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  1. You know, when the episode was about to start I decided to root for Laura, because girlpower and stuff. Jinxed it. That was really hard to watch and Twitter was not kind to her either. With the tightened schedule, away from her husband and those summer temperatures it is really hard to cope and recover mentally and physically between episodes. It looked like Laura couldn't catch herself once she started stumbling. Shame, because she is a very upbeat girl whith a great plus size fashion style. In between the moaning on Social Media there were quite a few compliments for her dresses. There is a funny side to Laura trying to hide in the freezer. About a year ago, Boris Johnson tried to hide in a walk in freezer to avoid media questions in the runup to the election. After the opening sketch this puts a nice bookend to the series. Peter's and Dave's custard slices looked enticing - and I don't even like custard sliced. I do like whalnut whips and the final challenge was OK in my book too. Laura and Dave's bake looked scrumptious. That rice crispy thing put me right off Peter's. Peter won? I dunno, I thought Dave had a better weekend. Overall, I think the editing this year was really bad. Matt and Noel give good pep talks. I hope someone made good use of Mr. Spoon on bonfire night and we never have to see it again. Lovely dedication to Luis, who passed away a few weeks ago, at the end.
  2. Re the book: We finally learn why Michelle's ma gave away her big bowl.
  3. Here's a thought regarding the heat in the tent situation: pick a location that's further North. The North of England or Scotland have beautiful manor houses and the rail connection to the larger urban areas isn't bad. Yes, you get hot days in Glasgow or Liverpool too, but on average they are still cooler than the SoE.
  4. Yeah, she is very lucky that the technical counts for nought these days. I thought they were pretty even: Hermine's mess of a showstopper <> Laura's mess of a technical Hermine's well executed but poolry decorated techical <> Laura's well baked signatures that Paul didn't like the look of and said where overspiced Hermine's signature that was lauded for its taste but slightly underproofed <> Laura's tasty but ugly showstopper at that point Hermine's SB from the previous week should have given her the edge, especially after Paul told Laura yet again that she needs to up the precision. Hermine was the quiet steady worker that gets tripped up by a bad week. But Laura is the more interesting contestant from a reality competition's point of view - she brings the tears and the drama. And they way Paul talks to her she seems to strike a chord with him.
  5. They've finally released this - Amazon Prime UK only as far as I am aware. I am not sure what the target audience for this show is. Grand Tour watchers want more GT, Reassembler fans want him to talk about spanners and cogs (thats what I got from comments when TGT annouced this show on Twitter). I know that they have a cooking themed spin-off to their Drive-Tribe plattform, but would those cooking enthusiasts watch an amateur cooking show? Curious to see what you all think 🙂 As for the show itself, I watched a few episodes and I am not sure I enjoyed it. Its scruffy and basic like the Reassembler and , quite on brand for James, it looks very 70s. Testing kitchen tools is mildy interesting but stucking a home economist in the back room seems an odd choice. If I had to sum it up, I'd say its the antidote to everything Jamie Oliver. Maybe thats exactly what they wanted it to be. Oh, and another thing: I thought James went vegetarian?
  6. The nice bits: some baking innuedo and some cute animal shots - the little duckiiies - I missed those. And Peter did pretty well and his bakes looked quite professional. Everything else: What. A. Mess. I think a lot of it is down to the COVID shooting schedule, its just not working for this show, I hope they revert to the old format next year if they can. They need to do their homework and find better stuff for the technical challenge. It should require baking knowledge, not a degree in structural engineering. Its about baking techniques after all. The editing of the Signature was a bit annoying. They made it look like Hermine just threw everything together in the last couple of minutes, but her babas were actually pretty neat. Overall it also seemed like the lads had a good time on their side of the tent whereas both Laura and Hermine were constantly checking how they were doing in comparison to the other. Cube cakes? An abomination unto Nuggan. And again no word on the quality of the stand they had to bake aswell. Noel and Matt chipping in again in the pre-juging chat. Pointing out Laura scraping by for weeks. But it had to be Hermine, its sad, but her Showstopper was crap. Laura is one lucky girl. I am not excited about the final.
  7. If we are rummaging outside of the box, and sticking with antiques, I'd like to see someone with the postive energy of Bargain Hunt's Christina Trevanion as a presenter.
  8. I enjoyed seeing Tony again. As akward as the setup was for him to be adopted by Sandra and Jerry, in their way Sandra and Jerry have a lot of love to give and I am looking forward to them facing all the challenges of going from zero to parents of a teenager. Garrett & Dina - I am here for it. Dina was too much this week though. Overall is was a good episode and I didn't miss Amy at all. The scene with the customer smelling the candle through a mask was funny. Personally, I find Yankee candles (which based on the shape of the jar was the brand of the candle they used) so strong that I would have no problem smelling them through my facemask. Overall I think they have established a good mix of scenes where everyone wears a mask and those where they don't or take them off.
  9. Yes, but you can also just spoon out the inside if you don't like the rind. The lemon represents the frog in the pond in this pudding.
  10. You know what I miss most since Mel and Sue left? Mel and Sue used to taste and nibble on everything. No bowl was safe. Dan Levy did the same on the Canadian version, taking shots with contestants out of measuring cups and bowls whenever they used booze. Even Claire and Mel from Australian Bake off like a sneaky nibble. Not only was that the most relatable thing about the show, their reaction gave us an additional and more layman's opinion about the bakes. Never trust a skinny cook, or a presenter that can keep their fingers off an unattended cream bowl.
  11. They did full size cheesecakes as a signature in dessert week of series 2. Alas, back then the signature challenge wasn't the decoration Olympics.
  12. A few episodes ago I thought Matt and Noel were actually ok, but I spoke too soon. With every childish bit they come up with - like that stupid spoon - I like them less. The showstopper was alright. I wouldn't want to eat all those artificially flavoured jellies, but it is on trend and something that people will try at home. Why did Marc put two heavy gelative blocks on top of mousse? Peter's looked like a pastel tie-die. The rest looked alright. I call BS on Laura being 'in line for star baker' after the first two challenges. From here it looked like they were all on the bottom and in danger of going home after yet another set of messed up and overthought signatures and a catastrophic technical (people on Twitter were in agreement that Prue should have given them more time to steam those puddings and I saw someone who had made this before saying that it takes a very long time for the lemon to soften). Well done Hermine for clinching it with a stunning show stopper. If Laura had put a white chocolate collar or something like that around her cakes, SB would have been hers.
  13. Original Air Date: 11/19/20
  14. Original Air Date: 11/12/20
  15. They are not colder, but they contain the cold air better. The cold air inside a freezer is like a liquid. When you open a cupboard freezer the cold air pours out. If you open and close it a lot or keep it open for minutes, especially if you keep the door open to work in a cake in an otherwise empty freezer, the temperature inside rises and it becomes really inefficient. If you open a chestfreezer the cold air is contained like water in a bucket and while there is some dissipation on the surface, they are much more efficient (many supermarkets still have those huge chest freezers without lids in their frozen section). I think it would also be easier for bakers to continue working on their cakes because they are a bit roomier than those tiny units they have atm. They went out of fashion as household appliances though because cupboard feezers, especially the big ones with drawers, are easier to organise.
  16. Happy 100th episode. What a bummer. Well acted, though. I am trying to imagine how I would have felt, had those episodes aired back in March. The relocation would have been more spontaneous and maybe Jonah's proposal ideas had felt rushed. And while the pandemic ended up being the backdrop for that segment, it didn't feel like Covid had much to do with how it played out. Personally, I somewhat understand Amy's pov and even though I liked Amy/Jonah, I feel its better to break them up for good. But I love myself a good love story, so bring on Dinah and Garrett. Get Jonah on a career path.
  17. They laid the groundwork for Louise not being in every episode and it tied in well with the overall story. She fits in really well - I am so glad that Katey Sagal is so commited to the part.
  18. Iced buns are baked, finger doughnuts are deep fried. Even though one had chantilly and the other creme mousseline, the flavours are very similar - as, I think, is the dough base.
  19. Its almost amusing that this is the season where week in, week out, the bakers are the architects of their own doom by overcomplicating stuff. You can't save yourself to often with a complicated but rubbish bake. Seems as if planning bakes should include a SWOT analysis. Hermine did so well this week by doing straight forward things well. Paul probably would have given her a handshake if her pastry wasn't slightly underbaked - you can see he really wanted to 😉 Again, very little between Lottie and Laura. It was a bit annoying that Noel pointed out that Lottie has been in the bottom a few times already before judging. The judges were spot on about using brownies and fruit cake in an ice cream cake - they are going to be hard as rocks. The Tiramisu cake looked tasty. Again: CHEST FREEZERS!! (I don't think a show about home bakers need blast freezers - but working chest freezers would be a big help for challenges like those) Finger Doughnuts FTW!
  20. Original Air Date: 11/05/2020 Promo:
  21. It wasn't a great episode. I felt it either needed to be funnier or translate the angst and exhaustion better. There were a few good bits like the toilet paper ambush, Glenn's breakdown in the garden department or the shot of the littered parking lot. My sister works in a store and customers accused her and her team of hiding toilet paper for themselves. They didn't, but tbh I would not have begrudged them getting first dips on some essentials. They worked long shifts in chaotic conditions and were some of the most exposed people in the country. Her 'coorporate' was a lot better with the PPE though, quick to install shields at checkout and they got a bonus. I don't like how they are suggesting Jonah and Amy drifting apart - if thats where they are heading. They were talking about getting engaged only a few episodes ago.
  22. I was thinking the same - that challenge was made for her! Kim-Joy does recipes for the Guardian, and her creativity is off the charts adorable.
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