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  1. Ottis

    The Last O.G.

    BTW, the millionaire actor was the guy who played Carla's ex husband on Cheers, yes? If not that is a damn close double. I was pondering who that was and suddenly in my head heard that billionaire say, "C-c-carla!"
  2. Ottis

    The Last O.G.

    The way this show handles conflict is refreshing. People argue but also listen, and usually one or the other comes around. Shay's marketing advice vs. Trey's vision was a good example. They both learned something. Not as invested in the (not) baby daddy story. That felt cliched, and honestly, I don't know why anyone believed her without asking first some hard questions. And I still love how Josh both fits in, and is allowed to fit in. Maybe it's because of the constant arguing IRL, but the way this show depicts people of different backgrounds and races connecting makes me want to live there.
  3. Ottis

    S31.E07: Living Fearlessly

    I lost interest after meeting the teams in the first ep, and check in now and then. Doesn't appear I'm missing anything except the scenery. This all sound so ridiculous.
  4. Ottis

    Star Trek: Picard

    They eliminated the pension. I'm a 50-year ST fan, and I have to say, this doesn't look interesting to me. It sounds like an in-depth study of Picard: the Man. I liked Picard, as I did many ST characters (including Discovery's current Pike, who is fantastic), but I'm not interested in his personal crisis of faith. I want something bigger to be at stake. "There are ... FOUR .... Chardonneys!"
  5. Ottis

    The Last O.G.

    The one with Tray’s mom was a beautiful episode. Just really well done by all. And yay Josh.
  6. Ottis

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    That has nothing to do with my point. I mean, none of the characters listening to her speech knows who Hitler is, either. The allusion to Hitler propaganda speeches/rallies was for the viewer, not the characters. The show created a setting that resembled something that existed IRL. My point was that it was no accident. I really wish the argument over Dany would stop. Her descent into madness was hinted at in season one and shown throughout every season, and the show's mythology more than foreshadowed it. Her arc was the only one that actually made sense, and built on what was done before. Now, did the shift go downhill fast this season? Sure, and so did everything else. But that's a pacing issue, not a story issue, for Dany. All the complaining over Dany masks the real issues with this season, and gives the producers and actors something to shoot down.
  7. Ottis


    Yeah not buying Fuchs as being able to pull that off. I expected Cristobal and his team to shoot him during his little monologue. All the drama with the actors is too much for me. Barry needs to move on.
  8. Ottis

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Her speech to her troops resembled Nazi films. Her half crazy smile as she gazed at the throne was disturbing. Her explanation to Jon that she, and no one else, knew what a better world was was terrifying. Dany was clearly mad. I don't see how it can be viewed any other way, given what was shown.
  9. Ottis

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    She was chillingly mad, in my opinion.
  10. Ottis

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    After hating most of this season.... I think I liked it. Most of it.
  11. Ottis

    S44.E21: Paul Rudd / DJ Khaled

    I’m so annoyed they turned the GoT rap onto Grace and Frankie. They bring out Grey Worm and I’m thinking more GoT cast members will come out as everyday people and I like it. But no. They rap about a show I don’t watch. The “What’s Wrong with this Picture” was funny but was missing a coherent reason for being. First woman to the moon, Hillary against her will. Heh. When Colin laughs he looks like Jim Carey. “Thank you Keenan.” Ouch. The Boston accent is sexy? Who the hell did they poll? That’s the furthest possible from sexy. I like that they write jokes for each other. It’s funnier when it’s not a blatant attempt to be embarrassing and it’s more about how funny the joke is. Is the actual The View as awkward as this skit? DJ Khalid Is like a traveling variety show. Does he manage most of those artists?
  12. Ottis

    Better Things

    Wasn’t the underwear party a photo shoot? I don’t know what PA is trying to say with this show. It has a core of real issues, and then it blows them up into things I don’t recognize.
  13. Actually, they are very much the same scenario. Because at the ages these characters are, my friends and I all had different opportunities, and all moved to different places. They weren't even the places we are now. They were just the beginning of our journeys. That's my point. This show could have ended in a number of ways. They chose the most unrealistic, easiest one - no change. This despite the fact that these characters are at an age, and have the credentials, to have numerous opportunities in front of them. It makes me wonder if, in 10 more years and they are all still there, they all will regret it. As I said, you can remain close friends AND pursue your dreams. The odds of the dreams of 10 people ALL being in the same location they are in now? Tiny, unless they basically give up and don't grow any more. I think it depends on what people like IRL. YMMV, and in my opinion, ending a 12yo show by showing nothing is changing is uninteresting. It may feel comfortable, but it's lazy.
  14. Agree it will change things, but it changes things in the most cliched, unchanging way possible. If they have kids, they put down roots, and its harder to leave. This whole ending was about not changing anything. Leave them frozen in time. Which IMO is the easiest way to end a show. Yes, all sorts of things *could* happen. That plane could go down and they all die. But we didn't see *anything* happen. We didn't even see any implications that anything would happen (i.e., jobs offers for Sheldon and Amy elsewhere). I don't think people mean nothing changed since we met the characters. What people mean is, the ending of the show indicates nothing has or will change at the end of the show. Here's another way this could have ended, which I would have respected more: - Nobel winners Sheldon and Amy get job offers at MIT (or some Ivy league East Coast school) and go there, where Sheldon must now break in a whole new bunch of snobby, East Coast types who think they are smart and must realize Sheldon is smarter. - Howard is called back to the space program to lead an initiative that helps scientists become astronauts, where his fears and vulnerabilities are a strength.... and Bernie's book about the astronaut becomes a smash hit. She leaves her job at the drug company to become a children's book author who doesn't take shit from publishers. - Penny sticks to not having kids, and she is recruited to another company to a C-level position where she is fulfilled and happy, while ironically Leonard is spotted by a Hollywood scout and is cast in a new TV show about a blue collar family in the Midwest (hint, hint, wink) - Raj decides to go to London and see if it works with Anya, and his dad coincidentally moves to London as well where they will spend more time together and seem to realize the value of that - Stuart marries his girlfriend and opens another comic book store - And while all these things are signaled and don't happen yet, the clear message is that through these changes, they all remain friends. I would have liked that a lot better. And it shows effort.
  15. No, I very much do, but that wasn't my point. I'm over 50 and my four closest friends today are from high school - and we live in 5 different states, and have done so for the past 30 years. My point was that the show took the wimpy way out by changing nothing, with a group of people who are award-winning scientists and business leaders. In fact, the show went out of its way to change nothing by avoiding Raj and Anu's storyline, and having Penny get pregnant (despite her insistence until then that she wouldn't have kids). That's not realistic, and it's cowardly. And it's not even good for the fictional characters. That group of people should have many opportunities in their lives already. The show should have addressed that. The test of true friendship isn't remaining friends in arrested development. It's growing and pursuing opportunities and still remaining friends, no matter where you are.