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  1. Lantern7

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    I think of the fish more like a Magikarp. Ninjutsu would be permissible in that situation.
  2. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    Aaron Judge . . . ‘s thirdborn son. If it were the Mets? deGrom and Thor. Speaking of, they’re wearing the pinstripes tonight. Cardinals have the blue unis. Very retro.
  3. Lantern7

    Dragon Ball Super

    Anyone still watching? The brawl is still chugging along, with Goku taking on Kale and Kalifa. Very fan service . . . not in terms of titillation, but that viewers finally get to see female Saiyans fighting. And they are good even before they break out the Kai earrings (I'm guessing the Zenos will allow those), merging them into badass babe Kelfa.
  4. Lantern7

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    Another fluff story. This time, Boruto gets the main cast of kids on a quest for a mythical fish. I think Plan A involved hiking in the woods for two days until they found a dead body. . .but these kids are gonna be ninjas. In a few years, they're going to be ass-deep in dead bodies. Why did Sarada go? It beats staying at home, going online and seeing hateful posts about her mother. Here's one I've seen, paraphrased: "Sakura sucks so hard, no wonder she birthed a Uchiha that needs glasses." And Sumire is still known mainly as "Class Rep." On the bright side, she's got her inner monster miniaturized and able to reinforce objects.
  5. Lantern7

    Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    Bee on the crotch of leggings = the "fly" on a man's pants? John Oliver covered MLM in November 2016, two days before we would need him and Sam so much more). It's a shame that appears to still be a thing.
  6. This episode gets rerun tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.
  7. Lantern7

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Spoilers in regard to the arrow:
  8. Lantern7

    Survivor In The Media

    Island of the Idols premieres on September 24 with a 90-minute episode.
  9. Lantern7

    Teen Titans Go!

    I've been chipping away at two years worth of DVRed episodes. Man, this is a fun series. Perfect for pausing as well, so you can get more jokes . . . like the time the Titans leased their stuff out, and Robin put out an ad for a crowbar. Only used once. Also hysterical: Starfire's version of "mummy" is a harried single mother with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, so she wraps herself in toilet paper for when she needs it. Batman and Commissioner Gordon are totally a married couple, aren't they? I would have thought they would be more protests about that. 😛
  10. Lantern7

    Adult Swim: Now With 20% More FOX Cartoons!

    Heads up: Adult Swim will be running Sealab 2021 and Frisk Dingo in the 4 a.m. slot starting this coming Monday. Since both came in part from Adam Reed, I set up this "prehistory" thread on the Archer forum a while back, in case you want to chat about either or both shows.
  11. Lantern7

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Note to self: see if HISHE has a Facebook presence so I can watch their stuff sooner and post it in these forums. Because that is important to me. Topic? Right . . . I'm not thinking hard about the logistical holes of the movie. Aside from giving Natasha a movie after she was killed, I'm not having headaches at all. Then again, if Disney/MCU reveals that the Natasha who died was a clone, I'm be pissed . . . but I'd be impressed by the sheer size of balls to go down that road.
  12. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    Later this month, the Mets will be celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the 1969 World Champs. Weird question: should the 1999 team get honored as well? I know they didn't even win the pennant, but they had one of the wildest rides in the team's history. If things had broken a little differently, they could have been been the first team to lose the first three LCS games and forced a Game 7.
  13. Lantern7

    TAR in the Media

    So it just gets moved from 8 to 9? I can live with it. And maybe Big Brother fans can see what a relatively guilt-free reality show looks like. At least CBS isn't pre-empting episodes for Love Island. CBS should leave the STD-passing to the experts: ABC, Fox and MTV.
  14. Lantern7

    S10.E03: Archer: 1999 -- The Leftovers

    "Well, Brett died as he lived. Suffering because of something those idiots did." Normally, I'd blame Archer, but Carol launched Benedict the Sixarmdadillo (shut up, I think that's clever) and the eggs into space. Poor Brett. Didn't even get a "GOD . . . DAMMIT, ARCHER!!!!!" Looks like the Seamus crew doesn't need Bort, Barry-6, or any other reimagining of a nemesis (we haven't seen Conway Stern in forever). All they need are addictive eggs that compel them to seek out their bliss. That includes Archer and Lana banging. A lot. And like the "regular" continuity, it probably wasn't healthy for either of them. Carol(?) probably harmed herself less breaking out the streamer of glue. According to the AVClub review (A-minus), Adam Reed didn't write the episode. Maybe he needed to practice Ray's murdering of a piano? The results came out good, though.
  15. Lantern7

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    Well, Survivor has run out of teams. Does that mean TAR gets the Wednesday 8 p.m. slot in Winter 2020, and Survivor gets bumped back to that summer? Yeah, wishful thinking. Chris & Bret ran a good race. I thought that they were toast after the third leg, when they opted for the dancing, and the soundtrack immediately broke out into the Fail Cymbals. But they hung tough and raced well. Not bad for two guys I barely remembered. Becca resorted to rap in order to memorize the poem? Oh, wow, no way. 😛 Colin & Christie came way too to the edge for my tastes. Seriously, what would be worse than losing out on $1 million to a schlub and his wife? Getting eliminated for failing to beat out two schlubs to the mat. Luckily, Bromance double (quadruple?) Bald Snarked the Detour, so they could retrieve their Sponsor Gnome. Once again, a TAR team wins a leg. Once again, Tyler & Korey get a prize because another team couldn't get to the mat quickly enough. I hope Tyler's online presence is profitable, because he and Korey are gonna have to pay taxes on them. I'm good with them winning, even when Tyler goes for the easy joke way too hard. Sweet Roadblock. Too much cooperation between Racers, though. And what better way to to playing a glorified shell game with gladiators? Dalmatians on the mat. And puppies!!! Not my go-to cute dog breed, but still a welcome presence. With puppies!!!!