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  1. Could Carolyn's daughter be very aware, want acess to the money, and be planning a coup to take over the 12?
  2. As Rhian had lots of facial damage, cuts and blood, the camera did a quick check of Villanelle who didn't have a scratch, much less blood drops. A real check as to which one was the master of the situation. Different quality surveillance systems for different situations. The snack snatcher was probably set up using three or four year old technology and went straight to an old cloud account. Not a priority. ( Hidden implication that Kenny was the snack thief. Even though Villanelle clearly loved that candy) Homage to Thelma and Louise, maybe? ( Don't let it be an homage to the last Bob Newhart show, or that lost year of Dallas).
  3. I feel as if we should all dress up in our most outlandish/closest to designer duds, just to see this last episode of this season.
  4. I had the exact opposite reaction! I kept thinking how spectacularly fabulous it was, and how much I wanted that exact outfit! To each their own, I guess If she had been dressed like a soccer mom, she wouldn't have attracted the attention of men with money. Polo shirts and short skirts don't say "so much money, I have to be interesting." The got-eaten-by-a-muppet look reeked of designer originality with stratospheric price tag....rich men would know that it wasn't ready to wear and any woman wearing it was ...rich or controlled by someone rich, self assured, free to do whatever she chose, and possibly as much a freak in bed as in street wear. Dude in expensive Jaeger knit vestbut in cheap colors) saw an opportunity and as an important man cloaked in his own success, opportunities must be seized. The not so little boy had wished he were dead. She granted his wish.
  5. I don't know much of Dame Walter's work. I'm not sure what we're supposed to be seeing of her past in her character. Would she have left Eve's husband injured or was that a sign she had lost some of her going for the total kill-skill?
  6. I think this is a season that we'll enjoy more when we watch the DVD. It won't have ads sandwiched in damn near everywhere. And some of the ads have shots from the show and others have the wretched omitted scenes....like (shudder) Dascha doing part of a stretching routine before bowling. I so didn't need to pay attention to that flexibility scarecrow. I think I preferred Vil.'s version of "Leave it to Beaver" (a brief inserted homage to Edie Haskle who should have met Vil. in a nightmare somewhere/
  7. That was a good line, but I'd give line of the episode to the voice synthesizer's three words to Eve as fastest horse out of the gate. Three words, two short, and the third took a lot longer to type, but was worth his effort.
  8. https://www.distractify.com/p/what-happened-louise-hoarders A followup on Louise who had 'beautiful things' two apartments, numerous storage units and no money to pay the rent on any of them. We saw on a followup that she'd moved into a sparse apartment. That sort of worked for a while. Then (according to the above) serious health problem , homelessness, and now waiting for an opening in a senior center.....
  9. I don't think this has been talked about, yet. Vil. approached her step-father and asked him about his previous wives. He (IIRC) blew off her inquiry and said something like "I'm with your Mother now and I love her." Was Vil. after info that her Mom might have eliminated the other wives? Trying to put a time line into birthing of Vil and her siblings and half sib. Vil. Her step brother Her full brother ******* Mum changes husbands Her younger half Brother. At what age did Vil. get taken to the orphanage? Did her full brother remember her or just that he heard about her because he was so young when she disappeared. He seemed to remember her face, and she definitely knew his name. So the asterisks above indicate her trip in relative time to the orphanage.
  10. Was coffee or other caffinated beverage EVER a reward? Heavens help the restaurant and then flight crew who served Tony caffeinated beverages...bouncing off walls (once there are walls) was sure to happen.
  11. Are the fast entry into the commercials so we'll replay the commercial as we are trying to get the show content to be separate? Same with the less than a minute long left-out scenes? Are TPTB charging more for commercials that may get replayed by the audience?
  12. Except....didn't they start the season two weeks early because of the flu? If I remember that correctly, (no guarantees) this would have been the 24th of June episode. Could they have moved it a week forwards or backwards? How will next weeks fit into this? What exactly did the Mother say about the orphanage fire? and Vil. corrected her that only two floors were burned. Why did Mother think that Vil. had burned the entire building down if the whole thing burned with her daughter in it, how would the blame have rested on Vil.?
  13. Subtitles won't help unless they add Russian translations. The only word I picked up in Russia was (trans.) "Thank you" and it didn't make it to the untranslations. Saw that coming from the other side of the Ural Mountains. When the money amount was mentioned, it gave us all something to look forward to. We (blush) watch it slight tape delay and they have started doing a dirty on us. Embedded in the middle of the streaming commercials are brief omitted scenes. The one of Ocsana and her (?) half brother eating at the fair seems to be a feel good moment. There existed at least one maybe two more omitted snipets. I could have watched this as a meatier two hour episode.
  14. The next time I rewatch Shetland, probably in a month or two, I'll follow locations on Google satellite earth. And then let the little yellow icon drive me around the islands. A rewatch of Shetland is better than a new watch of most things on TV.
  15. So how DO the twelve perpetuate themselves? Parent to child might be too close, but 12 to a chosen grandchild? And take out any possible competing siblings of the chosen 12 next generation?
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