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  1. I actually cannot believe Arlene didn't go home this week; her compass rose was a mess. I also didn't necessarily think Emac's was all that bad. I think he got screwed because his canvas rejected his designs for literally half the time. That is one of the only times I think the "coaches" can be helpful, and when maybe the judges should step in - to try and smooth things with some of the extremely difficult canvases. Hiram got screwed out of a win; I loved his. I don't particularly like new school or traditional, but his is one piece I would actually want on my body.
  2. Finally catching up on both episodes. I remembered liking Jason in his previous season - what the hell happened? Frank I remember loving, so I'm glad he's here and hopefully doesn't do anything to change my opinion of him. I thought for sure no one would end up going home after that one guy quit. I guess that means at some point this season, we'll have a non-elimination episode.
  3. We finish out the year with the return of Eddie Murphy, and musical guest Lizzo
  4. Guys: Let's end the "who is hotter" debate. I think everything has been said.
  5. I loved that when they all came out and “reappeared” after Pete brought them back, that Mikey was out there instead of Alex You know, I don’t always love Scarlett Johansson, but I thought she was pretty funny in this episode — “Oh no, what will we do without his paycheck” actually made me laugh out loud”. I was actually surprised at how non-reactive the audience was to a lot of the jokes — not just from her, but from everyone. The Hallmark skit and the hot tub one, it was especially apparent.
  6. Scarlett Johansson hosts, Niall Horan is the musical guest. Scarlett Johansson might be the most surprising member of the 5-timers club to me.
  7. Jennifer Lopez hosts, DaBaby is the musical guest
  8. Will Ferrell hosts, King Princess is the musical guest
  9. All I could think about with the stem cell guy was the recent podcast "Bad Batch", which was all about a prominent stem cell company using shady practices and some of the stem cells not even being stem cells. It immediately made me give him the side eye. I really loved the guest shark. She knew her shit and pressed them on things - I LOVED how quickly she shut down Mark during the stem cell convo and didn't let him talk over everything.
  10. Harry Styles does double duty as host and musical guest!
  11. Kristen Stewart hosts, Coldplay is the musical guest.
  12. It still gets me that the first Vincent Price sketch was Bill and Kristin's sixth episode ever. They both completely own the sketch, and it's so hard to think now of any featured players that get to star in their own sketches without having previously worked on SNL in any capacity (like Mikey)
  13. If Chance released his monologue as a single, I would buy it. He finally voiced my truth about liking Angel better than Buffy. He is so high energy and i loved every second he was on screen. He can come back whenever he wants. I cannot day enough good things about Alex Moffat’s “Eric” impression. It never fails to make me laugh; the pure joy at seeing his toy work, trying to imitate Mikey but being a beat behind? It’s perfection.
  14. Chance the Rapper doing double duty as host and musical guest
  15. Really? Because “Half the season you deserve, but all the season we could handle” makes it sound like it’s 5 episodes total.
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