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  1. I laughed at the press release cause it said every team had won. Well yeah, but actually no. Waffle Bros were so dominated the producers had to make Pho redo a challenge just to make it close. I live in NC and the girls own a restaurant now and is not doing the truck (as far as I can tell) so they likely passed on this season.
  2. Looks like it was announced a couple days ago and isn't on the schedule for next week. Probably had a put pilot order and Discovery didn't want to pay the penalty for not showing it and not picking it up. No way we see this every again after tonight.
  3. Can go from making fun of Walmart to making fun of Amazon!
  4. It was picked up October 2019 and one of the episodes seemed to hint it was filmed in 2020.
  5. So the continuity of masks was all over the place this episode. I wonder why.
  6. To be fair, most track meets aren't broadcast.
  7. His reruns are highly than most first run episodes they run.
  8. Instead of a FN show maybe they get a Discovery+ show?
  9. You forgot The Hustler an Supermarket Sweep.
  10. I would've kept the first guy since he was getting sus'd for being too quiet.
  11. I don't think it's ending due to ratings (they've been what they've been and everything is low nowadays), I think it's just the writers and actors wanted to move on. I bet contracts were expiring and they had to decide if they wanted to negotiate or just end it after this season. It's been announced as a final season.
  12. February 16th! https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/temptation-island-season-3-meet-the-couples-watch-trailer/erica-washington-and-kendal-kirkland/
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