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  1. I finally got around to watching the fifth season premiere. Class 1A looks impressive in an emergency drill with UA's Big 3 guesting as villains. Well, just two of them. Mirio is content to play a way-too-cheerful drowning victim. Also, we get reminded of names and Quirks. I think my favorite would be Ojiro. Present Mic: "Quirk! Tail." It's just pronounced like Mic is inferring, "Yeah, he's got a tail. Not a big deal. He does okay with it." Or maybe that's just in the English dub. If you're interested, here's the Death Battle with Todoroki and Zuko:
  2. Anyone else keeping up? I had to scrape a little, but here's an image from the latest episode that aired on Toonami: That is the Chanko Research Society. They lost a Food War to Central. This is what happened to them. Tied up on platforms as punishment. OVER FUCKING FOOD. It's entertaining and morbidly funny, but DAMN. In case you haven't been keeping up: the impressive wins from the good guys is a drop in the bucket compared to all of the clubs Central defeated and disbanded. I know this is anime and Erina has already been freed from her sinister father, but this shit is getti
  3. I was trying to remember the other song played that tickled me. “Bulletproof” by La Roux. Cute selection.
  4. As much fun as this edition has been, I think it might be best to file it under "Test Season." There are a lot of kinks to work out . . . like how Kendal could get dragged into the Arena and go home. Maybe she'd get a second chance to try and boot Jisela? Also, Jisela got to advance even though she didn't climb the "ladder." I know she was hurting, but at least make Easy take her up to the top. One good thing: at least we can have a mission on a speeding semi and not have anyone get hurt enough to leave the game. Progress! Mark and his crown. *sigh* I mean, it doesn't trigger me like
  5. I don't think it counts as a time loop because of the different points of view. One could stitch the footage without the "Ten Minutes Earlier" element, but I'm thinking it'd be less coherent.
  6. I kept meaning to post. It's cute, and there are bits of the whiplash humor prevalent in HBAaL, but I feel myself wanting. And something like seeing Smurfs in their village doesn't really get me. Of course, by "Smurfs," I mean "talking foreskins." WHAT THE FUCK?!? The series works without the Hanna Barbara extras. I wonder if they had access to those.
  7. Just wanted to see if any comic fans caught the debuts of Cluemaster and Stephanie Brown on Sunday night. I liked Artie, even if he feels so pale compared to a guy like Riddler. One big plus: the producers went with the comic canon Cluemaster for the character model. Look at this version from The Batman and immediately despair: The horror. The horror . . .
  8. Fun episode. Ryan got to kick ass in plainclothes, a third-string Riddler got defeated, Sophie graduates from "Crowphie" status, Jacob falls furhter down the Snake Bite hole, and Alice gets to bond with Black Mask's daughter. And then she finds out that she's Kate. I'd say that would break Alice, but I'm willing to bet she can roll with her sister being turned into a psycho. Is it weird to automatically "ship" Luke with Mary? I mean, Stephanie seems cool, but Mary is . . . Mary. Total cutie. Cluemaster? I'll have to post in the comics thread. I'm a bit tickled they got his ponytail d
  9. Hardcore episode involving Team Supergirl's deepest fears. Also, balloons, because Brainy can compartmentalize his anxieties, and falling sacks of rubber simulate his frustrations. Once I got used to the "Ten Minutes Earlier" gimmick for each act, things fell into place. The fears came off as valid for those characters. And now, us fans have to go through our fear of waiting three months for the last batch of episodes. I know Superman & Lois isn't disappointing, but I'dlike closure now.
  10. Barry: "Nora" has to die. Iris: Does she really? Barry: I'm going back in time . . . Iris: I think I hear the subplot calling me! (walks away) Timeless Wells: I wish you all knew how to quit me. Seriously. Cisco: Barry, doesn't altering time open up the possibility to creating another Flashpoint? Barry: This time, it won't. Cisco: I'm gonna go off and rethink my life choices. (walks away) Chester: I think now's as good as time to say I'm not smart like you guys. All I do is spout technobabble, and you guys nod and run with it. It's like I'm in France and
  11. *flashing back to Wil setting the giant ice globe on fire* Good times. Bring on the road trip.
  12. Curious . . . how many people have gotten killed in front of one of the Pierces? I'm thinking at least twenty in the four seasons we've seen. And they're never nonchalant about it. "Oh, great, another nice guy killed in front of me. Must be Tuesday." Hi, Looker! I remember you with your True Blood-adjacent powers, your racism, and not coming close to the canon Looker! Looks like she's not exactly recruiting the best and the brightest to guard her. Then she says that one line to Khalil and PK, and I would've though they'd both yell, "LADY! Not here! Yeah, racial intolerance is still a thin
  13. Here is my first recap. My current plan is to get the season covered before a second All Stars starts streaming. Hopefully. TJ suggested Beth intimidated Arissa out of the game. Uh huh. I’d like to think Arissa was just fed up with everyone.
  14. Heh. Zari ex machina. Good episode, though I feel the teasers spoiled a good part of it. The "special sauce" for hamburgers is goop from a alien moth's cocoon? And the big climax involves Zardashian, Behrad and Nate fending off crazed people hungry for the sauce? I don't question it. Same goes for the housewife passing the goop off as her own recipe, which ends with her getting eaten by said alien moth. Yeah, was it established what happened with him? I have faith in the writing. For instance, Ava's "down home" accent was pretty funny. And I won't be critical about how "Amelia Ear
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