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  1. Sometimes the person that they transition to is nicer than the person that started out as because they are finally happy with who they are. Though that doesn't seem to be the case with Caitlyn.
  2. She was probably a self important famewhore even before she transitioned, we just didn't realize it.
  3. Actually, during WWII she worked for the agency that would later become the CIA.
  4. It crashed in Calabasas, so somebody probably decided that was good enough to say it was in a Kardashian backyard.
  5. It's Radar Online, never believe anything they say, they just make up whatever they want, as this sentence proves: Kylie's daughter's name is Stormi, & she's just turning two. Dream is Rob's daughter. They can't even get the most basic facts correct.
  6. They just keep reusing the Cole plot, they did the same thing with Parker.
  7. That pretty much sums it up for me. I read the book a couple of months ago & recently tried to recall the plot & couldn't remember a thing about it. I had to look it up on Amazon to see what it was about, & I'm pretty sure I've forgotten most of it again.
  8. That's what she told her grandparents happened, personally, I'm a bit skeptical. As lots of other posters have mentioned, I find the whole Gabi situation off putting. It reminds me of child stars who have a parent as a manager & who support the family, only Gabi is not going to be able to transition to an adult cheerleader unlike child stars who possibly can continue as adult actors. Plus, every time she does a routine, she runs the risk of injury. Something just seems wrong about the whole thing.
  9. I think they figured out that it kind of sucks. It was in their headquarters & he stole it.
  10. Surprised at who went home, I thought they would be there until the final. I'm a little confused about the title of the show, everywhere (including here) I see it called "Britain's Best Home Cook", but when they did the intro, the show is just called "Best Home Cook", I wonder why & what it's name really is.
  11. So glad Patrick is gone, I never liked his character, & I'm hoping from the way they were talking that we will never see Adena again.
  12. Yeah, Kit needed to go, probably should have gone week one, he just didn't have the same skill level as the other potters.
  13. If the guy was using a telephoto lens, then she didn't even have to be aware that she was being photographed. She could have been smiling at anything that was in the photographer's direction, & the telephoto lens would make it look like she was smiling at the photographer.
  14. Does anybody else think that Victoria really only has one shirt that she keeps reusing every week?
  15. I posted this comment 5 years ago in the Murder, She Wrote thread, & since it seems relevant, I'm going to copy it over to here:
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