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  1. Lantern7

    Eternals (2021)

    Eternals 2: The Search For Kingo' s Dingo. The sad thing is that I'd go to a theater to see that. Poor Kumail. You think his shirtless scenes are extras on the DVD?
  2. “Challenge Out Of Context” covers All Stars 2. Needless to say, the person making the video shares the sentiment of most fans.
  3. Fun episode given the circumstances. I don't think bringing Diggle into the mix is ever a bad idea. Jada: I've had people do the studies, and they all agree: if they use Joker's joy-buzzer on Marquis, he will return to the sweet boy I loved so much and not have to sleep with a gun under my pillow. Diggle: Wow. Look, we've know each other for years . . . and given how I brought up Lyla, I guess we had a thing. But that is a very dumb idea. Jada: The gun or the buzzer? Diggle: Both!! But especially the buzzer. Doesn't it sound weird when you say it out loud? Jada: Wait .
  4. Attack on Titan. Granted, that’s more emotional torture porn. Once again . . . One Piece! Nothing porn-like about that!
  5. Host two shows? Hey, wait a minute . . .
  6. . . . and Toonami is bringing back One Piece this Saturday.
  7. Phil suspended the Race the class, and he restarted it with class. I think Emmys for reality shows might be considered meaningless these days*, but I'm shocked Phil has never won Best Host. Jeff Probst won three times. What, were the voters impressed by how much of his head he could stick in his crack? (*If you're a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race, I hope I didn't touch a nerve. I've never watched it, but I hear it's good. I'm just thinking about all the times TAR, and some people were all, "Did they really watch all the nominees?" I am sorry if you are offended. Ditto if you're into The Voice)
  8. Zari & Astra: Don't fall into reality TV tropes!!! Legends: (immediately fall into reality TV tropes) You know, "Cast Stuck In Reality Television Hell" would reek of filler and/or desperation. On this show, it works so well. Sure, everyone basically goes nuts (including Zar1.0, who came in late in this episode), but there are some good laughs and Behrad gets some character growth. Also nice: we barely get a look at the cursed crew. Mostly, we see things from their perspective. I'm thinking their boss was the one inserting objects to heighten the drama . . . as well as produc
  9. I hope they’re Bills fans. Whuppin’ the Pats must have been awesome. Francesca Fiore Award. I bet they can pronounce “Francesca.” Sheri is gonna drop from dehydration. You know, from peeing herself.
  10. Damn. Poor Buffalo. A year-and-a-half of prep, and they came out last yet again.
  11. Wow. Akbar & Sheri finished fifth. I don’t think he’s bad-bad. Just not good. How much would it suck to get eliminated so soon again?
  12. Or in the ear. Buffalo happy to finish, resisting temptation to crash into the table.
  13. Rewinding. The twins’ aunt is Mima. First time, I thought it was “Mirna.”
  14. They want to be the first team to go out twice. I call it the Francesca Fiore Award. Man, Pepe is being an ass. 🦨
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