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  1. To be honest it sounded like she was shilling counterfeit, smuggled or stolen stuff. Probably a mix of all three. And that might've gotten them in contact with a factory or producer that then sold them the maxi skirts.
  2. Representative of modern England more like - not one contestant from Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales in the line-up this year. And I don't think thats just down to Covid restrictions. But its a good mix for Netflix's global audience.
  3. Not surprised, I think she's hinted at that before and also floated the idea of doing a movie after the 3rd series. Not sure what caused the delay, but afaik Bridgerton hasn't finished shooting yet (they started in May but had multiple delays due to covid outbreaks on set) so Nicola might be tied up there, and shooting on scene in Derry during the summer holidays probably wasn't feasible anyway.
  4. Asa said in an interview that he and Mimi get along quite well irl, it showed on the show and I understand why people ship them now. However, what seems to have stuck with many is the break-up and the scenes with Ruby's dad. Apart from those scenes, we haven't seen anything that would suggest their relationship was that great. In public, she was quite snoty and didn't treat him that well, while at home he was her dress-up and sex doll. She decided to break-up. And lets not forget, that Otis used his relationship status to stick it to Maeve twice. He also wasn't that heartbroken when they spl
  5. Those opening skids are getting weirder and weirder. Paul Ray Cyrus and band .... When it comes to gravity defying cakes, nothing beats Canadian Bake Off's Sheldon and his tensegrity table. I bet the GBBO producers were hoping that one of the engineers they cast this year would come up with something like that:
  6. I rewatched it (for some reason I skipped one episode the first time round, haha) and they mention its a couple of months. Its such a lame thing, storywise. I know they live in a fantasy world, but its weird that Maeve hops off to the US during what in the UK is crunch time for university application, especially Oxbridge where you are also expected to attend in person interviews. If they have her come back with some American boyfriend and an ambition to get into the Ivy League, I'm gonna boke. I know that its often challenging to write stuff once the main couple is together, but surely the
  7. Yes of course, that makes sense. But offering to help py for the France trip and asking her to move in is a big, and costly, thing considering Maeve refused to bond with her. I dunno. We didn't get to know her that well. I am glad though that her home situation is more stable now. And its only like 10 months until she is off to university anyways.
  8. No, but we haven't gotten anything re a renewal either. I don't think the show will get cancelled though, it's really popular with both the audience and the critics. It's a bit annoying that they aren't back on set yet though because if the go back to their January release slot January 17th 2023 is a looooong wait.
  9. Sure, they managed to write, build, shoot and edit that video in the couple of days. As funny as it was, I thought it really really didn't to them or their message any favours. Loved Ruby fighting with hope and that bit with the perfume. She is a good egg. I really don't see the point of Maeve's mum being in this season, she should be in rehab. And I don't quite know why this Anna person is so nice to Maeve, asking her to stay and move in. Not only is she offering her a home, but as a literature teacher there is a common interest that none of Maeve's friends cover. Yay, Maeve and Otis
  10. It took them almost 2 full episodes to set up the season. Not surprised how the Otis and Ruby story is going and that he is still quite good at talking to people. I did not expect Isaac to come clean about the voice message so soon, or at all.
  11. I didn't care for the mushrooms and tripping part of the story. Or the shit. The bus must've gone like the clappers for that sock to hit the windscreen like that. Nice of Adam to take the hit, the relationship between him and Rahim is quite difficult for both. I do wonder whether they will hook up at some point. I did love the backlit scene of Otis and Maeve finally having their big heart to heart. I almost fell in love with Otis a bit myself there.
  12. I held a similar opinion for a long time, but with uniforms the attention just shifts to accessoires, schoolbags, jewellery, make up. And fit. Children who need clothes outside the regular size range, be it plus sized, petite or tall, often struggle. I HATE that a highly acclaimed, high quality show like this had Ruby and Adam talk about the Kardashians - the show and the people are trash and should go away already - although it was funny to have those two very unlike people bond. Really appreciate that Aimee is talking to Jean about what happened to her, showing the longer term effe
  13. I just finished Sally Rooney's new book this morning, quite exhausted with people mis- or non-cummunicating. And then I started season 3 of SE ... They crammed a lot of story and characters into the show this year. In general that was a good idea to stretch out the Otis and Maeve thing, but I felt it diluted the essence of the show a bit. And that some things could've used more time - like the story about Orla and her mum, Maureen (who is suddenly Jean's BFF) and Michael or Hope and the connection between her professional and personal trouble, the chest binding in the last episode almost got
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