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  1. myken900

    S03.E07: The Mattress

    Me neither. I feel the same way about Jake and Amy, they are truly so adorable it's crazy.
  2. myken900

    S03.E07: The Mattress

    Hahah yeah people will only love their bed if it is comfortable. Other then that forget it!
  3. myken900

    Truth Be Told

    Hmm, interesting. Honestly, speaking media is just not good. I don't know I would rather not listen to them.
  4. myken900

    Truth Be Told

    Hmm I just googled this seems a bit interesting! Did you finish reading this book? I was planning on giving a shot but would rather first get some feedback from someone who read it. I hate when I read something and it's just so boring that I can fall asleep reading it ha!