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  1. susannot

    S16.E03: Auditions 3

    That makes sense. I was wondering why I wasn't overwhelmed by any of them.
  2. susannot

    Best Baker In America

    Joshua is running away with this thing and has ben since Day One. He is phenomenally talented and I admire him tremendously.
  3. susannot

    S17.E14: Finale

    I am always happy when I see a reality tv contestant win after they have immigrated here to America. It shows that immigration is a beautiful thing. Our country is so fortunate to still have talented people who want to move here. May it continue.
  4. susannot

    S17.E14: Finale

    So happy with the winner!! First time I can remember my favorite and the person I picked from Day One actually won!! I predict he will go on to a fabulous successful career in fashion, just as Christian has done. I was so afraid that the show would give the win to Hester because DVF seemed to love her, but wiser heads prevailed. Thank you Nina, Brandon, and Elaine. I also loved the fact that, on this Pride weekend, show was not afraid to show a long kiss between winner and his husband. LOVE.
  5. I liked it too. I thought it was sweet and romantic. Obviously the two lead characters were meant for each other but I understand that as childhood best friends they took awhile to realize it. It was sweet of the high school mean girl to say that you two need to be honest with each other. And, Ryan Paevey makes my heart pound.
  6. susannot

    Masterchef (US)

    Cry Pie was named Elise. She was in Season 5, won by the odious Courtney. She auditioned with a pie, failed, tried again, got an apron , and Gordon told her to never make a pie again. Of course, she promptly made pie after pie after pie, crying each time when they were criticized. Our posters here and on that previous site were merciless in their snark. Good times!!
  7. susannot

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    Yes I Loved the scene of seeing the entire body of work from each designer! Great job Bravo.
  8. susannot

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    So happy that Sebastian got his head together. He has been my favorite since Day One. Also agree with Brandon that I don't care whether he can prattle on endlessly and tell a story about his clothes--just show me some clothes, dammit.
  9. susannot

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars LIVE CHAT

    This is really fucking stupid. I like him, and he should not have been voted out, but the idea that he could come back and win? This show is no longer Survivor. Instead it should be called "anyone can win a random show for a million dollars".
  10. susannot

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars LIVE CHAT

    I hate idols.
  11. susannot

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars LIVE CHAT

    Chris got dem idol Julie got dem idol everybody peoples got idols.
  12. susannot

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars LIVE CHAT

    They look like brother and sister. I have no idea why I have never noticed Lauren before, other than the fact that I have not been watching this season. She is usually the type of player that I like--an athletic woman and smart. Deven: don't like you but well played.
  13. susannot

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars LIVE CHAT

    Nice that Chris helped Julie. I don't remember him at all but he is cute.
  14. susannot

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars LIVE CHAT

    Good God how boring are these Edge of Extinction interviews. And does Wentworth have a flourishing moustache, or what? Of course Probst calls out Joe and says " you are so greatly beloved, why haven't you won this game?" while totally ignoring Chris (who?) who came back from Edge FWIW. And Jeff then says It is your gorgeous flowing man-hair that explains why you haven't won. Jealousy? God, how f--ing stupid.
  15. susannot

    S31.E01: You're In Our Race Now

    Yes, this show should definitely answer the question of which show is the hardest. As Leo or Jamal said "you're in our race now." Colin was a good looking kid 15 years ago but a more mature Colin is even better looking now. As for what Christie has done to her face, she has succumbed to Real Housewives syndrome and had her lips blown up, like several other women on the show. I simply cannot understand why women think that increases their attractiveness.