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  1. I liked it too! Maybe it was because I was so happy to have the mysteries come back after endless Christmas movies from October to December. Yes, Jeff said he has been eating too many plates of fried claims. Yum Yum!!
  2. He's still a great looking guy, but Jesse Metcalfe looks a little chunkier in Ships in the Night.
  3. Bridgerton is delicious and subversive. I had no idea that Queen Charlotte was a woman of color. Shonda Rimes is worth waiting for.
  4. Cross Country Christmas was a Hallmark version of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. It was OK. The original was hilarious. I really liked USS Christmas. My son is an active duty sailor so I love Navy movies. And the tall blond leading man is much better looking than most Hallmark leading men, who mostly look like bland Ken dolls.
  5. Not so. Every state has a spousal privilege exemption.
  6. I watched last night's episode with interest because we are currently updating our basement. Does anyone else agree that the renovation budgets given for the show are TOTALLY FAKE? She redid the entire basement and the upstarirs master suite for a total of $100,000 Please, HGTV, stop lying to viewers!
  7. I thought the Katie the Kitten scene between Nicole and Hugh was very poorly acted. Who was the actress who played Jonathan's mother? She looked very familiar. If the little boy Henry turns out to be the killer I will absolutely hate this show. How awful. I expect it to end with either his mother or father taking the rap and going to prison for him. I would. He is 10 years old for Chist's sake.
  8. It's Kazakhstan. Why hasn't anyone mentioned Borat?
  9. That was a fun episode. Will and James gave the best "chicken" performance, by a mile. While I'm glad the Blonde Bandits are still in it, are they allowed to beg for help from bystanders like that? The girl that helped them was certainly a representative Geman beauty!
  10. susannot

    S01.E01: Pilot

    This is based on the CJ Box trilogy The Highway which I really enjoyed. The girls were just like that in the books. Glad to see CJ Box gets a producing credit. I never liked Ryan Phillipe as an actor so not sorry to see him get whacked. What this means, of course, is that the two women will band together and solve the crimes.
  11. Donald Sutherland went all Pres. Snow on the Reardon School headmaster and I loved it. He is still such a handsome man and has found a renaissance playing elderly, billionaire villains. Nicole's face is so frozen and plastic looking that she is unable to show emotion even in emotional scenes. The most that she can do is move her eyes back and forth. It is really inhibiting her acting ability. She will not be nominated for an Emmy this time. I said earlier that Nicole was beautiful and Hugh looked old. Mea culpa. I have totally changed my opinion. Hugh Grant is doing the best acting I have ever seen from him. IMHO, both Grace and Jonathan were having sex with Elena. Have no idea who killed her. I love the character of Haley. I am a retired lawyer so I love a badass female lawyer.
  12. OK, I liked Christmas in Vienna. Mostly because of the beautiful scenes of Vienna. Was it really filmed in Vienna, or in another fake soundstage in Vancouver? Anyway, I liked the different storyline of a talented musician who has lost her inspiration. That was believable. But I really wanted the story to conclude with a glorious crescendo of music. With the lead character PLAYING with the Vienna Philharmonic, instead of just auditioning for it.
  13. I used to like Carla but now she is so full of herself. I dislike the schtick of her giving out "dudes" to contestants. I love how Kess rose so effortlessly to the top. I also like Santa from Atlanta. And how cute is it that Jamaal thinks he will find a boyfreind by appearing on the show, because the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Maybe Santa can introduce him to some nice men since they are both from Atlanta.
  14. Forget her social class-- as everyone has said it was really stupid of Grace to go with the police without a lawyer. I wonder what is really going on. At one point her wealthy, powerful father said "this is bigger than you. It's even bigger than me."
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