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  1. You mean she didn't even offer you a bowl of gruel? I always thought it would be fun to work in a winery tasting room, but I may rethink that. Not that there are lots of wineries in southern Indiana.
  2. I went from an H to a C cup, and mine are no longer Longs. It's taking some getting used to, but I'm glad I did it.
  3. Glad you're okay. Two hunky firemen is better than no hunky firemen. I didn't have hunky firemen, but I did have several hunky shirtless men in my yard the other day. Landscapers. I enjoyed the show. In other news, I had my breast reduction surgery two weeks ago. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my body. In reality, it was just 6 pounds. But what a difference. Can't wait to buy a swimsuit that actually fits. If I got one to fit the girls, it was saggy and baggy everywhere else. If it fit elsewhere, the girls were trying to escape. Now I need to work on getting rid
  4. I don't know why, but I googled Dr. Now merchandise and found this ... pid=1https://www.redbubble.com/i/sticker/Ow-Mah-Leg-My-600lb-Life-Funny-by-My600lbShop/62457137.EJUG5#&gid=1& Redbubble
  5. It's very delicious. I dress it with a vinaigrette made with walnut oil, cider vinegar, coarse grain mustard, and minced shallots.
  6. I like the moldy cheeses, too. Have you tried smoked blue cheese? I like to crumble a bit of that on a salad of baby greens, cucumbers, mushrooms, apples, and walnuts. It's a perfect combination of textures and flavors. Now I'm hungry!
  7. It was Brie, which is my second favorite after Camembert. I love those soft, aromatic French cheeses with the bloomy rinds. I also had a slice of homemade pate. The demon grapes were fermented in France. We vacationed in Normandy a few years ago, and the butter, cream, and cheese (especially the Camambert) were so good. Thee apples and pears, too. It was fall, so thy were in season. I'd go back just for the cheese.
  8. That's what I'm doing tonight. LackofhyJeanne is still nasty, but Top Chef should be interesting. I saved the fermented grapes and cheese for that.
  9. I know. I had my snacks and the devil's fermented liquid grapes ready to go, but no 600 pounders on the television and no snarkers to snark with.
  10. I don't know why she'd bother dusting the TV. Who would notice a little extra dust in that house.
  11. Thanks, Oogle Eyes. The grapes definitely help. They have remarkable pain relief properties.
  12. Bye Pounders. Until next season. We can still gather on the all episodes and off topic threads. But nothing quite compares to the Wednesday night snark.
  13. I'm trying to understand the stress Tiffany is under. It's certainly not from the pressures of her career. She's mostly a blob who spends most of her time prone on a bed. She even exercises in bed.
  14. It amazes me that multiple women were that desperate.
  15. Better late than missing out entirely. I was sure I'd be on time since I'm confined to home while my injury heals. But I laid down and elevated my leg, and then I fell asleep. My eating habit is a glass of wine. I had a late lunch, so I wasn't hungry for dinner. I'm now trying to catch up with the snark.
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