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  1. I don’t think that they did. Those are screenshots from a video (Instagram stories) so I think that it’s just a case of low resolution/bad lighting/subjects in motion. Not that I wouldn’t put it past the Duggars in other circumstances 😀
  2. I am honestly so glad. I know that the British Royal Family prides themselves on standing tall through tremendously difficult situations, but it is absolutely insane that this decision wasn't made earlier. Elizabeth, Phillip, Charles, and Anne (plus all of QEII's royal cousins) are all in the vulnerable age category. The Royal Family Instagram account had a post about Princess Anne's visit to the National Equestrian Coaching Convention this morning and many of the comments asked why the family wasn't doing a better job of modeling social distancing.
  3. The article at the link is fascinating! I can't remember the last time that I read a public statement that was quite so petulantly dick-ish. I mean this sentence is a masterclass in aggrieved passive voice, just *bravo* [/sarcasm]: Meanwhile, his daughter's mother claims that their affair lasted until the daughter was 16 so this wasn't some one-night stand scenario that King Albert then bowed out of gracefully. I hope that, when the time comes, Delphine Boel gets every single cent of his that she's entitled to.
  4. Have there been reports that Meghan is upset about the work that's expected of her? That seems to be the part of her position that she enjoys the most, she started doing engagements with Harry very soon after their engagement, she was doing engagements without Harry almost immediately after their wedding, and she played at least some role in the Hubb Community Kitchen cookbook and Smart Works capsule collection projects. Plus she always seemed very enthusiastic and engaged during their tours, which involved a lot of 'go to this place and look very excited about this small organization's achievements' type work. If anything, I've read complaints that Meghan was perceived as being too enthusiastic (read, American) about taking on work. Harry and Meghan's complaints about their roles seem to be pretty directly tied to media coverage. That they think that the coverage of Meghan (and Harry by association) has been offsides and that, because of the existing arrangements between the press and the Royal Family, they aren't able to respond to the coverage in the way that they'd like to. Harry also seems to be very angry (through comments from 'sources close to...') that his family hasn't been more receptive, privately or publicly, to his complaints. Also, I don't think that it's necessarily a positive thing that an institution that is supposed to serve as the ultimate representative of the Commonwealth has been so inhospitable to newcomers who don't fall in line with the way that things have always been done. A lot of negative press that the Royal Family has received in recently years (Diana and Charles' divorce, Diana's death, the racism gaffes, the Epstein debacle) seems to result from their lack of understanding of how their actions appear to "ordinary" people. I think that they would benefit quite a bit from having more "commoners" on staff and in the family that they actually listen to.
  5. Possible spoiler for the whole Olivia buys Moriah a plane ticket dustup... My thoughts when watching the episode was that there was no way that Barry and Kim would have been able to stay that calm at dinner (or in their talking heads for that matter) if they were actually being blindsided. If nothing else, Moriah was going to be staying with Barry's parents and I can't imagine that they would agree to that without running it past Barry and Kim first unless there are even darker dynamics at play in the family than we know about. I suspect that the extended visit to Minnesota was something that Moriah had talked about with her parents before and Barry and Kim said that it was a possibility, but refused to pay for it or drive her there (probably hoping that Moriah would lose interest). If Barry and Kim were surprised, I'd guess it was because they weren't expecting Moriah to go around them and get the money from Olivia and Ethan.
  6. People has the story as well... https://people.com/tv/duggar-family-home-raided-by-homeland-security-investigations
  7. He did, he said with a full mariachi.
  8. So I'm a Bryn Mawr alum and that rang pretty false. Bryn Mawr and the surrounding suburbs are pretty robust so going into Philly isn't a necessity, but I still went at least once or twice a semester (more often once I got into higher level classes and had to do research or assignments in the city). I graduated in the 2000s though, so I don't know if Philly or going into Philly was a more risque thing for students in the 50s. I know that Philly and NYC have had an off and on rivalry over the years so I think that ASP was just going for an easy Philly joke and didn't think it all the way through. Yeah, all I could think was if nothing else how did she get home to NYC without going through Philly? One thought that I just had is that Princeton was Bryn Mawr's brother school in the Ivies so it's possible that Midge went cruising for guys there, but yeah it still doesn't make much sense. ...And I've officially put too much thought into this...
  9. I shaved my legs for the first time when I was 10 all the way back in 1995 and I don’t remember being the first in my class to try it. I wasn’t looking for attention from boys or anything like that (didn’t realize it at the time, but I grew up to be a big ol’ lesbian), I’d just noticed that they were starting to get hairy and I’d read a ton of books with a scene where a girl shaved their legs for the first time and I wanted to try it for myself. My mom was super over-protective when I was a kid and I don’t remember her having an opinion one way or another about it. Shaving didn’t become a regular part of my routine until I was much older. Not a huge Amber defender (definitely think she could have kept it off camera), just wanted to pop in and say that Leah’s not too far off the curve here.
  10. Exactly. From what we saw onscreen in the cab Rhylee's first statement (without raising her voice at all) was "You're going to piss everybody off on the deck at 6am." Chandler then says it's "for a valid fucking reason." Rhylee then responds (again, without raising her voice) "I get it, you're going to piss everybody else off for fucking Ashton's actions." IMO, Rhylee's questions and tone weren't any that far out of line and she certainly wasn't being any more aggressive towards Chandler than we've seen with deckhands and boatswains in previous seasons. I think that Chandler was just already pissed off because Ashton wasn't listening to him and he completely overreacted to Rhylee. I think that Chandler might have started to see that he overreacted when Ross talked to him, but by that point (in his mind) he couldn't back down and look weak. Someone who has a better memory can correct me, but I don't think we've ever seen the boatswain or the chief stew try to call a curfew for the junior crew while everyone's out before (I do remember Captain Lee giving group curfews and boatswains telling drunk/belligerent people to go to bed once they're already back on the boat). Ashton was being a typical drunk asshole, but he wasn't aggressive, rude, or being a danger to himself/others. If the rest of the team was dying to go home, I really don't understand why they didn't just leave Ashton behind with a PA and deal with discipline in the morning. Chandler might want to come off like a 'cool' boatswain, but he has control issues written all over him.
  11. (Mods, please move this post if it's better suited for the Small Talk thread.) It was a lot of fun! Since it was the first episode the majority of the tickets had been reserved for VIPs from the network and friends and family of the cast and crew (I'm not sure who belonged to whom, but Faith Ford's husband and Joe Regalbuto's mother and son were there) and it was touch and go for a while as to whether there'd be enough seats for us 'regular' fans. The taping was a really interesting experience because I'd never been to one before. They filmed pretty much every scene twice, except for the big Murphy in the Morning scene at the end which they did a few times so that they could get a variety of reaction shots (Faith Ford probably did five different versions of the hot flash bit and each was hilarious). Everyone in the cast seemed very nice and Faith Ford even came out for a bit during a big set change to take questions from the fans. I think that they might have been ironing a few kinks out, but you could tell that everyone really enjoyed each other and got along. I'd say that the biggest change that I saw between the taping and what aired is that you lose so much energy from the taping in the aired version. I don't know if it's sound mixing, or if they use a different audio track all together for the taped version, but the jokes got a much bigger reaction in the taping (probably the hardest part of being in the audience was that you're supposed to laugh just as loudly during each take, which is hard once you've already heard a joke once or twice). When I watched the episode back I was surprised at how 'flat' some of the scenes seemed compared to how I'd remembered them. The first scene at Phil's in particular got a much bigger reaction that it seemed in the final episode. The company that provides the tickets is called Audiences Unlimited and I'd definitely recommend giving it a go if you've got a Friday afternoon free and you're in or near New York. I wrote my college thesis about Murphy Brown and my friends who were writing their theses on much more boring topics would come up to my room to unwind while I was watching episodes for 'research', so it was really great for a few of us to get together and see a new episode being made after all of these years.
  12. It is filmed before a live audience (Kaufman Studios in Astoria if anyone who lives in or close to NYC is interested). I was lucky enough to get tickets for the pilot episode!
  13. I was pleasantly surprised as well! They got me for at least half a season when I realized that baby Steven was plunking out the Dynasty theme on the piano. I missed out on the primetime soap heyday, but I went through all of the big ones a few years ago (Dynasty, the Colbys, Dallas, Knots Landing, and Falcon Crest) and I think that these writers did a good job of mixing call backs to the original show with updated references and motivations. I liked the Dallas update that aired on TNT, but I feel like they were never truly successful at balancing the story needs for the original cast versus the newbies. I'm interested to see if the Dynasty showrunners have what it takes to start charting new, interesting storylines.
  14. I think that at the very least he was subconsciously lashing out. Earlier in the scene Frank's telling Claire that she should be getting going, not that she's already late--so it wasn't even six o'clock yet. Frank (1) arranged to have his mistress pick up from their house (even if he didn't have the car he could have called for a cab), (2) couldn't be bothered to set a pickup time when he knew that Claire would definitely be out of the house (if you think the reservation's at six, why not wait until seven to leave?), and (3) had the gall to invite the other woman into the house while everyone was still there and didn't even bother to offer an excuse as to who she was and why she was there. I didn't feel that badly for Frank in their final argument either. No one kept Frank from marrying a woman who loved him. Frank hadn't just met a woman that he fell in love with, he had a years long affair and chose to stay with Claire because he wanted unfettered access to Brianna (which is a decision that many adults make). Frank could have asked Claire for a divorce and stayed in Boston and remarried, but instead he waited until Claire had no legal say over the situation, dropped a bomb on her, and sought to do the same thing to her that he feared she would do to him (remove Claire from being a regular part of Brianna's life).
  15. Tessa's murder wall had a notecard on it that said Margot was born in 1974, but I'm going to chalk it up to a continuity error until the show makes another definite statement one way or the other on Ben and Margot's ages. Maybe Tessa was originally supposed to be in her mid-twenties (hence hiring an actress who doesn't look anything like a teenager) and then they de-aged her at the last minute?
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