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  1. I've been kicking this idea around for something they COULD have done in this film. When Diana got back to London at the end of the first film, who did she know? Steve was dead, the Oddfellows were likely scattered... the only person we know she knew, and we see this in the Trafalgar Square scene at the end of the film, is Etta. So my idea is this: she stayed friends with Etta, who eventually married, and Etta's family knew her "secret". By the time we get to 1984, Etta of course has passed away, but her granddaughter or great-granddaughter (also played by Lucy Davis but without the fat suit) is still Diana's extended family if you will... and she has a tween daughter named Julia. Get to the third film, Julia has grown up, has a daughter of her own named Vanessa... and we tell the Silver Swan story. Gets us a nice arc and also drives home the idea of Diana being immortal while her friends age around her.
  2. I thought it was, probably in the DCEU topic.
  3. Surprised this never made it over, but here's the official teaser from last month's FanDome : Also, even though some reputable sources said it was off the table, Zack Snyder is going to get a week of new shooting with some of the principals. I have to assume that Harry Lennix will be there for the fabled shot they never got....
  4. Kara goes in search of Kate Kane and is never seen again...
  5. A couple more reactions: (He then went on to say...)
  6. From what I heard, the service was doing as well as expected; it was after the merger that folks at AT&T decided that HBO Max was going to be the overwhelming priority and DCU would lose its video. I think that DCU was never really intended to cover the protection costs of its shows; it was a place to put these shows that WBTV wanted to make that they thought they could sell internationally but which had no obvious home in the US.
  7. Season 3 is a go on HBO Max! And here is the announcement of the future of DC Universe (it becomes DC Universe Infinite in January, with more comics than ever before (and no streaming video)).
  8. Rip and John meeting up would be fun.. The show could have its own Trenchcoat Brigade!
  9. I think The Batman Who Laughs would be way too dark for this show (plus he's hardly well-known enough to the GA to not need tons of explanation). Personally, now that they've made the heartfelt turn they needed to to get to the season 2 endpoint, I hope they return to the era of wacky hijinks, just with the new status quo as the backdrop. And really, the way they executed the turn from Riddler in a hamster wheel to the death of Mr, Freeze (and everything after) should be a case study in how to write television. That was masterful work.
  10. MarkHB

    Batman Movies

    There was an interview last fall where Kevin Conroy said that he drew on Mask of the Phantasm, and Bruce's decision to forego love with Andrea in favor of his mission, to help him understand the broken version of Bruce in Crisis on Infinite Earths (that living a life without love would bring him to that). I thought it was really cool that Kevin was able to draw on his long history of voicing Bruce in animation to inform his live-action portrayal.
  11. I think there's an important distinction to be made, and it goes back to what I said earlier about Sara now being the parent on a show about the kids. Klemmer didn't compare Ava to Lucille Ball; he compared Jes to Lucille Ball. The big outside-the-box talents Caity brings with her are movement-based: she's a dancer and a martial artist. But, it's very rare nowadays for the Legends to actually be able to put those to use; I don't remember any fight scenes last season other than Crisis, the finale, and the Genghis Khan episode (which Caity directed). But, one thing Caity doesn't notably bring to the table (not that she can't passably do it, but I don't think it's something for which a showrunner would say "I need Caity for this!") is being funny; it's just not one of her strengths and it's certainly nothing to do with what Caity signed up for in Arrow season 2. Unfortunately, Legends has been written as a out-and-out comedy for several years now, so when they discover that Jes has the comedic chops Caity doesn't necessarily have, the producers are going to gravitate in that direction. The aliens plot then gives them a way to let Caity do more ass-kicking (which I think she's been asking for) while the rest of the team are having wacky hijinks. And for the co-captains thing, the alternative is centering the show around a leader smashing a subordinate, which brings its own ration of icky. Making Ava co-captain at least heads off the most basic levels of that complaint.
  12. The theaters in my state are open, but the main chain (which isn't very big) is telling their Facebook followers that "we'll happily sell you popcorn regardless of whether you're going to a movie."
  13. Also on the schedule for this weekend is the screening of the new animated Superman: Man of Tomorrow movie, so if you want to see it for free I believe this is your chance. Don't count on it ever making it to DC Universe.
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