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  1. I do not believe that to be a good parallel. Suppose TAR2 had filming weeks earlier, and that season was halfway done before 9/11. Sure, attitudes towards reality TV from networks are different now, but CBS would have pulled the plug, and no one would have blamed them. There can be no timetable as to when things would be “safe.” If the summer mainstay of CBS (Big Brother) and the hot rookie series (Love Island) might be canceled for 2020, there the future of TAR doesn’t look good. I know that I always whine about how the sky is falling for us fans, and I know that must irritate the hell out of anyone reading my posts. In retrospect, I was too quick to pronounce TAR to be dying. I hope I’m wrong again. On a lighter* note: Jen from TAR29 crashed and burned on The Challenge: Total Madness. I didn’t really have an opinion of her, but I felt bad for her, and I was willing to hunt down any veteran who would talk smack about TAR. In regard to the prior paragraph: let’s hope there comes a day where I merely bellyache about veteran Challengers possibly popping up on TAR. Most of those folks aren’t stable . . . and even if we’d get Jordan & Tori (a showmance that looks to be the real thing), Jordan is cocky enough to turn off viewers. I mean, better him than “Johnny Bananas” and the assorted misfits (including Big Brother alumni; In particular, Josh is such a pain), but the hate potential would be high. *”Lighter” = “something that doesn’t involve a damn plague we’re all living through”
  2. Two questions for @aradia22: does it matter to you at which time someone responds to your profile?* And have you seen profiles reflecting the current pandemic? I don't think I've seen one of those yet, though I'm willing to bet a lot of people are taking a break from online dating *Morning, Afternoon, Night, Post-Midnight . . . that sort of thing. 🙂
  3. Oh, Adam. I don’t think Erik would cop to loving Adam’s move, even as he climbs down one rung on the Worst Moves Ever ladder.
  4. Tonight was a disappointment. The only win Jen got was that her boot wasn't as embarrassing as the person voted out of Survivor tonight. I'm an avowed fan of The Amazing Race. I went into this season wondering if Jen counted as a "real Racer," given that she only ran the single leg in TAR29. While I have to wonder whether she actually watched The Challenge, it was rough seeing Johnny and Wes "helping" her. Then she gives her speech, and those two are openly jerking each other off. And then Jenny basically humiliates her in Purgatory. Like I said, it was rough. And I figure there were a few interviews cut out where the veterans slagged TAR because of her (lack of) performance. I think a few former Racers might do well playing this game, but they're not young enough, nor would they considered to be attractive enough to cast. I wanted to see what would have happened had Jen defeated Jenny. Then I get an image of the camera zooming on Jen's helmet, with the red skull (does Marvel know about this?) freshly slapped onto it. Off-camera: sex noises from Jen and Rogan. I'm not liking Bergnana Wesnana. Even if two are aligned with the understanding that they'd gun for each other near the end, it makes Wes look like more of an asshole. And Wes hates Jordan, exposing another flaw of Wesnana: the most awesome hate triangle between Johnny, Jordan and Wes. Their chemistry would have you guessing what they would choke first: each other's throats or each other's chickens. Not much else to add. The "red skull" twist will probably get really annoying soon, but it's making for decent storytelling.
  5. So Adam couldn't get that right as well. Man, he is painful to watch. Once again, he got closer to the correct pronunciation than I could, but he's still hopeless. And how much do you want to bet that Ben will do the same thing, only he'll actually yank the fleur-de-lis out? And since he would get it loose, Probst would count it as an official idol. The sadist in me wants to see that happen just for Adam's reaction. Edited to add the hyphens.
  6. Poor Adam. Poor dumbass Adam. On the bright side, he taught me how “fleur de lis” is pronounced. I think my best attempt would have been “thing on the Saints’ helmets.” But seriously . . . was there any indication that it could have tied into the game beyond it being in plain sight? I mean, I can’t blame Adam for trying, but that led to Probst dragging him across the coals. He probably had to sleep on his back, imagining the ripping he’d give Adam at the Reunion. Well, the joke is on Jeff . . . the traditional Reunion is probably scrapped, and the series has been put on hold. Once again, I’m not invested. I mean, this is more fun to watch than the latest two seasons, but that isn’t saying much. And even if someone more popular emerges from EoE and wins it, the “did they deserve it?” talk from last year comes back. Old motto: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast New motto: Endurance, Puzzles, Gossip
  7. At this point, Probst could just throw a dart, and whoever gets nailed leaves the game. That’s what it feels to me.
  8. Probst probably would have pulled Adam’s pants down and laugh if he could.
  9. How hard will the EoE residents try not to laugh around Adam? Because he just cratered tonight.
  10. . . . aaaaaaaaaaand dud. That’s funny no matter who goes for it. And Probst is dragging Adam over the coals.
  11. Waiting for Ben to slam his hat down and rush Adam.
  12. New motto for the logo: “Endurance, Puzzles, Gossip”
  13. Why don’t they go into study groups? That’s what’ll happen anyway. 🤷‍♂️
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