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  1. Princess Sparkle

    S12. E10. By Accident or By Design

    Man, "By accident" isn't necessarily something I want when talking about a tattoo about to go on my body.
  2. Princess Sparkle

    S01.E01: The Reunion

    I liked it. Tori Spelling really is at her best when she's doing a parody of herself. When I first thought the dream sequence was real, I was annoyed, but the second Tori said "Just when I think things are slowing down BOOM, I fall in a hibachi", I was on board.
  3. Princess Sparkle

    S12. E09. Drawing Alliances.

    This is the 3-Coaches team season all over again. When Roly was the worst in the portrait challenge, but they couldn't leave Team Steve with no one (and you could see that realization happen ON CAMERA), so Deanna went home.
  4. Princess Sparkle

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    I feel very confident saying that Tito and Marcelino watched this to get hyped up and practice their "fight" for the cameras
  5. Princess Sparkle

    S01.E10: Rolling the Dice

    Each week, Paul ups the ante and gives me a new line I want to cross stitch on a pillow. This week, "But the Brazilian government thinks I'm a terrorist and I'm pretty nervous about that" made me lose it.
  6. Princess Sparkle

    S12. E08. Pins and No Needles

    No, you’ve got them flipped around — Fon is the one that went home last night, Pon is the one who did the wizard. Easy mistake to make because their names are similar. In other news, we now have clarification on what Kelly’s emergency was because people are assholes ETA - Looks like she deleted the instagram post; her grandfather passed away but she had to post that clarification because people were speculating on her instagram that she left because she was "disgusted" in the mens team and didn't want to be there for the judging.
  7. Princess Sparkle

    S12. E08. Pins and No Needles

    I may be a cold asshole, but I couldn't do anything but smirk when Cam started crying. His ego got in the way and it's his own damn fault for not listening to Kelly when she told him what to do. And God Bless Laura for looking out for herself and thinking strategically - I like her. Can I have a show of just Kelly snarking on contestants? I was dying; I love her. Jime and Kelly were awesome coaches; they were more helpful coaches than when we had the season of Anthony/DJ/Steve being coaches all season.
  8. Princess Sparkle

    Alternatino with Arturo Castro

    From the Comedy Central description
  9. Princess Sparkle

    S01.E09: Ripped Apart

    I know I should hate Evelin, but I just can't. She's not even trying to pretend she doesn't hate Cory, and that dumb dumb just keeps throwing money at her. I think my neighbors heard me laughing at "You being here is really annoying."
  10. Princess Sparkle

    S12. E07. Sabotage

    How they are portraying Cam is really reminding me of how...Josh(? I think that was his name) from a few seasons ago was portrayed. The one from the seasons where they had 3 returning coaches who was on DJ's team and won. The party line and all the editing made him look like an ass, but then when he was actually interacting with his teammates, he was a good guy and a good teammate. I think Cam is probably the same way - knows he was cast to be a cocky jerk, so he just is playing the part. I did think it was interesting Cam considered his style to be the same as Jason and Laura's. I haven't really thought of him as a new school guy.
  11. Princess Sparkle

    S01.E09: Ripped Apart

    "I haven't told Karine's parents that I might be getting deported back because the Brazilian government thinks I'm a terrorist" Never. Fucking. Change. Paul.
  12. Princess Sparkle

    S12. E07. Sabotage

    Yeah, Ash annoys me but she deserved to stay this week. Tito was circling the drain anyway. And look at what happens when gimmicks are limited and you just have tattooers face off against each other - you get good tattoos! Shocking! I did find myself wondering if there was blind judging how the faceoff between Fon and Janelle would've gone. Not that Fon's tattoo was bad by any means, but based on how Ollie and Nunez automatically assumed the best tattoos were Fon's during blind judging, I wonder how much of an edge they're giving him in judging just because they like him. Jake is a dick. Don't shit talk the design in front of the canvas; I can't believe he was trying to defend that stance.
  13. Princess Sparkle

    S12. E06. Art of War

    I can’t believe that Nunez AND Ollie told Ash it was a good idea that she did those long lines and made them like cross hatches and that the shading was the only issue doing that. No...that’s not the only issue; doing that is why it looks like fishnet. They could’ve at least pretended they liked this challenge.
  14. Princess Sparkle

    S12. E06. Art of War

    There's a close-up of it on the Ink Master instagram and it's an abomination. Ashley's face on her tattoo was ROUGH, I won't deny that - but the x's on Jakes are BAD. Look at the top of the bandana especially; they are all sliding sideways. And looking at this now - did Ash cut this woman's skin, or is the ink just blobbing kind of weird? There's some spots in the t-rex's mouth that look like cut skin, but maybe it's just extremely uneven line weight and shading.