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  1. Hillary Duff is pregnant again - congratulations. Anyone know if they started shooting the final season yet? I hope they are not forced to rush this and finish the show properly. Between Hillary's pregnancy and Sutton's Broadway schedule the production slot for Younger is probably pretty tight.
  2. Most American chocolate, and Hershey's in particular, contains butyric acid to give chocolate a longer shelf life and so it can be safely transported over long distances. (They talked about that in the most recent series of QI) European chocolate > British chocolate > American chocolate
  3. Everybody seemed in a much better mood this week, including the judges. I hope I'm gonna be as spritely as Prue in my 80s. I'm not into baking architecture, but the collection of challenges this week was ok. I want a pasty now, almost all of them sounded very tasty. Might plan some for the weekend. Dingle Pies? Good task for the technical, but all the eclairs looked a mess. I don't think we actually saw the judges taste the cages, which was odd. Pantomime girl's creation wasn't a tarte - more like a large mille feulle - and in any other series that amount of isomalt would have gotten at least one raised Hollywood eyebrow. Congratulations Laura (although I was routing for Hermine). No surprise on Linda leaving - the editing of this episode was very predictable. Matt and Noel's jokes are a bit of a hit and miss. I think they pair well, but some stuff falls noticably flat. Even though it was a lame bit, the thought of a Con Air era Nicolas Cage watching Homes under the hammer is quite amusing.
  4. Bringing over this link from @AZChristian in the media thread, which describes how they filmed this series. They work on a 2 days on, 2 days off schedule. 2 Days of shooting (Day 1: Signature + Technical, Day 2: Showstopper) followed by 2 days off where each baker has access to a kitchen. I wouldn't be surprised if Love Production stuck to that format post-Covid if its cheaper for them.
  5. In the first few series the signature was introduced as a tried and tested recipe the bakers would make for their families - the soda bread they bake every week, their go to recipe for brownies, their recipe for easter buns, their favourite madeira cake etc. So what we got was the odd candied peel, glazes (often including a tipple), decorative incissions in pastry, maybe some fancy piping. It became the decoration olympics a few years ago. Dunno whether thats down to how the challenges are worded, or just the way the bakers approach it.
  6. Ignoring everything else thats weird about that whole interaction, how many lads are good lovers at 17? That takes some practice. He looked just past the stage wer he's able to find his way into a girl without signposts.
  7. Oh Brownies. I made a batch of turtle brownies last week to an Ed Kimber (series 1 winner) recipe. They turned out great. Nadiya also did brownies on last week's episode of her baking show (recipe) - oh my cod, they looked fecking amazing. Maybe being locked up with all the others and the production crew finally took its toll on the bakers and explain the poor performances on the first day of chocolate week. I have to agree with Prue, brownies don't need a ton of overly sweet decoration. All that meringue shebang was too much. ewww freezer juice. Dear production crew: get fecking CHEST FREEZERS! Lovely technical. Babka is great. White chocolate is pointless. Its just sweet and has very little other flavours (one of the bakers remarked on that). I'll happily pass on white chocolate cakes. Lottie brought out another Pinterest favourite, the crystal effect cake. Maybe I missed it, but they didn't show a proper shot of that part of the cake, did they? Well done Mark! He managed to scrape that with very average results in an overall very weak week, but still, his chocolate cake looked the best. Sad to see Sura go. Damn you, white chocolate! And ruby chocolate too, for not playing ball on day 1.
  8. Dafuq? Thats a BBC production?? I think I gonna have to curl up in a corner a cry for a bit. Why take a story set in a very whimsical, distinct and rich world - a character in itself - and shift them towards the post punk, Apocalypse now? They're gonna disappoint a lot of people. The show runners' creative ideas might be suited to the more modern world of Harry Dresden, but definitely not an old school, clever character like Sam Vimes.
  9. Mary Berry will be honoured on the queens' birthday honours and receive a Damehood - so its Dame Mary Berry from now on.
  10. Not as such, but people/children showed support and as a thank you to the NHS staff during the spring wave of COVID by putting drawings of rainbows in their windows. I assume as a symbol it is easy to draw for children, they are based on the 7 stripe peace flag (which is only slightly different than the pride flag) Good point by @ElectricBoogaloo about the LGBTQ+ community - I googled that and there has been some pushback/concern over the similarity of the symbols, but not really a big outcry. They will definitely need to sort this out at some point.
  11. Based on appearance and the carefree approach to life I was tempted to compare Emiliy to Zosia Mamet's character in Girls. Then I remembered Shoshanna's Japanese adventure and how she - alhtough still quite superficial on some levels - totally immersed herself because she was open and curious.
  12. Youtube recommended a video for me today that more or less sums up what I want to see for the showstopper challenge: A creative idea for a simple brief (a tart with a jelly layer, for example) It looks so pretty and thats something that a home baker could be tempted to try. To be fair, they tried to give them such a challenge when they asked for mirror glazed cakes, probably hoping for the colourful, galaxy stuff you see on Buzzfeed and Pinterest, but most of the bakers ended up doing plain tempered chocolate glazes.
  13. This episode of Bake Off was presented by Matt Lucas and Bob Seger. LOVEd the soda bread challenge - I think making one type of bread would have been enough, but overall it was a decent 'old school' Bake Off challenge. While I usually frown upon those little non-bake side challenges, I thought making a butter to go with the bread was actually quite nice. I do decent savory and sweet soda breads myself and I bake them quit regularly. This episode gave me a few interesting ideas and recipes to try out. Maybe later this week. I will let you know how it turned out 🙂 Well done Hermine. The editing of this challenge was quite entertaining - Hermine was a bit all over the place and usually that heralds bad news for judging. I love that Suna's family, especially (and against the common muslim stereotype) the male members mentioned so far, are so supportive of her taking part in this. Damn, even the technical challenge is interesting. The NHS connection touted in the episode description is a bit of stretch, but a nice sentiment. I dunno if I'd buy a rainbow bagel seeing as its just flashy colouring, but regular taste throughout. The harvest plague showstopper was ok - very reminiscent of the bread animal challenge with Paul's bread lion. There were only a hand full of fluffy breads and a lot of flat messes. Well done Mark - lovely to see that his family was there to congratulate him.
  14. "Kelsey quits publishing and moves to Paris" (not a TV spoiler!) Paris - the place where authors and screenwriters dispose of their most aspirational characters. Can we get some sort of meta movie where Rachel, Brenda, Emily, Kelsey, alternative ending Carrie & Co all run into each other in Paris?
  15. lol, thats a good point. I'm sure I will quote you in the future 🙂 Some older/turn of the last century buildings in Central Europe haven a mezzanine floor between the ground and first floor. Her confusion over the flour numbering would have been more relatable in a building like that.
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