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  1. I've read some of the reviews on Amazon, & there were a lot of complaints about there being too much astrology in the book, so I'm guessing that's where some of the unnecessary bulk comes from. I can't even imagine what astrology has to do with anything, or why there's so much of it.
  2. Because he is obviously ill enough that he needs oxygen all the time. The reason for wearing a mask is not to protect you, it's to protect other people from your germs. The surrounding people are supposed to wear masks to protect people like this man, but instead they're being selfish assholes who don't care aout other people.
  3. Gee, & all that happens to Andrew is that he doesn't get invited to daddy's birthday party.
  4. I'm not actually reading this yet, but I just got "Troubled Blood" by Robert Galbraith (AKA J. K. Rowling). The book is almost 1000 pages long, 925 to be exact. WHY????? Who thought making this story ginormous was a good idea?Why isn't this two books? They would still be huge books at 500 pages each. Is someone trying to push people into buying the ebook by making the hardcover ridiculously large? I just can't understand what story she could be telling that requires that many pages. I read a lot, & I normally enjoy a big book, but this is just too much. I don't know when I'll get around to reading it, it feels like once I start, I'll be reading the same book for months.
  5. I didn't post because I really needed time to process this. Khloe & Kim set their own mother up to get blackout drunk, think about that, they deliberately got her so drunk that she would pass out so they could fake photos of her being drunk as a "joke". I am beyond disgusted. Maybe they both better make sure that their daughters don't see this, & want to play a joke of their own.
  6. It feels like the entire world has just gone insane. Obviously, there has always been terrible things happening, but it just seems like it's all happening at once & all the time & it's been ramped up 1000 times more. I'm not someone who normally suffers from depression, & I've always had things that made me happy, but I'm really struggling to find the good in the world. There's some commercial (I can't even remember for what) that I keep seeing that starts off with just words "how are you?" "good?" "happy?" & then the last two are "angry?" & "exhausted?", & every time I see it, I realize that "angry" & "exhausted" is how I feel all the time. I am so, so tired of being angry & exhausted, but I just can't feel anything else.
  7. Kim got Dr Pimple Popper to come to her house. I have no idea who she's there to treat, but look at all the stuff she brought with her, it's enough to treat an army. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8733645/Kim-Kardashian-prepares-tackle-acne-house-call-Sandra-Lee-AKA-Dr-Pimple-Popper.html
  8. Makeda is cray cray, I wonder how many times she's done this that hasn't been on the show.
  9. This pretty much sums him up, he thinks he's deserving of adoration from everyone, & that's why he's preaching now. I can't remember which Grammy awards it was or who said it, but a while back Kanye was nominated for a Grammy & didn't win. He then pitched a fit about it, & some rapper who knew him basically said it was because Kanye can't stand not to be admired. He's so insecure that even the slightest hint that he's not being listened to drives him crazy.
  10. I'm going to send you a message.
  11. Kim Kardashian West will freeze her Instagram to protest Facebook So, Kimmy won't be on IG for one whole day. I have a vision of her prostrate in a chaise while assistants surround it while fanning her with ostrich feather fans. Will she survive?
  12. It could be, but if they postponed it, it's strange that we haven't heard that from her. She was talking about how much she was studying all the time, & then, nothing.
  13. She was supposed to have taken the baby bar already, I think in June. We heard all about her studying & doing the apprenticeship for it, but then we haven't heard a thing about her actually taking it.
  14. I wonder if the reason we haven't heard anything about Kim & the bar is because they're saving it for the show. No way do I believe that Kourtney is pregnant, or that Khloe has corona.
  15. I don't like the host being a judge, they need two people, not one. I also think one extra task is enough, two is too much. Either they have to use balsamic vinegar, or make a working door, not both.
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