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Found 344 results

  1. A place to discuss the book The Undoing is based on!
  2. I thought I should start this, because I have predictions based on cast-members' photos and such. In no particular order, I'm guessing Sophia Nomvete and Megan Richards as dwarves. Based on this photo, they both have broad frames. It's just an observation, not a criticism. Your average dwarf has a broad frame in pretty much every picture I've seen. However, here's a pondering. To female dwarves in LOTR have beards? They did in Jackson's Hobbit, and the Dwarrow Scholar agrees with that depiction. Scroll down to the voice section. So I suspect that we'll be getting women with beards. Maxim Baldry is at least a part-time musician, which suggests elf. There's something about the faces of Joseph Mawle and Ismael Cruz Cordova that say Sauron to me. Mawle if he's ugly, Cordova if he's pretty. Not that Mawle is acutually ugly, just that he can be made up that way. Look at this picture of Tom Budge! Does that say a relative of Thranduil to anyone else? Something haughty at any rate. Charlie Vickers played Sean Bean's son in the TV series Medici. Which means I want him to be a distant ancestor of Boromir. I'm probably entirely wrong about that. Dyan Smith has a face that says crusty old Numenorean king to me. Recently spotted with a decent beard. Numenorean or dwarf. Elves rarely go for beards. We'll see how wrong I am.
  3. I figured that since Arrow has a forum, there should be a thread for Oliver Queen in comic books. For me, I have some exposure to Green Arrow . . . mostly through Brad Metzler and Judd Winick's runs on the book; the former exploring the will of a hero (Ollie) who wound up coming back to life. I also have the "Hard Traveling Heroes" collection from the Seventies . . . that's the run of Green Lantern where Ollie and pal Hal Jordan explore America and the hot button issues of the day. From what I can remember, that's also when Ollie became a hardcore liberal and grew the sweet mustache and goatee, becoming truer to the Robin Hood myth. I'm not following the "new52" version of Ollie, but I've heard good things about what writer Jeff Lemire has done for the book. What stories have you guys read about Green Arrow? Do you like his current look, or did you think he should've stayed a Batman knockoff with an archery motif?
  4. This is a thread for speculating and discussing any tidbits about the upcoming ninth book of the series. The book has no title yet let alone an estimated publishing date. If you wish to know nothing about this book, it's probably best to leave this thread now. Possible spoilers below; please remember to tag unpublished excerpts and cite the source.
  5. Hopefully this is okay to post here - this particular storyline differed from the book. In the book, it's implied that Benny and Beth are still a viable couple by the end (Beth at least has a bunch of internal monologues about how much she misses Benny, and has gotten over her crush of Townes because of him). Townes doesn't show up again, and it's Benny who takes the initiative to gather two other high level players (neither of which is Beltik) to work out what Beth could do to win against Borgov. I'm assuming they wanted to push the whole "teamwork" angle in the miniseries as well as emphasize how Beth really isn't alone, so they brought back all the male characters she interacted with. Unfortunately, it does sort of make it weird in the miniseries because honestly, some of the players they brought back weren't supposed to be all that good. Why would they be able to see a path out that she couldn't? By the way, the book is excellent.
  6. https://www.dcuniverse.com/encyclopedia/batwoman/ ----------- No Batwoman series at DC currently, but there's a Batwoman/Supergirl Giant series coming soon, coinciding with the Sunday night 'team up' of Batwoman and Supergirl. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/09/13/dc-comics-full-solicitations-for-december-2019-doomsday-clock-12/ I assume there will be more info in the next few weeks.
  7. Athena

    Book 3: Voyager

    Short Synopsis: Claire and Brianna trace Jamie's life after Culloden. Claire goes back in time again and travels with Jamie across the Atlantic to the New World.
  8. Short Synopsis: A lot of stuff happens in the 18th century and the 20th century.
  9. Compare and contrast M.O.D.O.K throughout the ages and across all media, Comics, Animation, Video Games, TV Series, etc.
  10. Here's a topic for questions about the comic and how it (may) relate to the show, I tagged it as spoilers but this isn't a "spoiler" topic for actual show info, just spoilers in the sense that these themes and stories may be played out on the show.
  11. ‘House Of the Dragon’: Paddy Considine To Star As King Viserys Targaryen In HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel
  12. Short Synopsis: American rebellion is in full swing. Lord John and Will are featured.
  13. This is the spot to discuss the books - You and Hidden Bodies by Carolyn Kepnes- as well as make comparisons between the books and the show! Beware, entering here may spoil you!
  14. First of all, I will be perfectly okay with this topic title getting replaced. I saw there wasn't one, and I figured that it would be needed. I'm not going to watch on account that I don't have subscription cable . . . but that didn't stop me from posting a similar thread when the Doom Patrol forum (now collapsed) came out. I haven't read the books in years, but I know it's basically Garth Ennis doing what Garth Ennis does best . . . taking the absolute piss out of the superhero genre. He was able to do that back when he wrote Hitman for DC Comics, but he goes full-tilt with The Boys. Art is from co-creator Darick Robertson, who got his degree in comic satire from two notable books: Transmetropolitan (with Warren Ellis) and Happy! (a four-issue miniseries with Grant Morrison that wound up getting two seasons on SyFy). I'm willing to bet there will be divergences from the source material, but I'm still recommending new viewers to read the books. Also, while I doubt the "Herogasm" arc will be filmed (basically, it's a week-long super-powered fuckfest), I will concede the series probably won't be bound by traditional standards and practices, which means The Boys might be more Garth than Happy! And considering what Happy! got away with, that might be something to see.
  15. You get to pick your TOP 10 episodes ever. You can watch them over & over but you only get 10! Plus tell us why?? Thanks to the suggestion from SASSANDSNACKS!
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