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    ABC Movie and Show game

    Another World
  2. Oh, I have every confidence that Mick will still call her "Skirt".
  3. Comics info on the setup of Crisis and who Pariah is for those who don't know (books spoiler):
  4. Oh, Cameron had his own pics on his Instagram. It seems that he and his gf literally walked around Comic-Con as Nightwing and Batgirl. Here's the new CWVerse promo for those who haven't seen it...
  5. MarkHB

    Harley Quinn

    OMG. I just watched it and I am literally in tears. I'm not sure if it's 😂😂😂 or nostalgia for my childhood (i nearly hit the floor when the music started).
  6. Links to fan art, stories, etc. Please, if you didn't create it yourself give credit to those who did if you can.
  7. My hunch: much like JWS's Flash appearance in Elseworlds turned out to be far briefer than imagined, Brandon Routh's Superman appearance will be similarly brief, and likely one of those "other worlds getting destroyed" cameos at the start of the series. Also, Keto Shimizu Tweeted something which she then took down, which made it sound like Crisis will actually be separate from the shows themselves. She said that the last episode of Crisis leads into LoT #501; I asked if that meant that Crisis is actually its own separate miniseries, but it was never answered and her Tweet disappeared.
  8. MarkHB

    Swamp Thing

    S01.E08: Long Walk Home (2019.07.19) Yeah, yeah, screw all that, this is when we get Adrienne Freaking Barbeau!
  9. MarkHB

    Beyond the Cape: Cast in Other Roles

    Great kind words about Melissa. Also our newest cast member...
  10. MarkHB

    S02.E06: In Zod We Trust

    Given all we learned last season about the House of Zod and their honor and so forth, I would be surprised if they had clones as backup. Not that it's impossible, but if it happened I'd have to call bullshit on absolutely everything Jayna has ever said.
  11. MarkHB

    ABC Movie and Show game

    Real People
  12. MarkHB

    She's Superman's Cousin!: And Other Supergirl Spoilers

    She could always wear red underwear on the outside 🙂 .
  13. Does being captain limit Sara too much, though? I saw that EW cover and it struck me that, outside of HeyWorld, we've barely seen her in her White Canary suit in a long time, and I think part of that is that she's got to be in charge instead of being the assassin she signed on as. True Confession: I primarily watch this show for the Atom, followed by Mick at this point.
  14. MarkHB

    Shazam! (2019)

    The BluRay came out yesterday. I haven't watched them all yet, but there are around 30 minutes of deleted scenes, including a whole new opening with someone other than John Glover playing Daddy Sivana, and you can watch them with or without little voiceover intros by David Sandberg. Speaking of Sandberg, he's been discussing the film on Twitter, and here's a video he put together that talks about problem-solving during the shoot....
  15. MarkHB

    Shazam! (2019)

    Cast: Zachary Levi: Shazam (aka Captain Marvel) Mark Strong: Dr. Thaddeus Sivana Asher Angel: Billy Batson Jack Dylan Grazer: Freddy Freeman Djimon Hounsou: The Wizard Grace Fulton: Mary Bromfield Ian Chen: Eugene Jovan Armand: Pedro Cooper Andrews: The guy who runs the orphanage group home Directed by David F. Sandberg Release date: April 5, 2019
  16. MarkHB

    Swamp Thing

    Courtesy of Virginia Madsen...
  17. MarkHB

    Super(girl) Media

    A season-ending EW article on Nicole Maines and Nia.
  18. MarkHB

    Super(girl) Media

    From Entertainment Weekly by way of Supergirl.TV, Melissa will get to direct an episode this year! Link also features a pic of the Supergirl SDCC swag bag.
  19. MarkHB

    Titans Spoilers: Locked in the Tower

    BTS Table read: Teagan's look has evolved... https://twitter.com/thomas_polito/status/1150807152690438144/
  20. MarkHB

    Swamp Thing

    Note to DCU fans: Titans discussion at Primetimer has moved to its own forum. If you're looking for it, please go there.
  21. MarkHB

    Doom Patrol

    Note to DCU fans: Titans discussion at Primetimer has moved to its own forum. If you're looking for it, please go there.
  22. MarkHB


    Note to DCU fans: Titans discussion at Primetimer has moved to its own forum. If you're looking for it, please go there.