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  1. Jacob's crush is way too over the top
  2. I've ignored Clara for this long so...
  3. I loved the Black/White argument.
  4. I'll watch Tommy's spin-off outside of that they will need to earn my trust for the others. Outside of Tate's cause he can fuck off.
  5. Would they go to rape? Would ruin the Luca as baby daddy head cannon though.
  6. Every past episode is too much but breaking the seasons up and then a new episode after each new episode would've been cool.
  7. Did anyone else think she had hooked up with Luca? It was weird she told him almost straight away.
  8. I think it was more that Tommy saw him.
  9. That's a spin-off I'll watch!
  10. Anyone Else catch the sneak peek?
  11. So did we miss some eliminations and dates? Like there were only 5/6 singles left this episode and Sonica choose homeboy out of the blue.
  12. Spoiler recap from page 1 which isn't much as spoilers were hard to find. That said this summer was a blast not knowing who had made the finale and got sent home when so the fact I only found minimal spoilers back then makes me happy.
  13. I'm done with this show. Just not funny anymore. Creed/Sandra types are always better in small doses.
  14. So they come to the island to move their relationship forward and she was like "That's what I wanted to hear but you had to bring me all the way out here to say it?" THAT IS THE WHOLE ENTIRE POINT!
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