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  1. I thought that Alden Ehrenreich did a great job in Solo. He was able to channel the character without directly imitating Harrison Ford. His reviews where good even though the movie flopped. While he might not, for now, get cast to headline another blockbuster movie, I can’t see why he shouldn’t get opportunities on TV or indies.
  2. Remembering Sacha Baron Cohens rise on Channel 4 during the mid 1990s, I was happy to see his comeback with who is America, after a few lacklustre movies. His unique act is ideal for cable and since he is reliant on the people he is interviewing not recognising him, not reaching super A-list level of fame may be for the best. Also Matthew mcconaugheys mcconaissance has be one of this decades best comebacks even though it has some want cooled off these past couple of years.
  3. Pink ranger

    Aladdin (2019)

    Saw it yesterday in England. Overall it’s a solid trip to the cinema, 7/10. Jasmine is the best part about it and one aspect that I think is better than the 1992 original, the part is more fleshed out. She is a feminist in a misogynistic Middle Eastern world. Will Smith wasn’t as bad as I thought he was going to be. The blue make up still looked weird but he works as Aladdin’s mentor/BFF if you picture him as the fresh prince instead of Robin Williams. Aladdin was a great dancer and the choreography, hip hop meets Bollywood, was fun to watch particularly during a party scene at the palace mid film. The animal parts where well done. Iago looked and talked like a real parrot. Rajah was guard like protective of Jasmin and Abu has kleptomania. I didn’t like Jaffa, too soft spoken and boyish looking to be scary in the sense that the cartoon portrayed.
  4. Sterling K Brown who probably not so coincidentally is also in Ryan Murphys universe. I say that because Ryan’s short season anthology tv shows are an ideal time commitment for actors who want to mix TV and movie work. Sarah Paulson is able to do 13 episodes of American Horror Story, film a movie in the hiatus then go right back to her stable job on AHS on top of playing Marcia Clark ect.
  5. Pink ranger

    Bull in the Media

    The OP asked why do some people want to see the tapes to believe the victim. I think that it’s because upon viewing some may disagree that Weatherlys conduct was sexual harassment. That interpretation is a grey area. Note that I do support the payout, am just thinking out different POVs.
  6. Pink ranger

    Bull in the Media

    The grey area is that while the perpetrator can admit to saying what he said he can deny to intending it to be sexual abuse but to be light hearted banter. Where an individual draws the line where joking becomes objectionable is subjective.
  7. Danica also got a degree in mathematics and wrote a series of books. The titles of them are a little dodgy though. If I was a parent of a middle school girl looking for some extra reading, covers with “ girls get curves” or “ Hot X” might make me think that I was in a very wrong book section.
  8. Pink ranger

    The Greatest Dancer

    https://tbivision.com/2018/10/10/mipcom-hot-picks-the-greatest-dancer/ After the initial auditions the dance captains will teach the contestants different styles of dance and perform with them In the later stage.
  9. Pink ranger

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    What if there are two subdivisions for best picture: Independent and studio, each has 5 eligible nominees. At the ceremony three trophies are handed out: best independent film, best studio film and best picture, which is picked from among all 10 nominees.
  10. Pink ranger

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    A “popular movie” could be defined as any movie that made over $100 million world wide. The rest would be considered for the existing best picture award. Looking at best picture winners of the past ten years, Argo, The Kings Speech and Slumdog Millionare would have made that cut.
  11. Pink ranger

    Media: Single Mom I'd Like to Read About

    Ally Sheedy and Matthew Morrison to guest star in season 2. https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/smilf-season-2-ally-sheedy-matthew-morrision-1202882995/ Why do I get the feeling that the nice guy persona in Matthews character description will turn out to be fake?
  12. Pink ranger

    Cast in Other Roles

    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/ryan-murphys-politician-enlists-zoey-deutch-laura-dreyfuss-1127418 RM has cast Laura Dreyfuss ( Twin Madison in Glees final season) as a series regular on his new Netflix show.
  13. Pink ranger

    Let's try to market this: media, articles and interviews

    Does anybody know what is happening with Glee forum? It just suddenly closed without warning about a week a go.
  14. If typecasting is really an issue for her then TV might be a good option. I am sure that someone from a good cable or streaming channel could have role for her that renegotiates her image.
  15. Pink ranger

    Black Panther (2018)

    Killmonger alluded to how African people had been subjected to long term oppression. While they didn’t spend time explaining the ugly real life details with the European I think that the film makers assumed that the audience where aware of it. I didn’t take it as cleansing history. Killmonger wasn’t claiming that Wakandas purposeful isolation was a crime as equal to those of Europeans but that it was still wrong.