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  1. I'm glad to see she has a relationship with her other grandmother too, & not just Kris. I also hope her eyes uncross.
  2. GaT

    Small Talk

    y u hatin? 😁
  3. Prince Andrew: I did not suspect Epstein's behaviour Keep treading water Andrew, keep treading water.
  4. Can anyone explain to me what is going on in this commercial? Why is there a picture-in-picture of people apparently watching the commercial, & why is it unfair? I just don't get it.
  5. GaT

    S07:E40: Angel & Antonio

    It's sad but true. You see these people & they're overweight & unattractive, & somehow they believe a really hot "model" is interested in them. Then of course when they finally meet the "model" & find out that they are just as overweight & unattractive as they are, then suddenly they aren't in love anymore.
  6. GaT

    Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020)

    George Carlin's daughter Kelly will be in the movie.
  7. GaT

    Pet Peeves

    I would just make one up. Of course if he asked me later what my number was, I could never remember what I told him. The alcohol didn't help (I may have spent an evening or two in bars in my youth 😀) We still have a landline too, that's the number I give out, we mostly just monitor it. We get tons of calls supposedly from our town, I guess we're supposed to say "gosh, somebody from the town I live in is calling me, I should answer the phone" We also get a lot of calls from"Anonymous", or, as my phone pronounces it, "an-ah-nim-ous"
  8. The fact that they are doing a story on Kate & the kids on a budget flight seems like another dig at Meghan & Harry, it's not like it's newsworthy, there's no reason to report it, & seriously, why is Harper's Bizarre publishing the story? It's "look, Kate & William don't fly by private plane, even with the kids" Also, why is the headline Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Kids? Why isn't she referred to as the Duchess of Cambridge? The whole story is bullshit.
  9. GaT

    S07:E40: Angel & Antonio

    Another extremely stupid girl. I really find it hard to feel sorry for people as stupid as Angel. As lasandi has already told everyone, the 2nd hour is a show about being ghosted. I've got it on, so I guess I'm watching it. Just finished watching Ghosted. Not interested.
  10. GaT

    Masterchef (US)

    When I saw it was going to be Bri, Noah, or Micah, I was all ready to throw my TV out the window if Micah was the one going home. At least Bri was eliminated, but why couldn't it be a double elimination so we could have got rid of Noah too?
  11. Looks like Kim & Kylie are using Khloe's photoshopper. Unless they grew some extra toes.
  12. Kim, Chi, & North are wearing matching bathing suits. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate when parents & their kids wear matching outfits? Plus, I bet those are custom made bathing suits that cost thousands. Of course the boys are just wearing normal bathing suits, because, boys meh.
  13. She's a Kardashian, she's thinking "two of them! I could get a pair of shoes made! And maybe a matching clutch!"
  14. Todd Chrisley's Daughter Hires Armed Security After Public Accusation Wow, like I've already said, I don't watch the show, but I never got the impression anyone was violent enough for her to be afraid.
  15. Kanye West's Neighbors Call Cops Over Sunday Construction at Dome Site