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  1. I can't believe they couldn't get Dave to record that and put it in. Or just put a black screen up with the info like they ended up doing for RuPauls Drag Race this season.
  2. Jimmy mentioned on his Instagram that they didn’t finish their tattoos, so that’s why it had to be this way.
  3. Based on this Instagram post, this will actually end up serving as the finale. Bummer for the contestants but also the right thing to do — most shows have a clause that they don’t pay out the winnings until the show airs, and who knows when that would be at this point
  4. Jerrel got screwed out of a win. Angel's was good, but before the challenge, they took such care to describe how it was a "realistic" challenge, but then said hers was an illustration. I also thought Frank's, while not great, was better than Hiram's and was baffled he wasn't in the conversation for the bottom. Jessa was the right choice to go though. Bummer, because I liked her, but I think hers was a tad worse than Bob's. I'm starting to wonder if Nunez and Oliver are ever going to use their pardons. This season is going to go on forever if they do.
  5. Man, I love Snaz Daddy. When was the last time we saw a competitor— not on the same team — help out someone they were directly up against? And the rest of those guys are full of shit; they all took something in their wheelhouse given the option — except for Hiram, who got stuck because he was the last to pick. Color me surprised, I thought for sure Ink Master was going to keep at least one person from each team — I’m glad they didn’t! I think the blind judging helped. Jessa’s glee at taking out Jason was amazing. I love her — I don’t think she’s going to win, but I hope she sticks around
  6. Daniel Craig returns as host; The Weeknd as musical guest. I’m going to go ahead and guess they booked this before the James Bond release date was moved
  7. K wasnt winning, but Jason is lucky as fuck that he’s the only one left on the West. That’s the only thing keeping him around. Because guarantee, if anyone else got a pardon and kept fucking up, they’d get sent home immediately. Speaking of which — I bet someone from the west or Midwest goes home soon. There is no way they’re letting all of them get to the finale I will take supportive Snaz Daddy all day, every day. Even hyping up the Midwest during the flash challenge and telling Kelly that his medal wasn’t dumb. I love him. ETA: I am surprised Kelly didnt get tattoo o
  8. Man, Jason talks a big game for someone who is so wildly mediocre. He was lucky as shit he didn’t end up in the bottom. Sadly, I bet he sails to the final four now, because guarantee producers want one person from each team in the final four. That being said, I love Kay, but she was lucky not to go home. Her tattoo is pretty, and I would love it on me, but I also don’t like new school so it’d be perfect for me. That being said — after Nunez (I think it was Nunez) said that the one thing looked like poo on Jordie’s, that’s all I could think of. It really did look like that.
  9. John Mulaney comes back for a third time, his Sack Lunch Bunch co-star David Byrne is the musical guest
  10. I never would’ve guessed this in his original season, but I really really like Jimmy and am hoping he wins (or at the very least makes it to the end). He’s no drama, he’s supportive of his team members, and he genuinely seems like a nice guy. So many people make themselves look worse when they come back; he’s the rare exception where he improved my initial impression of him. I would actually love if the entire East team made it to the finale, but I know that’s not gonna happen. But the East team that is left is one of the most cohesive teams that I think has happened in this format. And it
  11. Mod Note: Let’s move on from the Paris discussion and if it’s a cheap or expensive vacation. I think we’ve exhausted everything there is to say about it
  12. It was an homage - the line "So you know, and your children will know, that that's the night the lights went out in Georgia" is a famous line from Designing Women
  13. The amazing RuPaul and unfortunately Justin Bieber is the musical guest.
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