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  1. I'll just leave this here Kanye West's Entire Body Covered in Silver For New Opera, 'Mary'
  2. I can't stop listening to this "Higher" by Ally Brooke, it's one hell of a dance song. The only thing I find a little strange about this song are the lyrics. At first I didn't pay much attention & just assumed it was your basic love song, but listening to it more closely, it almost sounds like someone who is dying & going to heaven. I don't know if that's correct or I'm just reading too much into it, but here are the lyrics so that you can judge for yourself.
  3. I knew he was going to come back somehow, because that's exactly what they did with Cole, and they are just recycling that Phoebe/Cole plot.
  4. They've actually been replacing it as it rots, so the original banana is long gone. I have no idea how that affects what the idiot people who bought this own now.
  5. The skill & care that everyone has for the items is the best, Kirsten & Lucia are my favorites to watch, so incredibly talented. I'm hoping that it's successful on Netflix so that they'll get all the old seasons & any new seasons they film. I've had to watch everything on YouTube or DailyMotion, so it will be nice to see episodes in good quality for a change.
  6. Unbelievable, Andrew really knows how to pick them. From 2017, a story in Maclean's, about Andrew's friend, Father Keith Gleed. He was invited to Andrew's 21st birthday party, he was invited to Andrew & Sarah's wedding, & 7 years after his death, Andrew had a hand carved baptismal font donated in his honor at Lakefield College School where they met. Then all the students Father Gleed sexually abused started to come forward, he was a pedophile. Is Andrew just attracted to these people?
  7. If you're looking for a British feel good show, I highly recommend "The Repair Shop". I adore this show, & for the first time it's on Netflix. It's not a cooking or any kind of competition show. It's about people bringing family heirlooms or items that mean a lot to them to the repair shop that is located in the Weald and Downland Living Museum, & the experts that work there repair the items. They repair art, clocks, all sorts of mechanical things. furniture, all sorts of things, & I'm so glad I will be able to finally see good versions of some of the shows.
  8. I just got an OLED TV, & I'm watching GBBO on Netflix for this first time since I got it. It's hard to explain, but it's like I'm in the tent, everybody is so high contrast it doesn't look like film, it looks like real life. I wonder if I can grab a cookie LOL
  9. Of course, The $120k Duct Taped Art Basel Banana Eaten by Performance Artist
  10. It's so annoying that the most self obsessed woman in the world & a nutcase rapper make such adorable kids. From Saint's birthday party.
  11. THIS is what drives me crazy, you buy something that says "delivery in 4 days", but what they really mean is delivery to whatever post office they can get it to, & then you have to wait for the USPS to process the item to deliver to you.
  12. I was just going to type something about how maybe they haven't filmed the 2nd half of the season yet, & they could still fix this mess, but then previews came on for the 2nd half returning in January, so I guess the mess continues.
  13. Khloe posted another of her "inspirational" posts Then Jordyn posted
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