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    I binged this over the weekend - Omar Sy is great and makes me forget some of the weaker plot points. Assane is as anticipatory as he is careless and thats really annoying at times. What made him think going on that TV show in a weak disguise, especially after drawing attention at the auction, was a good idea? The lad needs a crash course from Philip and Elisabeth Jennings. And don't get me started on the jewellery heist - makes Oceans 8 look like hertiage craft. Netflix needs to drop the second part pronto.
  2. A new series of Britains Best Home Cook starts on January 26th on BBC1. It will be a celebrity series (8 epsidoes) and rumor has it that Mary Berry will judge from a balcony using opera glasses - which sounds hilarious. Claudia Winkleman, Angela Hartnett and Chris Bavin are back too and the format will consist of the usual 3 rounds (the Ultimate set by Mary, the Rustle Up set by Chris and the Eliminator set by Angela). Contestants: Ed Balls (former politician) Ferne McCann (reality TV star) Ruth Madeley (actor) Tom Read Wilson (dancer) Shobna Gulati (actress) Karim Zeroual (TV presenter) Rachel Johnson (journalist - sister of Boris Johnson) Ed Byrne (comedian) Desiree Burch (comedian) Gareth Thomas (rugby player) I hope they try to produce decent dishes and didn't just sign up to hog the spotlight.
  3. Meh, I think this was the weakest slow paced episode so far. The middle child episode that has to set up the story for the grande finale. Carcer does not look intimitating enough (and neither does Vetinari). His resting face has a midly interested to curious expression, his mean face looks tired, not threatening. Sam is too handsome to play a baddie. The dance scene at the retirement home was funny, but it needed a different song and/or fuller sound. And it needed Nobby and Colon waltzing on the dancefloor.
  4. Original Air Date: 01/21/20
  5. Original Air Date: 01/28/20
  6. LOL Bricky Ricky and 'If I was a crier, I'd be in tears'. How much of the brick challenge was about technique, and how much was about strength? Some of them had problems slapping the clay into the mould and getting them out. Keith and Rich had a blast watching them though. Only a matter of time until one of the contestants takes a tumble down those rickety stairs, trying to carry their massive build down to the kiln. I love the animated The Snail and the Whale, thus the idea Aron had with the huts on the back of the whale was right up my street. A few other potters did pretty well too, but I wasn't keen on their designs - like Welsh Alanis Morisette's maroccan lighthouse (well done on getting Potter of the week) or the Dhali house. And as impressive and detailed Adam's fairy house was, I wasn't that keen on it. Irina's on the other hand was a bit basic. Suz needs to get a good build in, she was very lucky again. Sal is the real powerhouse of the competition so far, isn't she? She got a lot of depth into her brick walls, As did Henry. Pottery Throwdown drinking game? Down one every time Shenyue mentions her boyfriend.
  7. The episode was written by Dayo Adesokan, a man of colour and not a first timer, he has written and edited a few episodes already. The episode felt a bit weird, but I assume thats what it is like for Garrett in this situation. Well meaning people who default to special treatment instead of equal treament vs. the Jonah the explainer. Thats at least how I perceived it. That episode was proabably never intended to be knee slapping funny. I liked that their security guard turned out to be such a bubbly person. Dinah disappointed me a bit when she didn't get started on implementing at least some points from Garrett's list right away.
  8. Fair point about American Humane (although according to their guidelines they don't rule out sedation 100% either). And to be fair, most working animals don't know they are working. You are right that in general the conditions for working with animals on set are far better regulated now than they were 10 years ago. I know that my views on this are quite strong (don't get me started on that poor zebra on Selling Sunset). Especially for this show because their choice to go with a cat cafe translates so badly on screen.
  9. Why is Kat shouting everytime she opens her mouth? There is hardly any nuance. And she has alsolutely no chemistry with Max. I was a bit thrown in the end when Kat woke up next to her friend - I thought for a second that the whole staycation thing was a dream.
  10. Why choose a Cat Cafe for Kat if they can't have a convincing number of cats on set? I know she's also said that the cats they use on set are not sedated and they get to cuddle them between takes. I am not prepared to take her word for the former and somewhat sideeye her, as a vegan, being so OK with putting animals to work on set. They could've come up with something different and just as hip for the show
  11. Oh bugger, I am starting to actually enjoy this show. In this episode they built the story up nicely it came together well in the end. Not sure how easy it is to follow the overall arch of the show, but the episodes themselves are quite allright. Agree with @AnimeMania that its the characters that have to carry the show. Even if you don't like the fast and loose approach in handling the source material, there is no denying that Richard Dormer and Jo Eaton-Kent are doing a fine job - Vimes and Cheery make this show at the moment. The sets in this episode looked great and very rich in detail (I loved the music flea market opposite the Watch house).
  12. Why have they been hiding Rich in the kiln room for all those years? He is a great judge - lovely voice, very bubbly, articulate and warm. Great smile too. He and Keith make a lovely team. Rose, who took over kiln duty from Rich, made a good and competent impression in the first episode. And last but not least, Siobhan is a great addition to the team. Her brand of humor makes the show feel a lot fresher. Lots to love. Well done Sal, grabbing the first Potter of the Week accolade. Can't remember all the contestant's names just yet. The pirate lady's illustration of Keith, Rich and Siobhan were quite funny. I thought she was a gonner when she didn't finish her stuff, but the throw down and Ara's mistakes saved her.
  13. I don't know where to start with that video.
  14. I think adressing the audience works better when she can do it to the same camera instead of turning around. They don't get the timing right between her shifting to face in a different direction and cutting to the other camera. It was better than the first episode, especially the second half. However, I still think the mom was miscast - a bit more Emily Gilmore would have been nice - and Mayim, while bringing the right look and energy to the character, really lacks range in her comedic acting. The music numbers were lovely and the banter was a lot smoother than the 4th wall stuff. It also suited the actors better.
  15. Thats exactly what irked me. If they insist on keeping close to the source material then Mayim, who does not have much range as an actress anyway, is not the woman for the job. I also feel that the actress who plays Kat's mother wasn't a good choice, I'd rather she was more like Miranda's mom. Unpopular opinion: I don't like that they've gone for a cat cafe because I don't like animals put to work on TV sets.
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