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  1. I really hope that SWORD or somebody is keeping cap alive in cryostasis in a base on the moon.
  2. I can't remember the exact wording, but Agatha mentions that the Scarlet Witch is prophesied to destroy the world. I bet ten bucks that prophecy comes into play with Doctor Strange 2 (unless they mean "the world" as in the Westview she created).
  3. I find it very telling that Wanda could have done some memory wiping or obfuscating on the Westview residents after bringing down the hex but chose not to. In fact, part of Agatha's punishment is to forget. I'm interpreting that to mean that Wanda is accepting consequences and the anger that Westview and the larger world will have for her.
  4. I'm kind of hoping that Agatha isn't too rotten, the opening scene indicated she'd be a good tutor for Wanda in the ways of being a witch. Maybe with less bird killing.
  5. I think the saddest part of the episode is that Wanda tried so hard to be good. She's not evil like Agnes, she just has this crazy power. By all rights she should have blown SWORD HQ to bits for their desecration and Hayward's smug flippant attitude, but instead she just confirmed there was no Vision left and went home. Her pain and sorrow created something more than she wanted, and she's facing it for the first time. I hope she's able to come out the other side.
  6. Also Wanda strengthened the barrier after expanding it, so Monica went through two normal times and one supercharged A+ crazy time.
  7. I'm super curious about the people on the edge of town because why are they there? Wanda could have just created a small hex containing only the main cast (maybe a mile or so) but instead she expanded it out to a point where the people at the edge are in this stasis because she can't be everywhere at once and they're not relevant to the plot. We've never seen them before and I doubt Woo and Monica have them on the ID board. Why do it, why expend that energy consciously? Like, the kids. There weren't any and now there are loads because Vision questioned it in the last episode. Are they act
  8. Now I'm curious about what happened to all of Tony's Iron Man stuff and gadgets. Pepper runs Stark Industries but Avengers HQ is no more--is the Iron Legion just sort of hanging out in a warehouse somewhere?
  9. The showrunner quoted Russian Doll as a big influence, and this show hits me in that same way--storytelling that pulls you in and takes you along, storytelling that has a specific vision, but also storytelling you have to think about and want to think about. It's kind of amazing to have a group of dedicated people experimentally telling a story of loss and grief with a billion dollar tentpole property.
  10. I might be wrong, but I think a quick shot of the watch commercial was shown on Darcy's TV in episode 4.
  11. I finally watched the episode and tbh I'm super curious about the missing time between Wanda taking Vision back and creating Westview. Assuming it's her on the video, I would have imagined she'd want to raze SWORD to the ground after taking Vis back, but instead she...holes up and licks her wounds, creating this complex fantasy? There's gotta be something that turned her against vengance and toward contemplation, you know?
  12. Oh wow, I love Bettany's answer. This show, man. What a labor of love.
  13. I also wanted to add that I loved the scene where they were identifying the residents--"John Collins as Herb!" It felt very in line with a casting call and very appropriate for the surreal meta that is this show.
  14. Wanda and Vision both have powers with the Mind Stone as the source. I saw a clip in last week's teaser that looked like We know that Vision wouldn't be who he is without the stone, so I'm speculating that she uses some of her essence to recreate it for him, or is somehow able to rebuild the stone with her powers.
  15. ^ This! I'm really curious to see how this plays out--Wanda doesn't want to face the reality where she's alone and the people she loves aren't coming back. A show of force on SWORD's side will only end badly and cause her further trauma. I'm curious to see what causes her to make the choice to let this fantasy go.
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