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  1. People get extra emotional at Christmas? Is that true? In my experience, people generally get more relaxed at Christmas and overall are in a better mood. Emotional? But really. If these people would just communicate and act like adults, there wouldn’t be many issues. How does Cam think Mitch will feel when Cam pursued his dream and then never tells Mitch until there is essentially no option but to move? Ugh to all of them.
  2. That was in fact how the actual Vietnam War was promoted at the time IRL dominos and all that. But my point is, if you Find yourself with the abilities of Dr M at your disposal, why is that first? Why not space travel technology to colonize new world and resources, or finding a cure for cancer or heck, if you’re really stuck on Vietnam, ending China or Russia (or at least their role as the base of communism) vs. just winning in Vietnam? It seems oddly specific and short sighted.
  3. Ottis

    S04.E10: 410 Gone

    Holy shit that was boring and stupid. Get on the damn plane already. Ugh. i enjoyed seeing some of the killers in their off hours. That was about it.
  4. I thought it was “Cal” speaking the whole time, and I kept wondering why I didn’t know Dr. Manhattan was black. I don’t know why the concept of Dr. M experiencing time differently was such a difficult concept for people to get within the show. It’s pretty straight forward. He can choose which “now” he wants to experience. The question is, what is the last “now” he experiences? And I have to say I’ve never understood why the US, given the power of Dr. M, chose to use it to win the Vietnam War. I was a kid during it but that war was essentially far away and almost unreal to the daily lives of most people. There should have been 100 other things they could have asked him to do. It seems like a small thing to base a pivotal plot point on.
  5. Ottis


    Finished season 3, comments below first with no spoilers, then with spoilers with a warning. No spoilers ... the Native American-sourced drug use and hallucinations were annoying. What was the point? The Texas bros needed it for ideas? Sad. And the goal with Billy was to ... what? It mostly felt like a way to kill some time through the season. Also, because of its use, every time something seemed to happen, I wondered if it was actually happening or it was a hallucination. SPOILERS below ...
  6. I think most of the comments indicate that JLo didn't write the monologue, that the show's writers did, and that someone on *the show* thinks she is unusually hot. These comments aren't directed at JLo, so no misogyny. If anything, the fact the show went with this angle vs. JLo's many talents might indicate misogyny. "She's talented and works hard and has for decades stayed on top in the business and ... wait, she's hot!" Super bummed I missed this and now will go back to look at the DVR! I loved that sketch back in the day.
  7. Ok, show. Some of you think JLo is attractive. Got it. What I learned was she is more attractive in still photos than in live action. Also? She is taller than I expected. Another Empire reference? Still don’t get it. Neither did the audience. Da Baby is named... Kirk? Or does he really like Star Trek? Look out, DaBaby! It’s f society! ”Keep it tighter than the babysitter.” Heh. What was Jules? A PC hipster? The carolers skit seemed stereotypical. Fully expect social media outrage on that one. I guess some things aren’t allowed to be for only some people anymore. Some weird camera angles on the hardware store skit. What a strange take on Wisconsin.
  8. I think that's my problem. The show started out as a hack to bring society down (which was silly but there was a plot), and interesting looks at the haves and the have nots of this society, and some of the shadowy organizations who muck around with the rules. It was done well, and that alone intrigued me. And oh, BTW, the guy we saw Elliott talking to throughout the season WAS ONLY IN ELLIOTT'S HEAD. That was the mind bender at the end of the season that made Mr. Robot must see for me. Then White Rose and the Dark Army became a centerpiece to what was happening, and that was interesting. It had real consequences, with characters dying, freaking out or on the run. The original hack turned out to be not especially thought-through by the hackers, but it had awakened other forces that maintained my interest. And White Rose herself was a great character. And Dom and the FBI were on the trail. Meanwhile, we had Elliott and his various personalities - who else was only real to Ellliott? Interesting, I guess, but only meaningful if it impacts the overall mythology. Cut to this season ... aside from poor Angela being whacked, what has happened? We had a vanity episode where no one talked, we've had multiple speeches from Big Bird and his quest to make Elliott his teammate (which ended with a whimper), we've had a brief bit of intrigue with crazy Janice (who is now dead) ... and we've had this looooong, stretched out quest around Elliott, his personalities and his integration which, as a reveal, had the least surprising cause ever. Where is White Rose? Why does WR say she and E are on the same side, and what is WR's secret project? What is next for society and how does the DA figure into it? Who is combating the DA aside from Elliott? If Elliott does the Cypress Bank hack, what will happen? What is Darlene's fate? What, ultimately, will be Elliott's fate? THAT is what I want more of, and it feels like most of this season after the first two episodes has been running in place. Exactly right.
  9. If this wasn't the last season, I would stop watching. Don't need the torture porn. Not interested in Elliott's continued self discovery. Sort of curious about interesting visuals and filmography, but that's not enough to hold my interest. What happened to this show. It only became interesting when Deegan talked to Janice.
  10. So thIs was basically an origin story of a hooded character that lives on through new people? Places in the context of this world.
  11. I think it’s probably time for the cold open to be about something other than Trump. Last week was a detailed and unfunny mess, this week was just a mess. I don’t think I laughed until Chippy. Too bad that didn’t go anywhere. It has a great start. Wait - I did laugh at the line about the Mayor Pete dance and trying for a negative black vote. On the plus side, the only bit I fast forwarded through was the pizza skit.
  12. “I try to leave her but she just palms my head and I run in place.” That was the only thing I laughed at. Cam has always been pretty awful. It’s not cute. I didn’t get the whole deal with hurting the boyfriends. That’s not cool.
  13. They broke up... and then he saw her in the laundromat and they were back together. So I don’t know whether they are done or on a break or what. Not that it matters, really.
  14. It felt like this season ended with a whimper. There was a lot of build up, and then meh.... they arrested a guy and people still wanted to blame the Klan. Personally I also feel he did it.... carpet plus dog hair plus behavior plus circumstantial... and the killings fitting the same MO stopped (and while more kids have died, if there was any reason at all to suspect a serial killer people would have been on it). I don’t know what the hell Wendy’s story has to do with anything. It’s kind of annoying. Brian’s story at least allows us to think about things like whether and people are born that way. I like those parallels. Tench has the patience of a Saint with his wife. So she left him? Or just found a new house? i really enjoyed the season. Hope the show continues.
  15. Unlike Vera’s henchmen, I was more than happy to leave the room before it ended. So I emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen while the ep played. I likes that we returned to Mr Robot and his existence, where we began. I didn’t like that the big answer was something we already knew, or logically suspected, as viewers. I was hoping for something more surprising. It’s not like we couldn’t tell that Elliot and his sister were damaged. The juxtaposition of the Christmas decorations and the dramatic story was interesting visually. And Vera’s ability to talk to Elliott, and see and share his pain was pretty amazing and unexpected. Unless he is another personality of Elliott’s. So now can we get back to the plot and happens to all these people?
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