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  1. Popular YouTuber Lilly Singh brings her unique brand of comedy to NBC late night with the Sept 16 2019 debut of A Little Late with Lilly Singh, airing weeknights at 1:35am beginning September 16, 2019.
  2. Nice review from our own Aaron Barnhart: https://www.primetimer.com/barnhart/american-factory
  3. We're getting ready for the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards by looking back at some of our all-time favorite VMA moments.: https://www.primetimer.com/features/mtv-video-music-awards-the-ten-most-memorable-moments Which did we miss? And what are you most looking forward to seeing this year?
  4. Our own Joe Reid praises what he considers Season 3's standout episode: https://www.primetimer.com/features/glows-freaky-tuesday-is-season-3s-secret-weapon
  5. Our own Joe Reid posted a nice write up on this episode today. Check it: https://www.primetimer.com/features/glows-freaky-tuesday-is-season-3s-secret-weapon
  6. Primetimer's own Aaron Barnhart has posted his review. He says, like its title character, the show has a lot of potential: https://www.primetimer.com/barnhart/david-makes-man
  7. A selection of articles from our very own mothership: BH90210: The Reviews Are In - Critics Weigh in on Wednesday's premiere https://www.primetimer.com/item/BH90210-is-clever-intentionally-cheesy-and-briefly-verges-on-a-profound-statement-about-middle-age-olSr5w Justice for Valerie: Why Tiffani Thiessen Deserves to be a Part of BH90210 https://www.primetimer.com/features/valerie-malone-deserves-to-be-part-of-the-90210-reunion Flashback: When Fox Set The Simpsons and 90210 to Take Down NBC's Must See TV https://www.primetimer.com/features/bh90210-is-already-an-important-part-of-tv-history
  8. Speculation over who (if anyone) might die in tonight's season finale of Euphoria has hit a fever pitch in recent days. HBO isn't saying much, but the show's action-packed promo (below) suggests there will be at least one violent situation.
  9. We counted how many times the contestants on Love Island USA said the word "like" in a single episode. Watch the supercut here: https://www.primetimer.com/features/how-many-times-do-the-contestants-on-love-island-say-like-in-an-episode
  10. Love Island for Beginners: Like Idol and Big Brother before it, Love Island USA is expected to folow the blueprint of its British mothership, at least to start. Whether it will be forced to course correct in future seasons (as Big Brother did after an almost disastrous first US season, remains to be seen) .https://www.primetimer.com/features/love-island-for-beginners Who Made the Best First Impressions on Tuesday Night's Love Island Premiere? Four islanders have our eye after last night's 90-minute premiere. https://www.primetimer.com/features/the-four-singles-to-watch-on-love-island-this-season
  11. Forgot to post this last night. Primetimer's Kevin O'Keefe wrote about the four islanders who have his eye after last night's premiere: Who Made the Best First Impressions on Tuesday Night's Love Island Premiere?https://www.primetimer.com/features/the-four-singles-to-watch-on-love-island-this-season
  12. Primetimer's Joe Reid wrote up this preview: https://www.primetimer.com/tvtoday/20190623
  13. Program Description: Michael Strahan, ABC's Good Morning America co-anchor and host of The $100,000 Pyramid, will host Highwire Live in Times Square with Nik Wallenda, along with co-host Erin Andrews. The King of the Highwire Nik Wallenda and his sister, Lijana, seventh-generation members of the Wallenda family circus troupe, will return to the highwire for a never-before-attempted walk of approximately 1,300 feet long and 25 stories above street level, across New York City's iconic Times Square, live on SUNDAY, JUNE 23 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT). Highwire Live in Times Square with Nik Wallenda will air as a live two-hour televised event. The walk marks Lijana Wallenda's first highwire walk since the 2017 accident where she, along with four others, tragically fell 30 feet off a tightrope during a rehearsal.
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