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  1. I completely forgot about that, so I was stunned. I can't believe the elimination, but seriously, they didn't say give us your interpretation of a acoma pot, they said make an acoma pot.
  2. Good point. I think the K/Js probably all wear spike heels with their sweats. They may need the tall heels to balance on their giant butts.
  3. I'm not buying it. Just because other towns share the area code doesn't mean she is "appropriating" anything from them. I especially liked how the article author says "why not get into the wine industry or something that she has more access or knowledge of?", so I guess she wouldn't be "appropriating" anything from the Napa or Sonoma valleys? Is it just hard liquor that she could "appropriate"? This family has done so many things that they have rightfully been called out on, making up excuses like she's taking away business from Mexicans is ridiculous, especially since it's made in Jalisco, Mexico.
  4. Well, it's been 4 days since my 2nd shot, & other than a little bit of soreness & swelling at the injection site, neither myself or Mr GaT had any side effects. I would think if there were going to be some we would have had them by now, so I think we're good.
  5. I'm sorry, I'm missing the point you're trying to make. The family is known for living in Calabasas, their area code is 818, Kendall named her tequila after the area code she grew up in. Why is that a problem?
  6. That's because nobody is going anywhere, we're all stuck at home quarantining. Who wants to wear anything fitted & confining while they're at home?
  7. 818 is one of the Calabasas area codes
  8. Yep, that's exactly how they got the name
  9. Interesting. I bet they didn't have any intention of actually shooting someone, they thought that once the walker saw the gun, he would give the dogs up. I bet they were surprised when he defended them. Once they realized the world of trouble they were in, they had to get rid of the dogs. I'm really glad they left them somewhere, killing them & getting rid of their bodies would be easy to do & make it a lot harder to trace the dogs back to them.
  10. Amy's been using her pregnancy to "eat for two" & eat bad foods because she "wants to enjoy her pregnancy". I wonder what her excuse will be once she gives birth?
  11. They don't look like that IRL, they're just basic pumps & probably look nice. I read part of her post somewhere & she posted this photo because she liked how artistic it was, but a lot of people ragged on her because of the giant feet. I'm sure without the "artistic" photography, they pretty much look like this:
  12. Tuesday me & Mr. GaT got our 2nd shots. We got them in a Safeway supermarket at their pharmacy, which is at the very back of the store on a cross aisle. They also have chairs on one side of the aisle where you're supposed to sit for 15 minutes after you get your vaccine. So we get our shots & we're sitting in chairs trying to stay 6 feet away from people when this maskless kid starts running around yelling things to his mother & spreading his germs everywhere. We look up in the direction the kid is yelling, & see that very pregnant mom not only has another maskless kid, her mask is under her nose. We decided that was a good time to leave.
  13. She's orange, real tans aren't orange, spray tan/self tanner is.
  14. This was awesome, I love how he helped James on the obstacle course.
  15. Why is it so hard to find unscented deodorant? The reason I wear deodorant is so my armpits don't smell. I don't care if the smell is lavender, or chamomile lemon, or fruit, I don't want to smell it. I especially hate when someone picks up their arms & you get hit with a giant whiff of deodorant smell. This always seems to happen when someone uses a spray on deodorant. I just want my (& yours) deodorant to have no smell.
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