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  1. If he does, they'll lose their hate-watchers. That's probably half the audience. It might be enough to sink the show! From my fingers to TLC's programming peeps.
  2. Jill has to post something every.single.day, doesn't she?
  3. The paps caught Jinger in short shorts yesterday. They weren't hoochie level, but they weren't pedal pushers either. Lots of thigh was exposed. If Boobchelle saw the pics, they would have stroked out, especially Mechelle.
  4. Their housekeeper cleans the carpets. And everything else.
  5. Ah, semantics! Big Deal is not TSV. Good catch!
  6. Sew Sumi

    NFL Thread

    So AB skates again. The accuser's stupid lawyer allowed the statute of limitations to run. I can't believe it's only 2 years in PA.
  7. I haven't seen Jonathan Hartono in any of their pictures, including group shots.
  8. My MIL is 87, and as racist and xenophobic as can be. But she's been trained to use "Asian." Why? Her only grandchild is half Chinese.
  9. A little "sick" humor... Got a flu shot this morning. Came home, and inside of 10 minutes, I was sneezing my head off. Flu! 😂 Naw, it rained this morning, and pollen got stirred up. I have wretched fall allergies.
  10. Yes, now "Oriental" refers to inanimate objects like furniture. The preferred term for people is "Asian." And I agree that this guy probably holds a lot of the same beliefs as the Duggars, but what he saw happening on the ground transcended any commonalities.
  11. The two are not mutually exclusive. One can be a racist and make accusations, many of which we've seen to be true.
  12. Yes, I forget she's a Duggar and could have answered the question literally. However, I do hold out hope that some of Dumbshit's way with words has rubbed off on her.
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