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  1. Turns out Deke isn't quite so useless. He's either really irritating or really helpful. I will say he does qualify as an Agent. That said, his Legends of Tomorrow counterpart is Gary. Just put them at the kids' table. Exactly! I know it's coincidental, but it's hard not to make the comparison between this season of AoS and any of LoT. And this week, Phil Coulson was Gideon. I'll give him credit for keeping his dignity trapped in the TV. Max Headroom aesthetic, but none of the cuts or stutters. Also, comparisons to Ron Headrest would be acceptable. Really, though, Deke is the type that can make a plan that's both solid and dicey. Cover band that's actually a cover for a SHIELD splinter group, and the cover songs haven't been produced yet. And I don't blame Mac for being annoyed. Hell, I don't blame his funk at all or his shortness with Deke. Having your parents killed and destroying their android lookalikes is fucked up, even for these SHIELD agents. Janky "Johnny 5" killer robots for the win. Nicely done, Sybil. I wouldn't even sweat killing the guy that created your body.
  2. Nelson is an idiot, right? I don't watch Teen Mom. I don't get the exact logistics on how people can make money off of Teen Mom. I just figure that Cory's baby and babymama would be well-compensated for letting their lives be taped. My question: did Nelson know this? In his place, I would have used Teen Mom against Cory. But no, Nelson decides to sacrifice himself to help his buddy, and Rogan sends him home. We did get a few minutes of emotion from Cory and Nelson, and it did steer attention away from Dee's departure . . . but I still think it was a dumb move by Nelson. I don't think we're getting a good ending. Cory's winning his first title would be a nice way to finish, but I feel that he wound up stepping on Nelson's back to make the final mission. Johnny is in his first finale in seven seasons, and his edit makes me uncomfortable. He's been an asshole, but not as much as before . . . leading me to believe that BMP is helping us swallow him winning title #7. Honestly, I don't think he's earned a redemption story. Bayleigh, Fessy and Kaycee are Big Brother, so screw them all. Maybe Melissa wins, and the horror that she was unknowingly pregnant would be glossed over? Or Jenny gets rewarded after dispatching Dee? That first hit . . . I think Dee spent the Nelson/Rogan battle on the sidelines, puking up bits of intestine. Kyle fucked up royally in the mission. His dad is a stunt driver, and he shit the bed with his performance. And then Johnny convinced Kaycee to put him on the Tribunal. Ugggggggh. ETA: Cory brings up his kid as motivation. How many bricks do you think Tony threw at his TV watching that?
  3. Good luck, Javicia. I wonder if she’ll get the level of hate mail like Ruby. Also, you think Ryan gets Kate’s seat at the Super Friends’ table?
  4. Tough as Nails premieres tonight. Has a thread or forum been set up? I can’t seem to find it. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  5. From ESPN: Reflecting on the aborted MiLB season
  6. Given that Charles "Chuck" McNider was born in the early 20th Century and Cindy's dad might be someone presumed executed in 1947, I think maybe a lot of the original generation had a time skip. In Justice League of America #100-102, there was a story where the Justice League and Justice Society had to travel back in time to retrieve the Seven Soldiers of Victory from different eras. Pat had been enslaved by ancient Egyptians, while Sylvester Pemberton was stuck some 50,000 years in the past. Here's a link; do not go into Grant Morrison's massive "event" series. You just want the simple stuff. Here's a CBR profile of Shining Knight. I think the only other place he's been seen in media was in Justice League Unlimited.
  7. Another episode, more questionable decisions. I'm good with that . . . and since the second season is going to air on The CW and unofficially join the Arrowverse*, it has to fit in with the other shows and their characters going behind the locked door. Or the secret passage. Honestly, Charles, how long have you known Beth? Why give her ideas? Pat had better get something spectacular from Courtney for Christmas. Or Father's Day. I'm thinking we're in mid-November since Halloween was two episodes ago. The dude wrecked his damn car to cover for Courtney. Even if it turns out it's easy to repair, he'd still have to pretend to work on it. The bit where he was "teaching" Courtney to drive seemed extra. Couldn't there have been an "accident"? Apparently, that happens in Blue Valley quite often. Quick question: was Cindy called "Shiv" at any point? It would be a weird villain name . . . she's the queen bitch of high school, she can probably kill a dude blindfolded, and she'd name herself after an improvised weapon often used in prisons. Oh, and her dad might be over a century old. Then again, Charles McNider might have lived an absurdly long life himself. I'll have to talk about that on the comic canon thread. Nice to see the rest of the team follow in Courtney's dumbass steps. Beth infiltrates Casa Cindy with luck and Pat as a wingman. Rick wants to smash stuff up. Yolanda was okay, though the teaser looks like she's not quite ready to forgive Henry. Poor dumb alpha male asshole. Is it weird I want more of the English Bulldog? He pops up too infrequently. I’d settle for him not having resting Cheeto face. *I know, this show takes place in the new Earth-2, while the others are on Earth-Prime. I'm thinking a crossover is inevitable, and I hope this cover is adapted for promotion, with the "Super Friends" holding hands and the new JSA in the smoke.
  8. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    Stupid question . . . no fans will be allowed at the games, right? I'm just wondering what happens to all those promotional items the teams were suppose to give away. It's more of a passing curiosity than a question I need answered immediately.
  9. @DEL901 . . . I'm good with the format. Introduce a Titan for two others to chase. Repeat for three episodes. Then have the losers of the Titan round fight for one more chance. I kept falling asleep. I think it was more me than TTG. One thing: is it weird that I think the female competitors do not have flattering outfits? I mean the pants or whatever they're called. They just seem like you can see a lot more than needed. I hope that I'm not coming off prudish saying that.
  10. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    From ESPN: 100 Reasons To Love Baseball
  11. I honestly can’t remember the last time I got a message from a woman. In the rare event I get a response, it’s always a “like.” ETA: Quotation marks were not for sarcasm. 😀
  12. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    Well, what (positive) things is Cleveland known for having? “Rockers” is my first thought (along with “Spiders” for history’s sake), but that sounds generic. ETA: Maybe “Fellers,” as in “fellows” and the Hall of Fame pitcher? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  13. Caught the latest episode on DVR. I think impact was lost because a lot of the bits were up on social media. The Super Glue sketch was funny, especially when the show pitted it against a Teflon pan and admitted the result was garbage. I don’t remember Inside-Out Boy. Too old a reference for me?
  14. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    And what about Atlanta? I’d go with “Crackers” based on baseball history, but that word has taken on another meaning. 😜
  15. Women of the Prehistoric Planet: Last Season 1 episode. Well, it wasn't the last one filmed, from what I heard. I'm finding myself more comfortable with the lower production values (I think I got hooked around S3-S4, so I was spoiled), Tom Servo's original voice, and Dr. Erhardt. I'll admit the running bit of him and Dr. Forrester thanking Joel when he deems their inventions evil was a good one. This movie? Mid-Sixties flick with time dilation and weird racism toward aliens (played by Asian actors). Really, really stupid movie. The Christmas That Almost Wasn't: I can't remember seeing Santa Claus Conquers the Martians in one shot. How would you guys rate that, Santa Claus, and TCTAW? I think I got more of a kick watching a Santa having to deal with a feisty and flamboyant devil than some jerk trying to buy out Santa.
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