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  1. Painfully unfunny. McGruber has always been unfunny. Pete apparently high on WU was more worrisome than funny. The endless country music skit was terrible. Forte was bland. Just PU.
  2. Show, Liz is dead. People who came back to the show because she is gone, like me, don’t want to hear about her anymore. Stop. Cease. Desist. Let her go.
  3. Ya’ll were too kind to the people who moved back from Germany. The husband said almost nothing, what he did say was he was ready for change. The wife needs counseling. She hates change and hangs on to everything as a life raft against it. She also seems to be lazy. If your problem is visible laundry, put it away. And there is something insidious going on that she creates a false narrative about the kids when even the kids know it is about their mom. And what was with all the crosses? My guess is that 6 months after the changes, they still have the same issues.
  4. That would be better than the show we are seeing. It's really a double failure. Agree with you that BF became popular for minimal reasons, and therefore there is now a show about him. But both the idea to do a show about him, and the execution of said show, are poorly conceived.
  5. Faint praise indeed! I would take issue with Mandalorian having no familiar characters, tough. Even when a character is different (different name, etc.), when it is the same species/race and serves basically the same purpose as prior similar franchise characters, that's plenty familiar. So basically almost everything in the Mandalorian was familiar. Gus Fring = Vader, ridiculous baby Yoda and Yoda, etc. But for more on that, you can search for my posts in all the Mandalorian episode threads, which highlight similar inconsistent, poor writing. ITA. Fennec would make a good Boba. I am b
  6. These Star Wars shows have never been anywhere near varied and rich. They recycle the same things from the original three movies. There are only three types of planets (desert, forest and, occasionally, ice), there are the same species, there are the same creatures (Sarlacc, Rancor, etc.), and perhaps most annoying, the plots are mired down in politics and trade issues vs. standing for something. They show glimpses of something bigger (Boba doesn't want tribute), but then almost immediately shy away from it (but he does want them all to make a lot of money, at least some of which comes from sp
  7. Given the dearth of achievements by the rest of that family, their best move is to keep Mark on speed. Also, presents for dean’s list?
  8. Bantha has to be one of the dumbest ways to get anywhere, especially if you need to get there with any urgency. But it is a previous Star Wars animal, so the series has to use it vs something, you know, new. That’s how SW rolls. Enjoyed the Alias-style music during the surgery. Guess Star Wars will indeed steal from other sources when needed. So speed bikers are the villain? LOL. Boba seems a bit underskilled. Boba the character basically needs to be more like the Mandalorian, and the Mandalorian back story belongs in this show. Also, if there is advantage to people thinkin
  9. This show has the worst music soundtrack ever.
  10. Star Wars as a franchise is in love with itself. Same planets, same species, same plots. A village burned when Luke, er, Fett returns. A Rancor is back. Untrustworthy politicians. It has zero new to say. “Everyone is waiting for a response.” You think? BTW, why does this show and Mandalorian have their new own threads and Discovery and Picard get lumped under “Star Trek shows?” The teen biker gang is clearly an attempt to appeal to young viewers who cannot identify with the older Fett. And yeah, it’s about merchandising. Star Wars usually is.
  11. If there is one community I care less about than Broadway, it’s … well, there isn’t one. FF’d through nonsensical cold open and, after a bit, the monologue. The NBA skit showed potential at the start as a vehicle for COVID commentary, then immediately dropped that for the lazy “regular people cannot beat NBA players at basketball” layups. Hardy har har. The funny thing about the Urkel skit is, I could see someone producing that show. The prom skit? Meh. Some kind of NY-based skit. Don’t know them, don’t get it. FF. Musical guest seemed fine, brought back memories
  12. I multi task during this show because it’s not very interesting. Cena is fine, just not a lot happens and much of the dialogue is about who is lying to who, and I don’t really care much about that yet because I don’t even know what matters.
  13. Uh, yay, I guess? After watching the least necessary prison riot in the history of television? What was the point of all that, aside from gratuitous violence? - It wasn't a commentary on the prison system. The show never portrayed a reasonable protagonist who could make the point that conditions were unfair for average people caught in the system, much less people who admit murder and other crimes. And the show never portrayed it as truly awful (crowded and violent, sure, which most people include in the definition of "prison"). - It wasn't a commentary on Mike "losing his soul," bec
  14. Actually, Fett is pretty much Dune, with a tiny bit of Lawrence of Arabia, except there is no point to any of it because nothing any of them are doing stands for anything. This show is excruciatingly bad, unless you are 10 years old. There is no logic to the plot, nor to things like physics (good luck walking on a train moving that quickly) or even consistency (so if Fett put the lizard up his nose, lizard is a poor choice BTW should have been something smaller because honestly the lizard would have damaged him, while he was with those raiders, where did they, or he, go that the next day
  15. My 5th grade self would have written this, it was so bad. It was like Bad Words (which was a hilarious movie for its first 30 minutes) crossed with a 70s cop show (addiction! Redemption! “Fix what was broken!”). I had stopped watching BL maybe 4 seasons ago because Lizzie was beyond annoying and incompetent, and the way everyone on the show worshipped her drove me nuts. I wanted to see a season without her. And this damn show just won’t let her go. Also, that’s an annoying kid. Worthy of Liz. I admit a skipped a lot of this. But when Ressler shot the cop, I could hear the Bruce
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