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  1. MarkHB

    Joker (2019)

    If you are, you're about the 1000th person to do so.
  2. That gave me a perfect idea: the original Cheers on Beacon St. in Boston! (If you've been there, you'll know I'm being sarcastic... That would truly be impossible.)
  3. George Jetson with a dad shirt and a soul patch????? I refuse to believe there's anything innocent about this guy.
  4. Unless there was a real one they used as a model, that will be hard: the exterior they used on the show was a facade at Disney-MGM Studios in Florida, right next to the Empty Nest facade, and has been torn down. ETA: Apparently there is a real house in Brentwood.
  5. I was hoping Earth 2 would go first. In the comic, Earth 3, home of the Crime Syndicate where all the Superhumans were evil, was the first one we saw destroyed. Arrowverse Earth 2 was essentially introduced as their version of that earth (2 and 3 are essentially swapped), so, bye Felicia!
  6. We know of two major Catco properties: the National City Tribune, a tabloid format newspaper (I can't speak about the content, just the form factor), and Catco Magazine, which appears to be a news magazine similar in size and production values to Vogue, and is also apparently published daily. Yes, I realize that the latter is is ludicrous, but I'm not sure the show does. They seem to have a CNN type TV network as well, but that's only mentioned if Kara needs to give a Very Hopeful Speech. J'onn's brother won't have a consistent human form; he's making good opportunistic use of his shape shifting abilities
  7. One thing I've noticed about this version is that there aren't any generic Town, so there are far fewer safe claims for the Terrific Trio ( who are being unjustly persecuted, I may add!)
  8. Actually, it limits the annual increase in validation to 1%, but that gets reset when the property is sold. After some digging through public sources, it appears the current tax bill is over $41,000 for the year.
  9. I figured you out at the last moment, when you voted for Drogo. You couldn't vote for yourself, and you would be voting against your own win condition to vote with the majority, so throwing your vote away was the only real choice.
  10. My gut feeling is that he'll get to meet Superman and be taken to the Fortress of Solitude to be educated. Like Marv Wolfman said when asked why he took Kid Flash out of NTT, he's too powerful and he'll mess up the stories. I did like the mad scientist lady showing up straight from clubbing and drinking, and Subjects 1-12 were pretty horrifying.
  11. Cheers to @SVNBob for another fun game of ONUW!
  12. I never watched that show, but I went and listened to the theme on YouTube. Nice pull! (But I'm stunned that those old titles showed the Sunshine Skyway Bridge with half of it collapsed!)
  13. I do not lie. Someone should try to switch their vote. That's why I'm trying to remember if we need all votes cast to end it. @SVNBob howzat?
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