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  1. Looks like most of the cast took an L this week. Well, except for Alice and Ocean, perhaps. Also, for any viewers getting Superman III flashbacks when Ryan was going over the composition of Kryptonite. It's not too messed up the theme from Bonanza played in my mind as the flames took out the "paint," is it? I'm giving up trying to interconnect the shows right now. Come to think of it, there hasn't been much interaction since CoIE. Or maybe I should stop questioning why no one pops up in Freeland to give Black Lightning a hand.
  2. I don't usually post while watching . . . but there was something funny about "CVS" being revealed to stand for "Chex Mix, Vodka and So Much Plan B" . . . . while I was eating a small bag of Chex Mix. I didn't get it from CVS, but I found it unnerving and hilarious. Did you feel the same about Beauty and the Beast after they had the Beast have a kid with the teacup? Something I will be sharing with my mother once it's posted on YouTube.
  3. All this time, I was going with “Perfection board that can pop up before the timer runs out.” But who plays Perfection these days? I should defer to Mario on this. ETA: Speaking of Mario, he’s almost done with his Dan entry. This covers his time as a jury member.
  4. Good opening. "The Adventures Of Superman As A Dad" sounds like a tough sell, but it looks like it could work. I mean, there's always the prospect of Kyle (can we call him "Mr. Lana"?) successfully woos Lois, or the twins start out-ansgting Smallville-era Tom Weilling. Big Dumb Aliens in stereo? Yikes. The actor playing Jordan is named Jonathan. Or is it the other way around? I get where the names came from (bio father Jor-El, human daddy Jonathan), but it still sounds confusing. Having the boys be opposites is an interesting approach, as is Jordan (the one with mental health issues) manifesting powers first. And he didn't have to see a hot woman to make that happen! Yeah, I will inevitably compare S&L to Smallville. I shouldn't try to cram the continuity into the whole Arrowverse, should I? I should just mutter "Crisis" and move on. Or follow the golden rule: "When all continuity arguments fail, blame Barry Allen." I'm hoping "Captain Luthor" is a Crisis remnant as well. Maybe based off the heroic Lex Luthor from Earth-3 pre-COIE? Smallville is a ghost town and full of meth labs. After watching ten seasons of Smallville, I can totally get into that.
  5. The Challenge: All-Stars (better known now as "OG Challenge") will be airing exclusively on Paramount+. I'm pissed off. I was thinking of recapping this season because I covered a lot of the people involved, but I'm not subscribing to a service just for that.
  6. Another painful episode. Yeah, the Perdue commercial was crazy and funny, but John followed that by telling us about the people who work in the meatpacking industry, and how fucked they are in general. And, of course, COVID makes things infinitely worse. Once again, John shines the light on a dark corner of society, and we're better for it. Not much else to add, aside from John taking about two seconds to take a swipe at the passing of Rush Limbaugh. Probably because Ted Cruz outdid himself in . . . Ted Cruz-ing. That poor state.
  7. To review: Lolo winds up quitting, Josh (and Nany) doesn't get sent to the Crater, and we have a "Security Breach" cliffhanger. But in case you didn't hear, the "OG" edition of The Challenge will be going exclusively to Paramount+, and that pisses me off more than anything right now. Regarding Josh . . . .oy. I fear that I might be going soft on him. When he fucked up, I thought it was because he was trying to get the rope for Nany. They DQ, and Devin immediately starts pouring the salt into the wound. It's not fun for me. It's like watching Puck repeatedly baiting Ellen way back in Battle of the Sexes. I didn't like Ellen at the time, but Puck was so much worse. Now, CT referring to Josh as "Goofy"? That was funny. Devin yelling at Josh as he pouts far away pained me. And then Devin fucked up the mission. Perhaps there is karma in the universe. Team T for the win. From the midseason preview, their relationship will be heading swiftly to the rocks. Right now, though, it's fun to see CT pump up Big T, followed by Big T exceeding expectations. And then wore way too much leather for the weekly party. So cute! Lolo might have gotten off easy. My guess is that BMP fears being seen as having a double standard because Lio left without any parting shots from TJ. As much as Lolo made my eyes roll, I can understand her saying the show was harder than the Olympics. All she has to do is slide down a hill. The real bright side to her leaving is that we got to see Nam being too pure for words. He is so cute. She bitches about losing a boot while swimming, he takes his off. He was probably frustrated by her more than anyone watching, but he put on his best face. Or maybe there's ten hours of him screaming "Fuck you!" was cut out. I don't know what happens next. Does CT get to face Devin? Will everyone be crossed up, leading to Tula vs. Nany? Or is TJ going to chuck something weirder at us? I'm dreading Ashley coming back for a third time.
  8. Thanks. I think that a friend of mine might be interview. Short story: we went to grad school at the same time, and she’s made a name for herself. I think Kosta fits the “irritating white guy” role well. Jordan wound up with a spin-off because he was pretty good at that.
  9. Chain restaurant in Japan now offering AoT-themed meals. The stuff sound weird, but I’m obviously not the targeted demo.
  10. I keep meaning to ask . . . how much notice does the show give in terms of the person that Trevor will be interviewing in an episode? My initial thought was that Tucker's "profile" was projected snark from Rush Limbaugh's passing. Trevor didn't quip about it last week, so I'm thinking TDS decided to go "high road." But the slam piece looked like it took at least a week's work. And it was funny listening to Desi slap Tucker around. Apparently, he's been around cable news forever and he might never go away. At least they threw in Jon busting his chops on Crossfire.
  11. I like the title. I wouldn't associate this series with Smashing Pumpkins. "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" would apply to Jefferson. His world is a vampire; in spite of his rage, he's still just a rat in a cage. At least he's a rat that can whup some ass in an underground cage fight. Most of the series is either seeing the other shoe drop, or getting ready for it to drop. Example: Jefferson finds out his oclleague is making money by getting his butt kicked in Lala's underground arena (now on Zoom!) Jefferson gets the money and drops the guy off at his house. Here's what I wouldn't have been to surprised to hear: "Thank you, Mr. Pier- . . . Jefferson." "No problem." "I'm going to die here, aren't I? I get back on my feet, I get closer to my kids, and then someone blow up your home with me in it." "Yeah, my life seems to trend that way." Same with Grace's return to consciousness and her quick marriage to Anissa. Jenn's getting her alter ego into social media, but it looks like she might start to literally lose herself. And Lynn seems to make a mental breakthrough on why she's been risking her life with borrowed metahuman powers . . . but I don't think he'll be kicking the habit. Tobias luring her into a fancy dinner to flex. At this point, he's making sudden turns and figuratively knocking everything over with his dick. I will say that he's fun to watch when he's full of himself. While Tobias was "entertaining" the mayor (and his horrific hairline), he mentioned Jefferson is the principal of Garfield High again. Of course, he blames him for the school getting turned into a war zone. Wasn't that under Lowery? Also, what happened to the straw man principal? Last thing I remember, he was getting his ass beat by the military. Good times. Is it bad that I saw the news lady on the TV and immediately started dreading her appearance? It would be interesting if this was a national show, and that there would be a metahuman backlash that spills into the other Arrowverse shows. Sadly, I think that was a local news lady.
  12. In case you haven’t heard, Food Wars returns next week on Toonami. Here’s the trailer. Foodgasms ahoy!
  13. I need to go to bed, so I’ll ask a question. If a Titan eats a Shifter, the Titan becomes human again, with the power of the Shifter eaten. Would there be a set amount of time for that to happen? I’m just thinking back to the beginning, when Eren got swallowed up by a Titan, and he spent time angsting in its stomach before he shifted to Attack Titan. Lots of hardcore shit, but I’ll save that for another post. 🤓
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