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  1. I almost picked Cliff over David...
  2. https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/96815-good-eats-the-return/
  3. This is the thread/show: https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/96815-good-eats-the-return/
  4. First episode is already streaming and it’s great!
  5. Why do I feel like the newest episode is going to be divisive even though it was fair?
  6. You mean it’s dead and they’re not ho,ding the house hostage!?!? Is this season actually watchable now?
  7. Yup when Pho beat the smug waffle boys
  8. Yeah I feel like the teams lose money by the inflated prices.
  9. Eddie Jackson is a judge on the new cooking channel show Fire Masters and looks to have a travel show called Yum And Yummer on CC as well.
  10. It really feels like they are limiting available selling space. Back in the day there would be a diverse set of parking locations. But once it stopped being nationwide and a more regional route the teams have been more clustered.
  11. What I hope: Comeback winner is HOH and gets any powers the player’s they best out had. What we we will probably get: Safe for one week.
  12. So looks like we are going to have a low leadin as Love Island premiered to a 0.6 demo rating.
  13. At least you didn’t do it last season!
  14. Bobble Flay just had like 3 shows announced. FNS is dead.
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