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  1. Princess Sparkle

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    Mod Reminder: I know a lot of posters watch the same shows, but remember to keep Bachelorette spoilers and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers separate and only post those spoilers in the appropriate show thread.
  2. Princess Sparkle

    The Fancy Room

    When I knew Laszlo was a true OG Bachelor fan
  3. Princess Sparkle

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think Sumit and Jenny could possibly make it. He actually seems sincere, just kind of a sad sack. This is me being ignorant of how sponsorship works when the couple is already married in another country, but I wonder if maybe he thinks he'll have an easier time getting to America if they're already legally married somewhere else? I know she'd have to financially support him if she were to sponsor him and marry him here, but is that also the case if they are married somewhere else first? Because I wonder if the end game is "Oh see, you miss life in America, let's go back there!" My god, Tiffany is the biggest sucker. I think I mentioned this in the "Who is the worst" thread, but if she wanted to move halfway across the world to marry someone she barely knows who is 8 days out of rehab - fine, whatever, it's your life. But to drag your young son with you is truly irresponsible. Eveylin's family calling Cory's card tricks "black magic" made me wheeze. That family hates him and its never not funny to me.
  4. Princess Sparkle

    Nailed It!

    I just started watching season 3 (was EXHAUSTED and needed something that didn't require that much brain power) and I can't even describe how hard I started laughing at the one contestant who frosted an apple because his cupcakes didn't turn out. Like, actual loud laughter that this guy just grabbed an apple and that Nicole ate it. I died.
  5. Princess Sparkle

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Would you? It's probably their only way of making sure he's still alive and Tracie hasn't looted his corpse for parts. Psh, it's obvious - it's his movie star good looks I'll admit, the show got me - I SWORE the on screen countdown to Tracie's parole was because she was going to violate before she even got there. The fact that she even made it to a champagne chug-along with Clint in the parking lot shocked me.
  6. Princess Sparkle

    S12. E05. The Art Stands Alone

    If anything, this episode proved that the judging should always be blind just based on the fact that Nunez clearly seems to favor the men. He thought multiple tattoos he deemed the best came from the men and seemed genuinely shocked to find out they were from the women. And they must’ve cut out a line from the judging, but I noticed when Holly claimed her tattoo, she said “You said it looked to manly for a girl to have done it” I actually can’t believe they had the nerve to tell Pony “if it was finished, it’d be a different story” in the same season they gave tattoo of the day to an unfinished tattoo. I would’ve 100% been ok with either Alexis or Ash going home, because both annoy the shit out of me, but since they both cause drama I knew they’d stay. Alexis was touched by an angel though; usually Ollie and Nunez are all over them when they have ugly women’s faces on tattoo. Nunez clearly has a soft spot for her though — usually when people freak out, he tells them to suck it up, not breathe. I am baffled on why Alexis picked Ash and not one of the shittier guys.
  7. Princess Sparkle

    Who's The Worst? (The Other Way, S1)

    I had to give an automatic vote to Tiffany being the worst, just because she's dragging her sweet son into all of this. If she wants to marry an addict she just met a week after he gets out of rehab - fine. But don't drag your son halfway around the world to do so.
  8. Princess Sparkle

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    Yeah, I don't really like Deavan, but I actually felt bad for both of them in the kitchen. I think it came down to simple miscommunication - Mother Jihoon was trying to help, and Deavan was trying to show she could cook for them, but neither one can speak the others language, so they didn't know how to say that to each other. And Jihoon wasn't translating for them (which would have diffused the situation a bit I think). But my god, the sounds I made when Mother Jihoon said "This is the failed dish, right?" That is a woman who was at her wits end and was over her sons shit. Just when I think Paul can't top himself, he whips out a line like "I figured they'd use the arson, not the misdemeanor terrorism charge." He is the gift that keeps on giving.
  9. Princess Sparkle

    Week 1: July 9, 2019-July 12, 2019

    Mallory didn't give them a whole lot to work with, huh?
  10. Princess Sparkle

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Oh Clint. "It may surprise you that I've done some things I'm not proud of either" Nah man, doesn't surprise me at all.
  11. Princess Sparkle

    S12. E04. The Hunter and the Hunted.

    One of the worst things this show ever did was allow the teams to start talking shit and giving their opinions during judging (both during the flash challenges and the elimination challenges), but man did I enjoy it when the one guy tried to say "Thats not contrast" and Dave cut in with "Uhhh...that's not true." That was immensely satisfying. I sincerely want a version of Tito's tattoo with my cat's face and a crown on his head. I loved that one. I cracked up that Cam's bravado immediately cracked once his tattoo was taken apart by the judges and he instantly changed his tune on being a team player once he thought he might be in the bottom. Way to hold your ground there buddy. I actually didn't necessarily disagree with Justin going home (though Ash is annoying the hell out of me and I would've been just as happy for her to leave), but I knew there was no way they were going to bring back DJ and not have him in the finale. They love him too much. That onesie was hysterical. I find him so good looking, but his fashion choices over the years are so questionable.
  12. Princess Sparkle

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    I don't think they ever considered it, because his parole required him to stay in LA. And because we all know Andrea has common sense, her first thought was "Uproot my kids and move them to a different state!!!" I mean, I think he'd probably have a better shot in SLC too. I'm just wondering how much of his parole stipulations are dictating where they live.
  13. Princess Sparkle

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    I hadn't realized this joy of a spinoff had started, so I'm catching up. But man, I have never loved a person on a reality show more than Scott's blind date (sorry Sumit's friend from 9DF The Other Way; you've been dethroned!). Her "That doesn't sound insane; that is insane", "It sounds like you also need therapy", and "Maybe he can be the perfect mate for someone - NOT ME - but someone" was just killing me. And WOW, she was pretty and wildly out of Scott's league. Once again, Tennison and Nyla are the most mature people on this show. Nyla demanding money to go to the beach with her mom is still one of my favorite moments on the first season. I'm guessing they've been parenting Andrea for awhile and that's why they've got their heads screwed on so straight. I can kind of see why Lamar and Andrea didn't move to SLC immediately - as I recall, the whole reason Andrea moved to LA was because Lamar's parole stipulated that he couldn't leave the area. And if I remember right, his daughter is also nearby, so he might still want to stay close (I seem to remember that he felt guilty for being away for most of her childhood).
  14. Princess Sparkle

    S01.E06: Another World

    I can't help it; I'm so entertained by how much Evelin hates Cory. She could not make it more clear from the jump that she hates him and didn't want him to come, and he did anyway, so I have no sympathy for him. I'm going to be stitching "He shouldve brought his own mosquito repellent" on a pillow. Paul running will never not be funny to me. I could watch it a million times and it will never get old. You know, I would've thought Drascilla would've been the best birth control on the planet. It's certainly working for me. It has been driving me nuts for two weeks trying to figure out who Deavan looks like, because she kept reminding me of someone. Then it finally came to me - if Brandi C from Rock of Love dyed her hair black.
  15. Princess Sparkle

    Season One Talk

    Matt Berry is a damn treasure. Do I watch him yelling "FATHAAAAAAAA???!!!!!!" and getting in a slap fight with a priest when I need a laugh? Yes, yes I do.