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  1. TGW also had a lot of fluctuation and there was a lot of talk about Julianna Margulies being difficult to work with (so much gossip around Archie Panjabi's exit and Matthew Goode leaving after one season, plus Josh Charles' character's death). Of course now I wonder if there is another common factor? I hope Delroy now follows his calling and records audiobooks for me to fall asleep to. He has a great voice.
  2. I can't watch that - it annoys me to no end. I sat through Creme de la creme, but snapped halfway through the first Professionals series. The Viennoiserie episodes were the only ones that. I'd rather eat two wonky croissants than some abstract mousse skulpture with 17 layers - also the slogan on my family crest
  3. Totally agree with youse on the 'bring something from home' issue. I am not sure whether the contestants are allowed to take home the stuff they made on the show, which would make incorporating somthing they have a strong emotional attatchment to even worse. And even if they were allowed to take some pieces home - bully for the boys who won't wear a winter dress and the women who are a different size than their models. One of the worst Project Runway episodes was the one where another contestant had to choose one of their items to turn into something else and there was high drama about a very expensive pair of jeans and a very beloved scarf (?) I hope Liz's daughter had more than one school uniform cardigan, but poor Mark and his adorable piano jumper! They writing was on the wall for Peter from the very beginning. Unfortunately have now reached the stage where every week we'll loose a decent contestant. Loved so many of those bomber jackets!
  4. Again, I don't get why they have to fight over materials - how much better could those arrangements have looked if everybody got what they needed/wanted ... For me, the main difference was that the Allotment Challenge encouraged people to try and grow stuff themselves - it was aimed at novices and keen gardeners alike. This Flower show is for (semi-) professionals. You don't whip up a sculpture like that in an afternoon whereas the flower challenge on TBAC was usually something you could actually have a go at. I skipped ahead a few times, so correct me if I am wrong, but have they ever explained how you keep those sculptures and all those lovely plants in shape? So many of the plants they used would not survive for long anyway, expecially outside. Honestly, my favourite thing was the plant nursery before the contestants got their hands on them. Anyway, congratulations to Ryan and Andrew. I am glad they weren't literal with the brief. It amost looked a bit Alice in Wonderland. I liked the braid on Rapunzels hair. Great set of guest judges. If any of you have seen Your Home Made Perfect - an interior design/architecture show that uses Virtual Reality to help contestants make decisions - they just put out a call for a similar garden themed show. It will probably take quite a while until it airs, but I am looking forward to that.
  5. This was one of my favourite episodes because those scultures using grass look like they could be out for years and only use the occasional haircut. I don't get why they have to fight over a limited amount of plants. At least give them access to enough base materials and let them fight over some extra stuff.
  6. Wow, Ryan and Andrew! As much as I wanted the dad & lad team to get a win, Ryan and Andrew were head and shoulders above the competition this time. Eoghan and Declan did well too. ABout time for Chenelle and Raymond to go - imho they were lucky to get this far. I agree with out @ElectricBoogaloo about Kristen. I mentioned in the thread for the first episode that he is so much like QE's Jonathan - overexcited and very little contructive criticism or tipps on technique.
  7. I can't tell whether the releationship between Hanck/Yan and Andrew/Ryan is just friedly competition or if they can't stand each other. Its a lot, but Hanck and Yan's outits are really entertaining. Its like they wear half an YMCA carboot sale each, but somehow it looks really cool. Sorry to see Eoghan and Declan go. They are talented and a bit cocky. Helen and Andi were really lucky.
  8. Henck and Yan's sculture was nice, but the story about the mother turtle and the baby irkes me, because that is zoological nonsense - turtles are not parenting their young. Ryan and Andrew deserved to finish first, their sea horse was STUNNING. Another thing that grinds my gears is how casually they mention foreign plants grown in the UK. Horticulture is such a big factor in introducing foreign plants to other ecosystems (so called alien species) and it the can become a massive problem for native species. I work in the environmental sector and did my thesis on alien species - so I have very strong feelings about that.
  9. Natasia stars in the hilarious vampire comedy 'What we do in the shadows' (based on the Kiwi movie) and I was surprised to see her host a show like that. Nice crossover. The male judge, Kristen, is soooo Jonathan van Ness. I am not sure how long the plants will survive on those sculptures - I prefer living arrangements that grow and change over time.
  10. Peter is such a Project Runway type contestant Therese can do terrific work - congratulations on garment of the week - but she regularly gets flustered in the first two challenges. Liz is a similar story. So far they have managed to get themselves out of trouble with stunning made to measures, but they will have up their game on day 1 otherwise the remaining middle of the road sewers (Matt, Marc) will clinch a remainer's spot instead of them. It was the complete opposite with Clare and Nicole this week, wasn't it? Both great on day one, but really wonky sleep sets. Nicole is such a hit and miss - the dungarees were an inspired idea, the babydoll was really bad - she has to be careful now too. Its quite amusing that everyone imagines the likes of Esme, Mary Berry and Camilla getting sloshed on Gin Tonics all the time? You'd call everyone else a drunk, but with little old British ladies its delightful.
  11. So the not so subtle hints are that Sutton is pregnant and Kat can no longer affort an appartment that I vaguely remember her parents paying for anyway? Oh and the boob drama.
  12. I love a good comedy bit featuring Esme to start the show. Took them a few years to find the perfect judging duo, Esme has taken the show to another level. Love her. Didn't know Patrick was Scottish. Cute pictures from his rugby days. Sorry to see Hazel go - she didn't do well and unfortunately there was nobody left who did worse. Nicole has really redeemed herself with 3 very good pieces. Therese recovered well from a dreadful pattern challenge, as did Liz whose tennis outfit I loved. If Matt hadn't messed up his collar he would have been up there with Liz and Ali for garment of the week - at least in my book. I'm off looking for a nice stripey rugby shirt - loved to wear those back in the day.
  13. A Younger Spin-Off about Kelsey?? Count me out. What would that even be about? Is it about her threatening to leave her way to the top again while ingesting heroic amounts of alcohol in a different in-bar each night?
  14. Shouldn't Dan's bike be worth at least two grand, if not more? The most poignant part of the episode was when Ben said that Dan has very few options as a 65 year old construction worker. He is already in not to great a shape, how long will he be able to continue to work? If they include the current crisis in the next season (they already said, they will), it'll probably spell financial troubles for the Lunchbox aswell. And Ben's weird magazine ...
  15. Dear Patrick, please grow yourself a full Tom Selleck - would look so much better than that lip snail you've got going at the moment. Also, full marks on chest appeal for Tom Selleck. The 'sick swans' bit, coming from Patrick, was hilarous! I don't know if I agree with Alex getting the boot this week. He and Fiona picked tricky fabrics and were unable to master it in the made to measure and pattern challenge respectively, but at least Alex finished both garments. His transformation was rubbish though. I love colourful prints and palazzo pants and most of them did quite well. Most of the sewers who went for contrasting elements were on the bottom though, weren't they? One thing I love about Sewing Bee is that they always have a good mix of 'real' people with slightly different body shapes as models and they are so good looking - and this week was certainly no exception. I thought the 'comedy' bits with Joe talking to the male models were a bit lame - ask a stupid question and before they can answer do the time call - repeat thrice. As its children's week next week, I will probably skip it.
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