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  1. Dude has a bad case of the rolling uglies visible from satellite out there on / near 1300 Rohnerville Rd Fortuna CA The article does point out that after eight years, problems persisted.
  2. Picture show/before and after from Great Britain. They don't show the two skiffs of junk that were removed first. Nor do they show the 80 year old man who stopped cleaning after his wife died. But they show how much cleaning it takes to get the place looking spotless. They even kept the old blue green bathroom fixtures and the very pretty bathroom tiles. The cleaners were appropriately dressed. The end product is a heck of an ad for the company that does this and its owner says this is to show that a house that appears to have been given up can be saved, or something like that. I was glad the owner wasn't humiliated. The job was done, and maybe a once a week cleaner can keep him at home and out of a retirement village hell.
  3. Part 2 of the semi-finals is going to be identical in content to Part 1, isn't it ? Anything else would be unfair as all get out. Not that the Kid is a favorite of mine, but surely he didn't lose the luck of the draw and be the first to be corkscrewed. His body looked as if his bones and joints were made of rubber.
  4. Did I see that one of his arms just simply didn't try to grasp the rope? It made me remember years ago when a man with one prosthetic leg competed. And that didn't go very well, either. It was good to see Nat Pinkus still competing and his wife and children cheering for him.
  5. From Marie Kondo's book, she talked about her husband cleaning the kitchen surfaces and leaving them immaculate. (Got my attention.) He just uses nearly boiling water. So I've started using boiling water, especially on my cook top after I've made my instant coffee and made sure to have steaming water left over. Boiling water will leave surfaces spotless. (What about metal vertical surfaces?) Get some of the supermagnets (Lee Valley has them) and use them to put the steaming cloth against the grotty surfaces. Steaming hot water will take kitchen surfaces to clean. And a dirty oven...get ammonia, some rags, put the rag on the surface, pour diluted ammonia on it, and close the door and wait a while. Then with a rubber glove on your working hand, wipe the burned on stuff off. Two other low tech non-bleach cleaning things: single edged razor blades, to reduce gunk volumns. Baking soda and water to remove burnt on stuff in pots and pans Not that I have ever had a kitchen that is anything other than immaculate 23 1/2 / 7.
  6. Jodie makes the 14th century look good in a movie she's shooting in Ireland.
  7. My book review: read it last night, fast forwarded through part of the second half. Too many characters, too many coincidences. No insights into hoarding. I liked the de-clutterer who is the lead character. Her personal relationships not so much. But. If I were dealing with a friend or family with serious hoarding tendencies and who is addicted to reading mystery books, this might be a way to get him or her to open up to the possibility that they hoard. And that hoarding has consequences.
  8. Remember Mel, with the infectious grin? I saw a photo of the woman arrested for sending ricin around and saw a vague resemblance. It took me two days to remember Mel's name, but with a google search for Mel and Face Off, I found that Mel has had two recent very good years according to her IMDB. 2019 and 2020
  9. Hasn't his wife been ill several of the past years?
  10. A new book : a mystery: Title: The Clutter Corpse Author: Simon Brett A review I haven't read it yet, but I chuckled when I saw the title because this very prolific writer has been inspired by certain series of TV shows, if only the Brit ones.
  11. Last night, I watched the beginning of this episode (which I had missed) just to see the guy from South Carolina. Thanks to Primetimer, I saw that he was on. Then I fast forwarded through Episode 2 and had a really strong and uncomfortable case of deja vu and I was back in last summer. What I grew to hate then, came back with Ep 2 and 3 of this season. I enjoy watching amateurs compete. they are hesitant when they shouldn't be and they are cautious and I identify with them. Then along come the bulldozers on speed who breeze through the course as if it were nothing. My (self defined) sense of fairness says the two groups shouldn't be in the same competition. What to do? what to do? I came up with an idea that would never, ever work, but riddle me this, fellow ANW addicts. Golf has handicaps. (ANW has similar kind of handicaps to get women past the initial everybody-same route first stage.) IF ANW had a time handicap based on years of competition, with a personal age multiplier and maybe even a height multiplier.......the rookie might just , well, you know, inspire a lot of other rookies out there.
  12. Nope. They have started with the same obstacle. The wall is towards the end (see discussion above about Drew edited out of the first broadcast episode.)
  13. Forest Gump's mother called out, "Run, Janet, run." off in the distance. That's Hanta Virus country and I can't imagine why masks weren't required full time. In Janet's very limited commentary, she did say she wondered because of the clutter in every one of his cars AND that when they were at his house, and she needed to use the toilet, she had to go to the Filing Station around the corner. She knew something wasn't right and probably hadn't been right for years. That she worked two jobs tells me she was concerned for her future and had never invited him to live with her. That didn't stop the "janet is our pressure release valve" from coming up in conversations-without any affirmative from her. Late in the show, one of the daughters said something like "He'd die if she wasn't in his life" and I thought- not fair. Earlier there was a several paragraph long description of Janet and how important she was to him. But Janet never ascribed that 'importance' to herself. And at the very end, I'll bet Janet decided to keep working rather than become caretaker to a Hoarder who never elevated her to a status above "girlfriend".
  14. Dr. Robin Zasio and Cory Chalmers. I'm not sure I can stand "a promising romance hangs in the ballance." when my instinct is to tell anyone in a family affected by hoarding to "Run as fast as you can, as far as you can."
  15. A related thread on a sports forum has responses about the worst house you've ever been in. Most responses are from the deep south where there's no winter to kill roaches. You don't want to read this before eating or going to sleep.
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