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    Very entertaining show, there is a lot to like here. The dialog is crisp, smart and quick paced and I enjoyed the 90s references as much as the puns about current pop culture. The acting is good too. I also liked that the girls looked and acted their their age. Weird that Dawn's husband and son were nowhere to be seen in the second half of the season. Andrew Rannell and his crabs were a curveball. I am pretty sure Ashley is not dead, and there was that little hint at the very end. If it really was the 4 main actresses singing and harmonising, they did pretty well. Sound mixing was
  2. DIANA!!!!! Best part of the episode by far. Post break-up with Charles Liza is very much like post break-up with Josh Liza. She jumps into that caring friend mode and the boys immediately fall back in love with her. That story about Charles and his maybe son playing out in a single episode felt both, crammed and rushed. It also wasn't very interesting. He will finish the book, it'll be published in the time it takes me to make a sandwich and it will be a best-seller. They finally picked up on the living situation and now Kelsey gets the Selling Sunset treatment. Lauren had a few go
  3. The guest judge this week, Cate Hall, was great. She explained the key points of period make-up really well and her critiques were not only on point but also educational. Dominic explaining to Dolly how to use water and oil based colours was, I'm sure, a good tip for all the young MUAs watching. No idea why they loved Samah's creative make-up so much. Jack's really did photograph well. Dolly was really disappointing. Yes. Definitely an issue with people who are used to working on themselves. They should focus on that more in the first episode if they cast so heavily from the Insta
  4. Lee has outstayed his welcome for a couple of weeks now - if his necklace had not been picked they would've kicked him out last week. And, unpopular opinion, how did Tamara make the semi final? Her locket was alright, but she has stumbled her way forward like Laura in GBBO. I liked both Dan's pieces, he had the best hoops. Hugo did well, lovely hoops but the locket I found a bit old-fashioned. Sonny's viking hoops looked very heavy. Both his pieces this week had a very similar style and would probably go well together.
  5. Mid-season trailer, are they a thing? Anyway here is one for Younger:
  6. As far as we know Diana will appear in a few episodes but only via Zoom calls. Due to Covid (travel?) restriction Miriam Shor couldn't be on set.
  7. Sometimes I wonder what came first - the challenge or the perfect oldie song for a challenge. Loved the cap and especially the jacket challenges. I don't know about you guys, but when I think of sewing and fashion design I think of dresses and shirts and maybe coats, but not utility jackets, so it was a great reminder of what goes into making a great and durable workwear. I also enjoyed the contestants being able to quickly come up with solutions to various problems - with extra panels and open zips. And they faired a lot better with menswear than your average Project Runway contestant (I
  8. OOOKAYY. I hope Josh's manager squeeze decides to come back - they have a great vibe. Quinn, I feel like someone hired the Nashville writing crew again. I know the show was this weird side-vibe with over the top stories that started with Kelsey's fiance meeting a steel beam, but her mind games on top of everything else is a lot. I've leant into Team Charles for the better part of the show, but now I want Liza and Kelsey to leave that cursed publishing house of his. No point in getting worked up over the timeline. Of course Quinn's book is ready to be published and Inkubator went fr
  9. Here is the British competition show Gretchenfrage: If you have one contestants who doesn't finish and doesn't meet the brief on 2 counts (design, materials) and another whose design merely misses the mark - who do you send home? Nicola overdid it and the necklace (and her cocktail ring) didn't look great, but I feel that if it was Tamara or Lee instead of Sonny who messed up, Nicola would still be in the competition. TBF I wasn't that keen on Sonny's cocktail ring either, the skull motif in particular. Kathryn had another good line when she congratulated Nicola on making it into t
  10. The show is back on the BBC Three stream schedule now and its available a few hours before it airs on regular telly. This show has a decent track record with the guest judges and projects the MUAs get to work on. Pose is a really high profile challenge and Les Child was a good addition to the judging panel. Next week its gonna be the Crown, another great show. Well done Craig on winning the Pose challenge - even though I liked Dolli's better (but I also know nothing about vogueing). I think Dolli's creative challenge make-up would've been better if she had done doodle tattoos all ove
  11. Yes they are roomies. iirc Kelsey moved in after her fiance's death and Lauren when she split from the doctor. It makes makes absolutely no sense that they still live there - Kelsey ran a highly successful imprint and was, at one point, publisher of Empirical. Surely she makes at least as much as Diana. Lauren is somewhat successful with her PR firm and can afford extravagant parties to celebrate her 30th. And Josh, with his Forever21 side hustle and booming business , should be able to make rent without the girls. At least with Liza you can make the argument that she has to pay for her da
  12. The Last Unicorn is one of my favourite movies. I'm glad it was just the episode title. Showing off Sutton's dance moves again - was she singing the song she danced to too? Deep Googling - LOL - been there. I enjoy Liza acting kinda clumsy around Charles, like she did when she had a crush on him. I could've done without the alternating Charles/Quinn and Liza/Vince scenes. This show has never been about what Charles gets up to. Liza's breakdown was somewhat mirroring her in season 1 when she struggled finding a job. LOL on Quinn honeytrapping Charles for political reasons and
  13. I enjoy Solange as the stern judge, but she needs to be teamed up with someone quirky - they need to find her an Esme or Keith. I kept an eye on Twitter during the first episode and of course Kathryn's comment about 'thinking like a white man' got a lot of buzz. Women loved it, and the people who are usually first to complain about "snowflakes" couldn't take it. It was hilarious. She is a bit marmite, but she is good with the snide pop culture remarks. If you want peek British look for the Great Model Railway Challenge if you haven't watched it already.
  14. Ryley stands out with a healty following of over 700k! Looking at Samah's IG it seems she is more about beauty make-up than creative or special effects. The past series didn't have that many beauty make-up challges and the creative challenge usually asks for a lot more over the top designs. Its gonna be interesting how far she can go. Although last year Eve, who also worked a beauty counter, made it into the top 3 ... on a wing and a prayer.
  15. Its a good group this series, I think. Not keen on the Kardashian knock off new host. I can see why they put Nic (?) in the decider for lack of technicality, but I liked her overall look. Dolli's was breathtaking. I wonder whether a competition for aspiring photographers, following the same pattern as Glow Up, would work.
  16. For anyone interested: The third series of Glow Up starts tonight on BBC one (and will probably make its way onto Netflix too) with Maya Jama as the new host.
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