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  1. That part I understood. The question was why this particular set up? If the villain named “Classic TV Man?” I suspect this particular set up is the vanity of the creator. Which would be disappointing.
  2. If you raise funds from only the same people who are in your ladies club, I don’t get the point. i like that there is a central mystery, but I don’t enjoy how they are depicting it through cheesy sitcoms. Bewitched this time. So this is Wanda’s dream of a fantasy life, that she is using to protect herself from someone. I wish they would just show this normally as today.
  3. No idea what I am watching here, except given their lack of knowledge of their past and a few moments where Wanda seemed lost, they seem to be held hostage somewhere living a fake life for someone’s amusement or gain. I’m not sure what we are supposed to do with this approach. I can watch reruns of Dick Van Dyke. Will this particular format lead to anything meaningful besides the amusement of the creator?
  4. Hmmm. The moment the show positions Spence as taking on the NFL over health care for players, the show is cancelled. Shades of Playmakers.
  5. That was ... not funny. Even the audience seemed disconnected. I fell asleep. And I would like to know where these homes are where the mom gets only a robe at Christmas. At our house, the mom gets better presents than anyone else. The dad is the one with socks and a tie. That seems much more common.
  6. BTW, they blew it with the moment with Mando taking off his helmet so yoda baby could touch his face. It might have been the signature moment of the season... except they just had Mando take off his helmet an episode or two ago to be scanned, which could easily have been written around. Exceptionally poor plotting.
  7. Aaaaaaaand back to pointless. How long has Mando been with yoda baby, anyway? Doesn’t seem long enough to have this kind of tie. Aside from plot needs. Given the imperial shuttle had two dudes as pilots, once it called in to the cruiser, and it was a woman, wouldn’t someone notice? You know, for once I wish the “dark _______” had something other than red eyes. A nice blue would have been interesting. It sure takes them a long time to get moving. And sending androids out an airlock? Uh, they seem to be missing something central to being an android. Luckily, they have a convenient weak spot... turkey necks. And their builders neglected to give them armor that would protect them against their most likely threat. When the yoda is involved, so is lots of fighting. Not so much interesting plot. Would like to hear more about Gideon’s plans. “It” wants your permission? Hmmm. Well, bye! Hoping for a child-less show next season.
  8. Loved the Guardian reveal. Knew Mirror Michael would suck, wish the show would have said more about some things being fated regardless of attempts to change them. I have greatly enjoyed this season. It feels like Star Trek again. Though we need a “crew discovers planet and local issue” ep or two. Not everything should be the weighty stuff.
  9. I haven't googled him yet, but I have no idea who Timothee Chalamet is. He said he has an acting career, and he also sang in this ep. Hmmm. I was excited when I heard the name at first because I thought they said Shalamar, and I liked some Shalamar songs in the 80s. Not his fault, but I FF through Tiny Horse. That's the first time I have done that through one of the musical parody skits, but I just didn't see any humor in it. I did enjoy the point of the Lexus Christmas skit. Many of us are capable of buying a car for Christmas for my SO, but really, who does that? The commercial with the couple buying the two trucks is especially galling. The Rona virus was decent but pretty cliched. Would have liked it to be more edgy. And the Dionne Warwick skit was charming. Don't know much about her today, but if that is how she is, I like it. Bill Barr as grown up Cartman ... bwahahahahahaha. Just an aside, the skits on WU where a guest just blathers on the same comment over and over, then acts inexplicably silly, are not funny, Dr. Weknowdis. Indiana Jones and The Tomb of the Jamaican nurse ... ha. Poor Melissa. I really like her, and yet they shoehorn her into WU as awkwardly as possible. Can they just have her do an impression in a skit? The baking skit *should* have been funny, but wasn't. The last time they did this skit it was hilarious. I think the problem was they had the contestants immediately acknowledge their cakes were bad, instead of be proud of them. The last cake should have been fun but they had the guy own up to what it looked like. This whole concept was off. Probably the funniest part of this episode was Springsteen wearing a rolled up jean jacket. Talk about 80s. wow. I wish there were enough Questloves to do that to everyone on Tik Toc. Heh, the Fox lies as sports was great and should have broadened to all sorts of lies beyond the election, and made the cold open.
  10. Except, given his line of work, and likely the line of work of any Mando, there are likely many occasions when talking off the helmet might contribute to saving a life. Which means the show making the helmet thing a core tenet of a fanatical belief was kind of pointless. The actual reason it came off was to show the actor’s face, to make him more relatable and marketable.
  11. 100% better without Grogu. Lots of world setting and info about the Empire and its philosophy. Far more to think about and add to the overall story than "let's rescue the child .. again!" And ... a complex character, courtesy of Bill Burr. AND a cool new weapon from the Fett. THIS is what the Mandalorian could be without the silly marketing device known as "The Child." Too early, IMO. It was just another thing that was set up to be sacred and then discarded at the first opportunity. Except it was *scanned." That *should* mean it is now in the Empire's database. Because this episode was so much better, I'll ignore things like the Empire coming back and not changing its recognition codes, and the silly 1950s B&W monitors in the mining vehicle, and the general futility of having a massive refinery there that apparently is stymied by pirates to such a degree that when Mando and Burr make it. the stormtroopers say, "I can't believe they pulled that off." The base has tie fighters and a lot of troops, and it is foiled repeatedly by pirates? No matter. Burr was excellent.
  12. This ep was weirdly paced. I thought it should have ended with Georgiou striding into the camera with her gown behind her (one or two breaks before it actually ended). Also, the odd mix of bad poetry and spectactacle with coronation was more comical than anything, but not comical enough to be fun. Maybe they were going with a samurai vibe with both swords and haikus, but it was cringy. And then the big genius murder plot was Stamets "sneaking up" on Georgiou in front of everyone ... none of those in the crowd felt it important to yell "watch out?" It mostly felt like the show was *trying* to have fun with a mirror universe, but wasn't going far enough. Even within that limitation, Georgiou is way too smart to not quickly transition and play her expected part. I know the point of it is "she's changed," but for her own welfare, she would know to be what she needed to be until she saw a different move to make. She seemed far too uncertain. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the ep, and am enjoying this season and the overall message that the Federation stands for something.
  13. When you have the issues these people do, smoking weed should be pretty far down the list of productive uses of their time. They seem to revel in being anything but productive.
  14. What exactly is Dan angry at? A lifetime of poor decisions? I can see sadness, or depression. But anger? We are watching the next generation of Connors make dumb decisions while the generation before then laments that the kids can’t afford to be stupid. And gets high in the driveway. I guess if Dan is angry at his own family, that makes sense.
  15. I don't understand how people who no jobs and no money can choose to have a baby (at an advanced state of life no less), and then be upset when they can't have one. That whole storyline feel as flat for me as if Darlene wanted to be queen of England and found out she can't because she isn't a UK citizen. Then again, this family's priorities have never made sense. This show has a field day with gallows humor with the Connors, who never have much of anything but always have each other. I get it. But also, at some point, someone has to learn from this and make better decisions. Jackie's story was kind of cute. All it takes is to find the right guy who doesn't care about your baggage. Maybe this is it.
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