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  1. For anyone interested: The third series of Glow Up starts tonight on BBC one (and will probably make its way onto Netflix too) with Maya Jama as the new host.
  2. Series 3 (8 episodes) of Glow Up starts tonight on BBC one (and, I assume, will eventually make its way onto Netflix aswell). Maya Jama replaces Stacey Dooley as presenter.
  3. Swap marriage with having a baby and the same thing is true for Liza and Josh. Her relationships on this show are like an akward game of Pong.
  4. Anyone else wants a TV show about Quinn and her overblown ego? Show of hands! I think I might have to go back and rewatch the whole Quinn story, I can't remember what her big beef is with Liza. I only remember h After years of rolling our eyes at Kelsey banging her clients, are we supposed to cheer for Liza getting it on with the Surf bro? Thats a very Samantha storyline, that is. Oh Josh, heartbroken over the revelation that his new crush isn't into children. So now he can go back to pining over the other woman who doesn't want his children. I don't think we've seen the last of th
  5. This is the first time in a while that I am rooting for Josh. There was instant chemistry with the manager lady and the story he came up with to deter the singer from getting a face tatoo was effective. Loved the line about Zendeya. That Charles thing is going to get messy fast, especially if Quinn goes in hard for him. She's gonna play him like fool. I miss Diana.
  6. Here is some heavy side-eye for writers doing a bad charicature of Greta Thunberg. Being passionate about the Millenial way of live is hip and cool. A Gen Z caring about the environment is fair game. The writers should've cross-checked Fupa, which I doubt is a legit first name in Austria, in the urban dictionairy. Lauren is lucky she wasn't fired.
  7. Good grief. I expected some twists to get them from last season's cliffhanger and through the obstacle course that was shooting their swann song, but woah. So many scenes that felt ooc. Of course Lauren immediately runs to show Josh the video, and Josh's little 'we're always us' speech - dude, grow up. On a VERY superficial note: all hail the make-up artists. I think its fair to assume that they had to make do with a smaller team than usual because they all look noticably older now and less fresh. Exhausted, actually. Which suits the theme of the girls slowly aging out of the hip age
  8. Remember back in the early series when Patrick was the uptight one? We wouldn't have seen him cracking up about misplaced pussies and red triangles. I love how the show has slowly matured and found a cracker of a judging team in Patrick and Esme. (Anyone who checked out the jewellery show I mentioned upthread knows that their charmless judging duo is dragging down the whole thing). Love myself a Buffet dress. Serena and the Lockdown-sewing-guy's dresses I liked, and the one with the pockets. Cathryn did well too. A very promising start.
  9. I have an Edd Kimber (original series 1 winner) book about traybakes and one of Chetna's about Indian streetfood. Both I bought without realising they were by past GBBO contestants - I just liked the pictures and description of the recipies. After trying a few recipes I am rather disappointed with Edd's, somehow the bakes never turn out how they should. Chetna's I like. I have also tried a few recipe's from Nadyia's various TV shows, which are usually quite good - her mocha swirls have become a firm favourite in our house. Ruby also released an audio cookbook last year where you can
  10. What a lame season and the never ending stream of annoying challenges. Agree with all of you on the shoddy trucks and the ratio of price to food quantity. And the tots. Much like Project Runway over time became all about petty feuds, this show is now all about truck malfunctions and stealing each others prime locations. They hardly bother with showing much of the cooking anymore or what actually goes into the dishes. The format limits what they can cook in the little time they have to prepare - and the shopping is usually done to a running commentary of: the cheaper, the better. Its gett
  11. With Bold Type and Younger, both shows about Millenials in the publishing world, coming to a close I am really looking forward to see what future Gen Z variations on these stories will look like.
  12. The new series of Sewing Bee starts Wednesday 14th April, 9pm on BBC One. And if any of you are interested in jewellery design, All That Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star will premiere next Tuesday (April 13th) on BBC 2.
  13. I think it was very obvious that, although some admitted to not practising their bakes, the contestants this week do have at least some experience with cooking and/or baking. Apart from John breaking the mixing bowl there were no big mistakes this week? Was that a slightly annoyed look on Prue's face when Paul tried to push Nadine during the judging?
  14. If the writer thinks thats bad they should take a look a equestrian sports. Hamilton's dad Anthony is as much a superstar as his son. I love how lovingly Lewis talks about him.
  15. Someone (Glenn) made goat cheese ice cream back when Mel & Sue were still hosting GBBO (2013). I remember that Sue, who hates goat's cheese, tried and wasn't keen on it.
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