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  1. Personally, I think the reason Chris and Flex work well as a couple is BECAUSE he knows she's better than he is. They compete but he knows she'll beat him in the long run. She's working as a gym manager now but I think he still has a nine to five "normal" job. Meaning, she gets more practice time than he does, for sure. Then again, some people are just naturally gifted in this arena and she's one of them. She shined her first year and she was a caregiver. Either way, he knows she's better than he is and seems ok with that. They're cute and I'm glad they're moving forward in their realtionship.
  2. I had the same thought. It was reckless to give him a package to show that he does stunts 30 feet off the ground without safety equipment. Sure, tell people to "not try this at home", that always works. That's why people end up in traction after trying to jump off their garages. Just don't give the man package time if he can't come up with anything better to talk about. I was glad Grant bit a buzzer. He's had a couple of crappy years and has resorted to being a day player/ cheerleader for his friends. Glad to see him focus more and get it done...with some cash to boot.
  3. I am probably wrong but it feels like the run up was slightly longer last year. It looks super short this year.
  4. Destiny74


    Chris Rose and Kenny Florian are the BEST commentating duo! I love them both.
  5. Destiny74

    The Wendy Williams Show

    We'll sure. Lil Kev was there for her during her trauma but she's off with her boy toy during his?
  6. Destiny74

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Money can't buy love but it can buy companionship.
  7. Destiny74

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I think you nailed it here. She's going to spend the rest of her life trying to make Kelvin jealous. And, other then her money, Kelvin has proven to not give a rats ass about her.
  8. Destiny74

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Seeing the pictures of her "dippin it an doin it" lately I still have to shake my head. Why would someone who makes so much damn money wear janky, dry, straw looking wigs in real life? I just don't get it. Some are nice and straight and shiny and then she wears the sad, pathetic ones? Mystery to me.
  9. Destiny74

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Because in her eyes, any man is better than no man. She's said it before on the show. It's sad. Pathetic and sad. Maybe she should try and reestablish those real friends, the non famous ones, that she dumped.
  10. I have a question. I understand an athlete and their drive to succeed in their sport but after you tear your ACL once, ok, recover and try again. Tearing the ACL in the other knee, maybe, but after tearing her ACL a third time (twice in the same knee), why would any coach, parent, or doctor allow her to continue to compete? Then she tears her ACL yet a third time? That sounds like a mental issue. Is it just me?
  11. Destiny74

    S04.E10: New Year's Day

    Ok. This is my question. Wendy went and found out the information about Taylor and her father after Taylor left Axe Cap, right? So any privilege of doctor/patient confidentiality is void after Taylor left Axe Cap. I mean, if Wendy was Taylor's doctor, didn't that go out the window when Wendy was no longer being paid to be her doctor? Sure it's sneaky and we can discuss the morality of the situation bit as soon as Taylor left Axe Cap, she was no longer an employee and was no longer a patient of Wendy's unless she was paying Wendy out of her own pocket for the sessions. If I decide to befriend my shrink after I am no longer paying for their services, isn't it just two people talking? I guess not.
  12. Destiny74

    Little Women: LA

    The last time there was a "battery" on the show it gave Terra fuel against Christy for three seasons. Ugh.
  13. Destiny74

    The Wendy Williams Show

    That guy is the audience producer but Wendy has called him the audience warm up guy before. I don't think he's there instead of Suzanne.
  14. Destiny74

    Little Women: LA

    These women need to lay off Ja and Tonya. I mean, Tonya is a woman and knows exactly what she's getting into. They are both grown people who also know each other. Maybe it's hotter for them to pretend he's cheating and she's the "other woman". Whatever their deal, they are GROWN PEOPLE AND DO NOT NEED BABYSITTERS. It really uninteresting anyway. Elena's script says she needs to poop all over everybody's everything this season. That is all. All the sudden Christy has a passion for fashion? Where'd that come from? It's not like she's been sooooo monumentally busy the last eight years that she couldn't design. Yeah, passion is an over used word on these shows. "Passion is what I am into right now, if I hit even the slightest bump in the road, my passion will fall to the wayside." In real life, Christy has filed a restraining order on Todd becasue he's abused her. Ok. Not doubting that. Except that woman could run away from her hobbling husband no problem. I don't get it.
  15. Destiny74

    Little Women: Atlanta

    I actually applauded when Juicy told Emily that she had the rights to The Cheeks' song. I laughed and laughed. Ooooooo weeeee. That was a good time. Let's see Emily figure out that her money won't buy her out of this situation. Juicy and Minnie are terrible managers. First, Juicy needs to dismiss Emily. That girl has no sense what so ever. She can keep Bri, if Bri has any "talent" other than kissing Emily's butt. Second, those two GROWN ASS WOMEN need to act like professionals when out in public. If I were St. Execs I would've told them both to kick rocks and never taken a call from either again. Third, why hasn't Minnie been insisting that the Twinz write some music. It's been a hot minute since the concert where they performed. It's not like it's a surprise that, if they are serious about there (ahem...🙄) "passion" for music, they need more than one dumb ass song. Then they blame Minnie for not telling them to work on their "passion". Ugh. I sure hope St. Execs are enjoying a whole mess of fame from this hot mess of a show. And to keep dangling the tour in front of these dumbasses is kinda cruel. They were never in the running for that slot. Hell, half the acts can't perform past August because they are mega pregg or will actually have custody of their three kids again. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I fast forwarded through all the wedding talk. Oh, and the podcast crap too. I just couldn't do it...I'm not strong enough this week. 🤪