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  1. The show got a bit repetitive over the years but they rounded it off with a strong finale - retrospectively it almost affirms that everything that has happened, even the annoying bits, happened for a reason. I have no complaints. '10 years on Gilfoyle' looked like a skinny Witcher. Of course Monica would go and work for the NSA. Thats my girl. How nice that they got Bill Gates to do a cameo in the final - he has done a few very small guest appearances over the years and his delivery is always pretty good. TVline has an interview with one of the show's producers and apparently Bill Gates is a fan and has consulted them on the show.
  2. I love that show, so many talented people! Dunno why Jay is still around as he does not do much work and isn't even in all of the client meetings anymore. The way all the experts, especially the adorable teddy bear ladies, handle their items (or plush-patients) even when the clients are not around shows such a deep understanding of their work what the items mean to their owners. For me, that show isn't just about the crafts though, I enjoy all the lovely personalities and the interactions between people. I was convinced in the first series that there was a romance brewing between clock expert Steve and the lovely ceramics lady Kirsten. (She is married though and there has been less interaction between them in later series, so I wonder if someone has had a word) Also love Steve's sister - she is a doll and it broke my heart when she repaired that rocking horse that took her back too loosing her husband. Gotta ship Brenton and Susie now ("can you make me a new heart?") People on Twitter, of course, love Dom and Will.
  3. Her parents' last name (and Midge's maiden name) is Weiszmann though.
  4. I've binged the whole show yesterday and as I can't keep the episodes apart I'll have to give my verdict on the whole season: a bit disappointing. It started strong but lost steam very quickly. Season 3 spent a lot of time on secondery stories - some worked, some did not and at some point Midge's mom (the actress playing her does such a great job) is not wrong when she pointed out that Midge's choices ended up affecting the whole family. The story with Joel's club and its downstairs secret got old really fast, although I like Mae as his new GF. The Vegas wedding annoyed me and I can't figure out if they want Joel and Midge to end up together at the end of the series or not. Susi's sidegig was set up to teach her a few lessons about managing, but the Jane Lynch character is really grating. As are Joel's parents: I don't find them funny anymore. It felt like there were more of those extended dance numbers this season and for me they tend to take the pace out of the episodes. Also, there are scene setups that are similar to AMS' other shows (the dance club Lenny took Midge too was very GG revival). On the other hand, I dreaded seeing Liza Weil in this show, but she did great, and Sterling K. Brown was a good addition too - especially when he sang on stage. Shame that we saw so little of Lenny Bruce, but the first episode where Abe got himself arrested for standing up to him was gold. It was also nice that we got to see more of Midge's routines and how she structures them. I wonder if Abe, the theatre critic to be, will have to review one of Midge's gig in the next season. Good to see Midge's doctor ex boyfriend again. I was almost hoping that they would get together after their blowout in the deli. This season was set out to give Midge and Susie room to develop their skills, to learn and observe. But for an arc that comes full circle in the end, dropping them off at more or less the same stage of their careers from which they set out in the beginning, it lacked the roller coaster ride in between. Edit: Who paid Susie's plane tickets when she went back and forth to be with either Miss Julie or Midge? Plane tickets cost a bloody fortune back then.
  5. Congratulations Sunny! For me, the Australian version is still the best Bake Off franchise out there because they stick to the intial format and their hosts and judges are actually pleasant to watch. I enjoyed the Dobos torte challenge because one of the best petite four I have ever had was a miniature Esterhazy torte, which is a variation on the Dobos. The original Dobos, as far as I know, is a light sponge with chocolate cream while the Esterhazy uses a nut sponge and vanilla cream. The showstopper, to be honest, was a bit underwhelming. I didn't really understand where they wanted them to go with the geometric assignment.
  6. I am a lot younger than Russ, and I owned the Butterfly single CD. I actually only threw it out a few weeks ago along with a box full of other 'what was I thinking' CDs when I was clearing out the attic. I can't even remember if I bought that myself or if it was my sister's ... nah it was definitely me sister's 😄
  7. Gwart hates Puddle of Mud - she is a Linkin Park girl. LOL This episode had a few good bits, and I am not talking about Russ Hannemann. Thanks for putting the tech part into perspective @chocolatine! Someone needs to take down Jinjang in the final episode. And Laurie's schtick is getting old now too.
  8. Original air date: 12/12/2019
  9. Based on this episode, David should have gone home, but I wasn't surprised that they eliminated Don. There were too many mousses this week. The stuff in the signature looked tasty though. I've never had snails but I don't why people are so iffy about them while they don't have a problem with mussels. Weird pronounciation for 'tartare' in the voice-over? I like Sunny, but Dan over the weeks I've grown very fond of Dan and I will be rooting for him in the final. I think the final 4 are a very likeable bunch - much more likeable than the last GBBO finalists.
  10. That episode made me so hungry! Why did nobody deep fry their choux? A doughnut should always be deep fried. Isn't that more or less what churros are - deep fried choux? Anyway, the chouxnuts all looked yummy. I dunno why Don is so obsessed with blue, its the least attractive colour for food. Send a tray of David's doughnuts my way please. The curffins looked alright. I am not a fan of blue cheese and prociutto, I prefer a sweet one. The cookie cakes sounded lame and I probably wouldn't want to eat one, but almost overdecorated with all the sweets they looked rally impressive. All the remaining bakers are really good and very likeable. Next week is going to be tough.
  11. I don't get the appeal of Burning Man either, but Hanneman saving the day at the end was entertaining. Who in their right mind would trust an ethics manifesto written by Gavin Belson? Another good B story for Monica and Gilfoyle. HR lady is a good addition to the pool of minor characters. Poor Dinesh. He finally makes it to Hawaii and still gets fucked. That story was a bit lame.
  12. The story with Sandra and Jerry coaxing Garret into a boys night with Jerry was oddly sweet. So far making the actress who plays Sandra a regular has played out well. Is it just me or does Sandra and Jerry's apartmentl layout look very similar do Dina's? Oh man, don't get me started on Amy and her brother. I'm totally with @Irlandesa that it was annoying that Mateo and Eric did make plans to go out in the end. I hope they don't pair them up just to tie Mateo and his fate even closer to Amy and Jonah. Of course Cheyenne would just pull the plug on the order machine. What kind of ordering service is this anyway where you can order (a) "pot" without any further specification so that Garret was left wondering whether the customer wanted to cook or get baked? The customer shots in the pick up area, with their impatience and already stuffed cars were hilarious though.
  13. WHAT? WHAAAT?? For a 6 episodes per series show thats a pretty long break.
  14. What a funny coincidence, I had one (well, two - I took one home) of those last week when my company hired an organic bakery for an event. They call it a Cruffin and there was one set with butter and cinammon and one with walnut filling - and they were quite good. Can't wait to see what the contestants come up with.
  15. Ooof. If Ethan had tried that with Gavin, he would have been Hoovered so hard. Richard needs to grow a pair. I felt really sad for Jared. The parents are arseholes, obviously, but if Bighead is the only person he had to talk to afterwards, thats even worse. They finally gave Monica something to do and with a somewhat current subject too. Not proud to admit that, but I am such a Monica - I would have done the same. I also liked how her morals went straight out of the window a few episodes when the billion dollar offer came in - these are my principles, if you don't like them, I have others.
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