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  1. I was poking around online where I remember something about Eclipso's series back in the Nineties. In issue #13, he murdered a lot of heroes. Including Wildcat and Dr. Midnight. Originally, I figured that Eclipso was brought in because he was brought into JSA for a spell. But then I re-remembered the hero slaughter, and I start getting nervous for Yolanda and Beth. Oh, and the person that possessed Eclipso in JSA was Alex Montez, cousin of the late Yolanda. I dunno . . . maybe that'll come up on Stargirl.
  2. I forgot to post this . . . several weeks ago, Roy Wood, Jr. from The Daily Show offered his own solutions to black families trying to sell their houses. Here’s the link from Facebook; I can’t find it on YouTube.
  3. Good episode for John's return to a studio audience . . . but given how there's no new episode this week (September 19) due to the Emmys (and the possibility of LWT folks attending), I wonder if they should have held off another few weeks. Especially at the beginning, where he went back to enthusiastically slapping his desk. The Void hasn't gone far, though . . . I noticed it's now in the opening credits, listed as "Vedi, Vici, Void." I also dug the laughter . . . especially when Jon described an armadillo as "an opossum working at Medieval Times." Texas is a mess. Fun to see a sn
  4. Totems? Oy. And this is the final stretch run? I don't think a giant Beebo saving the day would be the best way to end the series. "Oh, and Lena's gonna become a witch." Really? I mean . . . really?!? This late? Forget the whole "Lena is a skeptic" angle . . . what?!? Plus side: Imp Fight! Giant kitty distracted by Kara's laser-like heat vision! A small Canadian town turning on Lena when she mentions her mother! Also I thought the accents were supposed to be Scottish. Shows what I know. How many episodes are left? I just need to know how long I should wait for Lena to open a mys
  5. Apparently, yes. I honestly didn’t think that would happen. Now I’m sad NYCC has been downscaled due to the pandemic, because the odds would’ve been good that PAMPAGE shirts would’ve been given out at an Archer panel.
  6. I knew the title of the next episode, but “Dingo” didn’t really hit me until just now. From this teaser, I don’t think we’ll get anything “Frisky,” but it’s good to hope.
  7. I’m not into Kingdom Hearts, I don’t think I’ve had In-And-Out (I’m on the East Coast), so I don’t know what could be considered a bigger blasphemy: the Keyblade Party or the “Secret Menu.” I liked Naruto taking an entrance exam. In the anime, the written part took two episodes, and it was intense. On the other hand, I don’t any of the Villages had ScanTron machines.
  8. I was half-watching. Lots of cringe, but still pretty funny. Guillermo comes through in the clutch, Nandor has a new addiction, and we got to see multiple deaths! Expelling disbelief as to how Gizmo got to all three spots to get soil before coming back to Atlantic City. I think it's feasible . . . but only if you're as dedicated as Guillermo. The boy is a damn superhero, getting naught by a thank you note from his master and friends. My mind went to this Death Battle between Balrog and TJ Combo. If you're not into old-school video games or "who could beat who" arguments, just go t
  9. Lantern7

    S12.E05: Shots

    Okay, so apparently, “Pampage” merch is on sale. And I know what GIF everyone is now thinking:
  10. Watched this tonight because the CW affiliate aired Cardinals/Mets. And damn, this episode was darker than most of the shit the Mets can pull on their fans. Hey, Beth can do offense shit with her goggles! Kind of! For God's sake, get her a weapon! I mean, nothing is forcing her to stay with the team, but it's painful to watch her in the field. And it got worse when Artemis was stalking her. Once again: going after Beth is like kicking a puppy in the face. It's so mean. I'm really hoping Pat takes his son under his wing, because this was the second time this season Mike was used as b
  11. At this point, just put Fessy and Josh into the Lair against each other. Get that shit over with. We're at a point where Josh is beating his chest . . . and I'm good with that because Fessy beating his meat is so much worse. Actually, what's worse is all the Haterade being chugged around Amber. Mission should have been more dope than it came across. Honestly surprised no one threw up. And, of course, three of the "finalists" were BB. And not Amber. Kaycee/Nany "date" was cute. Yeah, that's all I got. Wait, next week is one hour as well? I was thinking that I'll be watching th
  12. Lantern7

    S12.E05: Shots

    I had fun. It's not like I would defend the series to the very end, but I don't see how it's collapsing. Seriously, I went through that with Rick and Morty. To be fair, I might be easier to amuse. "Who cares if Lana is flailing as a character? Pam is actually making 'Pamage' work! And she had t-shirts made! I should find it obnoxious that she's got custom tees in her trunk, but it's awesome!" Like I said, I might be an easier mark. Sandra should bail out now while she's still breathing. Those people are monsters. And Ray wasn't with them! I'm not saying things would have escalated ou
  13. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    Has a record been established? The Mets had four in ‘86; five if you count the fight in the Houston bar.
  14. Caught the latest episode. Half of it involved a bear hijacking a UFO, crashing sketches and eating people. Pretty high concept . . . though watching it eat Muriel and Eustass as Courage the Cowardly Dog lays there because of Prozac and poor timing, what with Muriel’s VA passing away a few weeks ago. Also: Joe Exotic/GI Joe final sketch worked, even though I don’t have Netflix and never cared about that shit last year.
  15. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    I’m recording 30 For 30: but I’m not watching. With the current Mets trying to rush into the postseason, the timing is bad. “Hey, here’s the greatest Mets team of all time! They probably could’ve run the Majors, but booze! Cocaine! And unruly hedge clippers!!!” That stuff always shadows the Mets. Here’s an article from Deadspin after Lindor’s performance on Sunday. One paragraph: 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Also, the local CW affiliate is running the Cards/Mets game, pre-emptying my preferred two-hour DC Comics geek block.
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