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  1. Skyfall

    The Great Food Truck Race

    Wait what? If you’re talking about Waffle Love they were being lapped so bad the producers made Pho redo a part of the final challenge just to make it somewhat competitive.
  2. Skyfall


    DVR ALERT: Looks like they moved the show to 11:30 starting this week in the past 24-48 hours. EDIT: Just did some ratings digging. Looks like the special Monday broadcast at 11 PM was the best rated episode so maybe that played a role in it.
  3. Skyfall


    Yeah that asshole did not come off good at all.
  4. Skyfall


    Also 10:30 isn’t nearly as crowded as 11:30
  5. Skyfall


    Yeah and Viacom doesn’t have a network for this type of show. Therefore their best bet was to put it on the network viewers have seen him for several years now even if the show is light on comedy. It’s basically a 30 minute Shades of America.
  6. You do realize that outside of a few instances the finales will always be low? Nice weather and sun being out longer means more people out of their homes.
  7. If Mateo had only picked up one of Jeff’s calls he might’ve gotten out.
  8. Skyfall


    I mean technically there is a change as Schooled is on the fall schedule now.
  9. Skyfall

    Food Network Star Alums

    The Great Food Truck Race is airing Sunday’s at 9 starting in June. I think this show is finally dead!
  10. Skyfall

    The Great Food Truck Race

    They must’ve filmed a full season and a shorter holiday themed season. Interesting but not complaining. Plus this full season is the first in several years where I’m not spoiled for the most part since I didn’t know it was being filmed 😂
  11. Skyfall


    Jordan Klepper’s new show!
  12. Skyfall


    “Oh you son of of a bitch” 😂
  13. Skyfall


    And Shaun was pushed into marrying Maya’s mom cause Maya wanted a family and Shaun was always the “loner”. Girl Meets World did some things right but other things completely wrong.
  14. Skyfall

    Andi Mack

    They’ll use it as a scapegoat but Disney usually doesn’t do more than 3 seasons nowadays and you could tell they were setting up towards a series finale.
  15. Skyfall

    30 Minute Meals

    It should’ve been weekends only