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  1. Checking in to see if anyone is watching. Polnareff lives! Wait, he's dead. Nope, his Silver Chariot has now "Jojovolved" into Chariot Requiem (think of the "Digivolve" transitions from Digimon), and now Polnareff is the turtle. Chariot Requiem has gone "Freaky Venerdi" on Rome, swapping minds around. Why? Reasons, I guess. Apparently, that's what happens when you stick Silver Chariot with the Stand Arrow. That's why Giorno and Narancia have switched bodies, as well as Trish and Mista. Comedy ensues! Oh, and the credits get tweaked thanks to Diavolo. Here they are in case you missed the episode. Watch for the subtitles!
  2. I just messaged you. I haven't had a response to my profile in a while. Perhaps I should tweak it. I think that profiles get attention if they are edited . . . maybe they would be considered "new" and pushed to the front of recommendations. I dunno. 🤷‍♂️
  3. This Just In: Rick and Morty won the Outstanding Animated Series Emmy. “The Vat of Acid Episode” joins “Pickle Rick” as award-winning episodes.
  4. From 1900HotDog: Seanbaby goes over the cliffhangers of Radar Men From The Moon in two parts.
  5. I feel bad for Trevor and TDS. No trip to Hollywood for the Emmys this year, and they have to spend the weekend prepping for Monday's episode in part to the passing of Justice Ginsburg. Pandemmy Awards? Wow. Nicely done, TDS. Only shame is that none of the whackjobs from the Palm Beach meeting got nominated. Also, I would've went with the Italian mayors on TV cussing out people on TV, as opposed to the footage of them communicating frustration directly.
  6. I get my Daily Matches e-mail from OKC. I see someone close to my age and the match percentage is high. I click it and go through the pictures. Second picture: she's on a boat, and there's a flag with a message that . . . well, I can't spell it out, but I can tell you that I don't agree with it. So I passed on her. I never click the "PASS" button. I think that is the universe's way of shrugging its shoulders and telling me to remain a solo act.
  7. I meant any and all winners not returning in the following season.
  8. Gone too soon. (Not up on YouTube yet; stumped on why it isn't embedding)
  9. This episode: Archer Archers everything up, and things wound up working out in spite of that. I get how seeing the characters go back to their default "Coma O'clock" settings would get monotonous. Then again, it might have been painful to watch Better Cheryl try to be her best every week. And thanks to Conway Stern and what I'm guessing is his bionic hand, she relapsed. She has so many triggers. Of course getting choked would be her downfall. Anyone else get the impression Pam and Conway had a thing in the last three years? Fun to watch them tussle. Hilarious to see Conway lose a foot. Well, he can't blame that on Lana. And we may never know if "Conway Stern" is his real name. When will he team with Barry? The gang goes to a no-bullshit kumite, and Lana doesn't fight? Awwwww. I know that "Killer Kung Fu Wolf Bitch" from The Boondocks was an eternity ago, but a shout-out would've been nice. Maybe karate noises every time "kumite" was uttered. Archer did say that Lana had resting bitch face. . . . meh, probably a coincidence.
  10. Fun return to reform. Lana marrying a bald billionaire schlub was a nice twist. I'm hoping that there has been some developments from the supporting cast that could survive Archer . . . . well, being Archer around him. Seeing his "babymama" hooked up to a sensitive schmuck, I'm willing to bet the void is looking awfully good to Archer. At least Pam is still Pam. I know that Cyril is probably going to regress back to being the beta male, and that Cheryl is going to snap sooner or later (#spoiler), but seeing Pam being there for Archer was sweet. And maybe they'll get back to banging.
  11. I’m thinking it’s a mix of COVID complicating production and how this presidential election is even more chaotic than the last one. I feel 2016 almost broke Matt & Trey. While a case could have been made that they could ease off current events, writing stories that wouldn’t have to be produced in a small window, I think the occasional special is reasonable. Once again, if they had decided to end the series with no grand finale, I wouldn’t have blamed them too much.
  12. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    Was Seattle considered? That would’ve been the only way it would host a World Series.
  13. I didn’t think of that happening. I can live with sporadically-scheduled specials given the current circumstances. And, of course, Randy is still operating Tegridy Farms, and he’s offering a “Pandemic Special.” Good luck. I can make fun to a degree where Cartman would be proud, but I tend to watch stuff that’s no good for me. It’s hard to give it up under normal circumstances. I watched all ten seasons of Smallville when I knew it only deserved five, as if I was getting a trophy if I stuck around to the end.
  14. Lantern7


    Looks like the show is establishing continuity. Tigtone unleashing all hell in the season finale more or less destroyed Propecia. Prince Lavendar (I got nowhere doing searches for "purple" and "violet") finds out his real father was the wizard that got killed last season, becomes half-wizard, kills King, then teams with a ruthless entity Tigtone released into the world. Queen goes mad, and having King's head attached to her body doesn't seem to help. After Tigtone sates his quest kink, he and Helpy go on a quest for soup. Yes, it is epic. The other story involves a city of riches where everyone is forced to scream, lest they get killed by an invisible monster. Tigtone's workaround: have a blind hermit rip off his (Tigtone) ears and attach them to his eye sockets. I've been seeing a lot of hate stemming from Adult Swim canceling The Venture Bros*, and Tigtone is cited under "How is THIS still on the air?!?" The weird thing is that I find it charming with the bizarre animation, over-the-top antics, and all of the violence. *There are also people hung up about Metalocalypse not getting a fifth season. They might have a point, but why continue to forever die on that hill?
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