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  1. You cannot be served over the telephone.
  2. I had a really sore arm and fatigue after my first Moderna shot, so I was pretty worried about the effects I would have from the second. To my pleasant surprise, there were no side effects and only a moderately sore arm. I felt very lucky.
  3. My daughter was just diagnosed with Covid-19 for the second time. She was first sick in July and it took a while for her to recover. Now she has it again. She has been very conscientious about wearing her mask and social distancing, but she is a school teacher. She may have been re-infected by one of her students.
  4. It irritates me that Josie's birthday greeting from her parents is so lengthy and specific. I wonder if the other Duggar kids notice the special treatment Josie gets.
  5. If Brenda has quit filming, it's going to be a very different show without her and Dr. Emily.
  6. Every time I see Leo, I'm struck by how much he looks like Stephen Fishbach from Survivor.
  7. My husband is 78 and was diagnosed with early dementia almost 2 years ago. He has progressed fairly rapidly since then. It is so heartbreaking to watch him struggle to find the words he needs and to remember people's names. He usually can't remember our 2 children. One night this week he didn't remember that I was his wife. Taking care of him is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. He's still home with me but I don't know how much longer that will be possible. It's an awful situation.
  8. Mrs. P.

    Tennis Thread

    Probably a friendlier environment.
  9. I actually think Dr. Brenda is the best vet there, including Dr. Pol. I would hate to see her disappear from the show, especially since we've already lost Dr. Emily.
  10. Mrs. P.

    MLB Thread

    I hope that the Astros would take him back. We need something.
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