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  1. It would have been hilarious had they gotten Stephen Amell to show up and wear that outfit for the photo. Dragon King casually walking over to the cell door after Cindy threatened to kill him and shutting the little window was played perfectly. But I did NOT expect him to follow with, "Gas her. It always calmed her down when she was a baby." No wonder the rest of the ISA gives him the stink-eye!
  2. I'm guessing that the telekinesis was Baby Doll's own power. Then when Manny showed up to protect Dorothy, Flaming Katy took over to protect the Collective, and things just went to shit.
  3. At last, the Seven Soldiers. I'm guessing that at least two of them ( other than the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy) will look familiar to many of you... I'm not sure how many kids Courtney's age would pull up a detailed Village People reference, though.
  4. I think naming back to back episodes "Brainwave" and "Brainwave Jr." is very confusing.
  5. I am not entirely sure that Candlemaker is one of her creations. He's the only one we hear talk to her and he's always looking to do evil.
  6. (Actually, ordered to series at HBO Max per THR). Developed by Matt Reeves and Terence Winter, "a police drama series set in the crime-infested streets of the Caped Crusader’s hometown Gotham City."
  7. I don't know that DCU is actually funding these shows. In the recent Office Hours thread, their community manager said that DCU didn't really have anyone giving notes during production; that was all WBTV. So it almost seems like WB was using DCU to showcase shows they wanted to resell elsewhere. So, my point there is, the CW exclusive may limit the upside on the show going forward, which could, in fact, limit the budget. OTOH, Stargirl has been an extremely good performer for the CW, so maybe they'll look more kindly upon it.
  8. I'm not sure that anyone but Baby Doll is dead; Candlemaker tossed the others around, but Dorothy blamed BD for the death of her friend (which, we found out, was her protector from the time her mother died until Niles found her) and I'm guessing she wished her dead. But damn, Hammerhead was right about kids fighting and the chances of escalation. Really, though, BD was the one who took it to the next level when she locked Dorothy in the furnace and turned it on. Then it just all went nuclear. Also, Candlemaker looked really good
  9. Black Lightning already films in Georgia, so they have some awareness of the tax breaks, Covid situation, etc. Plus being in the States means they don't have to deal with whether the border is closed, so from that perspective they might be ahead of the game.
  10. Well, one thing she is is horny, which isn't surprising as I doubt Dr. Ito whips his lizard out very often.
  11. It was. The original creators left after S3 IIRC, although the new showrunners who came in had been writers on the show already. Thanks for the follow up!
  12. I am anxious to hear if she finishes and what she thinks of the ending (although I have a good idea). I wonder if, when Nathan shot the barn, he actually shot the show.
  13. That's something that occurred to me as folks talked about Sara not getting decent storylines, etc.: making her Captain, and then putting her into a stable relationship, has essentially made her a parent in a show about the kids. Her role is to be boring so the others can reflect off of her. She's become Howard Cunningham.
  14. True, but at least the big fight in the premiere was in Los Angeles. The ISA undoubtedly had their secret base in Blue Valley all along, but their operations were much wider.
  15. Somehow we missed this in the runup to the show...
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