?
  3. Wow, the Adam/Mercy episode was rough. I really felt bad for Adam. I didn't believe one word of the catfisher's sad story, & I hope Adam really didn't mail him the wedding ring.
  4. Plus, we don't know about all the women he was with who didn't get pregnant. He probably just gave them a lump sum of money, & bought their silence. Or he's paying them all the time as long as they stay silent.
  5. Check & make sure you didn't accidentally buy a "fat" screen instead.
  6. Well, I'm sure we can find 12 sex offenders to sit on the jury. That would do it.
  7. You may be right, I never thought of it that way. I will have to observe who does what more closely now. :-)
  8. I wish I could make a like button multiply. To me it was a soon as I saw him & his mustache & hair were all wrong. Then of course, he became "Hercule Poirot Action Man" when the gun appeared & he nailed shut the coffin on his interpretation of any Agatha Christie story.
  9. Does anybody know how they decide which doctor does which surgery? Terry does all the boobs, & Paul does all the noses, & I don't know why. And when it comes to odd things like the lip & foot last episode, how do they decide who does what?
  10. A lot of people don't seem to know that Taylor's first contract was as a songwriter, not a singer. Singing came afterward.
  11. In the interview he just did he said In an interview where he proceeds to spill all sorts of things.
  12. I wonder if this was a "Drake" situation, where he used a condom, & she dug it out of the garbage. Probably not though.
  13. Thanks, I guess it must taste like a yogurt parfait? I really must have missed some of season 1 because I have never seen that scene.
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