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  1. I forgot just how creepy these stories were - when I read the book I limited myself to daytime reading and of course made the mistake of watching this before bed last night. I won't make that mistake again. I appreciated the focus on Michelle and the victims rather than the killer. Obviously that may change as the series progresses, but I think highlighting the women impacted by his reign of terror is a refreshing change from what we normally see in this type of series. I couldn't help getting a lump in my throat every time Patton spoke. His love for her is still so palpable.
  2. I've seen a few others but I think I'm going to actively search them out. It is so much more refreshing than the standard "What appealed to you most about the project?, etc. etc." rehash particularly when you can tell the interviewer isn't familiar with the material aside from maybe 1 episode they were provided. It was so obvious in this interview that Kerry loves KE and Sandra loves Little Fires and that really came through. I thought it was lovely.
  3. Sandra Oh did a GREAT Actors on Actors interview with Kerry Washington for Variety. It's long (over an hour) but it is such a lovely, complex, layered conversation. I would like to petition for all actors to be interviewed by fellow actors instead of vapid entertainment "journalists."
  4. Sandra Oh participated in a Drama Emmys Roundtable for the Los Angeles Times. Excerpts from the conversation are compiled here along with some video clips. I'm still looking for a link to the full conversation. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/tv/story/2020-06-23/drama-roundtable-cate-blanchett-cynthia-erivo-nicole-kidman-regina-king-hugh-jackman-sandra-oh-jeremy-strong-kerry-washington
  5. This x 100. Just watched episode 4 last night and we were remarking on the fact that they repeat the same information over and over in every episode. I'm assuming it is so that people can feel comfortable dropping in on any episode and getting up to speed, but I wish they would find a way to condense that into the intro.
  6. I thought this was...fine. *shrugs* I waited until the entire series was available because I am impatient and I feel like if I had attempted to watch it week to week I would have bailed. I appreciated the actors' performances and the production values were nice enough but I'm surprised by the critical reception this received. I felt like I was reading rave after rave when it debuted. I only read the book recently and feel like the changes they made for the t.v. series were a total cop out. I also would have liked to see more of Laurie's unraveling as that was one of the more compelling aspects of the book. It happened way too quickly here.
  7. While this didn't have the same emotional resonance for me as Nanette I still loved it. It was precisely the warm, intelligent, hilarious balm my soul needed this week. It's difficult to pinpoint highlights because there wasn't a single bit that didn't hit but I particularly loved her riff on American English vs. UK English vs. Australian English and her observations about small talk at the dog park (UGH!) Her entire art history lecture was gold as were her shots at the anti-vaccine movement.
  8. I'm of the opinion that it is a plot point that will never be mentioned again. Just based on what we've seen in previous series, they don't seem to spend a lot of time examining things that were brought up in the past. ALTHOUGH I think of all of the writers, Laura has a pretty good grasp on this (e.g. Eve finally asking Carolyn what she spoke to Villanelle about in the prison in series 1) so it is certainly possible. I just took all of those mentions of her son as further reinforcement that Villanelle is alone and has no one that cares for her/relies on her. I think it was just really driving home the overarching theme of the season.
  9. Just watched the BAFTA Q&A with Sandra, Jodie, Fiona, and Suzanne. Some interesting nuggets: Sandra said that Phoebe Waller-Bridge is (naturally) her dream guest star while Fiona said Idris Elba. 🙂 Jodie said that she thinks they still walk away from each other on the bridge even after turning back but that she obviously doesn't know where they will go in series 4. Sandra shared a story about the bus scene - Apparently at one point she made actual contact with Jodie during the fight and she squeaked, backed up, and said, "I'm so sorry." They both regretted that it wasn't included in the show because they felt it was very "Eve." Fiona stood up naked out of the bath and had hoped they would include it in the episode even if it was blurred. She said that the entire crew basically fell out of their chairs. Jodie talked about Villanelle's maturation from series 1 and all agreed that they can't regress to what the characters were previously. There was disagreement on whether Villanelle or Dasha would put the baby in the bin because Jodie wanted to do it.
  10. I know he posted on Instagram after the episode aired praising the show and Jodie Comer.
  11. From Season 1 I've always twigged that Carolyn is either a member of The 12 or connected to them in some way that is not, "I work for MI6 and therefore must stop this nefarious criminal organization." There is just something about her that I've never trusted and I always wonder whenever Eve comes to her with a "Listen to what new information I've figured out about The 12!" if Carolyn is thinking, "Oh for pete's sake - took you long enough to figure that out." Like did Carolyn put Eve onto Villanelle/The 12 as a way to keep tabs on what MI5/6 knows/how close they are/next steps, etc. Just a theory I've had since series 1. Eve automatically assuming that Villanelle was referring to them growing old together immediately took me back to Eve's conversation with Kenny in episode 1 when he asked if she was still "in touch with..." and she immediately assumed he was referring to Villanelle, not Niko. Girl's got it bad and always has. Does it make sense in the context of how Villanelle has "ruined her life", killed Bill, etc.? Of course not, but I love it. The show has obviously had different writers and showrunners and gets renewed on a 1-2 off basis so I don't think there was ever any GRAND PLAN for a 4 series story but I wonder how much this seemingly romantic direction has been influenced by the sheer amount of chemistry that Oh and Comer have. I know that there are certain segments of the viewing audience that think it is simply "fan service" or "fan fiction" but for me the chemistry is absolutely undeniable. I am mesmerized when they share scenes together even if they are being total goofballs like at Paul's house.
  12. This is a really interesting element to consider. I've thought V seemed slightly "off" from the very beginning of this season. There were just certain aspects of her personality to me that read as she wasn't feeling herself. I think when you look at the sequence of rejections beginning with the Season 2 finale where Konstantin tells her he wouldn't pick her over his family and then Eve rejects her outright, I think the stage was set. Her mother was the straw that broke the camel's back. Now do I think this will stick? I doubt it. I just don't see where they have Villanelle NOT be an assassin as I just think that would be a bridge (whomp, whomp) too far. She obviously needs to find some sort of fulfillment that doesn't involve following orders and having no input. I just have absolutely no idea what form that will take but I am excited to see where they go with it.
  13. In the previews I kept assuming that the quote from Dasha in the hospital was "These girls are barbarians" referring to Eve and Villanelle. But when I re-watched with CC on she actually said: "Have you had haggis?" "These Scots are barbarians." And I belly laughed.
  14. ALL OF THIS! I don't know whether we should make a Season 4 speculation thread in order to fanwank our way through the next year but I'm guessing that your first point will be the essence of season 4. Something else that I noticed with the Rhiannon kill is that she was back to her old, lethal self. V has been a bit sloppy this season letting her emotions get the best of her and suddenly she has one mini-date with Eve and she's back in fine form without a scratch on her.
  15. I typically do a re-watch before posting my thoughts but for some inexplicable reason this episode is still not showing up on my Amazon account or On-Demand. Again an episode that was at least co-written by Laura Neal felt like a return to form in what has admittedly been a choppy season, plot wise. I feel like Laura is the writer who best understands these characters and is writing most similarly to Phoebe Waller-Bridge which makes me ridiculously excited to see where she takes them in season 4. In 2024 or whenever we'll get it. Damn 'rona. 😞 I would like the Television Academy to just engrave the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama statue with the name "Fiona Shaw" now, please and thank you. I'm still not over the fact that Geraldine sucked up so much screen time this season for no reason other than TO ANNOY THE EVERLOVING CRAP OUT OF ME but Gemma Whelan was a magnificent screen partner for Fiona. I was waiting for Geraldine to come strolling into the room at Paul's house so they could reveal that she had served some purpose other than being a gullible git who was duped into allowing Konstantin to eavesdrop on her mother. One reason I'm looking forward to a re-watch is to examine the scene in the hospital between Dasha and Konstantin more closely. Is there some sort of pressure point in the hand that can immediately induce death? The camera work in that scene leads me to believe that he somehow hastened her inevitable demise but I'm still on the fence about that. The humor in this episode was just first rate. From Villanelle at Bitter Pill to Talullah Shark to Villanelle and Eve being utter children, I laughed A LOT. While both Sandra and Jodie are phenomenal dramatic actresses, they are both natural comediennes and I love when the show takes advantage of both skill sets. The dance and the bridge. WHOO BOY! I don't even know if I can fully process either yet but I am fully in the "how romantic" camp and I don't care how ridiculous it is, I swooned. I have no idea how any of this will work in season 4 and I don't expect to see 8 episodes of V&E snuggled up on the couch watching movies and eating spaghetti together but the knowledge that these 2 idiots finally had a conversation about their feelings that didn't involve grievous bodily harm will sustain me through the interminable hiatus.
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