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  1. Yeah, first time, though I found her accent appealing. I will say, that girl has quite a sneer when she uses it! Adele was great as a host. She threw herself into everything, and didn't look like she was reading lines. She didn't try any accents live, but then again she is a singer, not an actress. And based on the Africa skit, she may be a bit naughty! Che's joke about nothing good happening at a playground near the Vatican was way funnier. HER definitely channels Prince for me.
  2. This is the first time in its 3 seasons that The Connors had the characters actually acknowledging the consequences of their many poor decisions over the years. It was refreshing. Darlene's lamentations about not making it as a writer represented some reality, though no shit Darlene, there is a reason why the starving artist/writer is a cliche. That's why you try in school, try to get in college and/or choose a field where you can make a living. Being funny and cool but working paycheck to paycheck jobs gets old fast, and is harder as you age. That said, all the liberal bitching at the start almost made me switch off the show. Banks taking away houses during COVID, "selling out" to work for a corporation, the mean ICE deporting illegal aliens ... everything is everyone else's fault. I thought the more haggard looks on everyone were well done and COVID-related. I especially liked that they didn't talk about it. I suspected it with Dan at the start, and Jackie's gray clinched it. Everyone else was in various stages of disarray. Dan having like 6 people return to live in his house and refusing any rent is just moronic. When I came home after college and saved money by living at home for 2 years while working in my field, I insisted on paying my mom rent and I did. It was reduced from "market price," but it helped her.
  3. I agree with you, and also, I'm frustrated by what might have been with just a few small changes. It seems repetitive at the moment. And to kill off one of the best characters, while the nutsy eye guy continues (who I like fine, he just doesn't have any depth), seems like a poor choice. Like others, I struggle this season because i don't care if any character is killed. Usually there is someone in Fargo who you empathize with, and hope finds a way out. This season, they are all equally annoying in some way, except Doctor Senator, who represented a number of things about being Black in that era, leadership and wisdom. But then they killed him, so ... And not buying Chris Rock. I liked his speech a few eps back about the bankroll of money and what it does to people who don't have it. I think he works better as being mentally cruel. When he sat at the dinner table, with the kid eating cake, and said he would spray the couple around the house and wait for their daughter to come home, I just kept thinking I don't see a gun, and there are two of them and one of him, and he isn't particularly imposing. He should leave the physical violence to others.
  4. I think it is hilarious that so many of these comments are from people from Montreal, which is French-Canadian and French people are stereotyped as whiney complainers, complaining about how inauthentic the skit was.
  5. For a while last night, I had no idea what I was watching. Midway through Issa's monologue I gave up and googled her, as I had no idea who she was. Then the Bonjour skit seemed to be aimed at a tiny slice of the viewing audience. I didn't get the whole "titty meat" thing (I can do crude humor, but that was just kind of obnoxious). And then I realized I had been excited because when I heard "Justin Bieber" my mind replaced him with "Justin Timberlake," and I was hoping for one of those skits where Timberlake dresses as a cup of soup ... and then Bieber came out and I realized what I had done, and was sad. The cold open seemed half baked. I did love the segue to Mr Rogers, and then Bob Ross. They basically capture how many people feel about Biden ... doesn't matter what he says or doesn't say, we need some normalcy and empathy. He can surround himself with good people. WU seemed to set things right again. Until I had to google "Lexington Steele."I missed Eric. "I ... was muted." The KA Conway joke was great.And then I had no idea who the photo was for the ring-tailed lemur, so back to confusion. "Was that voice blackfaced?" Awesome. Shot statue 15 times? Awesome. Then I gave up and went to bed.
  6. My favorite episode. An actual plot, lots of ST references, great cameos and just fun all around as well as the death of a character. I still can't believe no one had figured out Freeman was Mariner's mom (what captain would put up with Mariner's crap without some hidden connection), but I went with it. I *will* say this ep was closer to orville than the others. But smarter than Orville. Also, I didn't care for the self-centered floating robot lifeform.
  7. Not the only fan! And for the record, I loved the long Enterprise flyby in ST:TMP. The show had been off the air for more than a decade, it was fantastic seeing Enterprise again! And so I chuckled at this tribute with the Cerritos. Discovery had this exact same situation and blew by this issue, which has always annoyed me. Am I the only person who assumed everyone already know Mariner's mom was the captain? The ending was sort of like The Sixth Sense to me, when the big reveal happened and I had thought everyone knew that all along and didn't get that it was a reveal.
  8. The WU bit? It was tedious for me. It's one thing if people break. It's another to keep saying the same thing over and over and laugh at yourself. It was a little Andy Kaufman-ish for me, not in any sort of genius, but in its lack of any meaning. I like Burr's comedy stand up and have seen all of them. He was playing it safe on SNL, given the broader audience. I think it caused him to hesitate a bit and shift gears here and there, which isn't his forte. His standup is actually better. It's rough, but like all good comedy, it has truth in it.
  9. Agree. I groan when she comes on the screen. I hope we see some direction from her besides killing. Maybe she can help dopey criminal beat his more violent brother. If he is the crazy violent brother, I kind of like him. But his character is being restrained. They need to let him off leash.
  10. First, I was thankful SNL was on and big props for everyone on the show giving it a go. This ain't easy when there *isn't* a pandemic. The audience was definitely flat. I guess I don't blame them, given the circumstances. Probably desperate to be out, and laugh at SNL, and terrified at the risk it posed. I loved the embarrassing names skit, and just wish there had been more names. I was surprised at the NBA bubble skit - very surprised. Didn't think that kind of skit would fly in today's #metoo world, whether it was based on truth or not. Also, just on a personal note, I didn't like that they spent any time on people who were into cheating with and gold digging from NBA players. Carey's Biden was interesting. He really nailed the set of the face and the voice. But then sometimes he would become a bit too manic to be Biden. I didn't know there was an actual Drew Barrymore talk show, and that the set looked like the show. The whole skit I kept wondering why they were doing it. It was one long, spacy Drew skit for me.
  11. Exactly right, and I think I like Mariner more as a result. Not all of us aspire to be captain. She is a tad immature in how she expresses it, but I respect the fact she finds glory hounds annoying and likes a simpler existence.
  12. Agree. I'm a sucker for antiseptic worlds of the future that are supposed to be better than ours but aren't. And I really liked learning about their society, though I could have done with fewer orgies. I liked the power structure and the way some of the jostling among alphas resembled today's corporate world. I do think John's interest in monogamy reflected the values of "old Earth." However, I thought he should have been more understanding of the world Lenina comes from. He can't expect her to throw that yoke off all at once. And I admit I have no idea what the founders are about. An intelligent AI was created by them and took over? Maybe? Could have done without them, TBH. But I will say I liked the ending. So much tragedy. This show ended the season more West World than West World.
  13. It's unfortunate the series took a turn toward who lurves who. The concept of rebellion and free will is much more interesting. John's view on Lurleina having sex with others seems pretty primitive and patriarchal. His focus should be on the sacrifices she has to make as a beta. She even made an eloquent speech about it in part one. Bernard vs. John for control of a woman isn't very interesting or appropriate. The E's asking questions, and the origin of the system and its creators, is more interesting.
  14. I know you meant that as a light-hearted aside, and took it that way. I'll just say that I expect more from this show, and TV I like in general. It's OK if *individual characters" are dicks at times. But to have one specific type of character be a dick no matter who it is ... that's no different than 70s shows depicting all young women as bimbos. This show is better than that. Like I said, everyone is a dick sometimes. But every straight white male isn't, and should not be, depicted as a dick. It has gotten to the point that when any new straight white male character comes on screen I'm just waiting to see what kind of jerk he is.
  15. This show made a mistake (and maybe it was a budget thing) focusing so much on the real Earth and people who aren't much different than our real life, instead of exploring the actual Brave New World. It's a meh uprising. Finally fast forwarded through a lot of the stuff from the checkpoint to the actual entry through the barrier. Though I did hear the cringy "this is our land" uttered by what appeared to be a white woman who lives on what I assume is the Earth and probably North America, so..... It's not clear to me why the Savage Lands park exists or why the people who are in the "old days" show do the show. I had assumed it was a living, for people who didn't have many choices. So not sure why the rebel woman saying they are no longer there for the amusement of the privilege said that. Can't they just not do the show? At least we are back in the interesting place. John isn't helping himself any by acting like the stereotype they expect. I guess we are supposed to feel for him because he is "authentic" and authentic people are super emotional and feeling, because to live you have to feel, blah blah blah. When he cracks the glass of the room/Brave New World society, that was a bit of an anvil. Gave it three eps. Will try one more to see if it breaks out of the cliches and tropes it has bound itself in.
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