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  1. I had totally forgotten over the summer that EBR was no longer on the show until reading this thread.😆
  2. Playing catch up, but once again, Tala Ashe is a treasure. Also, the brig, which is designed to hold shape-shifting magical creatures--creatures that could become a fog--does not have a filtration system on its vents? C'mon writers, Be Best.
  3. Holy sh!t that was one cute baby.
  4. Clearly Thawn is shipping WestAllen becasue he needs their kid to escape. And if they break up in the past (our now) no Nora in the future (his now). I love how everyone knows how to visit Thawne in chronological order. Every conversation people from the past are having with him follows the previous one. No one jumps to the future but before a conversation he has not already had. It's very nice of them and quite convenient for him.
  5. Catching up on eps due to spring break. I liked this one a lot. I can see how a confused Nora, with no knowledge of any of her father's history would initially turn to Thawne, though Barry's point about going back after learning about Thawne is valid. I can see how Thawne would be a different person to Nora than he is to Barry, and how she would still think him a friend even after learning about him. TC is best on this show as Eobard. And I don't know why this is, but every time as Thawne he uses the "Run, [speedster], Run!" line it gives me a thrill.
  6. Oh, show, I missed you. A solid, if not spectacular return, but then it would be hard to follow the awesomeness that was 'The Legends of To Meow-Meow.' I feel like the Ava/Sara break-up was well-handled in that neither of them were wrong. Ava's point was valid in that the Legends had been condemning creatures to Hell, and were going to do the same to nü-Amaya not too long ago. And just because they slightly humanized Konane, it was still captured for being a dangerous beast. Of course, Sara's point that these creatures may be redeemable (the not-hellbound Charlie) should be something to g
  7. Earlier in the season he had explained to Nora why he hated Thawne, and she--named after Barry's murdered mother--kept working with him. I am with Barry on this, she can cool her heels in the Pipeline for a couple of days.
  8. I do like that they have have come full circle on the plot. S1, the Glades was a dump and had to be destroyed for to make glorious Starling City. Now, in S7, Star City must be destroyed for to make glorious The Glades.
  9. Leitch you fool! Everyone who has ever prefaced their Canon pitch with "I am undefeated!" has gone on to lose that pitch.
  10. Dylan: Have you ever heard of the pink moment? Kelly: What's that? It sounds kind of obscene? Dylan: It's what they call the sunset around here. Kelly: Oh, good, 'cause you were kinda making me nervous. Ugh-[thunk]. You are too old, show, in S10 to try to get over racy, sex-tinged dialogue. Or at least you should have given this scene to Dylan and Gina, who could have sold it better.
  11. Here's a question I love to ask: Why is a shark man wearing pants with a belt?? Cannot ARGUS or STAR get him some swim trunks?
  12. I loathe Diaz as much as everyone else here, but KA's delivery of "Looks like someone owes me an apology" made me chuckle outloud, God help me. You know what would have been a cooler way to do the future flashes? An early season episode that was all future, and laid out the whole future story, and then, as the season went on, have the actions/decisions TA making now change a part of that future, so that by season's end, we go from the dystopia presented, to a bright, hopeful outcome.
  13. I think this is just funny joke/burn on both the original Laurel and Star City jurisprudence. I like that even BS Laurel seems surprised/bemused that she is doing as good a job as she is.
  14. I was listening to this on my bike yesterday, and passers-by must have thought I was a nutjob, because when it got to that long hold on the music at the end of Kelly's first meeting with the Patchs, I was saying outloud "Oh no, no, no, no, noo-"--[Duh Duh Dun Dun Clap-clap]--"you bastards!"
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