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Found 284 results

  1. This is the place to post spoilers for new episodes/seasons of Veronica Mars. I'll start. /Film's review mentions Logan proposing to Veronica. Has anyone else seen that or any other spoilers? Or is everyone (else) too grown up to spoil, now that we'll get the whole fourth season at once? This TV Guide review has me a little worried, so I guess I'm concerned about the big twist (which I doubt hinges on Logan's question or Veronica's answer). That smells like a major death to me. Kristen has said she's taking a social media hiatus once the new season goes live on Hulu. All I keep thinking is, "Rob, what did you do? What did you do?"
  2. This is intended as a thread for the broadcast show spoilers. I decided to add book talk spoilers as well, since it's highly unlikely someone would click on a show spoiler thread and object to some relatively minor book spoilers. Mods please switch it around if you wish. Just found a pretty big spoiler in a general article about the show, obviously the reviewer has seen at least one more episode than we have. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/05/22/a-cunning-adaptation-of-the-handmaids-tale Since it's a first post I'll do the caution thing here, this is a show spoiler, not just from the book, so stop now if you don't want to know. Note, that article also includes book spoilers. - - - Wow, they really are bringing him back. I'm not sure how I feel about that, hopefully he's realized by now that men taking care of women is seriously not the point here and grown up some.
  3. Theon, Theon, Theon. I thought he deserved his own thread because we rarely see Balon or Yara. I think Theon is one of the most fascinating characters on the show, and has gone through one of the most complete character transformations on the show. I'm not surprised he doesn't get more of a response beyond fan hate for his past horrible decisions, but I wish Alfie Allen got more notice for what has been a consistently superb performance - perhaps the strongest consistent performance of anyone on the show. Theon is a cautionary tale on revenge culture. Revenge culture dominates Game of Thrones, as so many fans want to see the Starks make the Lannisters pay, or want to see Tyrion get payback. Through Theon, we get what should be the ultimate revenge - a complete psychological and physical torture of the man who killed devoted Stark soldiers, took Winterfell under false pretenses, betrayed a man who was essentially his brother, and killed two children (and likely the only reason he didn't kill Rickon and Bran is that that he didn't know where they were). Yet it's not satisfying. It's ugly, it's horrific, it's unseemly. To many viewers, it's not the right kind of revenge, which leads to questions like what is the right kind of revenge? The story is extremely difficult to watch, but it's also one that has made sense narratively and never gone through the jarring changes some other long-running stories have had. Even now, with Reek, we continue to see Theon's past haunt his present, meaning he can't escape even into the cruel, false life Ramsay Bolton has created for him. For me Ramsay is the weakest part of this storyline, but Alfie and Iwen do have chemistry together. I'll never forget the scene of Theon being baptized into the Drowned God religion when he returned to the Iron Islands. The scene was both beautiful and highly disturbing. Theon's relationship with Yara also fascinates me. I wish we saw more of it.
  4. Why'd they make Stannis such a religious zealot? Why'd they make Robb's wife such a completely different person? Why'd they make Reek's origin story such a thing we had to watch? Discuss.
  5. I love watching Sansa learn, and adapt, and survive. I also like that her Stark/Tully strength comes out more like her mother's does: she uses courtesy to keep her head and her place, hides her feelings, and works for her own ends in the back channels.
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    Book vs. Series: On The Shelf

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    Book versus Show: Book Talk

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  10. Lantern7

    Green Arrow In Comics

    I figured that since Arrow has a forum, there should be a thread for Oliver Queen in comic books. For me, I have some exposure to Green Arrow . . . mostly through Brad Metzler and Judd Winick's runs on the book; the former exploring the will of a hero (Ollie) who wound up coming back to life. I also have the "Hard Traveling Heroes" collection from the Seventies . . . that's the run of Green Lantern where Ollie and pal Hal Jordan explore America and the hot button issues of the day. From what I can remember, that's also when Ollie became a hardcore liberal and grew the sweet mustache and goatee, becoming truer to the Robin Hood myth. I'm not following the "new52" version of Ollie, but I've heard good things about what writer Jeff Lemire has done for the book. What stories have you guys read about Green Arrow? Do you like his current look, or did you think he should've stayed a Batman knockoff with an archery motif?
  11. First of all, I will be perfectly okay with this topic title getting replaced. I saw there wasn't one, and I figured that it would be needed. I'm not going to watch on account that I don't have subscription cable . . . but that didn't stop me from posting a similar thread when the Doom Patrol forum (now collapsed) came out. I haven't read the books in years, but I know it's basically Garth Ennis doing what Garth Ennis does best . . . taking the absolute piss out of the superhero genre. He was able to do that back when he wrote Hitman for DC Comics, but he goes full-tilt with The Boys. Art is from co-creator Darick Robertson, who got his degree in comic satire from two notable books: Transmetropolitan (with Warren Ellis) and Happy! (a four-issue miniseries with Grant Morrison that wound up getting two seasons on SyFy). I'm willing to bet there will be divergences from the source material, but I'm still recommending new viewers to read the books. Also, while I doubt the "Herogasm" arc will be filmed (basically, it's a week-long super-powered fuckfest), I will concede the series probably won't be bound by traditional standards and practices, which means The Boys might be more Garth than Happy! And considering what Happy! got away with, that might be something to see.
  12. On the comic book front, I WANT to read the comic books! But, my oh my, my budget does not support getting back into comic book collection. Issue #1 is available for free from Kindle, but it just leaves me wanting the rest -which aren't free (huh, it's like Amazon planned that, or something...)
  13. Pete Martell

    Bran Stark: I'm Flying

    I don't think the show did a very good job with Bran's story this past season (other than "The Lion and the Rose," which, unsurprisingly, was written by GRRM), but Bran's journey has been one of my favorite parts of the show. I think the first few seasons were the most powerful, as we still saw him with his family, and at Winterfell. Isaac Hempstead Wright added such emotional power to scenes like Bran begging Theon not to kill Rodrik. Even last season, when he had to tell Rickon goodbye, we saw some of this. Season 4, there was his almost seeing Jon again, but the rest was a little too disconnected emotionally. I sometimes hear people say Bran is arrogant or that he uses the people who are with him, and I can understand that to a point, but he's also a boy who was slowly but surely left behind by everyone he loved, and now only has an identity based on prophecies and what he thinks destiny wants to be. He had to make that break once and for all when he left Jon behind, and I wonder how much of his humanity will be left.
  14. SilverStormm

    Stumptown by Greg Rucka

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  16. SilverStormm

    Palimpsest: Novel vs. Show

    Your Novel Vs. Show Topic!
  17. Here is our topic to discuss the books all the way through volume 8, Tiamat's Wrath. Here there be spoilers!
  18. Brought over from episode 1 Dulcinea thread since it discusses book specific things. A story told on screen will require different things than one told in print. This is an adaptation so changes an adjustments will need to be made in order to effectively relay information. With a few changes and two or three minutes of screen time, we have some big world building, tons of character development and exposition and set ups for future possible plots where in the novels this stuff was laid out over hundreds of pages and across five different books and counting. Space is harsh, space is dangerous, there are pirates who don't hesitate to attack and kill making it very dangerous to answer distress calls. Then there's Holden, a seemingly unambitious man who has trouble following the rules and often thinks in black and white without fully considering the consequences of his decisions. In a few short scenes, we know who Holden is, which isn't yet different than who he is in the books. The few changes are not relevant and don't cause big changes to the overarching plot. Naomi is not a change to the plot, though the way the interactions went on the Donnager is different. Naomi is a seeming mystery. She's mega smart and has several advanced degrees in the show and the books, and yet she's working on a shit-ship like the Canterbury. There has to be a reason, right? Just like there was a reason that the once ambitious Holden found himself comfortable working on the Cant for five years. The careful viewer would already see that Naomi's neck tattoo is enough to make one question whether or not she has a connection with OPA. In Leviathan Wakes, the Roci crew works directly with OPA. In later books, the pasts of the various characters are examined. We learn much about Naomi. We also continue to learn about the OPA. The first few episodes treat them like only a terrorist organization. It's similar to in the books. Until we learn more. So far, I really think the adaptation is working well. All of the changes make sense. The characters are roughly as I imagined. The only major issue I've had is the crash couches. They are such weaklings when they should be big things and I'm annoyed by the characters turning their heads and moving around when in high g burns. I'm guessing the process of filming and editing required the crash couches to be barely visible around the cast so I can live with that.
  19. SilverStormm

    Book Talk: The Book Club

    Your Book Topic!
  20. rogueprinzess

    Brienne of Tarth: The Oathkeeper

    She is one of my favourite characters in the books and I love the actress they chose to play her. It's always good to see a female character in a show like this that is smart, battle worthy and vulnerable. I also love her dynamic with Jaime
  21. The show is kicking off with The Vampire Lestat - discuss the book here!