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  1. I really enjoyed this season. I don't mind having the deep dives into a particular case because that is eventually where the BSU ended up. I was actually really underwhelmed by the Charles Manson interview. That could just be because I'm tired of Charles Manson being featured in anything. I didn't mind the focus on Tench's personal life because the stuff with his son was still really interesting to me. It was much better than Holden's girlfriend woes last season. Put BTK stuff under the spoiler since not everyone knows that case
  2. Way to go Bill on talking about fishing and holding the flopping fish in your hands. Totally the thing to say to your child who just was involved in a murder.
  3. I guess the last proposal wasn't really over the top. It was more that Beth had told him she wasn't ready to get married and he kept asking her. It felt more like he was trying to wear her down than anything else.
  4. But it was clear that Beth didn't. She had been telling him that from their very first date. And he had been ignoring her from their very first date. Even before my husband and I even talked about getting married, I told him that if anyone (whether it be him or another guy) ever proposed to me with a grand public gesture, I would tell them no, solely because I find things like that to be awkward and humiliating. A proposal should be about the two people and their relationship. Every single one of those proposals (except for the last one that Beth basically orchestrated) was about Randall and h
  5. I've never seen an episode of the original (was in elementary/middle school when they were popular). Just started watching the reboot since season 3 is set in my hometown of Kansas City. Having a blast watching all of the locations around town and figuring out which of them I pass through on a daily basis. Loved the first three episodes and can't wait to keep going with the rest of them.
  6. I’m so glad Kelsey won, but I wish Eric had been in the number two slot. My intense dislike of Sara has decreased over the last few weeks as she’s been cooking better, but I still felt she seemed to be a fairly average chef who should have been PYKAG’d about halfway through the season. I would have loved to see Eric’s full meal and how he was going to tell the story of the slave trade through food. His and Kelsey’s menu concepts were the ones most interesting to me. I would love for Eric to write a book about the history of food or something similar. I’d read the shit out of it.
  7. I love this show already. I love that they're going full-on trope-y goodness from the very beginning. I don't need every show I watch to be the greatest show on TV. Sometimes, I just need a show that is ridiculous and enjoyable to watch.
  8. It'll definitely air all its episodes this season, but it doesn't have a shot in hell for next season. Fox is supposed to get Friday night wrestling next season, so that takes out a whole night for original programming. The conservative judge was so over-the-top cartoonish in his pro-life stance. And I say that as a diehard pro-choicer. If he really wanted to ensure she stayed in prison, he would have kept his mouth shut on the bench because all he did was build a case for her to stay she did not receive a fair trial. I'm so over how Madeline has to relate every case to her experien
  9. I think it was also that they're needing assistance getting the girls to various after-school activities and ensuring dinner and things like that are taken care of. It would be one thing if it were just having Deja help out every now and then with making sure Tess and Annie are taken care of when they get home from school. However, it sounds like it's going to be several times a week. It's also not fair to Deja if she has after-school activities she wants to do. She'd have to miss out on things that could help her realize what her dreams are because her parents are off chasing their dreams.
  10. I feel like they've reached the point in the season where they're running out of regional challenges and just go to Wikipedia to figure out what else is important in that area. I adore Muhammad Ali, but this challenge felt like a total reach. Sara grated on me during the part where they were menu planning. All the others had a very clear idea for what they wanted to do by drawing inspiration from a specific fight. Then Sara was just like, "No, I don't want to go first." She didn't seem to actually have an idea of what she wanted to do. She just wanted to pout and whine. She should have b
  11. I adored this episode. I love the way they've handled Rebecca's diagnosis and her journey through treatment. I've struggled a lot with my mental health over the past year and a half (no new diagnoses, but dealing with medication shifts and massive depressive episodes). This show has been a light in the darkness for me. I don't know what I'm going to do without it.
  12. I adored this episode. Nathaniel's breakthrough while he was talking to the pizza guy reduced me to tears. SMF did so great with that scene and gave Nathaniel an emotional depth he hasn't really had before. At this point, I'm fine with Greg or Nathaniel as endgame. I love both of them with Rebecca. I think I'd like to see a somewhat ambiguous ending. I don't think they need to definitively say that Rebecca is in a forever relationship with a proposal or wedding. I just want to see her happy in a relationship. I used to think I'd be okay with her being alone at the end, but I'd like to see her
  13. I think the scene with the boss was just INCREDIBLY clunky exposition to show that she was going to her apartment after work. I was laughing at how horribly written that scene was. The timeline on the show for when the LA Times contacted her wasn't quite correct. The actual attack happened in August 2016 and the podcast wasn't released until October 2017. He spent about a year researching the story and putting the podcast together, but it's not like Terra was still in the hospital when he originally contacted Debra. He saw the story of the attack and started digging deeper, but he did mo
  14. I loved Amy as Bonnie Bedelia from Die Hard, but I about lost my shit over Jake as Melvil Dewey. Made the mistake of watching during my lunch break at work and had to stifle my laughter. Even funnier because Dewey was a hardcore horndog. His bio on Wikipedia contains some great facts about all the ways he sexually harassed his female employees and how he had to step down as the head of the American Library Association because he couldn't keep it in his pants.
  15. I loved the first season of this show so much, but was slightly disappointed with the premiere. I think there was just too much focus on Zoey's love life. For me, the show is best when it's Zoey and her girlfriends all hanging out. Aaron can be thrown in every now and then, especially when he goes into full activist mode. I think Luka is best used sparingly. I'm pulling for an Aaron/Ana hookup, though, mainly because I think it'll be hilarious to watch them spar back and forth.
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