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  1. Not just muting that part of the episode. When there's no sound, it's so easy to enjoy the scenery and animal photography. Then unmute for the description of the challenges, and back to mute and finally closed caption for the vote off when they start talking over each other.
  2. Yes, to the nth. HTH can she be that two faced? Or clueless? The poor guy better own his own business or the 'guys' he works with are going to skewer him tomorrow at work
  3. This weekend, two things happened. First I learned that a friend died in that person's hoard. The next day I talked to a long time friend and she had visited someone she has known for several years. That person is in the 'you can't use this door because you can't get through' and the step here and then turn sideways and step there. She was shocked and somewhat horrified and has only seen a couple of episodes of Horders. There is so much danger in this lifestyle and affluence makes the situation worse. The only positive is we both are becoming more careful in what we buy and how we keep house. That doesn't help the people we know and for one it's too late. Thanks for listening
  4. Could anyone do a screen capture of that second trailer's beginning?
  5. Or Maybe CBS could have a half hour of Survivor and then an hour of Ponderosa!
  6. About Ms. Fisher Modern MM, their DVD is about to launch and libraries may already have their orders in. I checked the library in my closest city (Knoxville TN) and their copy is on order. I'm now on the list and I wasn't the first in line, so there is some excitement out there for its appearance.
  7. Season 9 has eleven episodes. So your question becomes, "Were you watching season 9?" This isn't a foolish question because some of us live with PBS stations, etc. that don't broadcast shows on their prime showing time.
  8. In my closest to Villanelle voice, "Boring".
  9. Peter Dinklage is starring off Broadway in a play called Cyrano. Except, this Cyrano is a dwarf with a normal nose. I've read three reviews and if it weren't a day and a half drive each way, it sounds like a most excellent presentation.
  10. enoughcats

    Cats (2019)

    I have had cats all my life. I never, ever thought of them as one pirouette away from a ballerina. More clutzy at least once a day and only half capable of hiding a mistake as intentional. Friends gave me the book of poems on which Cats is based before the play became famous. (They are also cat people and we have had cats in common.) Then I saw the play, several times. We'll go see the movie. It would have to be a total masterpiece to have a chance to supplant the stage play in our affections.
  11. I thought I had watched all of NCIS since the beginning. So, why were some characters introduced and then dropped? (I know that they lost a showrunner, but whoever followed in that niche must have watched a few previous years.) Vance's son: could be an age now where he's really interesting. Ellie's family, especially the brothers, lots of effort went into her background. Gibbs' hometown. It's inspired a few episodes, but there's more there that is possible, just because it's not that far from D.C. Jimmy's wife. Emily. Don't leave her hanging in a drug influenced life, Uncle Gibbs. Kasie - needs to begin to fit into the analytical community in continuing education. Abby's brothers- are out there somewhere. And some of Ziva's contacts. And on and on.
  12. Jimmy seemed to fit that niche tonight. (Did he have any dialog tonight?)
  13. Another version of the story
  14. Dang. I knew somewhere in my mind I had buried the inspiration for Villanelle https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/jodie-comer-killing-eve-season-2-1550161054.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh;center,top&resize=480:*
  15. Are you thinking the woman in California who had really nice things that looked clean, except there were too many of them? Who had storage units with even more things, some duplicates in different sizes? Who wanted to donate her hot tub to a worthy cause. but the tub was worthless? I think they did a followup that showed the woman I mention above having given up all her stuff and being allowed to live in an empty room where whe was sleeping under a pyramid?
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