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  1. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Take Sabbatical and Bring Baby Archie to the U.S.
  2. They've completely destroyed "the power of three" by only having Macy the only one with some demon powers, that was pretty much the basis for the original show.
  3. I'm reading Sharpest Sting by Jennifer Estep, book #18 in the Elemental Assassin series, & I feel like the series is losing its appeal for me. The plot feels like we've done this a number of times already, & that nothing much ever changes. Characters that were long gone keep popping up again, & basically the same things keep happening. The plot needs to move on to something else.
  4. I had no idea they could use bone scans to determine age, is it like a tree when you count the rings?
  5. At one point In the video of Kylie giving a tour of her business, she goes into Stormi's room to get her up & sings "rise & shine" (as moms do) to her. For some reason, this went viral & became all sorts of memes. I'm guessing this was Kris' idea (and why she has a big office in Kylie's company) but Kylie is now selling $65.00 hoodies with "rise & shine" on them, & apparently, they are selling. They won't even ship for 4-5 weeks after you buy them, which means they aren't even made yet. Talk about running with it.
  6. Kourtney must "assert" herself?
  7. And I don't like the whole thing of them being stranded at this company with the strange room, I hope the entire season isn't going to be there.
  8. Somehow I completely missed the fact that Rosie was a vegetarian. When she said she never cooked chicken before, I assumed I misunderstood what she said, because I never really understand what she's saying, it's like they speed up the recording every time she speaks.
  9. Yes, I checked my scheduled recordings, & Xfinity still has it setup to be recorded.
  10. That's what I thought when I started it too, but it turned out to be a big meh for me. Hopefully you'll enjoy it more.
  11. Has Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) always worn a wig? I never noticed it before, but it looked really obvious to me this episode.
  12. I'm guessing with Kris it's about power (of which she has a lot), but with Kim, Kanye got her on the cover of Vogue & she's been on again a number of times
  13. GaT

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    So two in a row being voted out while holding onto an idol, I hope this isn't the trend for this season. I didn't see the Chelsea blindside coming, so, good job. I also hope they don't plan on keeping Karishma to the end, because I am sick of her weeping "I don't want to leave!". Does she do anything else?
  14. Everybody seems to be fascinated by the book, but I'm interested in the less than $100.00 piece of jewelry. What jewelry would you bring? Why would you bring jewelry to jail? Do you have to prove the value is less than $100.00?
  15. Nope, I guess "khloemoney" isn't Anna Wintour's thing.
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