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  1. I thought it was a family project. And by family, I mean Jessa's brothers.
  2. I don't think we know Timbits' exact living arrangement since he moved to WI unless I missed something. Is he living with a family from his church, or does he have a peer roommate?
  3. Courtney has never favored very fitted clothing, even before Skunky got a hold of her. She dresses super modestly. I think the glasses were in her show, but for some reason she left them on. Not a good look.
  4. That sweater was $87? How long before it's a Lunchtime/Primetime Special going for around $30?
  5. Does anyone here think that they will actually go through with the wedding?
  6. Yeah, that's why I called him a kid. He can't even be trusted to have his own social media despite living on his own.
  7. Awww...every time I see Donn's name mentioned, I am taken back to Lake Haveascrew. 😁
  8. And what grown man, likely addicted to porn according to Timbits, is going to listen to the blatherings of a 19 year old kid?
  9. Where did he get those crazy statistics? It sounds like Jill Dillard's insistence that something like 2/3 of all families suffered familial sexual abuse. At least we know Jill got that from Gothard.
  10. Which is why I added the caveat of not offering her anything. 😁
  11. Yeah, I seriously doubt she heard of the challenge, even though she actually met Dolly Parton.
  12. Apparently, Tamrat was offered 3 episodes to wrap up her storyline, but she declined. So, basically a limited friend of role. I wonder what they offered Vicki, if anything.
  13. I doubt they know anything of Kobe off the court, although I'll admit that I think Derelict and Jeremy would have known who he was.
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