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  1. MarkHB

    Harley Quinn Anticipation

    New BTS trailer:
  2. MarkHB

    Planet Go Boom: Spoilers

    So, Cam Welch is being chatty on Twitter. Here's the initial plan for the open of Season 3: Also, he goes on to say that Nyssa was on Rann, those were indeed Thanagarians, and it was going to be the Omega Men and the Rann-Thanagar War.
  3. MarkHB

    Welcome to the Planet: Krypton in the Media

    Statement / tribute by the showrunner. He inadvertently left out Wallis Day, but if you go to the original and click Show Thread he then includes her.
  4. MarkHB

    Wonder Woman

    Assuming you mean live action, she changes clothes. We haven't seen any magical quick changes in any of the 3 films she has been in. Allow me to recommend "Wonder Woman" at least, though.
  5. MarkHB

    S07.E13: Their Last Bow

    It starts here...
  6. MarkHB

    S07.E13: Their Last Bow

    I, too, was faked out by not-Joan's-funeral and missed the Arthur=ACD reference. But it was a very satisfying finale for a show that I've watched since the beginning but rarely posted here about. Sherlock Holmes has been perceived as "difficult" to bring to the screen for years, and this turned out to be one of the best interpretations ever. I loved how, at the end, Marcus waved Holmes & Watson into his office in exactly the same way that Gregson always did; learn from the best! Preseason football is handled differently from regular season. The broadcasts are essentially local (even if WCBS is owned by the network), and it's up to the local station how they handle the pre-empted shows. So, yes, the local stations' management is where those of you who were affected should direct your ire. One of the EP's was live-tweeting on the Elementary Writers account during the show, calling out things like a couple of callbacks to the pilot, etc. Worth checking out when you have a chance!
  7. MarkHB

    S02.E10: The Alpha and the Omega

  8. MarkHB

    S02.E10: The Alpha and the Omega

    In the comics, Rann and Thanagar had a war. Thanagar is the homeworld of Hawkman and Hawkgirl and soldiers and police from that planet traditionally wear the Hawk-garb (whether the wings are accoutrements or organic varies with time). So at first I thought the warriors flying overhead were Thanagarian Hawkpeople and they were going that route. But, the Omega written in blood said Darkseid to me more than Thanagar*, and when I paused that "overhead invaders" shot not only did they not have Hawk-heads, but the wings didn't look birdlike at all. So I am going with "Rann has been invaded from Apokolips and those were his parademons." (If you saw the Justice League movie, those things were parademons. If you're a Marvel fan, just think that parademons = Chitauri). I assumed it was the same one that had been attached to Lyta, recovered from the bloodletting. * - For those few people who might read this and get the reference, yes, I know the Omega Men also exist, but trying to explain them would keep us here all night.
  9. MarkHB

    S02.E10: The Alpha and the Omega

    Do you have a link?
  10. Erica is already playing Kara's mother on Supergirl, replacing Laura Benanti who, I guess, doesn't want to leave New York and her kids for TV these days.
  11. MarkHB

    S02.E10: The Alpha and the Omega

    Oh yes they did! So now Nyssa is on what we think is Rann, but it's overrun by Darkseid;'s parademons. (I literally exclaimed "Holy shit Thanagarians!" first, but when I went back and looked they weren't wearing the Hawk headgear.) Lyta and Seg teaming up to take down Zod was awesome, as was the toast to Kem and "Kneel before Kandor!" Still no word on S3, though.
  12. MarkHB

    S02.E09: Blood Moon

    Speaking for myself and my interpretation of what the show has given us, my answer to this is "because he's married to Nyssa." Although I wouldn't call it a nuisance, I'd call it dishonorable and wrong on Seg's part to be indulging his love for Lyta because, again, he's married to Nyssa.
  13. MarkHB

    S02.E10: The Alpha and the Omega

    "The Omega"??? OMG no they can't be going there.... SEASON FINALE