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  1. You're right of course. What I agree with is the more general sentiment that there is a notable gap between the 'early adopters' in hot spots like NY and the general population (not Middle America specifically) - its like an intergeneration gap. How will social media save their asses the next time?
  2. On the BBC, their TV listings and the iPlayer its called 'Best Home Cook', but it had the prefix Britain's ... for the first season. Good catch, I wonder why they had to change it.
  3. I thought this episode was pretty lame because all of the challenges were stuff that is done on every other cooking show. I feel like I have seen the leftover roast or rotisserie chicken challenges on at least 3 other shows. Same goes for steak and bernaise/hollondaise/mayonaise style sauces. Nice array of Birthday cakes, but it was just very basic sponges and a range of popular design ideas done to varying degrees of success. As I've said before, I can't get too excited about the sweet challenges.
  4. Lo and behold an episode that is not all about Jane whining! They did manage to sort out the problem and clean the slate around Jaquexit pretty quickly. And it seems they got rid of Patrick too. I liked that Richard was honest and supportive, that the second trio at Scarlett (Alex, Sage and Andrew) were so confident about the girls sorting everything out. Kat has the ears of the board and can make pretty eloquent statements - thats pretty impressive. But I thought the board member was not totally wrong about the difference between the world inside their (the Scarlett staff's) bubble being different than the outside (aka Middle America).
  5. Loved this episode with the animals and the very interesting glazes. I really enjoy them bringing in other experts to guest judge the technical challenges - what a great way to highlight different styles and techniques. Loved Rainna's penguins, the elephants, monkeys and the ducks! Kit should have been out last week. I was really annoyed that he picked some style over substance concept again - I assume because he can't do a proper 3D sculpture - and when Keith said something he brushed it off with 'next week I am gonna show you what I can do' (or something like that). Leonard needs to pull something out of the bag next week, he has been on thin ice since the beginning too. His fish where underwhelming.
  6. I dunno whether I like it or not, its a bit odd and reminds me so much of Disentchanted. I miss Craig's bog.
  7. Otis is 16, isn't he? In the UK the minimum driving age is 17 - although you can apply for an early licence at 16 (which, I assume, is why Ola is able to chauffeur her dad around). I actually find it quite refreshing that they show them walking or riding their bikes.
  8. How cool would it be if series 3 started on the same night as the series 2 finale and the first scene was Otis catching up with Maeve and they finally sort themselves out while wheelchair dude waits in vain. Alas, we probably have to sit through Otis getting a bit more sex and relationship experience with someone else before they finally get him and Maeve together. They won't wait too long though, I hope, because there is a lot of material there once they open that can of love, angst, doubt, working things out together and basically putting them in their client's shoes. But right now, I am utterly annoyed by how they chose to end the second series. Its the OC level bad. Congratulations Eric, I am sure Adam's elephant sized dick will present them with a few issues to get into next season. I don't think Otis dating Ruby is that far fetched because being adjecent to the Untouchables would, socially, create some distance between him and Maeve and Eric.
  9. I'm still watching, but I usually catch up with it the next day so I can skip the scenes from the house. Some of those brunch recipes looked very tasty and it seems that, apart from some minor seasoning issues, all of them did really well. I am not keen on the sweet challenges tbh - maybe its because I watch to much Bake Off. I also feel that with baking, especially with a limited choice of ingredients, I would always check a recipe to at least get the basic measurements right (unless its a crumble or B&B Pudding where it does not really matter if you are a bit off). They are judging the eliminator dishes blind, aren't they? I like that, even though it can result in some unexpected results (Ayo). One thing I like about this programme is that in the intro you just get an audio preview. They don't show any actual footage of the dishes and desasters and therefore don't give anything away too early like other shows sometimes do.
  10. Aulty

    S05.E12: Myrtle

    Mateo is now seriously dating Amy's brother? Giving the money so some religious scam made me so mad. Glenn moved from being naive to downright stupid. I liked the story with Dina's dad and wonder if we will see him again in the future. Good casting too. The stuff with Cheyenne and Mateo was lame but a perfect illustration of their relationship and how they tend to manipulate others and each other.
  11. So glad this show is back. Keith is such a sweetie, the new judge is nice too and the new presenter is likeable aswell (loved the intro where she played the brass instrument - so quirky). I've watched both episodes and Kit and Leonard were very lucky that they're still in the competition. I was surprised that they sent Sampada home in the second episode. The judges reasoning about her lack of understanding of 3D construction is valid, but so far Kit has not shown much beyond the simplest shapes either. Loved what Clair, Flea and Matt have produced so far
  12. Sandi Toksvig quits Great British Bake Off Shame, she and Noel were great together. I won't miss the 'Sandy is so short' jokes though, they've gotten stale very qucikly. Let the speculation about her replacement begin 🙂 Edit: Susan Calman's name came up in the comments to the article and that would be a decent option. The Guardian also mentioned Richard Ayoade, whom I love - and of course he already worked with Noel on the IT Crowd.
  13. A wee bit of news on series 3 and teasing a possible Derry Girls movie. (I'd rather have a few more years of the show on TV instead of a movie to be honest).
  14. Original Air Date: 01/30/2020
  15. Picking a beetlejuice fabric should result in instant elimination.
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