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  1. I was just about to come here and say that. What I remember about Malarkey from The Taste (what a ridiculous show with its little spoons) was that he giggled a lot and wore so much thick pancake makeup and lipstick that he looked like a clown.
  2. Yes. And I was impressed with the stellar quality of the chefs Guy was able to recruit to compete and judge. Apparently he has cred in the food & chef community. The one dish I WANTED was Amanda's duck Cubano. As she said, who doesn't love a good Cubano? And I'm with Jonathan Waxman: "Pickles! All day long."
  3. Liked the fact that the finale was essentially Top Chef vs. Food Network. As I anticipated, Top Chef won. Brooke's dishes were just more inventive and creative and the judges liked her kohlrabi better.
  4. We can still hope for another blindside. However, at this point I think Tyson would work with or be a vote for anyone.
  5. Yay Denise the oldest player and the Queenslayer!!
  6. I love this one. I think Michele will win. AANNd I could not be more wrong.
  7. Denise definitely overplayed that. She should have saved it for final jury argument. Speaking as a former trial lawyer, you never give away your killer argument too early.
  8. Wow! Good job Tyson! I never liked him but I DID NOT want Rob to come back.
  9. My memory is that Robin won a previous challenge with her dessert recipe. When she ended up on Michael V's team for Restaurant Wars, he wanted to use her recipe (some kind of a pear gallette) and elevate it. I have always resisted a rewatch of Season 6 because of the way the boys treated Robin.
  10. I have vacationed in the Ko Olina area so was looking forward to this episode. Because my sleep patterns have gone to hell, I fell asleep and only awakened when I heard what seemed to be an angel signing "Times They Are A-Changing." For a moment I was disoriented and thought Dylan had died. Wow. That young man was incredible.
  11. 3) Stephanie's thing sounded good. The only Padma wanted was a small dab of something tart. The other judge was ready to advocate for Angelo's tuna, like he tortured it. That was the harshest comment I've ever heard on this show. It seemed clear he was gone. Padma knows Angela and has probably had sex with him, so she was defending him. But I'm jaded cuz I know the Top Chef people all sleep with each other (I used to date one). Oh, c'mon BravoFan27. You cannot leave us hanging after a comment like that. Tell us more. We want ALL the juicy stuff.
  12. I wonder why Eric didn't go with pork after Lisa grabbed all the duck? Maybe it's not too African but nothing goes better with braised red cabbage. I also want to note that Lisa has not changed one bit.
  13. I was sorry to see Angelo go but really did not want Eric to go. I wanted to see more of his West African flavors last season and want to see them now.
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