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  1. Too long! I'd suggest reading the books that are the basis for this part of the series . They are good reads and Jimmy is so Jimmy. Duncan is different and comparing the two will give you a reason to rewatch the series (not that you need one). But just to go back to Shetland (and this time, if you haven't already) use the satellite views on Google earth to see the cliffs and bird sanctuary. And even drive some of the roads. The Google maps are underappreciated and make the books and the series fun and richer as a video experience.
  2. Could you share your zipcode with us? Maybe we could find it?
  3. I went to your link and then went to the TV listings on the right, gave them my zipcode, and then went to my provider. I could also get there by hitting the "Broadcast over the air" option to see what an antenna could pick up. (We have Directv, but it's through/associated with our Uverse,but fairly often (rain storms) we'll go to antenna for better (unpixilated) reception on network and PBS shows. We have the indoor flat antennas that we bought from Amazon on all our TVs, even though all have their own Directv, etc.s Hope this helps.
  4. That happened to me twice in the past five years. I call the channel and talk to the guy who does the programming. (In our area, he may be a part timer but I always do get a return call.) I ask if a specific series is scheduled and explain why I want to see it. Both times the shows weren't scheduled, but the next opportunity they were. He said that he enjoyed getting positive calls and not complaints. Mine were positive because I talked about all the other folks locally who might enjoy those shows and how those shows were like some old time shows, only different. With Paxton's show, pitch it to the crowd that love Antiques Roadshow. 'nuf said.
  5. As is mine, at 9:30 Sunday mornings. Thank you for searching the links out, there is no way I would have known about this without your finds.
  6. Could it possibly not have something to do with the character McGee, but the actor? Not that Tim isn't a good character, the character used to be great. Not that Sean isn't enjoyable, he is. Could the powers that aren't Bellisario (this does include Gibbs!) want to get rid of Bellisario, and do that by weakening his step son's role until his step son leaves in disgust?
  7. Thank you ...I never thought to check the library for 'comics'
  8. Stuff and nonsense. The real world human resources types would have a freakin' fit at these discussions during working hours. Make that brutess, and it still doesn't fit. My husband nearly went nuclear that lady pilot destroyed a multimillion dollar plane. And lots of collusion and pre-planing. Sort of wish Patrick Duffy had a bigger part and had become part of a multi-episode story arc.
  9. When everyone was running here, there, elsewhere, I got a strange feeling that I was watching a classic British Farce, only someone had dubbed American dialog in and grabbed the wrong script. IMO the writers have gotten sloppy. When no one knew what the kid was wearing when he left, and they found the kid he'd sold his bike to (ha!), nobody asked the kid, what was your friend wearing?, what does your bike look like? How good a bike rider is your friend? The how good and what kind of bike could have let them draw a radius to figure how far the kid had gone.....and when....and check cameras for a direction. Too logical?
  10. she's cute and occasionally very pretty. But I hated her in the first ten minutes for destroying her (beauty shop) customer's hair because she took a break with her scuzzy boyfriend, presumably to screw, and got back very late and the chemicals had been on her customer's head way too long. That wretched intro implied she was stupid-chemically, clueless-in personal responsibility, and not trustworthy. That's a lot of negatives to overcome for me. We watched all the episodes. She got better, without showing the whys of her improvement. Lots of references to Phrynie, maybe too many. I'd have preferred taking this series on its own. And by the end, I had come to like her co-stars more than her. Those first ten minutes were a total bummer.
  11. enoughcats

    Cats (2019)

    The show we saw started with previews, and the first was Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin and she looked and sounded so good. Then her singing in Cats...in my totally uneducated about music opinion...I thought the intentionally weakened voice brought pathos and then she belted out a few lines. I found the song sadder than in the stage show, and I chose to avoid looking at the closeup, which didn't do homely cats (of the meow variety) any favors.
  12. enoughcats

    Cats (2019)

    We waited 'til the day after Christmas to see Cats. The early afternoon show had less than twenty folks there and two really loved it. My husband totally appreciated that he could understand the pronunciation of the dialog AND songs (I should admit that we've never been able to afford tickets close to the stage in any venue in any country.) I hated the editing of the show, just 'cause you can cut the film into 15 second (or less) snipets doesn't mean you should. I hated that the cats moved like lemurs with lemur tails. It bothered me that the cats ears were so small and only some of them moved appropriately. The song Old Deuteronomy had me in tears, it always does. (I've had so many cats that lived long good lives, but their ends come too soon.) I had said I wanted to compare this movie version to a stage version. We had made a video tape and more recently transcribed it to a DVD. It was from a PBS Great Performances of Cats from 1998 and that was recorded in England, with cast from both the London and New York versions. I still love that version. I had forgotten how much I loved the costumes; then I saw the new improved version and wasn't much impressed yesterday, but seeing my old favorites made me hate the money they wasted on adding insufficient, bad hair days to the 2019 cat company. I will challenge you to compare Elaine Page's Memories to Jennifer Hudson's. They are different, probably due to Directors' choices. Then I compared John Mills' Gus. With less makeup, he did more. He made no effort to dominate, but I loved his Gus so much more. Will I buy a copy of the movie? Probably not. I am looking to find a full length version of the 1998 PBS version. What's really weird, though, is that yesterday's viewing left me with a brain worm of one song. Today's watching didn't because there are so many in the stage show as presented then that I really embrace emotionally. This website has photos from the 1998 version for comparison with the movie's kitty faces. You might also enjoy what a Jennyanydots' costume is like when she was on equal footing with the other cats (as opposed to created comic + singer.)
  13. Sort of worth looking for in newspapers today is an article by two Washington Post reporters. Brave women who sat down , behind locked doors, and watched a marathon of their own making of movies of Little Women, in order of creation. The version I read was in the Chicago Tribune. It's in the Style section of the post but I've used up my Post articles for this month, so I can't copy a link. It's not particularaly insightful, but it is a different approach.
  14. enoughcats

    Cats (2019)

    I cherish my DVD of the stage show. I had seen it playing in a city-to-city version and then saw it on a major city stage (the details of the always in one place were, understandably, better.) But all the bits I've seen from this movie aren't going to displace my love of the stage version. We will go to the movie version later this week. but I'm beginning to worry that it will be as odd as the warped ballet in the Blake Edwards' movie S.O.B.
  15. Michael Costello, designer for Jennifer Lopez, worked with JLo's stylist to make two dresses for a 13year old fan with serious progeria.
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