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  1. They tweeted that there would not be a new episode this week.
  2. Never mind; others already beat me to it.
  3. That was the people they had been in the bubble with all along. They've been interacting for 7 weeks; I doubt any superspreading happened there.
  4. I don't mind Raven, but I'm three episodes in and I STILL have no idea who is on which team and how each team has placed. Really not liking this new format.
  5. I'm pretty sure they were sugar bottles. One couple (Alanna and Leo, I think?) broke bottles over their heads when they were done. I seriously doubt that they could get insurance for that task if the bottles were real glass.
  6. I thought I heard several people get that comment. I can't tell you who without rewatching, but I remember thinking how ironinc that a steamed bun could be deemed dry.
  7. What the hell were Hawayak/Baker skating to in the Free Dance? You cannot convince me that is an actual arrangement of Heart of Glass; they were just playing two songs at the same time. It was so distracting I could now really pay attention to the skating. Also, her costume looks like her partner was skating with bloody hands and smeared the blood all over her waist.
  8. I checked my DVR yesterday and it showed up in the "upcoming recordings!" Not long now!
  9. IDK how; this series is exclusive to Netflix. It airs Tuesday in the UK and is available for streaming on Netflix Friday in the US. You must be watching one of the older seasons.
  10. Really? I watched it on Netflix, and it didn't! How curious. ETA Never mind. I should have read ahead.
  11. I think I don't mind Flexington because he IS so fake. The character is clearly meant to be ridiculously over the top. He's having a ball with the tackiness and so am I.
  12. She was the ninth of 10 children. I find that claim really hard to believe.
  13. Not me. I sobbed all the way through this episode.
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