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  1. Max is being a jerk but I can sort of understand it. From a personal standpoint, he needs to get over this anger and he shouldn't be expressing it but he knows Zoey might hear it anyway so he might feel like it's better to express it how he wants than to let a "heart song" do it. From a professional one, he's apparently so little valued on the 4th flooor that Zoey didn't bother to tell Joan he was leaving until after the fact and even then it was seemingly only because Joan noticed the floor seemed emptier. I enjoy the show but I kind of feel like the premise is growing problematic because no one is consenting to share these thoughts with Zoey and while she usually does try help with them, she also kind of uses them to her advantage or tells someone's intermost thoughts to other people who also don't really have the right to know them. She and Simon wouldn't have grown as close without her ability and neither would she and Joan and the way she shares Leif's feelings/thoughts with Joan seems unfair. Leif's generally a jerk but he still has the right his feelings without them being told to someone without his permission or knowledge. I know Zoey can't help hearing these thoughts since we've seen her try to escape them but be followed but it feels kind of gross in some instances.
  2. I think Roy's bloodlust is different; Thea could be talked down but after months of not killing she was going to die which doesn't seem to be true for him (I assume the Lotus did cure that aspect of the bloodlust) so powering through is more of an option for him.
  3. Yeah, that was especially glaring since Oliver mentioned Sara not being able to help with the League/Nyssa/Monitor thing last week. So you think to ask her about a situation that involves her former life but not to give her a call about one that's basically her whole life now?
  4. I loved so much about this episode but did they ever tell us if Dr. Schwartz survived the hospital bomb? Her picture was up on a board in the police station (which makes me think maybe not) but that's the only reference to her I caught after the bomb. Of course, I'm still wondering if Ragman and Helena are dead after The Emerald Archer so not telling us isn't exactly unprecedented.
  5. I do think this a huge problem with this storyline, I believe The Monitor is actually trying to save the Multiverse but based on the information Barry and Oliver know for sure (caused Elseworlds, E90 Barry Allen warning them about him) both should have told him to f off, at least at first. It's not like he has a warm, trustworthy personality that might make them look past his seemingly nefarious actions, his default seems to be jackass
  6. I really can't imagine anything more shocking than the premiere. Even supposing the prevailing theory is right and JJ kills Zoe, I don't think that's more shocking than wiping out an entire Earth. This coupled with Willa apparently telling someone she only filmed one episode and Future Roy seeming really disturbed by/bitter about what happened with Thea makes me nervous. I know MG has said he'd never kill Thea but it's the last season and Oliver is already seemingly losing everything maybe they would throw in that extra gut punch?
  7. God knows I don't like Laurel and it certainly wasn't Oliver's fault but from Laurel's perspective the only anomalies on her Earth before it's destruction were Oliver and Diggle and I don't think at the point she got angry she really understood what Oliver was doing so I can sort of understand her thinking that because they were the only thing "wrong" on her Earth, it was their fault. It doesn't completely make sense since she knows her going to another Earth and even taking the place of a dead person as Oliver did didn't cause the destruction of that Earth but her world had been destroyed so I can make allowances especially since I think part of her anger was driven by Oliver's insistence there was no hope because some random dude she'd never heard of said so.
  8. You're not wrong but I think The Monitor might just be kind of a dick. Trying to save the Multiverse or not, I'm really starting to hope someone decks him soon.
  9. I know WHY it's not happening but it doesn't make sense story wise that no one is calling Felicity to talk Oliver off the ledge.
  10. She was in S4 when she fought Nyssa/gave her the Lotus
  11. Robert was def E2 Green Arrow but I don't remember him being dead.
  12. I like Zoe but I'm more bothered by the idea of JJ killing her than I am by the death itself. I know JJ probably killed the guy shown this week and he presumedly didn't become the leader of the Deathstroke Gang by giving everybody puppies but it still feels like a line I don't want to see Dig's son cross.
  13. I'm apparently petty as hell too, I think that actually may have been my favorite part of the episode
  14. I liked it but I couldn't help thinking that it would have been creepy/weird as hell for her even if it had been E2 Felicity because E2 Felicity doesn't know Oliver or their life together. It kind of read as "I miss my wife so I'm going to go creep out an alternate Earth version of her."
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