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  1. It is so swarmy when Niles is with Dorothy. Makes me want to hurl. I love, love, love how inventive this show is. But I haven’t been able to crack the code, yet. It feels more like a bunch of hilarious disconnected events than a connected plot. I get that the show explores our heroes weak points, I just lose the symbolism at times.
  2. Late to this show, with no comic book knowledge, and I found it thoroughly enjoyable. No stupid who wuvs who like on Titans. Each character first slowly outlined and then their moral conflicts revealed. And a lot of fun on Danny the Street. Well done, all.
  3. Ottis

    S03.E05: Lazarus

    This was a really interesting episode. I skipped the prior one, Hawk and Dove, because of lack of interest. Loved the psychological study of Bruce and Jason and Scarecrow and the psychologist. No stupid “who wuvs who” crap. Made me more sympathetic to Jason, which I would not have thought possible. And impressed by the Joker here, just dispatching Robin post haste. Wasn’t a fan of the secret pool, though. The actress who plays Barbara has a terrible actress laugh.
  4. I don’t understand why Barbara, and Dick, think Bruce will see anything wrong with what he is doing (fighting crime and recruiting kids). Bruce thinks he is doing what he has to do. His quitting at the end was less an admittance he was wrong than giving in to badgering and to reality. Meanwhile, Super Boy can pretty much handle anything. The one thing I liked about this ep was it picked up the theme from the Nolan movies that once Bruce created Batman, it was inevitable that a Joker arose, and the morality of that.
  5. Ottis

    S02.E13: Nightwing

    That was definitely the wrong actor for Bruce Wayne. And Wonder Gal Donna was puzzlingly disappointing, powers-wise. Bruce actually had a family, Dick. It was taken away from him. I assume others besides TT live in that giant tower? If so, I would move out. I hope we can move forward now with a TT team and get past the who likes me/who I don’t like BS. Let’s have them work and live in the world and stop fighting each other. PS Liked the cheekiness of the closing credits song.
  6. Ottis

    S02.E12: Faux Hawk

    The best part of this episode was watching Deathstroke come in with the mail.
  7. Ottis

    S02.E11: E.L._.O.

    Pretty much fast forwarding through most eps in this pointless season. Including this episode of sulking, pouting and weeniness. Yes, yes, be a team and quit being self involved jackasses.
  8. Ottis

    S02.E09: Atonement

    This ep must be where the “teen” part of Teen Titans comes in, good grief. Everybody’s feelings are hurt, awwwwww. Enough that they leave a stranger who is unable to care for himself is in bed. Awesome, heroes! I can imagine what Batman and Superman say about you all at the bar. Also? Dawn and Hank are so annoying. They are the couple you would like for 5 minutes and then try to lose.
  9. Ottis

    S02.E04: Aqualad

    After a great start in season one, you’re losing me fast Titans. For some reason you have gone all CW on me. Garth loves Donna, Donna can’t forgive Garth, now Dawn loves Dick (hey, when did that happen?) after Dawn loved Hank, everyone asks Dick for love advice. Ugh. Way too much soap opera. I was praying for Deathstroke to appear for half the episode.
  10. Ottis

    S02.E03: Ghosts

    I don’t understand the actions of the Titans, now that they are back together. Why do they insist on having lives apart when as soon as they do, someone comes after them? Why wasn’t the first question they asked about Deathstroke’s daughter “why is he trying to kill his own daughter?” Why do they train blindfolded vs say, with no hearing or one leg? Why isn’t everyone, including Kory, more interested in why an alien is on Earth and what she and her people want? Why does Robin segment his team, creating resentment instead of being inclusive? There aren’t 50, it’s manage
  11. Ottis

    S02.E02: Rose

    I’m not sure there is a more annoying couple than Hank and Dawn. Every conversation is her praising Hank for “looking really good” at something, and him responding with a fake aw shucks it ain’t me. Then they fight. Ugh. I like Dick/Robin as a psycho who can’t help himself. Gar seems kind of useless. A tiger who took down what, one guy? They need to find a way to make him more versatile.
  12. Ottis

    S02.E01: Trigon

    I’m not sure what balding has to do with it. He just seemed too frail to me in terms of his size and movements.
  13. Well, finished season one. What was all the alternative reality stuff in the final episode? The first 5 eps or so were a lot of fun. The last 3-4 were weirdly slow or went on tangents that weren’t very interesting.
  14. I’m just catching up on this show, and have enjoyed it way more than I expected, but I hate, hate, hate false drama like having Raven and BB leave to rescue her mom when all Robin asked was that they recon for 5 minutes. Also, everything they need to do appears to be in a 60-minute radius. Love Robin as a psychopath as well as all the darkness. Can BB turn into other things? This show really slowed down with ep 8 and ep 9 (Hank and Dawn), which I largely FF’d through.
  15. This show made the Nazis too smart, and the hunters too weird. At its core there was a truth, Nazis adopted into the US and given new lives, but most everything else was, I don’t know, catoony? Like Tarantino light. That includes the reveal, which I suspected since Joe said they didn’t tell the grandson something about Meyer (I suppose they meant Meyer’s relationship with Ruth, or possibly the grandson relationship), which made me suspicious and start guessing at the meaning. His killing of the Barringer woman without confirmation was what made me think he wasn’t who he said he was, and the re
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