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  1. Team NA: 14 mile horse side down a mountain, followed by 3 miles in white water rapids. Team SA: transported away from riots in Santiago in a comfortable, air-conditioned van. The riots in Santiago looked just like, or less scary than, riots in numerous American cities during the summer of 2020.
  2. Are cauliflower tots and caulflower rice and cauliflower everything really that much lower in calories than their more carby counterparts? Asking for a friend.
  3. My favorite Padma was SciFi Padma. Shota has been off the last two episodes.
  4. Two bad chicken dishes in a row. Maybe I should go on Top Chef. I can nail chicken every time. Though, to be fair, I have all the time in the world, being retired and not needing to work.
  5. Cauliflower tots totally should have been PYKAG'd. After tonight I will never believe that it is the worst dish of the night that sends a chef home. Delighted that Tom thought Avishar's dish was the best of the night. Richard seemed to like him too. I have to admit, and don't throw things at me, that Richard looked hot in the first half when he was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt. He looks like he has been working out and he has a buff set of biceps. Muscular biceps always turn me on in a man.
  6. Team South America keeps getting worse. Now we learn that: Autumn has never done white water rafting or canoeing, in addition to never bicyling; and Sierra had a spiral fracture and broke her leg in 1000 pieces. Again, why are they on this show? Meanwhile, Team North America climbs 6 miles straight up a slippery, ice covered mountain. And they sing O Canada. I did like Team Russia doing yoga in their down time on the train. I do yoga and it is great for loosening and stretching.
  7. I hope they pre-screened the contestants for bee sting allergy. People can die of anaphylitic shock if they're allergic.
  8. It definitely looked to me like the fryer was not anywhere near hot enough.
  9. Whew. So glad that my Avishar and his Ohiootto skated through over Kiki's raw chicken. Not sure that Avishar knows but risotto is the death knell of Top Chef contestants. His dish sounded good enough but gummy and undercooked. Basically, you cannot cook risotto in 30 minutes. He should have known that. I was thinking, as an Ohioan, he should have cooked up a delicious pork, Ohio apples, and sauerkraut dish. But maybe that is not in his wheelhouse. ETA: forgot sauerkraut is a veg and so was forbidden. OK, apples only.
  10. My husband said "she knew that she had a vagina before she came on the show."
  11. Team Russia did have a brutal leg, crossing that desert, but nothing like Team North America. Who knew that there is a desert in Russia? I certainly didn't. Why did special princess Autumn even come on this show? Why did her teammates accept her? Wait a minute. She just said that she does not ride bikes ever. WTF!!
  12. OK Maneet Chopped Judge has proven that she can really cook. Sorry that Brooke's hollandaise sauce broke. Hive mind, how could she have fixed it? Maneet is a very attractive woman but I hate those long fake eyelashes.
  13. Sorry I screwed up the previous post. I can't figure out how to delete it. I wanted to say that fufu looks a lot like poi, made from taro root, breadfruit and maybe plantains, a common dish in Hawaii. It is bland but I liked it as a base for fruit salads and as a side dish for everything. It occurs to me that if Sara had made fufu as a base for her conconut/pineapple dish it would have been great.
  14. So glad to hear it, Cleveland! And you also have Michael Symon.
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