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  1. Aulty

    S06.E05: Stiff Competition

    Here is a cute little preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omGZHNR-Y9s
  2. Aulty

    S01.E05: Thirsty Work

    It might be quite exhausting to stand in front of the hot glory hole and that they switch it up because of that. Or he needed to prepare something else in the meantime. Janusz was a bit harsh with his assistant at first, but he later acknowledged that the slate was heavier than he thought, and at the end he told her that she did a good job, which was nice. The annealer I sorta understand, because it will be the glass blower who makes the incision and breaks the glass off the pontil into the assistant's hands. And I guess every change of hands is risky and it needs to go into the annealer as quickly as possible.
  3. Aulty

    S01.E10: Best in Blow

    I have mentioned that I am a fan of sleek, modern design, so I was rooting for Janusz from the start and really thought that he had it in the bag. The different parts of his sculpture where really elegant pieces, simple shapes, great ideas and well put together. He is a great craftsman, but maybe a more whacky, exuberant designer was what they were looking for when it comes to art glass. Deborah really went for something unexpeced. I could have done without the cartoon ham, but the pan and the large egg were stunning. Shame they didn't show us the sausages in more detail, there was quite a variation in colour, wasn't there?
  4. Aulty

    S01.E09: Body Parts

    Once again, the contestant who fails to follow the brief is the one who got the boot. Alex, dear, you shot yourself in the foot right at the beginning. He has brought a lot of scientific instrument ideas to the competition and I enjoyed them all, but this was not what they asked for this time. LOVED Deborah's sculpture. That foot looked great. Janusz was lucky that Alex missed the brief. The story was lovely, but the arm was a bit clumsy. I wonder what Edgar would have done 🙂
  5. Aulty

    S01.E07: Separation Anxiety

    That was a weird episode. Did they always plan to have one episode were nobody got kicked out? Otherwise the number of episodes makes no sense - unless they lost a contestant before they started shooting. The sculptures were, I felt, on the same level and it came down to taste? I liked Alex and Janusz more, although I would have liked the weights to be bigger. The difference in scale made Deborah and Patrick's piece look unbalanced, but I loved the beaker with the solid liquid that Patrick made!
  6. Aulty

    S01.E08: Do Not Water

    They really wanted to keep Janusz in the competition, didn't they? That was one fugly sculpture that was as unrealistic as they come. Alex, wow, he picked something that was in his wheelhouse (creating great shapes in clear glass), not hyperrealistic and a great visual. Well deserved win! Deborah had a very whacky idea and took time to test her colours. While I liked the result, I have to say that it wasn't as realistic as it could have been - someting that works better from a distance. If Patrick had attatched to the flower head in a more realistic way they would not have been able to send him home. I loved this sculture!
  7. Aulty

    S01.E06: Pop Art Blowup

    That was a really cool challenge! Loved Alex's pill box and Janusz with his whacky hair brush that looked like a sex toy. Deborah did well too and the only thing that I wasn't sure about was the writing on the tube. Patrick was lucky that Momoko didn't quite hit the brief of the challenge. I agree that it would make an interesting light fixture though.
  8. Aulty

    S01.E05: Thirsty Work

    See, with Janusz' roticello work it would have been nice to get some technical and historical background on this technique. Beautiful pieces - and he stood out by not doing just plain glass. Patrick and Alex made very nice things too. I was not as in love with Patrick's goblet as the judges, and what a shame that Alex's was leaking. Conceptually I liked Leah's, it was fun. But apparently the judges where keen on functionality and I am sad to see her go. Especially as both, Deborah and Momoko's pieces were just so thick and therefore not that functional either. Was the shape of Deborah's pieces really that innovative? I have seen vases with such shapes before in antique shops.
  9. Aulty

    S01.E04: Clash of the Robots

    There is an assembling process before the presentation that we do not get to see. Apparently the are glueing pieces together, do etching ... This was a weird one, because some of their concepts and designs where a bit odd. Janusz' was very abstract and Alex' looked like and Edwardian medical device. They were both stunning though. The judge pointed out that Momoko and Annette did things that are more about the present than the past. This time Annette's looked like the airport gift shop item. It was the right decision to send her home. While I wouldn't be able to tell how Deborah's man bun baking machine would work, it looked great and I am ok with her winning the challenge. Patrick did well, but while the story was certainly relevant, the gas mask didn't look futuristic to me.
  10. Aulty

    S01.E03: Lighten Up

    Oh Edgar, the writing was on the wall. Sorry to see you go though. Deborah was right, when she said in the first episode that people either love or hate her. She does interesting stuff, but she is not my cuppa tea. Her creation this week didn't do much for me. Neither did Momoko's who got really defensive about her art. I am not sure whether she should have explained the piece better in her description or if we should expect the judges to know about the cultural references. It was whimsy but too fussy for me. I will say though, that in glass I really love scandinavian glass. Simple and elegant, and I am really not into these very busy designs. I liked Patrick, Annette, Janusz and Leah's and giving Leah the win was well deserved (and I agree about the colour). Why is the host of this show judging the pieces too?
  11. Aulty

    S01.E01: Snapshot

    I would like an additional challenge like they had in the Pottery Throwndon. Focus on one technique and explain what they are doing. They also mention Italy a lot as the centre for glass making, and some snippets about the history of glass would be nice too.
  12. Aulty

    S01.E02: Potluck Party

    I liked Leah's, especially that you have to look closely to see the hole. Alex's did well again and the taco holders looked neat. Annette's was like those kid's princess cakes where you stick a Barbie doll in the center and use fondant to create the dress. Janusz was a bit too fussy for me. Edgar is still getting by with his creative ideas, although he is hardly the first one to come up with the egg/chicken feet idea. He needs to sharpen up his technique. No surprise about Benjamin leaving, it wasn't what the challenge asked for, and it looked poorly executed.
  13. Aulty

    S01.E01: Snapshot

    Thanks so much @ElectricBoogaloo for recommending this show. I love it, even though I have to agree with your review. It would be nice to get into all the finished pieces, the contestant's description and judges' opinions as well as some technical information on glass blowing. It is a very nice mix of contestants. It took me a while to figure out why Janusz looks so familiar, he reminds me of Scottish blacksmith Kev Paxton (Money for Nothing and Flipping Profit on the BBC). I really enjoyed watching the glass designers sketch out their designs either on paper, on the floor, on glass or the table.
  14. Aulty

    Younger in the Media: Niche Marketing

    Dunno if this is the right thread for this, please feel free to move it somewhere else if it isn't: Question: Younger Q for ya. Now that Josh and Claire aren’t getting back together, is a Josh-Liza reunion imminent? —Kate via TVLine
  15. Aulty

    S06.E04: An Inside Glob

    "I have only slept with my authors after I've signed them" ... oh Kelsey. I know what's happing with Charles and his new company is a big deal from a business perspective, but it is really just the equivalent of Liza quitting to work for Chicky - its just on a different level because Charles was a business owner and Liza was just and editor/assistant. As much as I would like the women to succeed, it is so hard to root for Kelsey in this situation. She and Millenial should be the ones out, working with little overhead in trendy locations using Lauren's whacky influencer ideas to promote new trends, but instead they are just trying to run old school Empirical under a new label. I think this whole story will always suffer from the terrible set up in the last season finale. They should have split Empirical and Millenial and let Quinn buy Millenial. There is also no way the Charles/Liza relationship is gonna survive that. Josh and Clare are very sweet, it almost makes me root for them again. I like Maggie and her new squeeze and the garlic thing was both, hilarious and kinda cute. This episode needed these secondary stories to lift the mood.