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  1. A survey asked questions to a large group of people of different ages. Surprise. Surprise. They found that different age groups accumulate different things And they did it without being judgemental although they did ask how people felt about their accumulations. (We are so very not alone.) And where the things are stored. Lots of numbers. I'm glad this is available for electronic storage as I don't know where I'd file it, if I had printed it out. 😇
  2. This might have been in the Battlebot series before this one, but I remember a bot coming out and tossing a net over its opponent such that the entrapped bot couldn't move. It was a true kerfuffle. That match was thrown out and the rules rewritten to disallow entrapment. Was Huge entrapped? When Ewert bot was holding Huge in the corner? Husband and I have been argu... having a heated discussion about that. I was impressed that the rails were tall enough that Huge couldn't go over them, but did it fit the letter of the laws in that with the addition, the weight wasn't excessive NOR did the bot extend out past the edges of the opening box? And I was surprised that two bots that were walking wounded fought at all. South Park's Cripple Fight must have been so proud.
  3. I hope someone will subscribe to Disc.+ and report about the Battlebots competition there. According to comments on Reddit, it's totally separate from the one on Discovery and both Chomp and Bronco are there, as well.
  4. enoughcats

    NCIS In The Media

    NCIS filming suspended because of Covid Happening in California
  5. Brilliant link. It did copy TIm Conway's walk, except he (being 100 years old) did it faster.
  6. I was really looking forward to the new and improved Chomp. From the photo it appeared to have overcome its top heaviness. It appeared to have a swivel top, and it does. What I didn't anticipate was that it is a "walker". And according to (possibly new rules for this year), walkers get to weigh up to 500 lbs., which it does. Except to call it a walker is misleading, because it doesn't walk, it moves with ground sloth agility, i.e., barely moves at all. Somehow it won it's match. I can't see it got any points for aggression, as it seemed to take forever to get out to the middle of the floor. If anyone remember Rowan and Martin's Laugh In, think of Artie Johnson's Little Old Man who was painfully slow moving. I was hoping that the other bot would do a Ruth Buzzy on Chomp. Artie Johnson and Ruth Buzzy, for those too young to remember
  7. It seemed to be two separate flame weapons and they weren't always used at the same time so they might have had independent controls???? So many bots came with multiple spinners, etc. in anticipation of opponents they might have. I was wondering if there exists a material that could be shoved in the nozzle of the flame weapon that could make it back fire and blow itself up??? What are the limits of chemical weapons? and chemical counter measures?
  8. Somewhere there're descriptions of all the teams in competition. There are a lot of women involved. I always figured that some of the people on teams were just filler (especially the young children). (who are fillers) But on some of the teams, all the members are workers. Either Chomp or Witch Doctor interviewed that at one time, seven different people were each working on programming different parts of the bots. That's not going to attract Joe channel surfer, but that sure makes me look at the competition with more respect.
  9. It was a fight for the ages, except I couldn't figure out what was going on. Reminded me of a couple of octopi mating. I, for no reasons at all, have never liked Witch Doctor. From the bouncy bird on the guy's head to the overall costuming and the rib cage on the bot I haven't been any kind of fan. That changed last night. No, their costumes are possibly even worse, but Witch Doctor flew. Many times. Sometimes with twists and turns that would only be described in high board diving terms. And that magnificent bot landed, if needed quickly righted itself, and went back to the fight. That thing is brilliantly built if it can take that kind of abuse and keep fighting. And it did. The other bot won, and I'm ok with that. I don't remember enough physics to figure out how much energy it takes to toss 250 pounds of bo 15 feet into the air, but somebody knows how to figure that out. And the minibots running around the floor in several matches: ignored by the editors and rightly so.
  10. Joe Spano got the "recurring guest star" label, so....yes maggiemae.
  11. Why don't these original episodes get more replays? I will be thankful next week, but I can't seem to find a repeat of tonight's ep.
  12. Hannibal got his problem elephants over the Alps, but Hoarders can't get their 'elephants in the rooms' to go away. IMO the cardboard storage boxes where the crap that the hoarder refused to part with, the cardboard boxes stored several deep and from floor to ceiling are the elephants in the room. Tossing a piece of fabric over them is condescending to the audience. I wonder how many times the hoarder simply refuses any help at all? I recall one ep. where the hoarder told the cleaner to leave because she didn't like her. Heck, I'd like to see the episode played in front of an audience and hear the audience responses with or without the hoarder there.
  13. How about Young Ducky reads the yellow pages want ads from the 1960's?
  14. Flashbacks can be brilliant (Tribles on Star Trek) or redundant (5% new stuff). I'll wait and see on this one because the early brains of the NCIS family are not there anymore and we may remember the early history more vividly than the current PTB.
  15. Maybe once. Go way back and there were a passel of well dressed people leaving the bull pen one morning. ?Back in Tony time.
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