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    S06.E03: The Unusual Suspect

    Was that a spoof on Amanda Knox or is there some other murder suspect I am not familiar with? Having the story cross over into Charles and Liza's sex life was a bit of a reach, but hey, whatever works for them. I was surprised by Josh's divorce proposal, the promo fooled me there. I knew Charles would go into business with Zane. As he wasn't content with sitting at home doing nothing, getting into publishing again is no surprise, but to me it is easy to anticipate that due to the theme of the show, Kelsey will come out on top. Its nice to see the women succeed, but I am so tired of Kelsey. Even if announcing Quinn's candidacy was the smartest thing she could have done to get them out of that sticky spot. Liza and Charles are doomed. Glad that Maggie has a love interest again.
  2. Aulty

    S06.E02: Flush with Love

    Very sweet story about Diana and Enzo and the story written in her own words. Using her words to set up the Josh and Liza story again, so soon and somewhat in reverse is really quite annoying even with the continuing lack of chemistry between her and Charles. The funniest scene was the Uber drive to the hospital and Claire stating that she and Maggie are bonded for life because they are the only people who have ever been inside her mother has hilarious. So these first two episodes only spanned Kelsey's first week as an editor? Liza's championing of Kelsey is getting more and more unrealistic. And that stupid argument they had after Liza told her about Charles' suggestion, where Kelsey jumped from one assumption to the next and Liza was unable to string 3 sentences together to tell her what the conversation they had was really about? And Zane wants to date Kelsey now? NOW? With all signs pointing towards Zane and Charles going into business together (and possibly splitting up Empirical and Millenial, so that Kelsey is stuck with Empirical?)
  3. Aulty

    S06.E01: Big Day

    Yeah, I've also complained about this a lot in the past! Although they have gotten better with their camera angles and strategic cutting to hide the fact that he doesn't kiss her on the mouth, but always very obviously somwhere next too or below. That relationship really needs some steamy scenes to get me back on board. The echo of the sexy stuff between Josh and Liza probably is one of the reasons why people still hold on to the idea of them being end game.
  4. Aulty

    The Bold Type

    OMG that is so hitting the nail on the head!
  5. Aulty

    S06.E01: Big Day

    The plot twist with Charles giving up the company is so riddiculous. Nobody in their right mind would put their company in the hands of someone like Kelsey and it is beyond me why he didn't hand it to Diana, the strongest and smartest woman in the company, who btw was absolutely right to put out her feelers for another job. I hope it gets better once they've settled everyone into their new roles. At least they came up with a somewhat plausible reason to keep Liza's age a secrect for a bit longer. As for Josh - yeah its sweet that he gets to be a daddy. But Liza not wanting any more kids wasn't just about being pregnant and giving birth, was it? Wouldn't it be about raising a child, which she would sort of have to do if she got back together with Josh? I have no idea what the stories are gonna be like this season. Is Kelsey going to bang the CFO now? I sure hope that they team up Diana and Lauren!! And throw Redmond in as well!
  6. Aulty

    The Bold Type

    oh goody, a cliffhanger. But unless they are shutting down Scarlett completely, there is no need to clean out the office if its just Jaqueline and the magazine that get the boot. Dot Com people need somewhere to work too. And even with my biggest TV hat on, dismantling a magazine over night isn't the smarted business decision either. Its sad that on a female led show my favourite character this season was Patrick? While he really grinds Jane's gears (which I really enjoy just a tad too much), he seems to be a great boss to Kat. They both understand their medium and there is professional respect and understanding there, and its cute when they get excited over their ideas. The story about the photographer? I expected a big media blow out and found it a bit underwhelming that it was just used to set up a possible Jaqueline/magazine downfall. The girls' stories were all pretty much in character. Of course Jane defaults to writing a story - especially writing it before she came to terms with her feelings and decided what to do. The Kat/Adena stories next season are gonna be so annoying. And finally: Poor Tia.
  7. Aulty

    Good Omens

    Yeah, with the theme set by all the Crowley/Aziraphale stuff in the previous episodes I would not have expected them to leave that bit out. I wonder what Ronnie would have driven if he'd been in the book 😉
  8. Aulty

    The Bold Type

    How bad a person am I for thinking that I'd be more interested if Jane was to one who cheated? Hearing that Pinstripe kissed someone after listening to the interview and their lack of communication (as per last week's episode), honestly, Jane's reaction is understandable. I wonder if they can sort it out or if its the start of Jalex? Phew, Kat, you lucky duck. You lost the election and get to keep your job, some reason to dump your campaign manager and go back to Adena - who technically still lives in Paris, doesn't she? And as cute as Sutton's story was - including the scene at the party with Oliver and Richard - why would Oliver's daughter open up so quickly about her fears to a stranger? How much time has she spent with Sutton before that? So, we've had Jane leave Scarlett (for a while), Kat almost leaving the magazine - what are the odds of design-shooting star Sutton potentially leaving her job to go full time Christian Siriano?
  9. Aulty

    Younger Fashion: Asymmetric Styling

    Wow, what a collection and Miriam Shor looked absolutely stunning in all of them! My favourite piece isn't a necklace though, its those huge flamingo earrings.
  10. Aulty

    Not Getting Any Younger... Unspoiled Spec

    In the trailer for the season there is a bit where Liza lets everyone know that - so I bet it'll be that. But they really can't put off telling Diana about Liza's age any longer either. That baby better be Josh's!
  11. Aulty

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    I am sorry, but none of those rooms looked great. Some of the designers had some really grand ideas, that really weren't achievable in a day and I did expect some cutbacks, but the results were pretty disappointing. Garro wanted robot arms dressing his model, and got a few discount glory holes? If they had made some effort on the lighting at least, but there was no atmosphere and you could tell everything was artifical and/or cheap. Some of the spaces were just too big for the amount of stuff in there - Tessa could have done with half the floorspace to give it a more realistic, crammed, pottery studio feel. There are 100 home makeover shows that work with little budgets and get the result looking allright on camera with some clever accessories and lighting. The finalists are ok by me, but I am not really that invested into who wins this anymore.
  12. Aulty

    Good Omens

    Personally, I really liked the first 3.5 episodes, but the rest (apart from the final 20 minutes) was not as strong and to be honest, for me, it was the same with the book. I just enjoy the devious angel/demon storyline more than the kids' adventure. However, I thought the children actors did an amazing job. Overall, the casting for this was really on point. Michael Sheen and Dave Tennant were fantastic and the show was the strongest when the story focussed on them (episode 1 & 3 were the best). I also thought the styling was well done overall, especially for Crowley. All the fuss about the Cumberbatch playing Satan, in retrospect, was as riddiculous as the reappearance of the Hammaconda in the jogging scene. They had Andy Hamilton (who did a radio show about satan) narrate the toad at the trial, which was a nice touch. And I agree with you @kieyra - I didn't like Frances McDormand’s narration either. Such a pity that Christopher Lee isn't around anymore to lend Death his epic voice. Adria Arjona and Jack Whitehall were pretty cute, and what a shame that we didn't get more of them at the beginning of the story. They are the sort of rich characters that Pratchett was known for and that could easily star in a story of their own.
  13. Aulty

    The Bold Type

    Its so annoying how they portray Jane as some lightweight wannabe Ronan Farrow with Jaqueline as her legal shield, while the story probably doesn't even come close to showing what it took for Farrow to get his big piece (including all the intimidation he faced). A few phone calls and they got themselves a coven of models willing to talk? On a lighter note: throwing Alex into the girls' council every now and then is quite nice. He softens the whiney atmosphere. I want Adena to run off into the sunset with Tia. Thats the only way they can solve this eyerollingly stupid story without any casualties.
  14. Aulty

    S17.E11: New York City of Dreams

    It was a nice production choice that they grilled the bottom 3 again after the clients left, so there were no akward accusations in front of those lovely women. What's the problem with executing the exact same look in a nice rich colour instead of black. And finishing your hems. Looking at you Tessa.
  15. Aulty

    The Bold Type

    It's good that in the end Jane managed to have an honest conversation with Pinstripe, but everything leading up to that? If she is one of those woke millenials why does she still have all those gen x problems? The scene at the end where they both go for their phones instead of kissing is probably forshadowing some cheating drama, isn't it? Somehow I get the impression that Sutton is a younger version of 'wise' Jaqueline with all her helpful remarks and magical insight into everyone's psyche. Oh Kat. Please don't get her back together with Adena, who I liked as a character, but that relationship just was annoying. Can someone give Alex some sugar please?
  16. Aulty

    S17.E10: What Do You Care About?

    It was great that Garo went for an environmental issue - and it also highlights why its so hard to get people riled up for stuff like global warming, pollution, ... It doesn't make for emotional reality TV like most of the other causes did and its a similar challenge when you try to shine a light to these initiatives in real life. Having said that, his dress was bad and I think it was mainly the bile colour. Pick a richer yellow! I liked Tessa's design even before she shared her personal story. It had the clearest reference to the cause, and I like that its simple and graphic and the message on the side.
  17. That was a well executed wrap up of the season. I guess that the story will now focus on the fight between employess and coorporate with the ultimate goal of creating a better work environment. It was funny when they called Laurie at coorporate and Amy blackmailing her over the phone. Unionizing will not help with Mateo's case, so I'm curious how they're gonna solve that. The shock of this might make Dina and Garrett put their issues aside.
  18. Aulty

    The Good Fight

    The Judy Giraffe thing was hilarious and Kurt proved once more why he is one of the best characters on this show. Is Maia going to DC with Blum (and Rose leaves the show), or will she run his Chicago business? I didn't quite catch that. It was weird that they offered Maia the named partner spot and disgusting that they sidelined the other two. Also, book club lady sent the police to Diane's house, didn't she? That was a pretty poor move from Jay and Marissa. Liz and Diane warned Jay about her and he chooses such a flimsy strategy?
  19. Aulty

    The Bold Type

    Yeah, and brace yourself, because ... Otherwise it was a nice little episode. I thought Pinstripe was hot in the early seasons, but now that he is with Jane, I don't find him interessting anymore. Good for him on his book success though.
  20. Aulty

    S07.E07: Veep

    And that the door looked somewhat like a vagina.
  21. Aulty

    Derry Girls

    Derry Girls missing out on the BAFTA yesterday?? What a disgrace.
  22. Aulty

    S17.E09: The Stitch Is Back

    That was a pretty decen't episode, was it not? The amount of work that went into the top looks really stood out. Why didn't they name both Bishme and Garo as winners - there was no prize and no immunity anyway? While I liked Jamall's look (even though it didn't really fit the brief), he has done that voluminous duvet style coat thing before and during the introduction round in the first episode his look had a similar silouette. And I agree with everyone who mentioned the designer's behaviour and comments on the male models. That was really unprofessional.
  23. Aulty

    S04.E19: Scanners/S04.E20: #Cloud9Fail

    That was probably the best episode this year - a good mix between a goofy staff story, management issues and a sprinkle of romance/progress with Amy & Jonah. If cooporate leaves her now room for additional hours and she has divided them fair and square between her staff, Amy shouldn't have to hide behind Dinah.
  24. Aulty

    S04.E19: Scanners/S04.E20: #Cloud9Fail

    I'm ok with Garrett finally getting his comeuppance on bird-gate. The show will take any reconcilliation really slow now. Good for Sandra, and this includes Carol finding out about Jerry - that has been going on for too long anyway.
  25. Aulty

    The Good Fight

    So Adrian and Liz did hook up? They brought it up but immediately back-paddled... shame, I like those two. I'm not sure where they are going with Blum and Maia - esp. with the show getting renewed. Will Blum pull the strings in the background while Maia runs his office next season? The way they set up the story with Maia and Blum, and I kinda like their dynamic, it would be weird to drop everything and bring her back to RB&L? Maia and Marissa flirting with the idea of hooking up? Was it just to emphasize the betrayal or is there something? It was a pretty intense scene. As for that investigator that Chumhum brought in - was that just one character with a distinct personality trait too many?