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  1. And that's one of the reasons I don't believe her. I think it was just another one of her scams, playing the poor me card "I can't have children, snif". PLEASE. I bet she has a bunch of all new "hot young thing" IG accounts all ready to go.
  2. I really would like to know exactly why the K/Js dumped Larsa, because it sure seems like the woman likes other people's men. Malik Beasley's Wife 'Blindsided' By Photo of NBA Star with Larsa Pippen
  3. I can't tell if she's had surgery/fillers on her nose & cheekbones, or if it's all photoshop, but this is a photo she recently posted. Another new face
  4. She's back to the "inspirational" messages. Khloe Kardashian Posts About 'Bad Days' and Letting Go Amid Tristan Thompson's Boston Move
  5. Jamaica & Canada are both part of the commonwealth that Queen Elizabeth is the monarch of. I don't know how that all works, but they're related somehow so I don't think it's dual citizenship.
  6. Tristan Thompson Becomes a U.S. Citizen I had no idea he wasn't an American.
  7. Seriously, I just saw the show, & talk about clickbait. But that pretty much describes half the challenges this year. It's like someone figured that since nobody was going home & had nothing else to do, they should give them ridiculous challenges to work on all week. I'm happy for Peter, but I've been waiting for him to win since week 1, so no surprise. Laura should have never made it as far as she did, she should have been eliminated weeks ago since it's the final week & she still can't make anything that looks nice. Week 1 I would have said Dave was going home soon, but he really did improve as the show went on, so I guess he earned his place.
  8. Because this time it's about them & how they treated Diana. More than a couple of people have been making comparisons to how they treated Diana & how they treated Meghan. People have also noticed that they stopped comments on their IG accounts because people were saying mean things about them, but when people posted racist comments about Meghan, they didn't do a thing.
  9. I really don't understand people's thinking. Yes, it's an important holiday, & you want to spend it with family & friends. Do you want this to be the last time you see some of these family & friends? All it takes is one person who has covid & is still testing negative & the next time you see some of these family & friends is when you go to their funeral. There is absolutely no reason you can't just postpone Thanksgiving. Have it in March, or July, or whatever month happens after you get the vaccine, the world won't end just because you delayed celebrating Thanksgiving.
  10. 2 hours wasted for the obvious elimination to happen.
  11. I wonder if they'll change how Grindelwald looks? Johnny Depp created his look, & it's a typical JD "weird" look.
  12. No, it just seems like most people on social media are photoshopping their bodies. Sometimes it's blatant, sometimes it's subtle, but it's almost always there. Check out the Instaramreality sub on Reddit, you will see photos that look completely different than what the real person looks like & you would never know it unless you knew them IRL.
  13. Rob hit it big again Rob Kardashian Strikes Again, Pulls Rare Honus Wagner Autograph Baseball Card!
  14. Chances are, it's not her body. It's her body after her photo is photoshopped. She probably looks nothing like that IRL.
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