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  1. Sorry about that! Dave's fixing it now.
  2. We noted this on social media, but so that everyone knows: we recorded both this episode and last Monday's on February 27, before both the revival series was announced and Perry's stroke was reported. We'll discuss both in our next episode, dropping March 18.
  3. As we mentioned, it was called Strangers on ITV.
  4. If it's from our very first Mark I episode, that would be 2011.
  5. In the same way Friday Night Lights wasn't REALLY about football, High Maintenance is really hardly about that at all.
  6. I don't know why that would be and no one complained about this at the time, so it's probably your podcast app? Delete, close out of the app, and re-download.
  7. The cookie cutter entries were so great and we loved reading them all. Thanks to those who submitted!
  8. Ah! Sorry. I know about Sarah (Kiefer's daughter, of Veep), but I thought there was a Kiefer sister in the dynasty too. Apologies!
  9. Sorry about the audio! We have fired Dave and re-hired him on a probationary basis.
  10. This discussion made me dig up that SNL Canon episode. God, it was so good. Poor Joe!
  11. We have been discussing this over IM since yesterday and aside from the pain it is causing his child, which no one could be happy about, we are gratified to know he sucks as much as David does.
  12. Woke up in the night realizing my mistake. You are correct. The visual adds a lot, but this is definitely not going to be a universal crowd-pleaser.
  13. Normally I do check, but I guess I was biased in favour of my mother's spelling. Fixed!
  14. It's not a word we invented; we use it in accordance with its dictionary definition: "the loud, harsh cry of a donkey or mule." (Thanks for joining us and keep listening!)
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