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  1. I certainly had no idea this show would become so... Non-superficial.
  2. I had no trouble watching it last night on my Roku, and I just pulled it up on my desktop and it's working fine.
  3. Tiresias. The was born a man, became a woman for seven years, and then changed back. The blindness and prophecy came later after he got drawn into an argument between Zeus and Hera about sex.
  4. MarkHB

    The Batman (2021)

    You're right, they're cropped out. The way they're implied in this shot though, it looks like they're really far back. And now that I've gotten a better look at it, the collar and leather cowl remind me of Gotham by Gaslight. And this, I don't think it's made from a gun (as twitter is speculatin). It doesn't look right to be that.
  5. MarkHB

    The Batman (2021)

    Is it just me, or do the ears seem really far back? Maybe he's going for the Detective #27 look? Don't fart me wrong, I like it and the music a lot!
  6. Shhh... The first rule of Legends is "We do not talk about Season 1!" 🙂
  7. The heartbreaking news in there is that Jes didn't do the good singing last week.
  8. One think I caught that I don't think the show had established before: when Nora's work with a particular "godchild" is done, her wand vanishes? But, how did she get to the point that she can apparently pick her charges? Unless it's a "Crisis, just go with it" situation, of course. And, since I am of that generation, I have to give props to Belinda Carlisle! Great to hear that song show up.
  9. I'm sure it's not being changed on the actual "prints" of the film (and my local theater, from a small regional chain, doesn't even have the changed listings). I saw one site say it was primarily an SEO thing, essentially that people are searching for the Harley Quinn movie and not finding it so they're fixing that.
  10. Say what? What, is there a parent-teacher conference for a kid we've never heard of? She needs to meet with a rep from Fidelity because they're using time travel stock market games to finance Waverider operations? She has to go to Nanda Parbat because the lair is going condo and as a member of the League she has to vote her shares? I assume this was either crossover-related or Caity had another gig to attend to but it's still an incredibly strange (aka lame) description.
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