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  1. This is intended as a thread for the broadcast show spoilers. I decided to add book talk spoilers as well, since it's highly unlikely someone would click on a show spoiler thread and object to some relatively minor book spoilers. Mods please switch it around if you wish. Just found a pretty big spoiler in a general article about the show, obviously the reviewer has seen at least one more episode than we have. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/05/22/a-cunning-adaptation-of-the-handmaids-tale Since it's a first post I'll do the caution thing here, this is a show spoiler, not ju
  2. The show is here and with it an official thread for Superman & Lois spoilers. Important note: comic talk is allowed as it relates to the spoilers.
  3. Your thread for comic questions, answers, and related discussion.
  4. https://www.dcuniverse.com/encyclopedia/batwoman/ ----------- No Batwoman series at DC currently, but there's a Batwoman/Supergirl Giant series coming soon, coinciding with the Sunday night 'team up' of Batwoman and Supergirl. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/09/13/dc-comics-full-solicitations-for-december-2019-doomsday-clock-12/ I assume there will be more info in the next few weeks.
  5. I know it's technically not the end yet, but it's obvious that for most of us this final season has sucked. And since the petition to get it remade probably won't make a difference and we can't count on GRRM for anything, let's try for something more constructive: let's all share how we would have done this season. What would we have done differently? Would we have kept anything the same? I have my own ideas, but I want to see some other people's at first.
  6. http://deadline.com/2016/09/black-lightning-dc-superhero-series-greg-berlanti-mara-brock-akil-salim-akil-1201811892/ http://www.superherohype.com/news/391603-cress-williams-black-lightning Who Is Black Lightning? - #DCTV:
  7. Originally these links were in the book thread, but there is so much fantastic information already out about the sequel to The Handmaid's Tale that I thought it would be great to have a place to openly discuss them. The book will be published on Sept 10th, but excepts and synopsis's are already out. This takes place 15 years after the book ends. WOW. Warning, as the tags indicate, this will contain spoilers, possibly to be used in the show, and also, this as yet is an unpublished book, so proceed only if you don't care about that. The Washington Post is the most complete s
  8. If the Flash and (Green) Arrow have comic threads in their show subforums, why not Kara Zor-El? This is the topic for Supergirl in the comics, past, present and future. Unfortunately I have to begin with bad news: Kara's solo title will be coming to an end soon thanks to their mini reboot coming in June. Story here. It is a very odd decision since Supergirl (the comic) sells 26,000 copies a month. Those aren't Spider-Man or Batman figures but she outsells such names as Catwoman and Green Arrow (both of whose comics survive). I can only guess DC are waiting to see how the show works out bef
  9. Episode Synopsis: Daenerys arrives at Winterfell, and Jon Snow gets some big news. Reminder: There is open air book talk here. If you are just watching the TV show and you don't want to stumble into any book talk you should leave now. Book Talk assumes you have read all the books to date. Any information from unpublished books, such as preview chapters should be in spoiler tags.
  10. I figured that since Arrow has a forum, there should be a thread for Oliver Queen in comic books. For me, I have some exposure to Green Arrow . . . mostly through Brad Metzler and Judd Winick's runs on the book; the former exploring the will of a hero (Ollie) who wound up coming back to life. I also have the "Hard Traveling Heroes" collection from the Seventies . . . that's the run of Green Lantern where Ollie and pal Hal Jordan explore America and the hot button issues of the day. From what I can remember, that's also when Ollie became a hardcore liberal and grew the sweet mustache and g
  11. Your Book Talk Topic!
  12. Your Comics Topic!
  13. We have similar threads like this for Game of Thrones and Outlander, so I thought it might be useful for The Handmaid's Tale too. Sometimes non-book readers have questions about the books but don't want to be spoiled, so here is the place to ask! Book readers, please use the quote function to quote the question you are answering and then put your answers under the spoiler tag. This allows non-book readers to find out the answers to their questions without being spoiled about everything else asked in the thread. For example:
  14. Readers, here is your place to speculate on how the show will adapt the books! Which characters and plotlines will be kept, and which will be dropped? Will all the actresses be directed to frequently cross their arms beneath their breasts? Spoilers and speculation ahoy!
  15. Here's a topic for questions about the comic and how it (may) relate to the show, I tagged it as spoilers but this isn't a "spoiler" topic for actual show info, just spoilers in the sense that these themes and stories may be played out on the show.
  16. Discuss Stargirl's comic origins here and not in the episode threads.
  17. This is a thread for speculating and discussing any tidbits about the upcoming ninth book of the series. The book has no title yet let alone an estimated publishing date. If you wish to know nothing about this book, it's probably best to leave this thread now. Possible spoilers below; please remember to tag unpublished excerpts and cite the source.
  18. This is the place to discuss how the show so far differs from the books and to ask any book related questions. Show only watchers - enter at your own risk!
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