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  1. The outrage was over a conflation of people thinking that Lauer independently commissioned the button like a bond villain and how he allegedly used it. Say a husband kills his wife " in a crime of passion" with their kitchen knife in fight vs hiring a hitman to do the deed. Yes, both are very bad but the second behaviour has an additional layer of premeditation instead of convenience.
  2. Katie Couric went on the Wendy Williams show and stated that the desk button was an executive perk available to NBC executives. Lauer didn’t just decide to order one to transform his office into a sex dungeon. Link Note that I am not defending Lauer, i think that the guy is a pig, but the button narrative seems to have been totally overblown. Other news anchors and talk show hosts mentioned casually that they where familiar with the contraption, it seems fairly common place in that industry.
  3. Disagree. The movie was about showing how the actions of those women was a prelude to where we are now concerning abuse in the workplace.The believe women movement is about changing the cultural habit of not putting the blame of sexual harassment on who it deserves to go, the abuser, but on the victim. Saying that right wing women who work at a right wing news channel ” created” the circumstances under which they where harassed isn’t very different from scolding rape victims who dressed inappropriately. The movie clearly depicted Roger as the one in the wrong and that’s appropriate. Carlson and Kelly and the other accusers did change the cultural at FOX, they outed the pervert CEO and Bill o Reilly and eventually others. Now they both are doing the press rounds on talk shows talking about the wider #metoo movement speaking very much like liberal feminists, it’s weird watching them after being used to their Fox News era talking points.
  4. TBH I am not sure that there wasn’t a sexual element. Her account of the abuser carrying her to the bath after attacking her set off red flags to me. 😥.
  5. Those people didn’t go up the ranks in today’s social media climate. It has the power to kill an artist’s involvement in projects anytime after initial announcement. Blake Jenner isn’t established enough for producers to weather any controversial out and he is still relatively young and his potential fan base have zero tolerance for problematic people
  6. Poor Melissa. It’s horrible that she had to go through that. She did mention that Blake would get jealous of her dancing with another man at work. Glee is the most likely job she is referring too.
  7. Normally, adding a new actor in the final episode of the season and making them the protagonist of it shouldn’t work but adult Bobby in this totally did. He provided closure to the plot point of Mr Jingles begrudgingly leaving him as a baby to keep him safe. Also using an AHS alum means the audience is already accustomed to seeing him in the show. While I was disappointed at not seeing the final big festival that they have been building up towards we at least got to see Kajagoogoo in the last episode perform their one hit. Too many innocent people have died already at that camp so I am glad that Margaret didn’t get to have another victory. This season has made me more comfortable with the fact that Matthew Morrison has an Emmy nomination for lead actor in a Comedy. His delivery of Trevors deadpan humor was very good. I loved that he complemented Bruce’s “ bitchin stache” before kicking him beyond the camp boundaries.
  8. So the “ casting” of a CGI James Dean brings up some interesting implications. If it’s success, up and coming actors may soon not only have to complete with living names for Plum roles but with legends who died decades ago. CGI creations have been the headliners of movies for ages. I mean no one went to see Jurassic Park for the humans ( as good as they where), but this is different. CGI up until now was about making the impossible possible on screen. You can’t get a real dinosaur to be in your movie but you can cast one of thousands of 20 something trained and talented actors to play this role they want CGI James dean for. It seems Unnecessary.
  9. The scene with the “ baseball boy” will haunt me for a while. It was an important plot point and I admire the boldness of not hold back on showing the violence like most horror films involving kid victims do. But man it was hard to watch!
  10. Trevor: First base never felt so good Chet: You only kissed ? Trevor: Of course not Chet: That’s what first base means Trevor: Maybe to you
  11. The three jingle impersonators where not camp counsellors though, they where some townies, but they became ghosts. Mr Jingles wasn’t one either but I guess his mothers hatred of him tied him into her curse. Dr Hopple and Richard Ramirez ( Satan brought him back) not becoming ghosts fits the pattern though.
  12. Also spousal privilege doesn’t apply when one spouse is accused of a crime against the other. Margaret intentionally tried to murder Trevor and very nearly succeeded. He can never be denied the right to seek justice.
  13. He has his pre Redwood life, like the condo that appeared in the TV show. The stab injuries probably ended his aerobic instructor career though.
  14. I am confused about the arrangement between Trevor and Margaret. In the flashback to the hospital room, Trevor states that he wanted to turn Margaret over to the police but then realised that her money will ensure her immunity from any consequences. He then blackmails her, money in exchange for his silence. Back in 1989 Trevor proclaims that he doesn’t need the fancy stuff and “ would rather die than be indebted to her” during the their fight. But he isn’t indebted to her, it was a mutual arrangement. He can literally just walk out anytime and call the cops on her. He can later sell as many high priced items as he can pile into the Bentley for money to get back on his feet. Something didn’t make sense.
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