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  1. I imagine that we can infer from the wording I this post that Jer is not Young Jed's accountability partner at the Springdale rental house. So, who is?
  2. Wow re the cashmere. Just when you think she can't sink any lower...
  3. I am mistaken. She has a show tomorrow night. I guess that means she'll have Thursday off this week.
  4. That's Kitty. Cecily was GC's love interest. They did not go that far in their relationship.
  5. I think her schedule until mid-December is M, Th, F, Sa.
  6. They usually in the Nutrisystem TSV around the new year.
  7. Because she gave birth late Friday afternoon, too late to get out to the media before the weekend.
  8. Sierra found time to put away her sick baby and comment on the Seewald's post. Do they even know one another?
  9. Maybe he's taking the night off from Grub Hub due to the crappy roads.
  10. LOL, around here our grass gets green in the winter and brown in the summer! The more you know...😁
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