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  1. Essay on Primetimer from Sarah Bunting & Joe Reid. Very well thought-out. “Bananas Lost-er” isn’t a thing, but perhaps it should be.
  2. Lantern7

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Trying to think about how Hayato could drop dime in Kira and not anybody killed in the process. Would this work? Hayato gets into a situation where he is with Josuke and Rohan. At Hayato’s insistence, Heaven’s Door makes Josuke blind and deaf for about 15-30 seconds. Hayato reveals what he knows. As Bites the Dust leaps towards Rohan, Josuke reverts to normal, having not heard the revelation or seen the kid’s lips move. While Hayato runs away, Crazy Diamond negates all damage inflicted on Rohan. Rohan tells Josuke. Josuke is safe because he doesn’t hear that from Hayato. Knowing my observation skills, I’m probably off. Also, BtD could leap from Rohan to Josuke, and then we’d be back at the beginning. I don’t read spoilers, so I’m not trying for a “This wouldn’t work in a million years, but wouldn’t I be awesome if I called that?” thing.
  3. Lantern7

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    Funny115: Marty finds the idol with no help! Well, some help . . . Also, lots of shots at Jimmy Johnson!
  4. Lantern7

    Archer : In The Media

    First look from FXX: Premiere has great timing, with What We Do In The Shadows wrapping up over on FX.
  5. Lantern7

    My Hero Academia

    Anybody else keeping up? Basically, UA tries to move on, convincing the kids to move into dorms. Ma Midoriya balks at the idea of her kid endangering himself, and Deku figures he could enroll in another hero school . . . but the depowered All Might basically begs, and she relents. Most of the episode is him and Aizawa making their pitches to parents. It turns out Bakugo's mother is the tough one in the family, and the Captain Murder Explosion thanks All Might for the save. He was actually pretty calm, aside from yelling at his mother.. I got two MHA/BNHA-based sketches last weekend: Bakugo and Gran Torino. What do you think?
  6. Lantern7

    Doom Patrol

    There’s no chance we’d see the rest of the season for free, is there? I don’t have any subscription services, and I wouldn’t know which ones would be best for me. And that’s a shame because this show looks trippy as all fuck. After the first episode (and the bits and pieces I’ve read), this is close to Legends of Tomorrow, only with protagonists that are more fucked up, and more graphic stuff. I can just see someone watching Cliff’s first scene and going, “Now THAT is America’s ass.” By the way, is that Brendan Fraser as Cliff, or just the voice? Ditto with Larry. Seriously, nice melding of the original and Morrison runs. I hope it’s been that entertaining for those who subscribe.
  7. Lantern7

    One Piece

    More commercials, this time for cup noodles. The interesting bit is that the cast is reimagined as high school students, and the animation reflects that. It's very striking. From Zoro's clip, it's not just the crew. I see Tashigi, Perona, Crocodile talking with Vivi, Blackbeard, and pre-Slip-Slip Fruit Alvida berating Coby,
  8. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    I take it he's announcing O's games? Well, somebody has to, right? He'd better be getting pay well, especially after this play. I think "run back to first on a ground ball" could only work against the Orioles. And probably the Mets, because I pull for them. I didn't hear Gary's call on ESPN this morning. I did hear John Sterling's call on the first homer, when he declared it to be "GLEYBER DAY!!!" I just want to punch him in the mouth. So fucking hackneyed. He probably had that ready since the guy joined the Yankees.
  9. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    Could you elaborate? My access is slow right now. What happened to Cano?
  10. Lantern7

    S04.E10: The Getaway

    Just saw this runaway RV clip on The Daily Show, and I thought of this episode. That isn’t too sad, right? Warning: there are a few crashes, so the clip might not be safe for open viewing.
  11. Lantern7

    S34: Casting Speculation & Spoilers

    Latest list: Dang, it's like everyone did the Reunion, then dove into the next season. Did they even leave England to go to their homes first? Looks like most of the finalists are coming back, including the WotW champion (I want anyone who doesn't yet know to be surprised). The biggest returns would be Jordan and Laurel. You can almost her the theme music from The Terminator at the thought of Killbot coming back to the fold.
  12. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    Marvel is running a massive event called War of the Realms. Basically, Earth gets invaded by evil forces from the other realms of Norse mythology, with Frost Giants invading America. In this week's X-Men tie-in, there's a refugee center set up at Citi Field, complete with a new name: Fort Syndergaard. That actually sounds better than Citi Field.
  13. Lantern7

    S33.E16: This is the End

    "War of the Worlds: a finale so epic, only a mythological creature could have won it." I honestly thought Wes had his third title in hand. Given that cumulative finals feel subject to fudging, I would have guessed he would have bee Theo and Turbo . . . but he didn't. Nope, Turbo wins . . . a guy that did not wade as deep into the emotional sewage as most of the veterans. He's probably nowhere near as nice a guy as on TV . . . because I'm convinced nobody on The Challenge could be that cool. Aside from beefs with Hunter and Natalie, was he in the middle of drama? Sad to see the veterans go down. First, Hunter was more banged up than Natalie as they got pulled (tugged?) behind the monster truck, and he broke down with little effort. Then Cara Maria can't do math. I'm thinking it would have been easy for her had BMp not set up the most difficult and grueling finale ever. Natalie was the last woman standing. I did not see that coming. That's over the rookies AND veterans. While a lot of fans aren't fond of her, I still think she isn't the worst thing this season. Not even in the top ten. Sadly, everyone gets invited to next week's Reunion. It was nice that most of the bigger assholes were out by last week. I don't think that will happen again.
  14. I said it last year, I'll say it now: Head to head is the dumbest addition to TAR. It basically makes everything up to that moment null and void. I stand by this . . . but we did lose a Big Brother team. And HtH wasn't as bad as the clusterfuck that was the Survivor finale. BTW, I don't think CBS promoted TAR once last week, which shows where the series ranks with the fickle network. I liked Victor's moment of clarity: "'Rolex' = 'Roll Eggs'!" Otherwise, you'd just be wandering through the market looking for designer watches. Janelle fucks that up. Can't say I'm too sad. Of course, the Reilly Sisters can go at any time now. Rachel getting a third shot irritates me . . .but not as much as the time she and Brendon were on Fear Factor, and she beamed that they were "Reality TV Royalty." That actually happened. Dubai leg was fun. On Facebook, there were a few gripes about the skydiving task being in VR, but I'm guessing TAR could only be insured for the zipline at the end. Sad to see the Afghanimals hung up over that, especially after they celebrated getting so close to their homeland. Thinking about it, I'm just rooting against the Reillys at this point. TAR teams are fun, Nicole & Victor and "Bromance" (is that an official nickname?) aren't objectionable. And I'm pleased that TAR teams have won all six legs so far. God help us all, Phil is now a member of Team Fun. He gets the button, and I'm thinking the t-shirt and decoder ring are in the mail. And he did some freestyle rap. Just when you think you know a guy after almost two decades.
  15. Lantern7

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    Sleepy Ben Carson, behind the wheel of a truck. Surely, nothing bad could possibly happen! 🙄😜 Meanwhile, nunchucks are legal in NYC. At least the correspondents tried to liven it up, with Ronnie donning the tight yellow jumpsuit.