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  1. Insert evil chortle. I can solve the blind grab: both the narrow shelves face inwards....and are so close together that forearms must cross. Grabs are at most six inches wide and with a vertical displacement of twelve inches. Hand holds are spaced six feet horizontally with a vertical beam to be landed on inbetween. And the rolling cylinder? Not a 360 roll, more length for a 2 1/2 times roll: 900 degree roll. A salmon ladder that descends.
  2. If Meghan Martin, the rock climber, had made it past stage 2, I'd bet she could have finished stage 3. There were things that were predictable: on the swinging hammer, the guy who is 5'3" has short legs, too short to go around the head of the hammer, so he was guaranteed to fall there. Tall people; some of them can just reach from one hold place to the next; shorter people have to fly through the air to reach the same place. Kayden is tall, really tall for a 15 year old. Some of them have really fancy places to practice. And just luck that there's an 80 foot climbing tow
  3. enoughcats


    In a world where I think most television isn't aimed at me, doesn't care about character development and would rather insult me with too loud laugh tracks and bloody horrors, I have started paying attention to the writers who create shows that I enjoy. Ann Cleeves created Vera, who is the friend I'd like to know from a distance. She created Shetland. Now she has another Detective and the Series name is "The Two Rivers" Series. The first is The Long Call and if I googled a real report rather than a tease, it's being made into a four part show for TV. Her second book in the series is
  4. Akbar is going to fill a vacancy on The Talk. nine degrees of separation just got a bunch more linkages.
  5. Which is what I thought I heard, as well. But, then, I thought Monday night said two more episodes. Ninjaguide says two more, one is the second half of Monday night, and mid September is Stage 2 Final. That link also mentions a three member family ninja competition, one of whom must be a (you guessed it) teenager.
  6. Daniel Gil got more time than he might have, had he joined the WWWA finishers. Putting Morovsky at the end of the two hours redefined anticlimactic. Especially after they had teased us with the montage of old timers (younger than me, so there) who we wouldn't see tonight. Of all the filler, young Miller's story is the only one I watched and heard. And enjoyed. Mr Ecats glanced up as they were going through an especially show-off-y group of personal training areas and he said, this must be a rich family sport. I couldn't argue with that reasoning.
  7. Last night I decided that it's time for new talking heads with new chatter. It wasn't the bug eating (editors were really desparate for something new to fill time between advertisers), but the guys' chatter is almost predictable. Mute, again, was my best friend. New announcers would be different (unless they adopt the Project Runway fill-Heidi-Klum's- overpriced shoes and have the same words, different model). There may also be a burn out problem, that some of the obstacles are really obstacles, and a whole bunch are easy peasy but for the occasional individual klutzy wipe out.
  8. The women have not had a good season. When the top three from a semifinal includes a contestant who made it less than half the way through, it's not a good thing at all. Just maybe they shouldn't have played up that Megan won the women's competition because they knew when they edited this that (as in so many previous years) she didn't make it to the end of the course. Let's hope they get a lot of young male desired demographic viewers to make up for the loss of olde timers who are losing interest.
  9. For me, the highlight was that the editors put the first run on in toto. I'll guess she wasn't the first to run, just edited that way. Then I realized that one person had run and it took with commercials almost nineteen minutes. That was a give away that not many finished the course. Cheers to the guy who caught the ring on his foot. The crowd scenes aren't as irritating as the split screen shots of family, friends, and someone they sat next to in vacation bible school in the third grade, but ALL wearing the same t-shirts. Sort of takes the illusion away of spontaneous fans.
  10. This is Shetland and the new Lerwick Fish Market. The expression on the Prince's face when he gets a snoot-full (looks more than a wee dram to me) reminds me that we don't see much drinking on our beloved version of Shetland. (If you sew, the tailoring of the tweed jacket is magnificent, as are the matched seams.)
  11. The part of the Power Tower that he couldn't do: wasn't that one of the things that was new and that he couldn't have practiced in advance. Something as simple as "they always set up with our taking right turns on this obstacle and all of a sudden, we have to dismount to the left" could be a real obstacle to those who train a lot.
  12. It was excellent, and then the decision to root for him or Gill. Well, decision isn't the right word, more like he hasn't got a chance against Gil, but maybe, just maybe. After Gil looked so much like a spider climbing the tower, as if he does that every day. Hey, maybe he does? IMO karma would be Gil's hair getting in his eyes and sticks there because he's sweating. Last week one of the children didn't have her long hair tied in a pony tail, it got in her eyes, she lost a couple of seconds flipping it out of her eyes, and that hand slipped off one of the next obstacles.
  13. Just a guess, but Zuri gives them a woman who sort of counts as announcer diversity. But she also probably talks to everybody. This gives the film editors wiggle room, it they need another twenty seconds before the commercial, would be an example. When they edited out he who will no longer be mentioned, they needed to fill the space. Nice, gentle chatter would be useful. Also, maybe, in the real world, they need somebody to take attention away from the peons who have to reset all the obstacles before the next person moves them around. (And to mop up the running surfaces.)
  14. Did they reduce the number of rolling logs from six (two or three weeks ago) to the four last night? Running across four would be a heck of a lot easier than the six (IIRC) that others had to fall off of. I admit to muttering how unfair life is for some. The one kid and his dad who built 43 obstacles in their back yard. Versus the kids who have just beyond a jungle jim to learn on. 43 OBSTACLES. That's going to cover most of the motions a human body can do, and that kind of back yard can really build up confidence that you can't buy without a course in your own back yard.
  15. Check with your local library. Mine has the videos AND the books. That's for a not-huge city, and nowadays groups of counties are often banding together to share holdings.
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