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  1. I don't think it's ending due to ratings (they've been what they've been and everything is low nowadays), I think it's just the writers and actors wanted to move on. I bet contracts were expiring and they had to decide if they wanted to negotiate or just end it after this season. It's been announced as a final season.
  2. February 16th! https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/temptation-island-season-3-meet-the-couples-watch-trailer/erica-washington-and-kendal-kirkland/
  3. It's actually on Thursdays this was just a last minute special preview.
  4. You do realize they are using the comics canon right for Ivy/Harls
  5. So question. OWN is owned by Discovery, which owns Food/Cooking. Food/Cooking is rarely premiering new cooking shows these days. Why not have these shows on the channels where they would make the most sense and get a bigger audience?
  6. Exactly, help no one and hope one of the good teams has a bad leg.
  7. Another way to prevent this is to limit grouping the teams every episode. Back in the day the timing you got to the pit stop was crucial to your success.
  8. They did an interview. They knew the 2 the other 3 didn't know. They also had no point of reference for music in France.
  9. I think what would fix the show is giving $10k per right answer in the head to head. This would incentivize keeping stronger players (I would've been listed if Perfect Kaya didn't get a chance to win) but also help make the absence of the f2 building round make sense. in Andrew's case: Would you want a potential 3-0 (30k) sweep or a nail biting 5-4 (90k)?
  10. TJMSWJM was more like his time of The Soup than a talk show.
  11. It's telling the ratings for this show is doing half of what the final season of Power did. Only getting 25% of what Power got in its heyday.
  12. Nov 2018 and they can fix NEL at the beginning by having double elimination legs later.
  13. To be fair they had to bank early cause they were never going on a decent chain. It was either bank or risk not adding any money. Also in the original the best strategy was to always get 3 correct and then bank.
  14. [About Tommy]: "And saw he was a bad actor, for sure" Girl he's killed for less, he better not know you ever said that!
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