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  1. Ottis


    "Ballers to end after season 5." Actually, Ballers ended in Season 2. What a disappointment.
  2. Ottis

    S05.E05: A Bout, A Girl

    Exactly. As I've been posting in each ep thread, FIRST we had to get through a multi-episode arc where everyone didn't know who they were. NOW we have to get through the prison arc. This show has way too much mythology to park it for most of the final season. A really poor choice by the show, IMO, and maybe one of the most maddening final seasons for a show ever. It's not just the final ep (Sopranos), nor the last half of the final season (Game of Thrones). It's THE WHOLE FINAL SEASON. I think we share a brain. I barely even see The Lady as a bad guy at this point. I fear that her exposure to being inside a human (BTW, has she never done that before in all of her long history?) will be the show's way out, and The Lady's humanness will be her undoing. Ugh. All of this flies right by me. The three of them are together. Get out of prison. Go have some beers. Sort it out.
  3. Ottis

    S01.E06: I Think We're Alone Now

    This was probably the best episode of the season so far, for me. Leaving aside the fact that this crew seems so unqualified, we had plots that generally made sense. While tropy (I groaned at the "three hours earlier" shtick), this ep still allowed the characters to grow, and we lost one (which made me happy). And there were some nice moments with Niko. Katie continues to kill it. I do think the show has not positioned Niko correctly. She has been painted as a mom who is an astronaut who was caught up in a bad situation on her last ship. Her actions that we see, including her behavior while kidnapped, are more like a special forces soldier. I'm NOT digging the whole "political guy sees hallucination" bit. It's annoying when we see characters who know something is wrong, and none of the rest of the characters know. We're just waiting for it to become an issue. That's true. Though right now I keep thinking they must have way better people in soma, so wake them up and put these people back to sleep.
  4. Ottis

    S01.E04: Guilt Trip

    Oh, you mean sort of like Dark Matter. :-) I liked the *premise* of this ep. It was taking us back to understand the dark place in Niko's life. But it was done so ham-handedly, and the continuing annoyance of the millennial characters and the ugh music choices also dragged it down. With betters et up, and a more delicate (and mature) hand, it could have been a home run. And BTW, if that last version is what really went down, with her lover on the other side of the door/window, slowly freezing ... how awful.
  5. Ottis

    S01.E03: Nervous Breakdown

    It feels like the show keeps manufacturing crises to avoid any narrative progress. What an awful, awful bunch of people. Also, I now fast forward through all the Earth scenes.
  6. Ottis

    S01.E02: Through the Valley of Shadows

    This show suffers from lack of communication and millennial idiocy. These people would all rather fight than try to work together and stay alive. Also, when the one chick has her seizure, the one dude had been with her on the asteroid... anyone want to put 2 and 2 together on this genius crew?
  7. Ottis

    S01.E01: Across the Universe

    This. And it made Katie's very raw look that much better. If only the rest of the crew did the same. I actually liked the pilot enough to keep going. Katie was very good and the effects and story were interesting enough to ourank the crew and some silliness. But I have given up for now after watching the second ep, which I won't comment on here. This is exactly the comment I made to a cowatcher after the first episode - this is sci fi for millennials. Not only the look of the rest of the crew, but their shallow concerns and inability to recognize they are not as special as they each think they are. I like him, too, and he provides easy exposition and actually showed some growth - more than the rest of the crew can say.
  8. Ottis

    S05.E04: Ship Outta Luck

    I agree that without any main characters, there would be no show - for any show. What my comment referred to was the amount of focus on who likes who out of these three characters (plus Lucy). It's very soap opera-ish. I found it generally annoying as a casual viewer, and was surprised when I came to this thread and so many comments were about that. I'm more interested in the characters and their world, and the plot behind their actions. They can all be in a one big communal relationship and that would be fine, AFAIC.
  9. Ottis

    S05.E04: Ship Outta Luck

    This is the stuff I watch for, and I agree, it isn't especially clear. I cannot believe how into "Dutch loves Johnny" and "No, Dutch loves dav, Johnny loves Lucy" people are. I don't care who loves who or whether Johnny banged Dutch during the initial Lost Episodes. Let's get things moving, show.
  10. Ottis

    S05.E04: Ship Outta Luck

    What is it with this season? First we waste a few eps while our heroes have to remember they are, then they get parked in a prison and the battle is sidelined while we are waiting for them to get out. Isn’t there enough mythology without creating contrived delays? Also, I still can’t buy The Lady as a real threat, especially when she complains about emotions. There were a few nice small moments, but really Sy Fy, this is what you kept and Dark Matter ended?
  11. Ottis

    S05.E02: Blame It On The Rain

    I've found this season to be unnecessarily convoluted and uninteresting. WHo cares if The Lady made them forget who they were and now we have to tread water until enough of them remember. When you have to create a reason for the season, you're already losing. There couldn't have been an organic continuation of what we have seen? I wish they had kept Dark Matter.
  12. Ottis

    Star Trek: Picard Anticipation

    Maybe. I saw some of those same videos, and with actors, almost everything is about ego at some point. The show can move forward with the characters, without being the ST of 30 years ago, in many ways. FWIW, I agree it should. The devil is in the details. The first trailer looked awful, with Picard wandering around his vineyard. I expected a hamlet soliloquy at any moment, and feared this was what interested Stewart. The newer trailers look much better, with a purpose and story beyond one man mulling over his choices. So I'm more hopeful than I was.
  13. Ottis

    Star Trek: Picard Anticipation

    And I think that may bother me, if true. Because from what i have read of Stewart, what would seem to interest *him* most about the character isn't what would interest a lot of viewers. Old ST fans would be disappointed, and I imagine the likelihood of attracting a lot of non ST fans is small regardless. I hope he doesn't let his ego get the best of him. He can do great acting within the confines of a more traditional ST show, IMO. That said, the recent show trailers look a lot more interesting to me than the first one. So perhaps there will be a nice middle ground for all.
  14. I’m starting to dislike this show. For all the attention they spend on recreating the 80s, they spend very little energy on actual plot. Aside from season three being basically season one, with parallels from the same villain to the crazy mom being crazy, people still don’t talk to each other, or raise the alarm when someone is missing and there is blood, and everyone does stupid shit. Plus they use the trope I especially hate, of bad guys disguised as normal people, and we have to wait for everyone else to realize what we already know. I’ve started fast forwarding through parts of every episode.
  15. Ottis


    Two things have bugged me about Adam allegedly being Jonas. First, "The White Devil" and others have been time traveling, and they don't look like Adam. It seems like an awfully convenient way to claim you're someone who you aren't. Also, isn't Adam quite a bit shorter than Jonas (any Jonas)? Adam's whole spiel about being Jonas sounds like something a bad guy wants to say as he tried to distract someone who might stop him.