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  1. enoughcats

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    Lest we forget
  2. enoughcats

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    from the Daily Mail. Supporting actress is going to be interesting
  3. enoughcats

    S11.E07: Los Angeles City Finals 2019.07.15

    Sounds a lot like elementary school kids making up rules as they go along, especially for the popular kids in class. So....let me add a couple of Passes. Speed Pass: whoever finished the identical course fastest Safety Pass: who ever gets the farthest with broken bones vs. whoever has the most stitches in his or her head and spills measurable blood. Flatulence Pass: whoever blows one and takes out the first two rows of the viewing stands Costume Pass: whoever goes the farthest with the heaviest costume Pet Pass: whoever's pet gets so excited that it pees and poos and is caught on camera. Sound Barrier Pass: whoever lands and the crack of their landing is measured in highest decibels. Mathmatical Pass: would include the variables: age, height, weight, leg length, leg split angle, grip strength, hair: ranked none to DanielGill width. I would discourage any passes based on family reactions and family hair styles.
  4. enoughcats


    Don't scrap it. Those 5k in repairs are going to cause a breakdown. Let it, with her at the wheel. Not a hoarded car, but my FIL's dementia (one iteration) lead to his forgetting how to get the car in reverse. This was after he took out a tree at the local donut shop (he was a retired police man). He proclaimed it an unlucky car (3 brake jobs 10,000 miles) He never got around to buying the junker he had hidden cash to buy. We put a note on top of the engine and it said that the family had chosen, for the safety of the community, to disable the car, and keep it disabled. (We had seen him drive through a red light on a drive that he knew well, having lived there for seven years.) Keep that car that she knows. That way she can't logically blame you.
  5. enoughcats


    Flimsy, dismantled, etc. How much of this is a result of our seeing the bots from a distance, in the cage? Whenever I've looked at Duck, I've seen him (and I do see him as a him) as about the size of a pack of typewriter paper. That's what my mind used to see. Then we saw our announcers with the bill and bill support after Duck's loss of his bill, and all of a sudden my mind made the connection: Duck=Big=Strong. We've seen bots go for their weigh in. But are some of the apparently less substantial bots way, way under weight? Or do they just fight that way?
  6. enoughcats


    Interesting insights, BuyMoreandSave, any you have chosen a heck of a name. Wow.
  7. enoughcats


    Friday night July 12. Forget, or at least set aside, my love of bots being flipped through the air. You know the guy who destroys property, Mr. Mayhem, in the insurance ads. Tonight's fights had two with as much mayhem as any fan could hope for, but not expect to see. If you could disembowel a bot, that happened. The first two had such mayhem that they weren't putting the bots on the carrying four wheeled carts, they were just picking up pieces. To answer my question, Bronco was back in a smaller, more Titanium used, more compact form in the final, main card event. It wasn't one of his flip out evenings. Only one fight went to the judges (IIRC). That's a lot of knockouts. That was entertainment, with no blood spilled. Since bot fluids don't count.
  8. and that made it in the top five. Shudder. That's so wrong. (IMO)
  9. enoughcats


    I rewatched on Wednesday night, and there was (towards the end) a fight that wasn't shown last Friday. It wasn't very exciting, and the new to the fighting ring bot got whupped by the experienced bot. I wonder if they need a prelim for the newbies. Putting them in with some of the powerful bots may not be what they need to see what changes they need to make to be competitive. I am almost embarassed to admit that I love to see bots flipped. Not just a single flip, but multiple 360's airborne. And that is why I am so enamored of Duck. It, ahem, took a licking and kept on ticking. Does anyone know if Bronco is in the line up this season and I wonder what new iteration Chomp will have. Chomp had the AI, but the weapon didn't work until they made an adjustment and then it seems to stay upright so much better.
  10. enoughcats

    Doc Martin

    Spoiler Photos and a story from current shooting of the final year
  11. I wonder if they edited something. I’m on the west coast & they just showed it. He was pleasant, & then danced like an idiot for a few minutes. No head shake or walk away. The Father walked away in disgust when GMC was chatting with the inane questions from the female talking head. In total agreement. And then there was the coverage of the people getting their ticket selected from the bowl of wannabe walkons. And the disaster runs of (IIRC) two of them, including one who didn't make it through obstacle one.
  12. The favored this one and guaranteed slot that one may have worked in the past. There's a problem with a group who have been around for (maybe) going on ten years. They get older. Truth. Their bodies get older and they might even get some wear on some joints that slow them down. We're already seeing some of the most successful contestants go out earlier than expected . Extrapolate five years. How do you tell a guy with high name recognition and a great fan base that he's too old/slow/creaky to get a guaranteed slot? My solution would be to plan ahead and look in five years to a Senior Circuit. Same course but age dependent. Keep those of us who are old/slow/creaky watching (and advertisers who target us interested) as well as build up young guns group.
  13. The more I think about running on a slick surface next to the water, the more I think that the guys needed boat shoes. If you've ever looked at their soles, you'll see a subtle, close together cutin zig zag. There are times when I wore them on our boat and had no problems staying up right and I'd see people on other boats (also fiberglass) sliding dangerously. I'd also guess that shrimp boat boots might have been a secret power that didn't happen to get used
  14. Which might favor a sprinter...someone who is used to powerful take offs. If the episode were filmed down near the water, the night humidity would have made a lot of things more slippery. (I hated the running over cones.)
  15. Coming soon to a reality show near you: The Gelding followed by The Gomer