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  1. I’m starting to dislike this show. For all the attention they spend on recreating the 80s, they spend very little energy on actual plot. Aside from season three being basically season one, with parallels from the same villain to the crazy mom being crazy, people still don’t talk to each other, or raise the alarm when someone is missing and there is blood, and everyone does stupid shit. Plus they use the trope I especially hate, of bad guys disguised as normal people, and we have to wait for everyone else to realize what we already know. I’ve started fast forwarding through parts of every episode.
  2. Ottis


    Two things have bugged me about Adam allegedly being Jonas. First, "The White Devil" and others have been time traveling, and they don't look like Adam. It seems like an awfully convenient way to claim you're someone who you aren't. Also, isn't Adam quite a bit shorter than Jonas (any Jonas)? Adam's whole spiel about being Jonas sounds like something a bad guy wants to say as he tried to distract someone who might stop him.
  3. Ottis


    OMG, is that all there is? Good grief. If this is the central motivation I may stop watching. Like you, I have no interest in Jonas/Martha, or really any single pairing, as the catalyst for a mystery that at least *was* intriguing. Also? Very unGerman! They do, but if they do, I don't care much what happens to them (always on TV, sometimes in real life). You reap what you sow. I much prefer characters who generally make good decisions who are caught up in something anyway. I can empathize with them, and care about what happens next. Part of my growing disappointment in Dark is that it appears everyone in that town is playing a role in the bad things that happen to them, usually for selfish reasons. Don't care.
  4. Ottis


    I don't read much outside of the show itself, but this is interesting. It raises the point that so many of the characters in Dark make poor choices. I struggle empathizing with people who do that and who don't communicate with each other. This is also very true, and we see it in a lot of popular movies and in shows, from The Sopranos to Breaking Bad to the Hangover. It all starts with one small decision, and then it spirals to a place the characters never imagined. Several of the Dark characters ask in S2 what the first action is that sets everything in motion, and they try to stop it. I don't know if any of them had the right action, though. IMO, this was only because Egon is the slowest cop in Europe! It felt contrived. I still want to know why Adam wants the world to start over. What is his problem with the world as it exists? Did I fall asleep during that part?
  5. Ottis


    I think we are sort of agreeing. Time travel has been done so much that I don't expect a lot from it anymore, and I am not hung up on paradoxes. What i hope for is the time travel to play out in a way that says something. Your example of predeterminism is a good example. And I am waiting for Dark to say something. What I *don't* like is a whole segment on, say, Ulrich breaking out of jail in 1953, finding his (time-traveled) young son, trying to escape back to the tunnel and then being caught before he gets there and put back into jail. Or Jonas and Martha and whether they are in true lurve. Those developments added nothing, aside from little aspects of their characters. There was more and more of that as S2 went on. Is this a battle between good and evil? if so, over what, and for what? Is this humanity vainly attempting to change the laws of physics, and so the lesson is what will happen, will happen? Is there a greater force at work we haven't met? The show seems to be spinning around aimlessly, filling its time with Hannah loves Ulrich and power plant lady is only concerned about herself and etc. etc. This discussions make me remember Babylon 5. Don't know if you watched it, and I suspect it will appear pretty dated today. But B5 did something I thought was awesome when it happened (major spoiler ahead for B5): I keep hoping for something like that from Dark.
  6. Ottis


    I've now watched almost all of the second season (spoiler-free content to follow). And I'm with you. My interest in this show was and is in the actual mystery of the mythology and mechanism for time travel. I don't care about the angst of these characters over the years, beyond getting an overall sense of who they are and their history. The momentum slowed down about midway through season two, because the show paused to fill out character backstories. Some people love that stuff. It bores me to tears. And so many shows fall victim to it (Lost being a primary example). Some people like to say "it's about the characters." No it isn't, not when the wider mythology is fascinating and mysterious and the reason you watch the show.
  7. Ottis


    ITA. I kept waiting for Luther to flip the tables and surprise the bad guys. But honestly, the bad guy stories were all over the place. There was George, then the crazy dude, then the crazy psychiatrist, and Alice, and it was not a tidy set up for Luther to outthink everyone. In fact, I wonder if that was intended. Because this entire season featured a tired and almost fatalistic Luther still trying to save people but also barely giving a shit beyond that for laws, his own life and, possibly, the lives of those close to him. if so, that would fit the concept of Luther evolving as a character. But it leaves him in a dark place. And the only message I can take from that is, good people on the police side can't win in the long run. It changes you to something else. Which, when you think about it, isn't so different from The Wire.
  8. Ottis


    I actually think this season was a thoughtful evolution. Luther has always been presented as a cop that stops just short of rogue. He bent a few small rules at first. But he has continued to evolve, as the world around him has gone to shit. This season, events pushed him over the edge to breaking the law. AT one point, Luther takes Alice to the police station, and she mocks him about doing the right thing (turned out he was doing online research, but still). So Luther's character is still there. Later, Luther positioned it nicely himself at the end, talking to Halladay about how waiting for backup and a warrant could mean that women who are currently alive would then be dead. He wants to break all the rules, regardless of cost, because that is the quickest way to take action, and maybe save lives. This season, Luther firmly and completely crossed to the other side of the line, because when you are dealing with murderers (George) and psychos (Alice) all day, your perspective changes. Plus, Luther always had this potential flaw in his make up. That's what made him such an interesting character from the pilot. The interesting thing this season was that, when Luther did cross the line at the end, it made no difference. All the people in the house were already dead. AND Halladay was shot and killed by Alice outside. So he fully threw away his last vestiges of integrity, *and it didn't matter." Now, he has been arrested. Will it stick? Guess we won't know unless there is more. If there is no more, then the show's ending message, and our character's arc, is sure depressing.
  9. Ottis

    The Last O.G.

    BTW, the millionaire actor was the guy who played Carla's ex husband on Cheers, yes? If not that is a damn close double. I was pondering who that was and suddenly in my head heard that billionaire say, "C-c-carla!"
  10. Ottis

    The Last O.G.

    The way this show handles conflict is refreshing. People argue but also listen, and usually one or the other comes around. Shay's marketing advice vs. Trey's vision was a good example. They both learned something. Not as invested in the (not) baby daddy story. That felt cliched, and honestly, I don't know why anyone believed her without asking first some hard questions. And I still love how Josh both fits in, and is allowed to fit in. Maybe it's because of the constant arguing IRL, but the way this show depicts people of different backgrounds and races connecting makes me want to live there.
  11. Ottis

    S31.E07: Living Fearlessly

    I lost interest after meeting the teams in the first ep, and check in now and then. Doesn't appear I'm missing anything except the scenery. This all sound so ridiculous.
  12. Ottis

    Star Trek: Picard Anticipation

    They eliminated the pension. I'm a 50-year ST fan, and I have to say, this doesn't look interesting to me. It sounds like an in-depth study of Picard: the Man. I liked Picard, as I did many ST characters (including Discovery's current Pike, who is fantastic), but I'm not interested in his personal crisis of faith. I want something bigger to be at stake. "There are ... FOUR .... Chardonneys!"
  13. Ottis

    The Last O.G.

    The one with Tray’s mom was a beautiful episode. Just really well done by all. And yay Josh.
  14. Ottis

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    That has nothing to do with my point. I mean, none of the characters listening to her speech knows who Hitler is, either. The allusion to Hitler propaganda speeches/rallies was for the viewer, not the characters. The show created a setting that resembled something that existed IRL. My point was that it was no accident. I really wish the argument over Dany would stop. Her descent into madness was hinted at in season one and shown throughout every season, and the show's mythology more than foreshadowed it. Her arc was the only one that actually made sense, and built on what was done before. Now, did the shift go downhill fast this season? Sure, and so did everything else. But that's a pacing issue, not a story issue, for Dany. All the complaining over Dany masks the real issues with this season, and gives the producers and actors something to shoot down.
  15. Ottis


    Yeah not buying Fuchs as being able to pull that off. I expected Cristobal and his team to shoot him during his little monologue. All the drama with the actors is too much for me. Barry needs to move on.