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  1. There's no way a Zack Snyder Cut theatrical release in 2017 would have been 4 hours; most of the last half-hour (the Knightmare scene, the Martian Manhunter sequence) hadn't even been filmed at the time. I think Zack was going to fight for a 2:40 runtime based on some of his recent comments, and my guess is that the 4 hours came from HBO Max originally wanting to do 4 1-hour episodes until the cast's agents came knocking for more money. So far as Josstice League goes, I heard something on a podcast I really like. Whedon's best and quietest gig in Hollywood is as a script doctor, and som
  2. The Flash has officially started production! https://www.instagram.com/p/CN2nqn9gnaB/ (In case the embed still doesn't work):
  3. Well, here's another failed embed (thanks, Zuck!) https://www.instagram.com/p/CNeQwh8F498/ Black Adam started production yesterday. The photo is the production slate; the caption: I didn't realize the DP was the guy who filmed Joker!
  4. Black Adam starts production this week, This is what happens when you take Leg Day seriously (and I wish i knew what was up with Instagram embeds) https://www.instagram.com/p/CNXc_SMLALc/
  5. THR has, over Warner Bros. objections, written The Big Ray Fisher Story... Skip to the ending... For reference, the "hatchet job" article Fisher has referred to as his reason for no longer wanting to work on anything associated with Walter Hamada is here.
  6. The Acting awards give trophies to stunt performers but the Academy still does not.... Still, great win!
  7. HBO Max finally has the Enhanced-with-new-pillarboxing version of BvS for those with 4k TV's.
  8. Yeah. I've seen a couple of things on that, one that they didn't want people to confuse (aka "compare, contrast, and complain about") Ava's approach with ZSJL, and elsewhere that what she was planning likely wouldn't have fit in a single film. The last doesn't surprise me as I have the Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus and it literally weighs nearly 10 pounds.
  9. Personally, nothing against Gail Simone, but if there were to be a Secret Six adaptation I'd want it to be a take on the original 60's spy team, not the villain teamup version. New theatrical trailer, distinctly different from the red-band version. I don't know how Gunn came across Daniela Melchior (Ratcatcher 2), but that young lady appears to be charming as hell, even if she's surrounded by vermin.
  10. That Batwoman sigil in the Super Friends "Your order is ready" thing stood out like a sore thumb, given that that Batwoman isn't Batwoman anymore. Isn't M'Gann actually a White Martian who was pretending to be Green?
  11. That's the thing licking the window in one shot. I realize the some of the folks in that first squad are probably toast; I just hope that Boomerang and Flag aren't among them. They're the key connection to the original comics team. Well, them and John Ostrander, the original writer, who can be seen in this trailer playing the doc who injects Savant with the bomb. David Ayer has said on Twitter that his original cut of Suicide Squad was close in tone to the "I Started a Joke" Comic-Con preview, and the needle drops, etc. were all done after he turned his cut in. I believe the
  12. Yeah, she was on Season 14 and made it to Top 3. That was the first year they didn't have separate result shows, so at the finale, the Top 3 were backstage at the Kodak/Dolby Theater (where they do the Oscars), after presumably all going through dress rehearsals all week. Seacrest read the results to the TV viewers... and she was sent packing and never got to go out onto the stage in front of the audience. It still burns me becaues it just felt mean to do it that way.
  13. One more thing that I don't think anyone saw coming...
  14. Character posters (there are three posts in all):
  15. Since I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone...
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