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  1. I did it guys! I could not resist! Here is one last crackfic, one last time. I have had so much fun with these over the years and have to thank Arrow for giving me this outlet. Love Lost in Time https://archiveofourown.org/works/22375204 Oliver gets his miracle reset and sets out to woo Felicity all over again. A humourous take (I hope) on a reset Happily Ever After.
  2. Oh noes what happened? I really enjoyed both of Kevin's programs this season. He was on track and doing so well.
  3. Me too! I cannot think of anything worse. Especially since I personally think the ladies with quads and triple axels are upping their game in their artistry as well. Like nooooo. Just noooooooo *** In other news I was a moron today. I read practice notes for Chen on Twitter and had a total freak out as to why Nathan had lost all his quads. Like every single one of them. Didn't do one at all. And then I was ranting to my husband about how someone can lose all their quads overnight. Turns out they were practice notes for Karen Chen 😅
  4. Between KC twinning with Anne and Alton on Twitter it's an excellent season of Worst Cooks 😂
  5. Oliver with memories: Felicity Smoak? Hi I'm Oliver Queen. You will always be the love of my life. We were forced apart in another time line so I'm just going to get this ball rolling because I was really hoping for a few more kids when I did this reset. *Smiles at her eagerly with heart eyes* Felicity: *gives him the head tilt of disbelief* *Mutters to herself* Well this is new..... Shouldn't have had that third coffee this morning.
  6. Kat and KC seem to be taking passive aggressive shots at each other in terms of what they'll promote on Twitter. Really makes me wonder how they'll tolerate working with each other if they're constantly trying to one up each other. KC's aggression was fine (well not fine but it didn't seem to cause any major problems) when EBR was lead because EBR is so super chilled but Kat doesn't seem like she's going to take KC's crap lying down (and she shouldn't).
  7. First time I'm watching this show because I'm a huge Alton fan. He looks like he's having fun in an Alton kind of way. Hehe they must have promised to double his Good Eats budget or something!
  8. @lemotomato you have a lot to answer for! I'm watching Worst Cooks in America this season (don't judge Alton is on so I have to watch) and now everytime I see a recent pic of KC I expect her to scream "Stop whining and grate the ginger." She's like Anne's twin!!!!!
  9. I'm feeling nostalgic about my Arrow adventure on this board but there's no thread so please move if this this in the wrong place Mods! It's really ending!!! I remember S5 being a great distraction for me when the kid first started preschool as a 4yo. First time he was not in my care ever. Haha I was too busy raging about the break up and it kept me from hiding in the bushes to spy on the kid too many times (I did hide some mornings but I went home early for any potential Olicity episodes). Now he's 7 and he's skipping a grade which I'm crazy worried about (he's still so little) but the finale is timed on the exact day he starts year 3 which will be a fantastic distraction. Gosh I feel like I've grown with the show and with you guys no matter what! 🥰😍😘🤗
  10. I agree that soulmates don't necessarily end up together but it needs to be a mutual thing where your feelings are reciprocated. You can't go around declaring people who don't return your feelings to be your soulmate! It's rather creepy actually and I'd feel harassed if some ex declared I was his soulmate when I didn't want a bar of him.
  11. Zhenya needs to be released from her prison so she can skate for Canada. It won't ever happen but I can dream.
  12. This show likes to dangle potential crappy scenarios and then dodge them much to my relief. Happened with Connic and Hotmom, happened with Marshall. I am hoping there will be no love triangle or if there is one it will be tastefully written. Raptor walked in the snow for Mina. He pined over her quietly when she was dating someone else. The man is the biggest romantic out there! I refuse to believe he will give up that easily.
  13. Neither JH or KC come across as particularly bright or articulate people. This is evidenced in most of their word salad interviews and a propensity to have no idea what is going on (this is not even considering the delusional head canons). I think it was a solid decision to have the very well spoken and media savvy KM do her interview separately. She can provide the appropriate sound bytes for people who actually read and understand interviews and expect a certain level of coherency. The other two can throw their word salad at their less demanding fanbase. All bases covered!
  14. Whinging, wailing here. Do you ever feel the drudgery of setting up scenes that help your story or plot along when all you want to do is write your DRAMATIC!ANGSTY! scenes but it won't make sense on its own and you can't post or even re read a dramatic angsty scene with no context so you need to waddle through stuff to get to it? I break it up by letting myself add in some Olicity cuteness. Ok enough venting. Time to soldier on! I can do this!
  15. Ooh I didn't realise there was snogging. Lol now I'm really glad I never read the rest of the books! He definitely won't be into any snogging! Thanks for the warning!
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