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  1. Funny you call Ava wasted, us GMW watchers were A N N O Y E D by her when she was on the screen.
  2. Skyfall


    Series Finale is an hour long.
  3. Skyfall

    S02.E21: Clueless

    Could've also just been something to do with Covid given schools shut down and the uncertainty of fall classes in most places.
  4. Skyfall


    With this being a short season I don't see this playing out, but what if the dad had molested Emma? Would explain why she doesn't want to see him again.
  5. Skyfall


    Looked like a baby blanket.
  6. They were scared to do just Cali again after that horrible season.
  7. End of this meaning by the end of BCS.
  8. So Kim dies by the end of this right? She overplayed her hand.
  9. An anyone find an update of those homes?
  10. Yeah a deleted scene is one that is cut during production with some of them included as extras on DVD/Blu-ray Releases
  11. "In the Breaking Bad episode "Green Light", Saul states to Walt that he has been divorced twice, mentioning that his second wife cheated on him with his stepfather. In a deleted scene from the Breaking Bad episode "Caballo Sin Nombre", Saul stated to Walter that he has been married three times." https://breakingbad.fandom.com/wiki/JMM
  12. Everything I'm seeing is this is a 10 episode season... EDIT: Misread your post but I have seen people say this season has 8 episodes so I'm still confused on that part.
  13. Neither of these have aired or Even have air dates to my knowledge.
  14. If only Andi Mack had gotten another season...or at least a spin-off.
  15. We know Miz has a big package!
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