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  1. I honestly think Ciara Renee is far happier being a New York stage actress. Not that I think there was something specifically wrong in her time on Legends, just that that's not the medium she's passionate about.
  2. DC has released the premiere episode for free on Youtube! Thoroughly NSFW, but enjoy!
  3. Daddy assists are always in vogue. Someone on Twitter offered this explanation...
  4. I might take a grain of salt with this one, since it's El Maybe and The Wrap reporting it...
  5. The canopy certainly looked like it wasn't there, at least to me.
  6. ...and then I got to see it on a real screen instead of my phone and realized HOLY CRAP THEY'RE FLYING IN THE INVISIBLE JET!
  7. I'm hoping to see TV spots for this and Birds of Prey during Crisis tonight. Amazing trailer and still keeping Cheetah under wraps.
  8. Promo! Updated link! Or looks like DC has withdrawn the promo for some reason. Also, there are rumors going around that this show, as well as the new shows on HBO Max, will all connect to the Arrowverse. Just rumors, though.
  9. For those who have DC Universe, DC Daily #309 is actually a full-length watchalong of the S2 finale with Chelsea Zhang (Rose) and Curran Walters (Jason Todd).
  10. ... And now this... And here... We... Go!
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