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  1. I think the producers are trying to usher in a new age of Ninjas. That's why some are still getting background packages and why a lot of the "old timers" are getting WWWA. I think if you finish a run, we should get to see the whole run. That's why I tune in, not to see the backstories.
  2. Rice Krispy treats don't bother me as long as they're used simply for structure and they still taste good. The baker's who used them also met the brief by baking cake. Flora got dinged a few seasons back by using RKT that didn't taste good and were dry and crumbly. That was fair.
  3. That's a good 'un. I loved watching them make the tennis cake. I also loved watching the Princesstorte. Both just beautiful, fun looking cakes. But my favorite technical quip was when they were making chocolate souffles and Nadia said she'd sooner have another baby than ever do that again. Having never made a souffle, she's done scared me away from it. 😂
  4. I am just disgusted that we have to watch Caelynn play Blake's victim all season long since the texts didn't come out until AFTER filming was over. Ugh!
  5. If I could like a million times, I would. But, I can only hit the like button once so I am posting to say that I have never agreed more with someone in my life. 🤩
  6. I haven't watched yet. But, by the comments it sounds like they're trying to bring in young LP to freshen up the show and give the older ladies a rest. It also sounds like they are failing miserably.
  7. Please! She has those guys on speed dial!
  8. You know the staff is disappointed. I think, from reading online, they we're thrilled that Kelvin was gone. Now, he may be back? Talk about demoralizing your staff!
  9. These kids actually did a great job! Only one cake was "improperly" baked (I think her recipe was off). The rest were judged as moist and flavorful. That is impressive on this show because usually there are a few catastrophes. Someone help me out. I bake a lot, but not cakes. Buttercream is butter, powdered sugar and a bit of milk or cream, right? I know how to make a less sweet Italian, Swiss, or French buttercream but how would you go about making a less sweet American buttercream? You can add cream cheese but then you have a cream cheese frosting. So, how do you reduce the sugar but still make a frosting that is not thin or runny?
  10. I JUST CAN NOT!!!! Really though, if she lets him back into her life, and finances, she's a fool and I am done (not snarking, just viewing). I feel we've been played. Big time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  11. I just can't understand how you got into my head and so perfectly explained EXACTLY how I feel. It must be magic?!?!?!?
  12. Me too! I thought I was the only one. Honestly, I just don't have the fortitude to delve into the previous episodes. I'm keeping them around in case I get super bored.
  13. Yes!! Sorry, but I am not a fan of Chomp. It's an interesting robot for a design contest, not a knockdown, drag out like BB. The amount of rah rah rah it got the first two seasons, simply because it was built by a woman, ticked me off. It was never a good robot for a BB competition. I always felt they wasted a lot of "behind the scenes" time on Chomp.
  14. Funny how Wendy used to love cooking when she had a husband and son at home and now, just like that, she hates it. "Never cooking again" I think I have already heard. I get that cooking for one is hard to learn for some people but she used to do all the smacking and hmmmmmufffffing when she's talk about the great meals she'd cook, and how she liked being in the kitchen.
  15. This is getting old. To be honest, I just watched all four of the recent shows in a row, I'm a little numb. I don't remember from earlier this season, did Christy ask for the "hen" party to be moved to accommodate her? If so, did she say it was a big role, or a big role for her? There is a huge difference. Just because she didn't get top billing doesn't mean it couldn't have been a big deal for her. Hell, people enter dumb contests all the time for a chance at a walk-on role in a movie. What if it was a role in the new Star Wars? Or a Marvel movie? That could be a personal big deal for Christy. Anyway. Terra is just trying to get on to Christy for anything. And I didn't like the sneaky and underhanded way she and Mika were going about the whole thing. And their total joy and rapture at "catching" Christy. Grow the f up Terra. No one cares about Tonya and ja anymore. They really don't. Or they shouldn't. She's a grown woman. However, those videos they showed were trashy and wouldn't sell a drop of wine to anyone who wasn't going to buy Tonya's wine anyway. Autumn needs to grow up and Christy needs to not only let her, but make her. Now, all the sudden, she has a passion for teaching? Since when? Uhhhh, girl, you need a degree to teach. Get to school. Oh, and if it is such a passion, why isn't she working as a teacher assistant in a preschool or in the school system? Christy is way too helicopter but Autumn enjoys playing the poor little girl who can't get rid of her mom.
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