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  1. I watched this over the weekend and found it so unbelievably sad. I always found her to be a very talented young actress and her death was one of those that hit me hard. I didn't know a lot about the circumstances other than that she was married to a shady, older schlub and that he died shortly thereafter. The number of prescriptions they were both on was mind-boggling. I know it's not difficult to find pill mill doctors in Los Angeles but given the sheer number and combination, it's a miracle either of them were able to stand up, let alone function. I'm reluctant to criticiz
  2. Bette and Tina were my very first television OTP so I get where you are coming from. I have unfairly hated every single woman either of them has been with in both this series and the OG. But what killed it for me in this season was how badly the women they were paired up with were written which subsequently trickled down to B&T's characterizations. Will I be happy when they inevitably reconcile? Of course. But I won't be quite as swoony as I was after one of their 37 other reunions. *insert old lady emoji*
  3. This reminds me - does anyone who has done a deep dive into this know what you receive in return for the $5,000? Like how many pieces of clothing does it buy you? Because for $5,000 I would expect them to send me 1,000 pieces of their crap but I suspect it is SIGNIFICANTLY less.
  4. No, and I will sit at this table with you.
  5. This is my problem with this series - everyone acts like an insecure, emotionally immature idiot. But I blame that on the writers. They clearly have NO idea what to do with these characters so they just write reality show drama around however many sex scenes they can cram into an episode. If they do continue with a third series, they need to completely clean house in the writers' room and hire some folks with actual series writing experience. I've read more competently written fan fiction.
  6. Nope because that's exactly what I thought too. I mean it's not like they gave us any background on why they had divorced. But if they had better writers, once Laurel decided she DID want back in, they could have at least come up with something more organic than this constant "will they or won't they?" and spared us from Rosie O'Donnell. I'm not going to lie - I was kind of hoping that was the last we'd see of Finley. Her character does nothing for me except make me wrinkle my nose and say, "I bet she smells" every time she is on screen. The whole thing with Dani and her father's t
  7. Damn my sense of nostalgia and loyalty for forcing me to continue watching this hot ass mess. And here I thought the OG was the gold standard for running a beloved series off a cliff. These storylines are so contrived and immature and basically just exist to show more bed-hopping. Baby gay Michele wanted this level of bed-hopping and drama 17 years ago. Approaching middle age Michele is now like, "Ugh, give it a rest, ladies." Alice being bisexual has been canon since season 1 of the OG so I'm confused as to why there is suddenly this concern about revealing that she is dating a ma
  8. They just looked like giant glasses of ice to me. I couldn't even see any liquid. My issue with the Sophie/Finley relationship is how they're retconning that they don't really know each other that well. Haven't they been friends and roommates for years? Also I distinctly remember Finley having a problem with alcohol last season but maybe I'm not remembering correctly.
  9. From episode 1, I could just tell that these people were full of 💩. DeAnne acted like because she flew "standby" that somehow negated the fact that she just told us she was dirt poor and now she's flying somewhere. You still have to pay to fly standby - it's not a free ticket lottery. And that story about her mother was just total BS. I don't really know anything about the tenets of Mormonism but I assume it's like other religions where telling outright lies is frowned upon. 🤷‍♀️
  10. I always assumed it was just hideous leggings until I once stumbled across a retailer's social media account and saw her "styling" outfits. I'm certainly no fashion plate but these were just so horrendous my only thought was "why?" I feel fortunate that no one in my circle became involved in this because I wear my heart and my thoughts on my face. 🤨
  11. OMG, I literally said out loud, "Where's Alice's damn chart when you really need it?" It's seriously getting ridiculous.
  12. I'll admit I had a little something in my eye when the Marconis were saying goodbye to Zach. I have no problem with the tidy little bow they placed on everything. I found the entire show REALLY messy and pretty poorly fleshed out so I appreciated the little bit of happy closure. As I've mentioned before, I really hated the book so I think there was only so much that could have been done with this. But given the pedigree, I expected a LOT more. If Kidman continues optioning and adapting Moriarty's novels, I hope she considers partnering with someone other than David E. Kelley as I d
  13. Finally watched the final episode last night. A $4.5 million settlement seems pretty paltry when you consider how much money they were raking in. I can only guess that their attorneys watched the playbacks of the depositions and told them that a jury would crucify and bankrupt them. Here's hoping the plaintiffs in other suits use this entire documentary as an exhibit in their lawsuits. Did their son Justin join a boy band before his depo? Derryl's remarks re: Kelly Clarkson literally made me laugh out loud. I doubt Kelly or her team knew anything about LuLaRoe other than that
  14. It's not sung by Nicole Kidman. The song is called "Strange Effect" and is by a group called Unloved.
  15. That whole anecdote about his father immediately set off my BS detector. He claimed that his father wasn't going to spend his life bringing in $412 a week? I don't know how old Mark is but say that conversation happened in 1965-ish. The equivalent in today's dollars is almost $3,500 a week. $412 a week is basically what a family of 4 has to make nowadays to be considered at the poverty line in the United States. It most certainly was not when Mark was a child. 🙄
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