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  1. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    I'm guessing the truth is that Bobby Bonilla did that to Cespedes with a wrench, and the Mets figured that their fans were pissed off enough as it was. At least they got a walk-off win tonight.
  2. Lantern7

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    I'll have to rewatch the episode on DVR. As much as I can feel sympathy for Hayato, watching the fickle finger of fate essentially finger him over and over was pretty funny. Especially when Bites The Dust appears with Kira's triumphant voice, as our heroes get blown the fuck up. And then we get Groundhog Day, because why not at this point? And the "Bites the Dust" remix of "Great Days" is jarring, isn't it? Also, one lyric sounds like "Let the joy of love give her cancer." Judge for yourself. In other news, I got three sketches at a comic show this past weekend: Baron Zeppeli, Kira with Sheer Heart Attack (concept shown was my idea), and Yoshihiro with Atom Heart Father. ETA: I forgot to ask . . . how does Kira's (acquired) hair go from dark to white with dark stripes when he combs it back?
  3. Lantern7

    S34: Casting Speculation & Spoilers

    @RandomWatcher . . .maybe someone is filling in for her on social media? She's not on the current (albeit unofficial) list. Here's the latest version as of now (Tuesday, May 21, after 11 p.m.): I could have sworn Smashley was on the "not appearing" list. If Laurel really is coming back, that might be epic. Cara Maria would be in trouble. She'd have to spread her hatred between her and Kyle.
  4. Lantern7

    S34: Casting Speculation & Spoilers

    If they haven't already, they will be going soon. Wes is on the list. I imagine all of his workers telling him, "We'll hold things down for you. Shame Bananas again."
  5. Lantern7

    S34: Casting Speculation & Spoilers

    Joss is on the list. So is Faith Stowers. What is her deal, and what sort of nightmare is she?
  6. Lantern7

    S04.E16: Hey World!

    Why isn't this series given more episodes? I mean, there is a Crisis coming, but this is Legends of Tomorrow. This is the only Arrowverse show with a morality play dressed as a cheesy show. This is the only Arrowverse show that has never been afraid to go batshit crazy ever single episode. This is the only Arrowverse show where the friggin' Monitor watches and chomps down on popcorn! I mean . . . that is peak Legends. Okay, so we may have lost Zari . . . or at least the version we've seen in the last two seasons. And I'm guessing her brother taking her place won't fill the void. But we got Ray back. Turns out he was playing Jenga with Vandal Savage the whole time. Because why the fuck not?!? And Nate's sacrifice is not only not in vain, but he gets Tinkerbell'd back to life. And we get the reunion of the Time Bros. I know that there's been criticism about Mona, the "condition" inflicted on her, and Gary . . . just Gary. But I still love this show. Have you ever wanted Sara tarted up as Supergirl, with Nate and Gary as Green Arrow and Flash, respectively? Of course not . . . but you get it, and it is funny as hell. So is the thought of the "Trinity" giving the Legends a hard pass because the team didn't show for "Elseworlds." "HeyWorld" actually worked. And it saved Zari's family. Okay, the whole idea that Biff Heywood dreamed it up in the first place was dumb as hell, but the execution was stellar. Oh, and Astra (Astrid?) is going to bring back the worst of the worst to plague the team . . . which would be great if we didn't have to fucking wait for it for a few more months. Anyone else get a sinking feeling Malcolm Merlyn might return? I mean, Thrawne and Damien have been used too often, and John Barrowman is a geek treasure.
  7. Lantern7

    Minor League Baseball

    I think it's the Staten Island Yankees, not the big club. That occasional nickname is based off a years-old meme, and that didn't take place on Staten Island. It reeks of desperation.
  8. No Smallville. I'm sorry, but that brings up memories of wasted time and the worst Lois Lane ever. Teri Hatcher could have have played Lois the same way she portrayed her character on Desperate Housewives, and that still would have been better than Erica Durnace. In regard to Arrow . . . maybe the final season takes place before Mia's birth, with Felicity staying behind in the cabin? I dunno.
  9. Lantern7

    S34: Casting Speculation & Spoilers

    Stop Being Polite puts up “official” cast list post. Basically, it’ll be updated when more information is found. Given that Jordan & Tori are coming back, maybe it’ll be a couples season? Also: no Hunter. You think he managed to win WotW? Or piss off BMP? ETA current list: Cara Maria, finalist Georgia, Georgia we haven't met yet, Johnny, Jordan, Josh, Killa Kam, Kyle (him and Cara? Super), Nany, Paulie (him with Cara AND Kyle? Fuck), Rogan (I still think interns tackled him at the start of Vendettas, lest he eliminated Johnny), Bear (my fear: England bars him from coming back, and he becomes the problem of the United States), Theo (already the second-best Theo in Challenge history), Tori (I haven't dove into her relationship with Jordan. I hear they collaborate on songs. Maybe I should check that out). Thinking about it, maybe Rogan would be there to sacrifice upon an altar. How else do you summon Turbo?
  10. Lantern7

    Survivor In The Media

    S40 cast list leaked. Now I wonder whether to poke around the S40 speculation/spoilers thread to gripe about the list. The tagline from the casting department: ”Survivor: Season 40. We found ten female winners. The rest is out of our hands.”
  11. Lantern7

    S04.E22: The Quest for Peace

    We got a happy ending, as contrived as it was. The bad guys are seemingly dealt with, and America is once again a safe place for aliens. Of course, the Monitor is moving the pieces in preparation of the Crisis. Oh, and Lena looks pissed that Kara withheld the whole "Supergirl" thing from her, and that sucks harder because Kara has been putting that revelation off all season. I'm really hoping Lena isn't going to be a bitch, let alone a Big Bad. Man, the show got so much out of Jon Cryer as Lex. Just a magnificent bastard all around. It did help that the people around him got dumber when they were near him. "Hey, could you stay still for a moment?" Correct answer: "Bitch, you're holding a gun. I know where this is heading!" And he was oudone by social media. Specifically, Kara's writing. I like to think Snapper Carr was reading that somewhere, a single tear rolling down his weathered face. Lockwood lived. FUCK. And his dumbass kid has turned against him. I'm hoping that Supergirl does to Lockwood what Arrow did to Diaz mid-season: set him on fire and stop the second attack before it can start. It's also sad that he knew that he had been played, but he still went through the fighting. Such a pitiful asshole. I'm too tired to continue. Also, I can't remember what happened to Red Daughter. And the Martian that came in from the proverbial cornfield . . . have we seen him before? ETA: Forgot about Brianiac confessing his love to Nia and getting his emotions back. He's such a sweet nerd, y'know?
  12. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    *sigh* Apparently, Mickey Callaway might be getting canned. Given that the Mets got shut out by the Marlins in consecutive games, I'm half-expecting Brodie to call a press conference wearing bloodied overalls and holding a dirty shovel.
  13. I’d be open for Sara meeting Kate. But unlike before CoEX, I’m not asking for a hookup this time. After seeing Sara and Alex in bed, I felt guilty.
  14. Smallville lasted ten seasons. Anything is possible. 🤷‍♂️
  15. Lantern7

    S06.E02: Window of Opportunity

    Still going along for the ride. I don't have much of a clue about Fitz and the timeline, or "Sarge" and his crew's agenda. I just nod and smile, and watch in awe as May kicks alien ass. The weird moving portal? Icing on the cake. Seriously, even without factoring in Avengers: Endgame, I should just accept there's little connection to AoS, and just settle for trying to figure out shit there. So, basically, before Fitz "landed" in the future, he had his own space adventure? And Simmons is looking for him because the original version is dead, and there's no longer a need for him to go to the future? I feel that if I ask Enoch, he'd just smile and pat me on the head. As for the antagonist . .. speculation with a spoiler from a recent MCU movie: