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  1. Why was I mixing up Lisa Marie and Priscilla? My bad!
  2. His last name was Keough. Was he directly related? He was Priscilla's son from a later relationship. At best, he was Elvis' posthumous stepson.
  3. Based on the FB comments, the Mike in question is indeed Schadt. I think Schrader was a typo.
  4. Did she have her wine at the end? Was she schnockered? 😁
  5. She's pointing to how deep into the bottle she is. 😁
  6. Jill was with several unmarried siblings just last week. Of course, Jana was there to snitch. I don't see her having much of a relationship with Jill any longer. Jill also spent time at her home with Joy and Jessa recently, but they're married, although Jessa is firmly attached to the Bank of Boob. Joy? Not as much.
  7. She can't let go of that glass of wine. It's followed her all over the set.
  8. I saw all the winners on IG. That was my level of interest in this thing.
  9. It wasn't Nurie. She "sang" at a tent revival today.
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