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    Which is your favorite number from 1-5?
  2. Primetimer critic Aaron Barnhart agrees with you: https://www.primetimer.com/barnhart/challenger
  3. Netflix's new competition tests teams' ability to traverse a room full of roiling "lava." The show premieres Fri June 19th.
  4. Might Ultimate Tag be the dumb reality TV "It" show of the summer? Primetimer's Tara Ariano thinks it may have what it takes. Her review here: https://www.primetimer.com/features/is-ultimate-tag-the-it-show-of-the-summer
  5. From Lisa Bryant, Academy Award Nominee Joe Berlinger (Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes), and Best-Selling Author James Patterson comes the four-part docuseries JEFFREY EPSTEIN: FILTHY RICH . The docuseries drops on Netflix, May 27. Primetimer's Sarah D Bunting has this review: https://www.primetimer.com/features/jeffrey-epstein-filthy-rich-is-more-filthy-than-rich
  6. Did somebody say fantasy cast? Here are our picks: https://www.primetimer.com/features/fantasy-casting-the-just-announced-miniseries-about-the-view
  7. No live results or reunion? No problem, as Survivor saves the season's best episode for last. Joe Reid weighs in on tonight's mammoth finale: https://www.primetimer.com/features/survivor-winners-at-war-did-a-very-good-job-with-its-hamstrung-finale
  8. Primetimer's Joe Reid wondered the same thing, so he wrote an article about the weird pacing of tonight's episode and this season's many missed opportunities: https://www.primetimer.com/features/survivor-winners-at-war-somehow-failed-to-fill-their-two-hour-episode
  9. Just posted: Joe Reid breaks down tonight's episode, and specifically the two messed-up narratives that the show can't seem to drop... https://www.primetimer.com/features/survivor-winners-at-war-leans-into-some-messed-up-narratives
  10. Just posted: Joe Reid weighs in on "The Tony Show." Can he go all the way? https://www.primetimer.com/features/survivor-winners-at-war-has-officially-become-the-tony-show
  11. You could conceivably do this with any iteration of the Real Housewives franchise, but no series has consistently done it better than NYC, which has gifted us with Scary Island, Alex McCord's Herman Munster shoes, Johnny Depp the Sex Pirate, and Bethenny Frankel flipping out over whether life is, indeed, a cabaret. These episodes take up a three-episode bloc per season, taking the ladies to the Caribbean, Morocco, Miami, and the rough seas off of Cartagena. Note: this collection does not include the annual excursions to the Berkshires that began around Season 6, but if you felt like making tho
  12. At only four episodes, this is your shortest marathon option, but there's enough adorable charisma from Adam Brody as Seth Cohen to last a dozen episodes. Chrismukkah, the multicultural holiday tradition that Seth invented, blends the Jewish traditions of his dad, the gentile traditions of his mom, and whatever else happens to be going on at that point in the season. The O.C. is a fun show to revisit, and the Chrismukkah episodes always managed to be extra special "The Best Chrismukkah Ever" (Season 1, Episode 13) "The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't" (Season 2, Episode 6) "The C
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