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  1. I hope Kim doesn't start straightening his hair too.
  2. Somewhere in one of these threads I posted a comment wondering why Kim had stopped saying "Spanx" & instead was saying "shapewear". Now I know why.
  3. I realize there is nothing I can say that isn't going cause a huge discussion & derail the thread, so I'll just say thanks for the response & end it here. πŸ™‚
  4. Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread, but why is a cis actor playing a trans character a problem? Isn't the whole point of acting to portray someone you're not?
  5. GaT


    There doesn't seem to be a forum for gossip shows, so I guess starting a topic is the only way to talk about this because it's driving me crazy. I watch E!News every day, & lately they've been facetiming people on their phone instead of interviewing them in the studio or at some event like they normally do. I sit here watching TV of someone talking to someone else on their phone. It's the most stupid thing I've seen.
  6. GaT

    Best Baker In America

    I recorded Wedding Cake Championship right after it, & the last few minutes were there, so I guess they took away some time from that show.
  7. Got around to watching the Mystery 101 movie. I was so distracted by the fact that the detective had never heard the phrase "break a leg" that I found it hard to pay attention to the rest of the movie.
  8. Maybe it's a different ring, maybe she has two of them.
  9. GaT

    Beat Bobby Flay

    She's a cookbook author & has been involved with a lot of restaurants & food related shows including being the original host of Top Chef. Also, (nothing to do with food) she was also married to Billy Joel for a year. I don't like her.
  10. GaT

    Best Baker In America

    Wow, they really cut it close on the ending. Scott said "Eric", Eric said "what?" & my recording ended. You would think they would cut back on some of the talk just to make sure they could properly end the competition in the time allowed.
  11. GaT

    S16.E11: Treachery

    I don't even think they use extensions anymore, at this point they're all so plastic their hairdresser probably just pulls the hair out of their head when they want it long & retracts it when they don't. Just like those Growing Pretty dolls from the 70s.
  12. GaT

    S16.E11: Treachery

    I forgot to mention this in my post, but yes, why did she go to her ob/gyn for migraines? Do they just assume that all medical problems start with their overused cooches?
  13. GaT

    S16.E11: Treachery

    Khloe added 3000 square feet to her house. 3000 SQUARE FEET. That's almost the size of my entire house. You could tell that all the conversations happened long after the event, Khloe kept saying things about Jordyn never apologizing to her. Well, if it just happened "never" doesn't seem to apply yet. Still can't feel sorry for her, she knew what he was like & she hooked up with him anyway.
  14. GaT

    Gypsy Sisters

    Mellie has been sentenced She got lucky, no jail time, but she's got 5 years probation which includes: And this one: Everybody who thinks Mellie is going to end up serving jail time, raise your hands! πŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈ
  15. GaT

    U.K. TV

    Anybody here watch "The Repair Shop"? I love that show, I'm hoping there will be a series 5.