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  1. I've also read a theory (not sure if it was here or elsewhere) that maybe Harley wasn't officially on the mission; she invited herself along. I think it's been said that she isn't actually on the detonation board at HQ, but I'm not sure on that.
  2. Exit Interview with Alan Ritchson... https://ew.com/tv/titans-alan-ritchson-exit-hank-death/ One key takeaway: losing Hawk was, at least in part, due to HBO Max wanting to reduce the sprawling number of characters they were telling stories about.
  3. MarkHB

    S03.E09: Souls

    My theory, and it's only a theory: the train is Purgatory, and a soul has to spend a certain amount of time there in expiation of its sins before moving on to "its destination" (i.e., Heaven). Tim was relatively innocent, so he would have been allowed off fairly quickly. Donna, having spent most of her life as an Amazon warrior, had more guilt on her soul and had to spend more time on the train. "Off the train" is a form of Limbo, neither here nor there. We saw nothing of Hell, but I'll torture the analogy and say it's a baggage claim carousel with no seats and they're always "still unloadin
  4. My local station with a piece on Nicole playing Nia: https://www.newscentermaine.com/amp/article/news/local/207/trans-actress-nicole-maines-says-farewell-to-playing-dreamer-the-iconic-transgender-superhero-she-played-on-supergirl-the-cw-rsu-26/97-37d37448-b2de-4ecd-b7fa-7599f31878dd
  5. As others have mentioned, that was Bruce, the creepy kid from the season opener. (Name is a hat-tip to Bruce Gordon, Eclipso's original alter-ego in the comics.) I'm hoping that Jade and Jakeem (who got the Thunderbolt pen) make it back this season. Those whole two acts, the fight with the kids, Shade's entrance, everything with Eclipso... I think this may be the best single episode of DCTV I've seen since Crisis on Earth-X. I was hoping that Issac would find out that the JSA had nothing to do with his mother's death; that was Artemis's parents.
  6. Somewhat disappointing that this FanDome will only be 4 hours instead of 8. I'm sure they got lots of tracking info last time to see how long folks would stick around for things.
  7. I hope this was the right episode... what was up with using the Pre-Viz for the Batcave trophies? It's awesome that, for the first time in live action that I know of, they acknowledged the mechanical dinosaur and giant penny, but just showing them as the Pre-Viz because they ran out of time &/or money to render them properly??? WTF were we supposed to be seeing? "Not the real trophies, but projected holograms?"
  8. Please forgive me in case I'm rupturing a mental block your brain has created to keep you from remembering this, but her brother has actually appeared in the Arrowverse: (Spoiled because I used his codename.)
  9. Lessons learned...
  10. I'm glad this one got validated so quickly! And note the last emoji here...
  11. The bandages aren't because of his burns, they're because the negative spirit (which I still think is basically keeping him alive) causes him to be dangerously radioactive on his own. The bandages are basically laced with lead and serve to protect everyone else. And as a comics fan, no, I wouldn't appreciate it :)
  12. OK, but I took the OP as saying that the series needed to essentially be a prequel because Peacemaker was either irredeemable or dead at the end of TSS.
  13. At least this one's not advocating petty larceny... Game Night!
  14. I don't think it'll be flashbacks; that's why the end credits scene was there. Did you catch that the doctor who put the bomb in Savant's head was played by John Ostrander?
  15. Seriously, Jesse should get the chair from the Legion Cruiser. Unless, of course, there's a LSH series in the works...
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