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  1. I was hoping for Amanda vs Antonia too. That would have been epic. My sister who only very recently got into Chopped loves Amanda as well. She's just very likeable as well as being a great chef.
  2. That makes me a bit sad. I don't mind Brooke (she was an excellent chef on top chef) but I love love love Amanda. I think she's a great chef, great judge and all round good TV personality.
  3. I love Gail so it's a bonus that she's back on top of it being an All Stars season. Yes I'm still fangirling that it's All Stars. I think Stephanie's dish was just "meh" whereas it sounded like the judges found Angelo's broth plain offensive. The top dishes all looked yummy but I would have loved to eat Bryan's dish the most. It looked really yummy and I love meat 😋 Can someone tell me what matzo ball soup tastes like? Is the ball/dumpling very wet and squishy? Is it an acquired taste or easy to eat? Aussie here so heard of it but have never tasted it and probably won't ever get a chance to.
  4. How's everyone faring? They've tightened our social distancing laws but we're still allowed to go for walks in groups of 2 (from the same household) so it's ok. Schools have moved to online learning. Food is available in the shops but I've been trying to be good so only popped in once last week for milk. We did buy take away which is still legal. Part of it is to support our local restaurants who are doing it tough. Many people on my jewellery forum are too scared to venture out of their actual houses so I'm curious as to what the rest of you guys are doing. Aussies are still going for long walks although people do cross the road to avoid each other and stay very far away.
  5. 618 vs 709 With 709 "You will always be the love of my life" taking the win
  6. The down right horrid people from season two, Josie who was a complete nutter (I swear she was either high or drunk or both in the episode where she got Kristen eliminated), the Witches from the Texas season. With the exception of Josie who was just plain mad as a hatter these people went beyond douche. They were outright vindictive and loathsome. They should get all these people together for a Hunger Games style season. Throw in Mike Isabella too for good measure.
  7. I was so happy to see this show back and almost had a fan girl meltdown when I recognized the people and realised it was All Stars. I had no idea! I thought it was just a normal season! Love love love Stephanie!!!!! I hope she lasts forever so I can watch her delightful talking heads. Charming and hilarious 😍 Loved Gregory on his season too so I was thrilled that he won. I adored the joy the yellow team radiated when they won and it was so cute how Jamie rejoiced in his good judgment for picking his team. *** I don't mind Malarkey. He's fun on GGG and I find his brand of nonsense harmless.
  8. Keep posting quizzes guys! It'll cheer us all up! I got Okoye! Hehe I'm super flattered! I'm definitely not as intimidating as her but I can see why I got her.
  9. @statsgirl haven't used pasta sauce for 15 years! We use tinned tomatoes to make our sauces and they seem to be plentiful. I went out and bought a heap of meat today but now I'm feeling incredibly foolish about it. They haven't closed schools here. Big meeting but they decided not to.
  10. Did you get your condensed milk? I normally have 6 cans at home on any given day so I'm very sensitive when I shop for it now. Looks like I'm hoarding but I just use a lot of condensed milk! I wonder if people are trying to give themselves a treat during potential lock down. I baked 6 sponge cakes last night. I also have frozen cream. I plan to make calamansi curd next week so if we get locked down I'll eat cream cake with curd. Something to look forward to besides beans and pasta which I refuse to eat! I've been seeing articles about hysterical shoppers with trollies full of goods. I was out in the city (Sydney CBD) today and it wasn't very exciting. Plenty of food, everyone buying bits and pieces. I did line up for a packet of toilet paper but that was it. Restaurants have definitely reduced in numbers though. My normal yum Cha restaurant has had to close upstairs and reduce their capacity by half. I'm really interested in what's happening in different places so if anyone wants to report in this thread please do!!! And tell me which city you're in if you can!
  11. Crazy Aussies are now buying freezers!!! I was just telling hubby the other day that I intend to eat all my yummy food while everyone lives off pasta and rice. But now they're going to catch onto the meat!!! It's so weird to think that a few years ago we were lamenting over broken up S5 Olicity. Now we can't get toilet paper!!!
  12. Pssst Do you guys have toilet paper? We still can't find any. Apparently if you line up at certain times you can get it but we're not desperate yet. What about pasta and oil? Trying to determine if only Australia is insane. My friend in the UK has no toilet paper either.
  13. Olicity having a chat in Paradise one day: F: What do you mean your previous romances don't exist Oliver? O: I reset the universe. Wasn't in love with anyone but you after Lian Yu. F: Oliver don't be ridiculous. O: No it's true. You know what happened in the new timeline after I laid eyes on you. F *exasperated*: You can't just go wiping out your romantic history to make up one that suits you better! O *smugly* (I thought he was a little smug and proud of himself in 810 at the prospect of telling her about 314): I can and I did. F *amused*: You're incorrigible O: Felicity... How do you feel about another baby? *** Actually in my headcanon they go at it like rabbits and discover they have a paradise whoopsies. Felicity freaks out while Oliver is all chilled. They then port back to earth and the kids find out about their whoopsies. William laments about how depressing it is that his love life is stagnant while even his parents are breeding in Paradise. They have baby Lucas and there are lots of shenanigans and bickering when Mia and William try to take care of the baby together whenever Olicity have to go off to do Spectre-y things.
  14. I agree with you and I think this is why when Oliver reset the universe he dumped her ass on Tommy. He probably didn't want the inconvenience of her chasing him again! Kept her dead too for good measure. I felt like the reset wiped out Lauriver in so many ways. Oliver was obviously all aboard the Olicity train and so he walked back all the Lauriver as if it never happened. I think being Spectre and knowing what happens, his life and love with Felicity, he threw himself into the flashback moment of 314 and just ran with that.
  15. Alsya should have gotten the silver imo. I find Daria's overwrought skating very bland. Kamila is sublime and is the right age for Olympic gold if she stays healthy. She can make any rubbish choreography look good. Would love to see her with better choreography. The things she could do!
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