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  1. Primetimer

    Love Island: In The Media

    We counted how many times the contestants on Love Island USA said the word "like" in a single episode. Watch the supercut here: https://www.primetimer.com/features/how-many-times-do-the-contestants-on-love-island-say-like-in-an-episode
  2. Primetimer

    Love Island: In The Media

    Love Island for Beginners: Like Idol and Big Brother before it, Love Island USA is expected to folow the blueprint of its British mothership, at least to start. Whether it will be forced to course correct in future seasons (as Big Brother did after an almost disastrous first US season, remains to be seen) .https://www.primetimer.com/features/love-island-for-beginners Who Made the Best First Impressions on Tuesday Night's Love Island Premiere? Four islanders have our eye after last night's 90-minute premiere. https://www.primetimer.com/features/the-four-singles-to-watch-on-love-island-this-season
  3. Primetimer

    Week 1: July 9, 2019-July 12, 2019

    Forgot to post this last night. Primetimer's Kevin O'Keefe wrote about the four islanders who have his eye after last night's premiere: Who Made the Best First Impressions on Tuesday Night's Love Island Premiere?https://www.primetimer.com/features/the-four-singles-to-watch-on-love-island-this-season
  4. Primetimer's Joe Reid wrote up this preview: https://www.primetimer.com/tvtoday/20190623
  5. Program Description: Michael Strahan, ABC's Good Morning America co-anchor and host of The $100,000 Pyramid, will host Highwire Live in Times Square with Nik Wallenda, along with co-host Erin Andrews. The King of the Highwire Nik Wallenda and his sister, Lijana, seventh-generation members of the Wallenda family circus troupe, will return to the highwire for a never-before-attempted walk of approximately 1,300 feet long and 25 stories above street level, across New York City's iconic Times Square, live on SUNDAY, JUNE 23 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT). Highwire Live in Times Square with Nik Wallenda will air as a live two-hour televised event. The walk marks Lijana Wallenda's first highwire walk since the 2017 accident where she, along with four others, tragically fell 30 feet off a tightrope during a rehearsal.
  6. Primetimer

    S01.E02: Stuntin' Like My Daddy

    Episode Synopsis: On the first day of school, Rue's excited about her new friend Jules, but struggles to put the past behind her and gets herself into trouble at Fezco's. Nate becomes obsessed with Maddy's hookup, Tyler, while trying to get back together with Maddy. Kat finds out a video of her has surfaced online. McKay takes the stress of college out on Cassie.
  7. TLC just sent over tonight's "This Season On" preview, which we've posted here:
  8. Primetimer

    FX Turns 25

    On June 1, 1994, FX launched as a cable network. Although it took a few years to find itself, 25 years later the network is the epicenter of the Peak TV era. (In fact, it was FX head John Landgraf who coined the phrase "Peak TV." To commemorate the anniversary, we asked our writers and staff to compile a list of the network's most important programs. Here's what they came up with: https://www.primetimer.com/features/the-25-most-important-fx-original-series Which shows would you rank at the top, and which would you strike from the list? Weigh in here!
  9. Primetimer

    [FIXED] Hard to see notifications number now

    Well that's a problem, isn't it? (At least for folks with wide screens and/or short names.) I'll get it fixed pronto. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  10. Primetimer

    [FIXED] New posts blocked by "primetimer" banner

    Should be fixed now. Please post if you're still having issues
  11. And! Donna's genealogical research leads her to discover a scandalous secret in our podcast on 'Family Tree'! View the full article
  12. And! Donna's genealogical research leads her to discover a scandalous secret in our podcast on 'Family Tree'! View the full article
  13. Janet and Steve try to make their wedding fun for the few guests who are in the country and still speaking to them in our podcast on 'Baby, You Can Drive My Car'! View the full article
  14. Primetimer

    Surviving After Life

    Will Leitch joins us to discuss Ricky Gervais's latest attempt to repel TV audiences! View the full article
  15. For some reason, Steve and Janet put their child's spiritual guidance into the hands of Kelly and Dylan in 'Laying Pipe'! View the full article