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  1. Gordon Ramsay cooking is like watching poetry in motion. But it is really unbelievable to expect amateur chefs to keep up.
  2. OK, seeing Chef Nyesha make, and the contestants try to make, Joel Robuchon potatoes, I think my whipped potatoes with plenty of butter and cream are just fine. I have never bothered to dehydrate them first.
  3. Wow it is amazing watching Chefy Nyesha cook. I will be fascinated to see how she prepares those Joel Robouchon whipped potoatoes. She was always one of my favorites. As I recall she was eliminate criminally early in the Texas season which, in retrospect, had a lot of assholes.
  4. susannot


    I have avoided this topic until now knowing that it contained spoilers. I think Nicola Walker wants to do something else with her acting career. Otherwise, why would she have been killed off in what seems like an abrupt and random way? Especially after she had made her peace with her father? Other than that, I liked the ending. Sonny did as good a job as Cass would have done in solving the mystery and his final interviews with the suspects, especially Dean, were masterful. I don't think that Ram, Fiona, and Liz will serve long prison sentences for failure to dis
  5. I love Wendell. Hot Mess House shows that he is extremely talented at home building and renovation. Because I liked the show so much, I re-watched Season 36 that Wendell won. He was great. The theme of the season was Reverse The Curse, reversing mistakes from previous survivors. The survisors were told to make good, not bad decisions. Wendell made 2 excellent decisons that won him the game. In ep. 1 he rejected Chris's proposal to get rid of Domenick. He told Chris he liked Dom. They stuck together and dominated the game from then on. In Ep. 12 Wendell really wo
  6. I was really excited about this as we have a trip to Maui booked for next January. Mike White was The Amazing Race guy, right? Love him. Agree that the scene with Steve Zahn's balls was startling and that they looked more like a dildo. Still, full frontal! I expect deliciously down and dirty doings and gorgeous Maui scenery. A fun summer series.
  7. I loved this. Cheese is my favorite food, especially sharp cheddar. However, I would not have been able to make 5 cheese dishes. I make cheese and crackers and cheese sandwiches and if I am really fancy cheese souffles. Shota's smoked cheese oil, incorporated into Japanese cuisine, is genius and umimaginable to me.
  8. I've been watching. I think Wetumpka is a lovely little town and I understand they chose it because of the beautiful bridge and view over the Coosa River. I wonder how long it will all last. I love the Farmer's Market. In my home town ( a big city) farmer's markets are the most popular food sources.
  9. What bad stuff have we heard about Gabe?
  10. Oh, Avishar. Even I know to sear and season my meat. Love you.
  11. I really loved this episode. The Oregon scenery was spectacular. I have never been to Oregon and now i so want to go there, I did not realize that there were so many tribes in Oregon. It was so great to see that the tribes loved the chefs' preparation of their food. The tribal elder's prayer was very moving. Enjoyed my hometown fave Avishar's interaction with a tribal elder: "How would you cook these ingredients?" A: You're in a chef competition. Show us what you got!" And he did, they loved the sturgeon and venison. (I think it was venison. Not sure.) Sara and Shota wer
  12. Team NA: 14 mile horse side down a mountain, followed by 3 miles in white water rapids. Team SA: transported away from riots in Santiago in a comfortable, air-conditioned van. The riots in Santiago looked just like, or less scary than, riots in numerous American cities during the summer of 2020.
  13. Are cauliflower tots and caulflower rice and cauliflower everything really that much lower in calories than their more carby counterparts? Asking for a friend.
  14. My favorite Padma was SciFi Padma. Shota has been off the last two episodes.
  15. Two bad chicken dishes in a row. Maybe I should go on Top Chef. I can nail chicken every time. Though, to be fair, I have all the time in the world, being retired and not needing to work.
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