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  1. Jessa tries to convince us that Boob is a great father. No way am I watching 52 minutes of it!
  2. Wow, I thought she had posted more recently. I too hope she's okay.
  3. Oh Lord, they're turning into his parents. 🙄
  4. That means that next month marks the 5th anniversary of Joshgate I.
  5. Is she back tonight? Her two weeks of sheltering are over. eta: No, she's still off. Amy just said that Jen Coffey would be coming in later. Lily Munster is on vacation.
  6. Is that the Duggar back 40? Do the Smuggars still live in the "guest house?"
  7. I think the peak is later in some other states. Not sure where Ohio falls in the continuum.
  8. Eh, Izzy's just a kid. No need to be horrified! 😀
  9. It's called growing up. Other than Austin's house flipping, it seems like these two are still playing house.
  10. I think Meech is bending over. In the pic duggarfam posted yesterday, Meech is still easily a head taller than Josie.
  11. Sew Sumi

    MLB Thread

    Al Kaline has passed. Cause of death not immediately given.
  12. Izzy is 5 today! eta: In the 3rd pic, the window is ajar, and there are kids right outside. Not social distancing, Jill!
  13. No. Jessa has recently posted that she misses going to the Big House. They seem to be sheltering in place.
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