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  1. I don't think that Prime does that, though. The show us sent out the way CMT edits it and the various streaming services don't have the ability to change it. It's CMT that is making the crappy music choices.
  2. There were so many things they said during that run that could have been taken another way given the circumstances. I felt a teeny bit guilty for laughing.
  3. Are you referring to her vitiligo? That is just her skin.
  4. They said last week there would be 3 more episodes, so not done next week.
  5. Some people are just that white. I often have to tell medical personnel I am not pale; that is just my natural skin tone.
  6. Having had two kids go to college for creative degrees (one in costume design/tech, the other in illustration), the assertion that she NEVER got negative feedback is laughable. I can GUARANTEE she got negative feedback; she just was not able to recognize it for what it was.
  7. Was there no episode again last night? I'm not seeing anything on my DVR.
  8. I think it's a demonstration sport this year.
  9. Some people are just accent sponges; it's not a conscious thing, it just happens. I pick up accents all the time and I have NEVER consciously tried to do it. In fact, I go out of my way to try to suppress it because I know that I am prone doing it. I'm not going to judge someone for picking up an accent.
  10. Um, class of '78 here. Get of of my lawn!
  11. I'm using Chrome; maybe that's why it is working for me.
  12. It's working on my laptop.
  13. Click on the cameos. They are below the team picture.
  14. They tweeted that there would not be a new episode this week.
  15. Never mind; others already beat me to it.
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