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  1. I really loved the military style jumpsuit. Surprised, because I thought Jeffrey would be the first out. Annoyed that Sergio (I am already as good as Christian and Brandon) was on the winning team.
  2. The young women that Dan was handsy and inappropriate with were all voted out before him. Therefore, Survivor will try to sweep his behavior under the rug. I think Dean didn't want to be perceived as being among the "losers." His male ego couldn't stand it. He'd rather be Tommy's wingman or bro, and lose.
  3. Since when did they allow the contestants to talk and argue and scheme among themselves DURING Tribal Council? I hate that. If it had not happened I think Dean and Noura might have stuck to the original plan and taken out Tommy. I don't dislike him as much as some of you. In fact, I don't give a shit who wins, although I like Janet and Elaine. I just want to see good game play, not blatant producer manipulation.
  4. Well that plan fell apart quickly, as I knew it would. Rob was absolutely correct, The whole thing was producer misdirection to disguise the inevitable ejection of Karishma.
  5. The PBS documentary based on the Ken Burns documentary was brilliant. Roseanne Cash's ex-husband Rodney Crowell was a highlight singing Pancho and Lefty by Townes Van Zandt.
  6. I loved it. First of all, it was set in New York at The Plaza!! Second, I think that Ryan's acting is perfectly OK for a Hallmark lead. His acting has improved. I don't think that any of the other actors are noticeably better than him, but maybe that's because I think he is handsome beyond belief. Third, is Elizabeth Henstridge any relation to Natasha Henstridge?
  7. I'm a Midwesterner and my Dad also loved a slab of cheddar cheese atop his apple pie.
  8. Jason's season is on RIGHT NOW! I leave my TV on FN because it is synced with my phone and tells me whether I can ignore the call (almost always yes).
  9. Anyone got a list of the new movies starting tonight? I want to be sure to record the one starring Ryan Paevey.
  10. About last night's episode--so, who ended up with the $3 million?
  11. Yes. I hated this episode and had to turn it off because McGarrett was such an asshole. He was responsible for his Mother's death. It was his fault. He was a macho jerk who gave no consideration to the possibility that his mother had her own idea, her own plan, her own will, her own idea. No, he had to bluster down into Mexico and pull her out without ever thinking that she might have her own fully formed plan, or if she did, he thought she was wrong and and naive and stupid.
  12. Zac as Fabio! Wild!! Am I mistaken, or did all the other judges just mock Katie Lee's flat screechy voice?
  13. Haven't watched this before but binge-watched today and I am really enjoying it. The bakers are extremely creative and talented. I have always loved Zac Young ever since Top Chef Desserts. So happy that he became a Food Network star instead of that smarmy creep Morgan who beat him. Zac is charming and hilarious. At the time I said I wished I had a younger brother who was just like him. Love Carla too. The judges' costumes are insane!! The less said about Katie Lee, the better. She is pretty, I'll give her that. I think Pete will win.
  14. I just love the show. Maybe because my son lives in Hawaii (Navy) and I have spent extended visits there but I appreciate the fact that they use Hawaii's spectacular scenery to maximum effect. Did not realize that the piano guy was original Rick. Looking forward to crossover ep with Hawaii 5-0. I never liked that show very much but watched it last week waiting for Magnum and it was great. What a GREAT idea to also have crossover with Blue Bloods which, again, I have never watched but would this time.
  15. I agree with every word of your post. The first time I heard "Hurt" the hair on the back of my neck stood up. A co-worker of mine was friends with the family of the drummer for Nine Inch Nails. Jerome. One day she was talking on the phone to him and I barged into her office and demanded to know what Jerome thought of Cash's version of Hurt, which had just come out. He responded that he was awestruck.
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