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  1. Nice to have Trevor back. I wasn't interested in either of Saturday night's bouts, but then one of my YouTube faves posted this based off the Robinson/Paul fight. Hilarious stuff. I went to a small comic show last year, it was held on the same day as Santacon. I didn't see really rowdy behavior, but I can see how a bunch of dudes running the streets of Manhattan in holiday attire can be alarming.
  2. Heavy.com article on Johnny's absence this coming season. Not much to say, really. He's just taking a breather. That would be disappointing. Jordan comes off as a meathead and he runs his mouth off, but I want to like the guy. It's not because he only have the one whole hand. He's proven himself in past seasons, and he's one of the few players that can back up the boasting. On some level, I respect that.
  3. I remember hearing something about a ten-year window, which felt sketchy to me. Anything a person posts on Twitter could be used against them . . . but seriously, you think Johnny would get sidelined for that? Jordan would have the Nia thing against him, as well as drunkenly saying Jemmye had “a Downe Syndrome face,” but I would think BMP would want him back.
  4. Just saw it. Very charming. Is it a follow-up to the series or a prelude? Because if it’s the former, BMO might have gotten even further over his cute little head.
  5. Why would Jordan get banned? I might be a bit behind. I did hear about the break-up, which seems like a shame.
  6. Here's the marathon, with the movies mentioned above, as well as The Day The Earth Froze, They also showed Night of the Blood Beast and Cry Wilderness, but I think those got cut out after the "live" edition. Also: two new shorts! And while I'm at it, here's a "Death Battle" featuring two of MST3K's most beloved targets: Godzilla and Gamera. And like Joel and the Bots, co-host Boomstick offers up his own lyrics to Gamera's theme song.
  7. Lantern7

    MLB Thread

    I know this isn't official Mets merchandise, but it still reeks of "Too Soon." Also: "Optimism."
  8. For anyone keeping track: I Accuse My Parents, Hobgoblins, Pod People, Carnival Magic. The movies and order was determined by poll, and I’m a bit flabbergasted that last one made the marathon. Next up: Final Justice. You think there’s a better episode? Go ‘head on, it’s yer move.
  9. MST3K Turkey Day is going on. I Accuse My Parents is wrapping up now.
  10. I'm getting a bit annoyed. I still think this is a good show. I don't see how loopholes could be closed to prevent future cases of what happened tonight. And maybe that wouldn't have happened if the Blondes were good at racing. Basically, they were the safety net of the other five teams. As long as they were behind, the "Mine Five" (still a better nickname than any alliance from Big Brother) had room to breathe. I didn't see it as bullying. I didn't think that two Racers referring to them as "roaches" was cruel. But Racers swapping answers with each other is against the spirit of the game. Mega Leg was pretty epic. I still think the finale for TAR8 could have been considered the first Mega Leg, but I'll allow it. We didn't get too many teams getting wrecked by India, but the tasks were interesting. It's just a pity that the Blondes couldn't rally from behind. Also sucks that Will & James are veering into the Ugly Behavior lane. I mean, I'm sure they're nice guys, but they're harder to take every with passing week. On Facebook, someone said that we shouldn't sleep on them. I responded that I couldn't sleep because of the noise of Will & James patting themselves on the back. I think the hourglass Yields can work, but this wasn't the best season for them. On some level, the constant Yielding of the Blondes was probably the right thing to do. If one of the "Mine Five" teams (#eyeroll) had Yielded the other, that would have been considered "shots fired," even though twenty minutes of waiting couldn't possible make a difference. Also, while watching and posting on a TAR group on Facebook, I figured that a U-Turn could be in the future. With that said? The double Yielding was a punk-ass move. And yet, the Blondes were approaching Andrew/Dan levels of haplessness. Did you see the Swiggy operator facepalm twice trying to guide them over the phone? Anyone curious how the people for the dental Detour were chosen? And sticking fingers in or near a stranger's mouth is SO 2018. Looking back, there should have been a disclaimer.
  11. Trailer for the next Blu-Ray collection: BTW, I met Katy Manning at a con in 2015. I got her autograph, and she hugged me before and after. This clip of Jo feels par for the course.
  12. . . . and here's the Death Battle. It comes with the full profile on Esdeath, in case you forgot how friggin' insane and evil she was.
  13. Curious to see if anyone is into Rick and Morty. John voiced a character in the third episode of the first season, "Anatomy Park." Basically Jurassic Park, only it's placed inside of an unhealthy man who winds up dying. He also did a skit on Robot Chicken, though it's less than ten seconds long. I cued up the clip to his bit.
  14. I didn't think it was appropriate to talk about the Mega Leg in the last episode thread. It does sound hardcore. Double the Detours, double the Roadblocks, and it's held in India, a guaranteed breaker of Racers. When I heard "Mega Leg," my mind went to comedian Patton Oswalt. Here's the bit; all of it is funny, but I cued it up to the relevant part.
  15. Poor timing with the leg in Kazakhstan. Recently, their tourism board decided to use "Very Nice!" as their slogan. This leg seemed designed to disassociate the country from Borat. The first time a leg was run there, CBS went hard into the Borat curve in a commercial for that episode. Here, we got to see a film studio that produced an Oscar-nominated film (Mongol, Best Foreign Language Feature, 2006), we got to see some great stunt work, and no one mentioned the film. Well, as far as we saw. I figure that's a sore spot; I think there's been at least two sporting events where the anthem used in Borat was used instead of the actual national anthem. Sorry about that. I tend to find empathy in the oddest places. My pity goes to Leo & Alana. I get the dislike anyone would have for them, but they were my people. And it felt wrong that the Blondes had to be talked into doing the dirty work (Yielding) at the encouragement of two other teams. Yurts! Camels! I honestly didn't know they could be used in the cold. And I was sad to not find out if any of the camels were happy. Right? Helluva speed bump. Seemed a little tougher than polishing a saddle. Blondes with beards was a funny sight, especially the one whose beard was falling off near the end. And yeah, I wonder what would've happened if Riley & Maddison had to take that Speed Bump. My guess? They would've shaved, then have that hair glued to their bare faces.
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