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  1. I am so so so glad they gave Daisy a happy, well adjusted ending with the handsome, upstanding Sousa who makes her smile. Didn't really care about Kora but she served to seal Daisy's happily ever after so I'm on board. Squeeeeeto the kiss. I really like that we got this romance and because it came in at the very last season they couldn't torture them. Just lots of cuteness! Fitzsimmons baby was adorable!!!!!! I teared up in her scene with Jemma. There is also something satisfying about knowing that she's going to have a nice life and the Deke in this timeline hopefully won't have a rough life either. Speaking of Deke I really wish we got a final scene with him on the alternate timeline but I think they did wrap his story up nicely. Throughout the seasons they've made a point of showing how adaptable he is, how he always succeeds no matter where he ends up. The last scene with him realising he was the new leader of alternate SHIELD was gold. I've no doubt he's highly successful and living it up in his separate timeline.
  2. Ahh so pretty big job! Fwiw I think you'll suffer now but have a much easier life later. If I could afford it I would just do anything I can afford now. Because later they'll be trampling through your furnished house. Keep us updated!!! I think I must have gone through a new life stage in the last year. I'm all about renovations and furnishings. I never cared before! Like never!
  3. What are you doing @bijoux I reckon renovations are like a rainy day anyway! They add value to your property and make your life more comfortable. What are you doing? Good thing you're doing it before you move in. I know a family who built a second level while they were still living in their house. I don't know how they did it but she was pregnant and had three kids as well. That would drive me to madness!!!
  4. Yes it is our new house! I love love love it!!! With lockdown and potential further lockdowns I'm just so relieved we made the decision to move. There is so much more space and my sister has her own room so she could move in if she wanted to (or even move to the pool house which has it's own kitchenette if we annoy her). One of the things the boys insisted on was a pool. Everyone told me it was a bad idea and a huge hassle but we're really relieved we got a pool. The beaches will be packed in summer (they are packed on sunny days in winter right now) and Australia gets crazy hot so it was a good decision, especially in hindsight. Plus it hasn't been too hard to take care of. Hehe the previous owners were very proud that they constructed the pool without trees around. Trees double the work load apparently 😂 Ta da!!!
  5. Kora and Nathaniel are like two petulant, angsty teenage villains. I think that's why they seem so lame to me, especially considering all the other villains we've had. I do wonder if it's just poor acting and with different casting it could be different. I find their expressions very theatrical. Kind of weird that both are like that. However all is forgiven because Daisy and Sousa are soooooooooooo super cute! I love their bright and breezy chemistry. LOVE the fact that Daisy is this independent badass and Sousa is all very upstanding and chivalrous. I think he throws her a little, makes her all smiley. It just makes for such an adorable dynamic.
  6. I moved on from jewellery and have decided to furnish my home. My new reading nook!!!
  7. I can totally see Courtney Ford as Laurel Lance. Based on her performances I think she could have given some depth to the character.
  8. Eteri is losing it! She's trying to drag a bunch of her ex students through mud in her latest Instagram post. Apparently Yulia didn't want to go on ice with Zhenya. Zhenya didn't want to train with Alina and now Alena has a list of people she doesn't want to train with. This is so according to the translation on Instagram. Meanwhile my chosen child is at summer camp in Switzerland, practicing very high and gorgeous Flip-loop combos and looking very relaxed as she does some sightseeing in the mountains.
  9. I'm going to call it! I think last season's Larissa was the worst winner for me. I see her smug self on the Facebook page and I cringe. She was definitely a better cook than Emma but there was just something about her that I found incredibly off putting (really smug I think) so yes I've decided she's my worst winner ever.
  10. I'm a terrible person! There are a few eliminations where I just flatly refused to watch the episode (Jess, Tessa and another one). This one I watched with glee! I got so sick of her chaos and manic grinning while she was in chaos. It might very well be just what her personality is like but I was very tired of it by the end. Plus she could not really cook anything that wasn't in her wheelhouse of dishes. I always felt she took a dish she makes often and jams it in to fit the parameters of a challenge. It finally did her in this time.
  11. Not sure how long this will stay up on the site for but here are some cute and funny comments about that hug at the end. https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/reality-tv/live-masterchef-2020-grand-final-laura-takes-on-emelia/live-coverage/5a784aa1162d8ffbef6c1e56333ccc1d I will be the first to admit I was iffy on Laura at first due to her connection with Jock but she grew on me when it was obvious that whatever they threw at her, she could do it and do it well. Emelia is efficiency personified! I love efficient, drama free people so I enjoyed watching her very much. 2020 has been awful in every other way but competitive cooking show gods have been kind to me (small wins but I'll take anything I can!). That's 3/3 finales where I've been really happy for the winner and thought the win was thoroughly deserved.
  12. Whilst it was hard to watch Mack treat Deke so coldly grief does peculiar things to people so I am willing to give him a pass. He even gave up on his younger self. The situation really says more about Deke imo. He's super efficient and not only managed to survive but thrive whilst juggling Mack, Young Mack and his gang. He is incredibly loyal and despite his crafty ways (which are not necessarily bad) will have your back. All while remaining unwaveringly cheerful!
  13. Omg me too!!!!! I love that his character joined the team this season but I looked at the actor's episode count and got very nervous. I was cheering when he was nowhere to be seen today!!! *** Deke is a survivor! I love that he lands on his feet anywhere. It makes great sense for his character considering the tough world he was born and raised in.
  14. Saw the first episode. LOVED the exchange between Anne and Alex when Alex wanted to say something about someone's raw chicken and Anne was like "Nono just leave her be" Then Alex was like: What is wrong with you? And Anne's like: oh I've done seasons of this show I'm totally zen. It was hilarious!!!! I'm in this to watch these two. So much fun!
  15. Aww he's pretty adorable. He's a tad dim but good natured and lovable. I do wonder if they'll keep him for next season as there has been a lot of criticism about his inability to be articulate. I'm torn as I agree that he's not very verbally gifted but he's sweet and likeable imo despite not having all the qualities that make a great judge (a la the fabulous Mel).
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