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  1. WHO is she shilling for? She keeps wearing variations of the same outfit, she went to CVS & then didn't buy anything. Good thing the papps were all there to get photos of her, because you know how they always hang out at CVS waiting for celebrities SMH https://www.eonline.com/videos/328798/kim-kardashians-must-see-cvs-outing-look?query=kim cvs
  2. I bought a used one on eBay, so I'll see how it goes 🙂
  3. This is not the kind of book I ever read, but this actually sounds interesting to me, maybe because I watched Bridgerton? 🤣 Anyway, I may check it out.
  4. Oh, I thought they were still together, I couldn't understand why no one was talking about Linda cheating on him. I have absolutely no memory of Ray Ray.
  5. So glad somebody at least mentioned Rory's wings.
  6. Wasn't sure where else to post this, but.... Lauren German season 1 of Lucifer, 2016 Lauren German 2021 Sorry I couldn't get the image bigger, but you can see it here
  7. YES!, I've said it before, Kanye fell for the girl in the tape, not the real person. And what does it say about Kanye that he watched that tape & couldn't tell she was faking it?
  8. Please let this be true Wack 100 Says He Has Unreleased Kim K Sex Tape, Offers It to Kanye
  9. Finally got around to watching Redemption in Cherry Springs, was not impressed. What really annoyed me was it felt like Hallmark was going "look at us, we are WOKE!" "we haz diversities!" Not only were the leads black, but the victim was South Asian, & the victim's wife was Asian. That's more diversity in one movie than all the other mysteries combined. The mystery wasn't even that interesting, it was too convoluted, & they didn't even answer every question. Do they plan on having more movies (which I guess are going to be named individually?) with a van following Melanie around?
  10. Many decades ago I was a licensed hairdresser. While I was in school we never had any kind of instruction on AA hair. It is very different than Caucasian hair.
  11. Colin taking pictures of everything with the instant camera killed me. Not to mention Lazlo taking a "self portrait photo" with it too LOL
  12. I'm watching Daily Pop on E!, & they have a story that immediately made me think of this movie. They are remaking "The Bodyguard" & apparently the internets are not feeling it. There are a lot of "why remake a classic?" type comments, & that's exactly how I feel about West Side Story. I get it, Maria could have been cast better, but I just don't think remaking the movie just to get a PC version should be done, no matter who is directing it.
  13. Todd Rundgren calls Kanye West just a 'shoe designer' and a 'dilettante' after working on Donda
  14. The photo of Kendall & Kim is awesome, the whole thing is going to give me amusement for years. The stupid outfit didn't even fit the theme in any way, she just wore what she wanted.
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