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  1. Why does Kat have nothing but problematic relationships? I am so not looking forward to all the upcoming angst. Did Sutton really think Richard would suddenly decide not having kids would be OK? Loved Freeform's disclaimer for the 700 Club.
  2. Kanye West in Midst of Bipolar Episode, Family Concerned Really???? What a surprise, he strikes me as being completely sane. The only thing his family is probably "concerned" about is whether or not this will affect their Met Gala invite.
  3. There are no good scenarios that could explain this. I doubt this is going to end well.
  4. We still have a landline even though we both have cell phones, & I give out the landline number instead of my cell all the time. For one thing, I remember the landline number but for some reason can never remember my cell number, plus, my cell is always buried in my purse & I hardly ever hear it ring, but mostly, I don't want people to be able to call & bug me whenever they want. If I'm out doing things, I don't want to have to stop & deal with you, just leave a message on the landline.
  5. If she's not going to be on the show as much, Mama Kris has to find another way to keep her in the public eye.
  6. THANK YOU. The CC wasn't on for me & I never realized I could turn it on or I would have. I've lost count how many times I've watched that part & could never figure it out.
  7. This has been driving me crazy, so I hope somebody can figure it out. At the end of this video, the guy is sitting on the couch & the girl comes in and sits down & he says something to her, & she answers. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY SAYING????????? I've lost count of how many times I've watched it, & no matter how much I turn up the volume, I just can't understand what they're saying. I have no problem after that when she gets the text, but whatever it is they says before that baffles me. Can anybody understand them?
  8. UPS came to pick up some cable boxes we were returning today. They were supposed to have packaging for them (which they didn't, but that's another story) so my husband had to have a conversation with them about it. They weren't wearing a mask, so even though he was downstairs & I was 2 1/2 flights away, I clearly heard the entire conversation (as probably did my neighbors) because my husband wouldn't get close & the whole thing was done in very loud voices. You would think that a delivery service that has to come to your door would make sure their employees are masked.
  9. Kanye West Approved to Build 52,000-Sq-Ft Home at Wyoming Ranch How many years do you think it will take?
  10. https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#crnt&panel1-7
  11. Comcast owns GBBO now????? I can't see any way that this is good.
  12. GaT

    Hamilton (2020)

    That's good, because of various circumstances, I just can't concentrate enough to watch it.
  13. GaT

    Hamilton (2020)

    We bought a new TV a few months ago & it came with a year of Disney+ so I'm covered.
  14. Every time I see this Jonas Brothers video & Karol G comes on, I think it's Khloe for a few seconds. Well, Khloe in her photoshopped pics 😄 Anybody else getting the same vibe?
  15. TMZ has a story on Nick Cordero passing that includes some tweets from his wife. One of them has a picture of them holding hands, & you can see how thin his wrist & arm is. The poor guy must have been skin & bones by then. If he had lived, I don't know if he would have ever recovered from this.
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