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  1. I know you meant that as a light-hearted aside, and took it that way. I'll just say that I expect more from this show, and TV I like in general. It's OK if *individual characters" are dicks at times. But to have one specific type of character be a dick no matter who it is ... that's no different than 70s shows depicting all young women as bimbos. This show is better than that. Like I said, everyone is a dick sometimes. But every straight white male isn't, and should not be, depicted as a dick. It has gotten to the point that when any new straight white male character comes on screen I'm just waiting to see what kind of jerk he is.
  2. This show made a mistake (and maybe it was a budget thing) focusing so much on the real Earth and people who aren't much different than our real life, instead of exploring the actual Brave New World. It's a meh uprising. Finally fast forwarded through a lot of the stuff from the checkpoint to the actual entry through the barrier. Though I did hear the cringy "this is our land" uttered by what appeared to be a white woman who lives on what I assume is the Earth and probably North America, so..... It's not clear to me why the Savage Lands park exists or why the people who are in the "old days" show do the show. I had assumed it was a living, for people who didn't have many choices. So not sure why the rebel woman saying they are no longer there for the amusement of the privilege said that. Can't they just not do the show? At least we are back in the interesting place. John isn't helping himself any by acting like the stereotype they expect. I guess we are supposed to feel for him because he is "authentic" and authentic people are super emotional and feeling, because to live you have to feel, blah blah blah. When he cracks the glass of the room/Brave New World society, that was a bit of an anvil. Gave it three eps. Will try one more to see if it breaks out of the cliches and tropes it has bound itself in.
  3. This kind of stuff is interesting. It is a shame it gets put aside for the "Savage Land rebellion." They should have spent 3 eps or so simply showing the future society and letting us see and contemplate the pluses and minuses of it. THEN they could have shown seeds of the rebellion. Very little interest in the rebellion or "the movement."
  4. Meh. It started out promising, with the culture of tomorrow. Lots of room there to raise questions about whether these changes are good or bad for society and individuals. But before we explored that, the show introduced a lame "but there is an underclass" plot that was cliched and disappointing.
  5. Finally finished season 3. Thought about it, and for what it was the ending was touching and well done, but I am not a fan of introducing a whole new explanation at the very end that we have never seen nor suspected throughout the series. You *might* have wondered at some point , but there was no reason to suspect it. And what we learn in the last episode is critical to the whole show. Cheap trick.
  6. I'm not an NBA fan, but I found The Last Dance fascinating due to info about the league, other teams and Jordan's team. That era was the last time I watched the NBA. I saw the Bad Boys of Detroit, Larry Bird's Celtics, the Knicks and I knew quite a bit about Reggie Miller's Pacers. All of those stories were fascinating, as well as the fact that Jordan was a stone cold killer on the floor. Today he would average in the mid 40s or higher. They could have reduce it by a couple of episodes, but I really enjoyed it.
  7. Correct. So why isn't there a forum for Dark? In which could be placed threads?
  8. How are there not episode threads for Dark? How hard is it to create that? Anyway, through S3, E4. I have to admit I’ve lost track of who is where and the various relationships. I can follow the general gist. IMO the show is unnecessarily convoluted. So many people commented on the music. You can tell when music is poorly chosen... it takes you out of the show (like I experience on Hannah). This show feels a lot like Man in the High Castle to me, and the music does as well.
  9. What exactly did Trish do to pull Jessica out of the reporter crowd? It looked like she had one of Batman's toys. Did she shoot something and that pulled them up? Where did she get it? Did she actually jump? If she jumped that high, with Jessica in her arms, then whoa, that superpower is getting more powerful by the episode.
  10. That scene made no sense to me, except to serve as a cathartic release to viewers. Sallinger was never going to out wrestle Jessica, based on strength alone. So basically he goaded her, and she fell for it, and yay, she threw him around as anyone would expect. I figured he would have hidden cameras to capture it and claim she was mean to him. Also, why did his students cheer? From what we saw, he seemed to be a decent teacher. He provided advice calmly, and he had a lot of kids in the class. So a powered person throws their teacher around and they ... cheer? This whole season has been like this. Trish's slow-burn powers is another example. If you want that scene to make sense, at least show Sallinger making cutting, hurtful remarks to the kids as he instructs them.
  11. This is the *first time* I've seen Trish do something that could be defined as an actual power. It would have been good to see this 3 eps ago. I am enjoying the villain, but I wish we would see him to more villainy.
  12. Thanks for the spoiler marked info. Good to see what she becomes. My issue has been that right now, at this point of the season, it isn't clear what powers Trish has. In fact, until Jessica all we can see is some decent body control. With someone in Trish's shape, with her years of training, that could be as much superior shape as a "power." I don't care much what her powers are, I just would like to see them as actual powers. It's been weird to have so much discussion about her powers, Trish wanting to use them to help people, etc., and I just keep asking, "What powers, exactly?"
  13. Yeah, late to this (bored during pandemic), but I came here to see if anyone caught something I don't, i.e. what exactly are Trish's super powers? I still don't know. She is 40 and has the reflexes of someone who is 20? That seems more like Tom Brady than Capt America.
  14. Whoever produced the baseball home run episode was way too caught up in whatever "field of dreams" shit that people who love baseball revere. That '98 home run chase was about dudes who were juicing (i.e. cheating) breaking a record because they were juicing. You wouldn't know it from this 30 on 30. Admittedly I fast forwarded it because the reverence was maddening, but juicing didn't come up util almost halfway through so I quit watching and deleted it. Up until then, it had been every cliche you could think of ... Mark McGwire talking about the "baseball gods" and not getting cocky, the Cubs/Cardinals rivalry ("they want the Cards to win - and the Cubs to lose!"), the "mental pressure" of the chase, comparing it to the Beatles. Good god. The entire chase was A FRAUD. That should have been the story from the opening minutes, the betrayal of sports that the HR chase was and the embarrassment of all involved. Ugh. After the wonderfulness of The Last Dance, two completely lacking 30 on 30s in a row.
  15. Good points. I admittedly don't understand martial arts films. It's always seemed to me that, in those films, the same blow that barely pushes back an opponent then kills another opponent. There is no consistency to the fights. Without any consistent cause and effect, it always seemed like a lot of running around and hitting people randomly, until the movie decided to have everyone fall down. I want a 30 on 30 on Lee Majors - he played college football and I loved the Six Million Dollar Man as a kid. EDIT ADD: OK, so this 30 on 30 made me go look up stuff about Bruce Lee. He died in the home of his secret girlfriend? He and his girlfriend had been taking hash all day and having sex? He had had a similar brain issue before, and had been hospitalized? The show claims his death was form a reaction to Equagesic, but he had been warned after his prior hospitalization not to take hash because his low body fat made him sensitive to drugs, so some believe the death was from an overdose of hash? Cerebral edemas are also caused by trauma - was he often hit in the head as part of his movies or training? Did I miss all this when I fast forwarded? Or was this 30 on 30 that incomplete?
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