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  1. There are a couple former HGs I would be tempted to pay for their OnlyFans and I don't even have visit the site 🤣
  2. Can we get The Mole back? I'm sure a cable network (like TNT) can make it work!
  3. Covid stopped production on a lot of shows they were planning for launch and the lack of Olympics hurts as well
  4. So I guess I missed all the foreshadowing in season 3, what foreshadowed the falling off the wagon?
  5. He graduated college AFAIK so I doubt he's serious but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if Guy was getting burned out or if the wife wanted him home more and he would hand it over.
  6. Funny you call Ava wasted, us GMW watchers were A N N O Y E D by her when she was on the screen.
  7. Skyfall


    Series Finale is an hour long.
  8. Skyfall

    S02.E21: Clueless

    Could've also just been something to do with Covid given schools shut down and the uncertainty of fall classes in most places.
  9. Skyfall


    With this being a short season I don't see this playing out, but what if the dad had molested Emma? Would explain why she doesn't want to see him again.
  10. Skyfall


    Looked like a baby blanket.
  11. They were scared to do just Cali again after that horrible season.
  12. End of this meaning by the end of BCS.
  13. So Kim dies by the end of this right? She overplayed her hand.
  14. An anyone find an update of those homes?
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