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  1. I think you mean first back to back double eviction and that's because they wanted to do a triple last night but changed plans so the CO could have their victory lap.
  2. She's more girl next door but without the personality
  3. Question: If Xavier wins veto or is otherwise pulled off, does a replacement go up in his place?
  4. So DereX still going home unless Ky is flipped unless I missed something?
  5. Are they not gunning for Claire? That's who I thought they would try to get out this week with the final noms being who they are.
  6. To help SB's social game if she is F2
  7. Do we know yet which episode begins the during pandemic filming session? We know that "over half" of the season was filmed when they had to shut down.
  8. The thing is being physically strong means you either team up with other bros and dominate or gets most of the house worshiping you and handing you the game. After Christian there is only Xavier left so that cuts out half of winning strategy in that scenario. What is different about X though is that he actually has played a really good game to this point considering the twist(s) they've had thus far.
  9. That's 3 straight for him and not counting wildcards, at least 4 straight for the Kings.
  10. Skyfall

    S04.E03: Demons

    In what world is Zoey a senior? And with that, I'm out.
  11. Nope, Dr Pimple Popper already moved back to TV. That was the biggest move when it was launched.
  12. The timeline does not add up though. Last episode they're talking like it's Mid July 2020 (starting senior year, "she's still in Japan for the olympics") but Covid "officially" came to the US in Jan/Feb 2020 (I still say it was way more widespread but unknown before then).
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