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    Mayans MC

    Still catching up, on ep 6, but this season seems both more professionally done and more conventional and predictable. Totally saw EZ being attacked, though I expected a car from the side. At first glance I liked the new opening, but after watching it I don’t get it. Are we saying all these fuck ups and poor decision makers and criminals are the result of institutionalized discriminaton? No. Just no. I don’t mind Gaby. It’s like watching a new Gemma in training. I still can’t stand Emily. Late add: Also? It appears “I got you” is the new “I get that.” Kind of ironic that
  2. So a cartoon can annoy as much as a live action show when it doesn’t explain the damn key reason for everything. Ugh.
  3. Clearly. But if their worry was that crab pricing might collapse at any time, and they were already 70-80 percent full, wouldn’t it make sense to go in ASAP? Then they can do the math on going out again. All the worry about price, and yet no action around it, was annoying drama. As for COVID setting unloading rules, if that were true, why not say so? That would both better explain the situation and add to the realistic drama.
  4. Jake is a shit leader. “Hurry up and go fast so I can get home and get rid of you all.” Given the worry about pricing, shouldn’t they get into port and unload ASAP? They can always go back out. I haven’t watched this in a few years. Jake has really aged.
  5. People are talking about how long it took OMNI Man to kill the Guardians. How about a why? I have no background in this so I don’t know what the hell is going on.
  6. Clearly I'm missing something. When the Nazi/racism stuff came up, I just said, "Huh?" The whole bit about supes and racism seemed like a late add on, tied to Stormfront. I mean, the guy who runs the company is black. There are black employees. Aside from the required "there are only 2.5 percent minority supes, while there are xx percent in the population" diversity language that does reflect real life, where did race play a role at all in this universe until Stormfront showed up? Homelander hates all nonsupes equally. The Church was also a weird add. Does it go away now? The m
  7. This episode was hugely disappointing, unless Liberty was lying. All of this, the the superheroes, the company, the experiments... was to keep minorities down? Like some sort of Limbaugh world? How mundane.
  8. I found it reasonably accurate.
  9. Not sure it said they had a great life they could reclaim, it felt pretty hopeless to me. Like, "you lost all your stuff because you were gone for 5 years, and we will try to help but really, don't expect much." I love that the show is exploring that. What would have happened to your home, car, possessions, job, etc., and what should be done about it? I'm disappointed in how they are handling Walker. It would be much more interesting and complex if Walker was genuinely like Steve, and wanted to be the right symbol, but simply couldn't measure up and was struggling.
  10. I liked that, too. SNL has been around a long, long time, and it has earned that kind of perspective. I was not even a teen when I first watched. SO ending with Maya photoshopped into the original cast, given The Shining set up, worked for me. I just wish it had added more funny. Not Rachel in the bathtub funny. Something better.
  11. Is NYC back on lock down? It sounded like there were 6 people in the audience, and 2 weren’t paying attention. Even WU was restrained. The Vax skit, which had potential, had a fatal flaw. You can take aim at Boomers for a lot of things, but they didn’t choose to get vaccinated first, that’s what the experts said to do. The spring break dating skit should have mercilessly pounded all the dumb shits partying as we try to get over the hump on a pandemic, but much like the actual spring breakers, it wandered off with no point to make. I liked the concept of the last skit, The Shin
  12. They make him far too stupid. Just like they did with the communications guy in Spin City. They need to rein it in.
  13. I am 7 eps in, and the problem is it is too much about the family and not enough about the con. I don’t care if Lila is alive, or how that fact is affecting the family members. That could be a C plot but it is damn near 80% of the season.
  14. I'm not sure what point you are making here. Yes, *many* things could have been. But they weren't. And the path the show went down was exactly what appeared to be true in ep 2 or 3, so ... The WaPo has a good article on WandaVision. You may need a sub, but basically the writer states that the show didn't hold Wanda accountable for her actions (i.e. she should have gone to jail, as I had posted) because, for some reason, the fact she was grieving seems to have excused her acts. I feel like this show tried to manipulate viewers with the long, drawn-out "Wanda is grieving" plot so that when
  15. How could anything have surprised anyone, when what happened was exactly what we knew had to happen back in episode 3, once it became clear Wanda was grieving, created the town narrative to make a dreamworld and needed therapy? Her fantasy had to end at some point. When it did, Vision and the kids had to go poof. We spent 5-6 agonizing episodes featuring sitcoms to get us to a point we knew would arrive. Agnes was the most interesting thing about this show, and she arrived too late in the season and disappointingly forgot her own rule. This entire season was a snoozer, and the only thing that
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