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  1. I thought the same thing about Victoria and thought for sure that Brandon would comment on the piece of toilet paper trailing behind her dress, but no. Other than the toilet paper, it was awesome.
  2. Will Sergio FINALLY get his well-deserved auf? Stay tuned!
  3. She did have a fun punkish style esthetic though. I don't know how else to describe it.
  4. I disagree. It wasn't the matcha. Her plaid layers were perfectly square and aligned and her cake colors perfectly matched her blanket. Those colors were difficult to do. All in all, that is the most impressive cake I can remember seeing on any of these shows. Maybe some of you will remind me of a better one, but I doubt it.
  5. Vey well deserved winner! Her cake was unbelievable and perfect.
  6. I can't stand Sergio but he totally deserved the win. Making that dress out of wrapping paper and a basket was unbelievable. I knew little sprite Alan would not last long. It looks like next week they have to make menswear? Wow!!
  7. OMG these guys are slaying me this season: "The Bitch shrank."
  8. Ahhh Delvin is turning out to be my Top Chef Hung of PR. I was probably the only person who was completely team Hung for his being totally competitive. I loved that he didn't tell the others what made his fish wrapped in potato work (they had to all fix the same dish one after the other). I love that Delvin didn't go get camera brownie points for helping Die Young lady. Totally agree with you Delvin is my favorite. Love how he is himself and feels no need to play the games that the show wants him to play. He may not win but I respect him. Plus it doesn't hurt that he is stunningly handsome. I actually liked Geoffrey's top. If he had styled it with black pants and combat boots (as someone else said) it would have done better. Sergio should have been in the bottom.
  9. I know it was a cliffhanger and the storyline continues but....who was Ivan and why was he after Hayek? And for that matter, why did he want to use Magnum to get to Hayek? I mean, I know Ivan is a big criminal and arms dealer but why the long elaborate plot including a home invasion to discover the "White Night's" identity? I guess it all makes for a few good shows. Was Capt. Greene played by Robert Patrick, the former Terminator guy?
  10. Plus Kristin's wardrobe was fabulous. That white coat--to die for!! I think the wardrobe budget was much larger than for the typical Hallmark movie, as befitting Kristin's status as a bigger star. Also, her New York apartment!! OMG!!
  11. Ummm...Dwight was HOT for a pastry chef when he flexed his very muscular arms in tonight's show.
  12. I liked A Christmas Love Story with Kristin Chenoweth well enough. She was very good and of course there was music and singing. I didn't think that the young kid had a great voice, as the story tried to sell us, but their final duet together was fine. The twist near the end of the movie got me though and was a heartstring puller for sure. Scott Wolf is a nice enough guy but I don't really get him as a romantic led, even in a Hallmark movie.
  13. I really loved the military style jumpsuit. Surprised, because I thought Jeffrey would be the first out. Annoyed that Sergio (I am already as good as Christian and Brandon) was on the winning team.
  14. The young women that Dan was handsy and inappropriate with were all voted out before him. Therefore, Survivor will try to sweep his behavior under the rug. I think Dean didn't want to be perceived as being among the "losers." His male ego couldn't stand it. He'd rather be Tommy's wingman or bro, and lose.
  15. Since when did they allow the contestants to talk and argue and scheme among themselves DURING Tribal Council? I hate that. If it had not happened I think Dean and Noura might have stuck to the original plan and taken out Tommy. I don't dislike him as much as some of you. In fact, I don't give a shit who wins, although I like Janet and Elaine. I just want to see good game play, not blatant producer manipulation.
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