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  1. @Soulfire posted the transcript of Stephen talking about Emily and her play with Leanne Aguilera, but here's the video, for anyone interested. And here's another video of him talking about her play during the roundtables. Find yourself a best friend who cries because you got a good review in the NY Times.
  2. KenyaJ

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Final Countdown

    LOL. Same. I still care about what happens on the show, at least as it concerns Oliver, Diggle, and their kids. I just don't care enough to actually watch it (until Felicity shows up, which I expect her to). But I could never quit the board, no matter what. I'd miss you guys way more than the show.
  3. KenyaJ

    Arrow Stars in Other Roles

    Great news.
  4. KenyaJ

    The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    Stephen being Emily's biggest fan will always be my favorite thing. ❤️
  5. KenyaJ

    S15.E10: Week 10

    And after the back and forth with Luke started, Tyler tweeted in support of Hannah. He’s the only guy on the show that I follow, so I don’t know if anyone else did. Anyway, I just saw this article, in which Hannah says she misjudged Tyler. https://www.tvinsider.com/794489/hannah-tyler-bachelorette-2019-fantasy-suite/ It’s interesting to me that she felt that way. He couldn’t have been sweeter when they had their first date in the middle of all the Luke P./Luke S. drama. The way he focused on her and tried to get her mind off of it reminded me so much of Ashley’s date with JP after all the Bentley drama. Maybe that’s why Tyler’s my favorite bachelor since JP.
  6. KenyaJ

    S15.E10: Week 10

    I knew he was my fave for a reason! It would be the first season where I wished every date involved hot tubs and massages. i felt bad for Hannah at the end of her date, when she got emotional about how respectful Tyler had been of her feelings. She hasn't quite gotten to the stage of life where she expects and demands that rather than being surprised by it. I hope she gets there one day.
  7. KenyaJ

    Arrow Stars in Other Roles

    Our girl is in the NY Times! Review: A Meticulous Artist, Numb to the Touch, in ‘Reborning’ https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/12/theater/reborning-review.html
  8. Welp. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Stars Dorit and PK Kemsley’s Bank Account Frozen Amid Legal Battle Over $1.2 Million Loan: Report Their account is frozen until the next hearing in September! Yikes.
  9. From Stephen's IG story yesterday. Refresh my memory –– what happened in 103? 🤔😄
  10. KenyaJ

    S15.E08: Week 8: Amsterdam

    Every freaking season, like clockwork. These people should have to attend a mandatory grammar class before filming starts.