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  1. I have to re-watch. Did Melissa bake her own ladyfingers for the tiramisu?
  2. I take soulless food as technically perfectly executed but without history or passion. Like, for example, what Anthony Bourdain described as the brunch buffet at the Four Seasons, back in the day. Bryan's food is guilty of that to an extent. Technically brilliant, not passionately connected to a food history. I think he is a very passionate chef. I want to see him burst out and show it.
  3. I love the chef who said it was like a cabbage lasagna. I want to make it for our Thanksgiving or Christmas family gathering. We always have a large pan of lasagna but this would be so much healthier.
  4. It was so leafy and green! I haven't seen cabbage that looks like that.😻
  5. And the cabbage she bought in the Italian market looked so fresh and hearty. I wish I knew what kind of cabbage it was, but probably can't buy it here anyway, although we have awesome fresh produce in the Midwest in the summer.
  6. I get that the Italian chefs were offended that Bryan made a parmesan foam but his dish looked and sounded delicious and I would order it in a restaurant. No one said that his dish didn't taste good, they just felt that he disrespected the ingredient. Parmesan foam vs. tough pork--no contest.
  7. Also agree!! I ate my last two birthday meals at his restaurant in the Ko Olina area of Oahu. The restaurant is beautiful and his food is spectacular.
  8. OMG. Editing is pointing to girl power starting with Jeffy admitting to being a sexist asshole.
  9. I LOVE Sarah's speech about gender bias in Survivor! She is 100% right, but I still think she will lose tonight.
  10. Oooh Sarah. Oh girlfriend. You be gone. I think everyone will play their idols tonight.
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