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  1. Aulty

    S06.E10: It's All About the Money, Honey

    Yes we are, they did a prenatal paternity test in the first episode. And lets not forget, this baby takes away the pressure of Josh wanting a kid from a potential happy end with Liza, so I do not expect any twists there.
  2. Aulty

    S06.E10: It's All About the Money, Honey

    oooohkay so we are back where we were a season ago, aren't we? On the plus side: Kelsey and Zane can homp all they want now they are at the same employee level again. As the Social Media strategist, Lauren should have access to Kelsey's Millenial SM accounts, and her Millenial and private SM should be kept sepperate. (imho, its a very Millenial problem that they often let these things overlap on purpose, because followers) Nice realisitation from Josh that not letting go of Liza isn't good for her either, but he wont stick to it. And does he really expect Claire to not take the job if he manages to make more money? It sure sucks that she would have to move to LA, but honestly, why can't Josh just move his business to the West Coast or open another studio there. In this episode, there actually was some chemistry between Charles and Liza. It was cute. But his assessment of her rushing to Chicago was absolutely right, and he has every right to be pissed that Josh keeps popping up all the time. Diana's wedding dress will be so over the top, I can not wait.
  3. Aulty

    GBBO In The Media

    Gives them a chance to dust off those Bakers Dozen jokes they used in series 4. I wonder whether TPTB are contemplaiting replacing Paul. His handshake schtick and blue eyed stare are getting a bit old now and he has had some bad press about his private life recently. (he always was my least favourite in the line up)
  4. Aulty

    Small Talk: The Accessory Wall

    There is a new show 'Interior Design Masters' that just started yesterday on the BBC. It is not about fashion, but interior design and they started out with a team challenge where the judges really pointed out the need for compromise to pull a cohesive look together. It is very much in the vein as some of the BBC's other competition shows (check out their MUA show 'Glow Up', the tasks and guest judges are pretty good) not overly focussed on drama and a themed challenge every week. I really liked it, and they had Matthew Williamson on as a guest judge.
  5. Aulty

    S06.E09: Millennial's Next Top Model

    WHY WAS JOSH AT THE FECKING SHOOT? The shoe-horning is so riddiculous this season. (Nice mention of all the forms he had to sign to get in, because one of the surely covers him allowing them to use the pictures he is in) Diana and the mouth vibrator was a funny visual, but she is better than that. I'd rather see her crushing it professionally than be the interlude joke. Now Kelsey is the one banging with a lower level employee - is that ok now? I didn't like Maggie's story at all. Surely there are ways to tell interesting stories that do not rely on a lesbian banging a guy. Quinn is such an alpha. How does getting rid of the company straight after the interview not look petty? Oh, and if you have an important meeting in the editor's office: CLOSE THE FECKING DOOR!
  6. Aulty

    S06.E08: The Debu-taunt

    It is not, this season has 12 episodes, so 4 more to go 🙂 On second thought, while most of this season felt weird, partially ooc and contrived at times, this episode was clearly written by someone who has been on the team for some time. It felt like the old Younger.
  7. Aulty

    S06.E08: The Debu-taunt

    Oooh goody they found yet another way to shoe-horn Josh into an episode that he didn't need to be in. I don't get why Pauline was so over the top upset either. Maybe it was easier to accept being replaced by a hot 20-something, but then again, the divorce was on long before Charles fell for Liza. And a 40+ woman who has raised a child of her own (no metion of Caitlyn in this episode?) should be more trustworthy around her kids anyway. LOVED everything involving Diana, from her talking Charles into making the engagement announcement, to defending Liza, her lovely scene with Enzo at the hospital and her heart to heart with Liza at the end (which would have made a great final scene for the series finale). An that necklace she wore with the red dress - she looked stunning. Lauren surprised me. I would not have expected her of all people to be so snarky about Liza's real age. I am ususally not that bothered about their weird timelines, but asking Pauline to attend the ball a few hours before the event was quite a stretch considering the importance of the event. And Kelsey dismissing Jack Deveraux was not the move of a powerhouse editor.
  8. Aulty

    S06.E08: The Debu-taunt

    Original Air Date: August 7th, 2019
  9. Aulty

    Derry Girls

    On my very very long wish list for series 3 is Gerry having a talk with James (possibly surounding him and Erin hooking up, which is also part of that list). My favourite line involving Gerry was from the first episde: don't say knickers in front of your father, he can't cope. 😂 But James should have realised now that although the girls, especially Michelle, give him a hard time, they really do love him. And to be fair, Michelle's rapport with Claire seems equally though too.
  10. Aulty

    GBBO In The Media

    Still no date, but the trailer for the new series 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzSTqVUWEzU
  11. Aulty

    S06.E07: Friends with Benefits

    Awww Enzo ... I hope there is a long lost twin brother there that they can pair off with Liza because nothing about her current love life is working for me. Diana really deserves this. Every profile shot of her in that befeathered hat was hilarious. After having Liza, Diana and Kelsey playing on the same level for the past few episodes we are now back at the assistant jokes. Apparently Liza is craving for living the lie rather then creating her own truth, isn't she? She wants to lead the young woman's life and not the one that comes with the (social) obligations of age. Charles was alright in this episode, but I doubt that the power dynamic between Kelsey and Zane will ever work in her favour.
  12. Aulty

    S06.E07: Friends with Benefits

    Original Air Date: July 31st, 2019
  13. Aulty

    Project Runway In the Media

    I would be surprised if the bought it back and then can it after 2 seasons. Even with lower ratings and no Emmy (and to be fair, the last few Emmy nomination on Lifetime where probably down to name recognition and not for the quality of of the show) it's still gonna make them money.
  14. Aulty

    S06.E06: Merger, She Wrote

    Let me get this straight. Charles sells his company to Quinn to be with Liza, then takes out a huge morgage on his town house to start a new company because he is still passionate about books and wants to be with Liza and then he sells that company again - for a dollar - to his old company because of Liza. How does he get the startup money for Mercury back? How big a share does he still have in Millenial, and how much does Quinn own? Diana is still the MVP of the show, the rest was too contrived. And thats probably not the effect that micro dosing is supposed to have - Liza was full on trippin? Btw: Happy 48th Birthday, Miriam Shor!
  15. Aulty

    Younger in the Media: Niche Marketing

    Season 7 has been confirmed