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  1. My bad. There are only 8 books in the Gourmet Detective series. However, since author Peter King remains alive at age 97, perhaps we can hope for more.
  2. Oh yes!! I did see that one. I like the female lead.
  3. Yay! I know what I will be doing every Sunday night! I missed Mystery 101 movie #2. When did it air? And...I haven't watched the Crossword mysteries. Are they any good? So glad there will be another Gourmet Detective! I love them, and I believe author Peter King wrote about 12 books in the series so keep them coming, Hallmark.
  4. susannot

    Masterchef (US)

    O/T: The chefs on Best Baker in America did exactly that. Now that was some high quality baking.
  5. susannot

    Masterchef (US)

    If so Bri should have won.
  6. susannot

    Masterchef (US)

    I don't actually remember what Nick made. I'm glad that smug little Barbie Bri didn't win immunity, because she was all "everyone says I am so great at plating!" Having said that, I would order her dish in a restaurant because I love scallops and those looked delicious. Wait. Was Nick the contestant who took his KitchenAid up and just plopped it on the judges' table. Give me a f--cking break.
  7. susannot

    Masterchef (US)

    Hmmm. This should be interesting. Achatz is a higher end chef than they usually get on the show.
  8. susannot

    Masterchef (US)

    Subha proved himself tonight to be a good cook.
  9. They are worth reading. In some cases, they are darker than the movies. I'm thinking particularly of the one where Aurora's nephew Philip and other teenagers disappear.
  10. GINO!!! Eddie--meh.
  11. I really like Benjamin and Brandon. Always happy to see Jasmine again.
  12. susannot

    S16.E03: Auditions 3

    That makes sense. I was wondering why I wasn't overwhelmed by any of them.
  13. susannot

    Best Baker In America

    Joshua is running away with this thing and has ben since Day One. He is phenomenally talented and I admire him tremendously.
  14. susannot

    S17.E14: Finale

    I am always happy when I see a reality tv contestant win after they have immigrated here to America. It shows that immigration is a beautiful thing. Our country is so fortunate to still have talented people who want to move here. May it continue.
  15. susannot

    S17.E14: Finale

    So happy with the winner!! First time I can remember my favorite and the person I picked from Day One actually won!! I predict he will go on to a fabulous successful career in fashion, just as Christian has done. I was so afraid that the show would give the win to Hester because DVF seemed to love her, but wiser heads prevailed. Thank you Nina, Brandon, and Elaine. I also loved the fact that, on this Pride weekend, show was not afraid to show a long kiss between winner and his husband. LOVE.