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  1. I agreed with one review I read that the movie was enjoyable partly because the cast looked like they were having a blast during filming. If there's such a thing as a feel-good zombie flick, this was it. Didn't really buy the Wichita-Columbus love story, but everything else was more than fine — and Zooey Deutch practically stole every scene she was in.
  2. Any episode with angsty Jack has something going for it.
  3. The more I learn about Brie Larson, the better I like her.
  4. Followed by a "whaa whaaaaaa" from a trombone.
  5. "And while you're at it, get off my yard, you little punks!"
  6. I totally missed that the "on your left" line was a callback to the jogging scene with Cap and Sam in "Winter Soldier." I'm really going to have to watch this film again to see how many other callbacks I missed.
  7. Vin Diesel does a good job saying "I am Groot!" That's all I've got, folks.
  8. One last thing about Gelina ... I always felt so sorry for her. All she did was fall in love with Crichton and get killed for her trouble — which happened a lot to people who fell into John's orbit, now that I think about it.
  9. I always liked the Gelina vs. Aeryn dynamic for John. Gelina, IMO, represented a more normal type of life that he would have been more than happy with on Earth, which is why he was so attracted to her when they first met. Aeryn, meanwhile, was representative of his new reality in the Uncharted Territories. By the time of "Nerve," Chrichton had bid hail and farewell to his old life —and, consequently, Gelina. Or maybe I'm just overthinking the whole thing.
  10. The Priors were probably one of those ideas that was better in theory than in execution. A foe that is implacable and relentless could be fantastic, such as the Borg on Star Trek, but that didn't translate to the Priors. Maybe religious fanatics are just boring.
  11. I liked how Roger and Brie embraced like "two humans who have chemistry." Damning with faint praise, indeed. On the subject of the couple's mad dash into each other arms, may I just say how impressed I was with Sophie Skelton's running skills? She was picking 'em up and putting them down like she was competing in the 100-meter dash ... in a Colonial-era dress.
  12. Thank you for adding a new phrase to my vocabulary :-)
  13. I never saw it, either, but I went out of my way not to see any hints of 'ships on his show. It's not that I'm against 'ships; I just didn't trust the writing staff to get them right.
  14. Oh, yeah ... I can stomach Return of the Evil Copter because Sherry Stringfield just acted the hell out of that episode. And I even liked Donal Logue. CHUCK: "They brought their own nurse and that bitch wouldn't let me ride." SUSAN: "That bitch saved your life!" Of course, TPTB had to screw up even that semi-sweet relationship.
  15. Preach it! Season 2 of Enterprise was pretty good in spots, but almost unwatchable in others. Scott Bakula is one of my favorite TV actors, but I almost gave up on the guy during this season (he redeems himself pretty well in Season 3, though). The problem, I believe, wasn't with Bakula but with the gawd-awful writings in places. You've mentioned "A Night in Sickbay," and I never will defend that mess, but at least it was a hot mess, compared to the lifeless whatever that was "Precious Cargo," which is my least-favorite ENT episode. What made these horrible episodes so especially frustrating w
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