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  1. Into season 3 now -- three lip syncs & two got physical?! What in the sweet hell was Mimi Imfurst thinking?!
  2. And every time he mentions his son, I can only think, "What poor girl slept with this idiot?" ETA just watching the finale judging panel and Merle just said, "I think Tyra is very intelligent." I literally screamed "What?!" alone in my apartment. Where's Michelle? She never would have fallen for Tyra's lockjaw, monotone bullshit.
  3. It's taking everything in me to not live post my S2 watch. I'm on ep 9 with the Diva awards -- WHY does Ru love Tyra so much? She's stank garbage!! And her "drag mom" in the previous ep looked terrible!! She should have been in the bottom.
  4. I was going to say something about 'scheduling monkeys' but then I remembered that mokneys are intelligent, social creatures and this is straight madness!!
  5. Up to S2E5 (the wedding). I will grant that Tyra looks good on the runway but that child is dumb as rocks and mean to boot. So tiring. Really disappointing to know he won.
  6. Apparently my opinions on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are not the same as everyone else, since I don't agree with either option in the very first question. Although I am in the majority on the issue of resurrecting the dead. Warning, spoilers. https://www.buzzfeed.com/shylawatson/are-your-chilling-adventures-of-sabrina-opinions-the-same
  7. Just discovered seasons 2-7 have been returned to (Canadian) Netflix!! It's funny starting S2 -- Shangela was one of the few names I recognized and she was first out! And most of them are so quiet!!
  8. Just because he was in Calgary in the 70s doesn't mean he's still there. Also, I get the whimsy/joke/whatever but Eleanor's hair and teeth fell out on Earth -- that stuff doesn't just grow back in 5 minutes.
  9. I just finished the series last night. Weirdly the thing that bothers me the most (although not the only thing that bothers me) is the Kinkle family owning the mine. In fact, everything relating to the mine bothered me. First, if they owned a mine, they would be relatively wealthy and they wouldn't actually work the mine. I mean, I admit that most of my knowledge of mining is from watching the first few seasons of Justified but ... seriously. Second, I understand the retro aesthetic of the show but the 1940s coal-mining equipment is pushing it a bit too far. Third, if there is a mine collapse the owner can't just declare everyone dead after like 24 hours and hold a funeral. The general absence of police or any authority/regulatory officials in the whole show is jarring but COME ON. I can suspend my disbelief on the School for Unseen Arts more readily than for that. I agree that Sabrina is a weak link in the show. I appreciate her being confident and pushing forward despite odds but resurrecting the dead is beyond the pale in any understanding of the world. The fact that she did it, that she thought she could outwit the balance of nature by offering a soul and then taking it back, is a level of confidence too far. She really thinks the rules don't apply to her and I don't know that the fallout was enough for her to get it. The very next episode, within thirty seconds of Hilda saying "I can't hold this much longer", she abandoned her!! Like, WTH??
  10. I didn't realize The Sisters Brothers had even been released.
  11. How did it take me until now to realize that was said by an all-knowing, all-seeing judge?
  12. This reminds me of the time she was on Graham Norton with Matt LeBlanc & Kit Harrington (? - Jon Snow) and was so consistently and determinedly proud of her ignorance of Friends, Game of Thrones, and popular entertainment generally that Matt LeBlanc snapped at her. She's just vulgar and stupid.
  13. I want to defend Julia/Anna but the "having a boyfriend" thing in the first half is pretty bad. Her reaction with the paps is also pretty bad but the very fact that Spike did sell her out kind of says something about her life as a whole and why she would have a panic reaction there. And I swear I saw Julia interviewed where she was genuinely shocked that anyone believed the line to her costar on set (which Hugh heard through headphones) was sincere. I was more annoyed by the Spike/sister romance that came out of nowhere and he's gross.
  14. I'm sorry, apropos of nothing, are we talking about the fact that Felix Mallard's name is literally Lucky Duck?? Someone needs to talk about this.
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