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  1. Question: Is judging in gymnastics generally non controversial? I'm a figure skating fan and there is usually a lot of drama with the judging and tech calls. There doesn't seem to be anything like that in Gymnastics at these Olympics. Is that the norm for this sport?
  2. Rewatched Simone! Loved how a bunch of the other girls came to give her a hug afterwards and looked genuinely happy for her. It felt like they really wanted her to succeed and were completely invested in it. I just think it's so lovely! So darn wholesome and feel good!!! 🥰
  3. I do too!!! I also say "Zzz is a bitch" even if it's a man. To me the word means a certain kind of mean spirited, pettiness so I use it for both genders.
  4. The best thing was that she looked so happy!!!! I'm so happy to see Simone happy!!!! And Suni applauding her like a proud parent in the background after her dismount was all kinds of adorable 🥰🥰🥰
  5. Were you expecting this guys?
  6. I wanted Suni to get a gold the other night when she stepped up like a boss in the team competition. I didn't even know if she was competing for the AA!!!!
  7. Omg!!!!! Go Suni!!!!!!
  8. Was Suni a favorite to medal? Sorry I'm just catching up on all the goss 😅
  9. Oh bummer so she can't get the gold?
  10. I was so stressed before Suni started beam. She had the look that some figure skaters have before they go out and fall! But she stayed on!!!! Wooooohoooooo Can she win this thing? I don't know anything about anyone. Does she have enough base value to win after floor?
  11. Rock solid!!!! I don't know much about her but I love the efficient, zen attitude. Is she going to be in the all round individual final?
  12. I really like the balance so far. The show definitely paints a disturbing picture of the medical system but I think they do a great job of balancing Duntsch with Kirby and Henderson. The competence of Kirby and Henderson leave me less disturbed and rattled than I would otherwise be. Christian Slater and Alec Baldwin have so much chemistry. I'm really looking forward to more of them. Their characters complement each other so well. Both great doctors but clearly incredibly different in temperament. I find that Kirby has a certain arrogance and bravado to him but he's actually a go
  13. @tv echo love finding you here! ❤️ Thanks for collating the articles!
  14. After all the ho hum about editing out John Besh and Johnny Uzzini, I'm so incredibly disappointed that they went on to crown Gabe as if nothing had happened. Were they hoping we wouldn't notice? That people would just let this slide like they did? What they should have done was get Shota and Dawn back for a cook off. Or failing that have a big disclaimer that there was no winner for this season. But no, money obviously speaks louder. I know the show isn't perfect and I don't expect it to be, but I did think it was mildly better than this. To crown Gabe as a winner, letting
  15. I was very anxious watching that season. You don't want to worry that people will freeze to death/get sick/lose their ears when you're watching a food truck show!!! It was so awful I couldn't concentrate on the competition!
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