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  1. Such a great season only to end like that. Not that Gabe didn't deserve the win as much as Shota did, I just don't care about him.
  2. How many times is Lee Anne going to circle the drain before she finally goes down it? It's just painful at this point to watch her struggle week after week. Same here. I find the man utterly insufferable.
  3. At the end of the world, there they'll be: the cockroaches and Cher, staring at Victoria wondering why she's still there.
  4. I pretty much hated all the dresses. I mean, when the "best" one was Sergio's oeuvre of basic, what more is there to say?
  5. So, Victoria's still here. Still here.
  6. So, as soon as I saw Pinky's super basic designs during the intro reel, I knew she was gonna be gone in two episodes top. Asma just had no idea what she was doing. She was just pilling crap on top of crap, and that was never going to work out. As for the rest, I felt like the jumpsuits overall were good to great, but the dresses were just nothing. And I hated Sergio's dress almost as much as his attitude. Those sleeves were just goofy and stupid. Overall, a decent start. Didn't need to see Hester ever again, though. Thanks for that, Bravo and 3M.
  7. I'm so happy Sebastian won. His whole collection is so gorgeous, and so masterfully done. I was so worried they were going to give it to Hester since they were up her ass the whole damn season. And had the show still been on Lifetime, she totally would have won.
  8. While Unfinished Hems McGee should not have gone this far in the competition, having her eliminated right before the finale is definitely a lot more satisfying.
  9. I didn't really like Sebastian's dress (it's a lot), but I'm happy he finally won. Jamal's dress was just fabric barely hanging on to his client. He deserved to go. Tessa is just awful.
  10. Everything was loud and hideous; nothing deserved to win. The fix is definitely in for Hester.
  11. I hate Hester. I hate her designs, I hate her attention-seeking, I hate her tryhard, Hot Topic clearance rack aesthetic~, and most of all, I hate her "I'm not like other people! I'm different!" shtick. Woman, you are 34, not 14. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. And on a related note, Tessa can go sit on a tack.
  12. She was already an insufferable tryhard, but turns out she's also a jerk. I can't wait for her elimination, but looks like that'll be a while.
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