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  1. Once again: the “T” on Mr Terrific’s face doesn’t work ON ANY LEVEL. Comics, cartoons, Curtis. Looks stupid.
  2. I keep forgetting there was a Captain Boomerang.
  3. The Sara death scene. They did Caity and Sara SO dirty.
  4. Also Andy Diggle, who wrote the Green Arrow: Year One miniseries.
  5. Looking for old motivational posters. No Barrowman? I guess he figured he’d be neck-deep in Doctor Who questions this week.
  6. I’m a little behind. Dang, so long ago.
  7. Maybe his time doesn’t parallel to ours, and he’s been in the future longer than two years. I’m tickled he’s hooked up with a canon Legionnaire in Ayla Ranzz. One good thing about Earth-Prime: now the Legends can meet the Legion. Sara Lance fighting Val Armorr (aka Karate Kid, created two decades before we met Daniel Larusso and Mr. Miyagi) would take an entire episode. Is “The Tower” a reference to the Watchtower, the longtime lunar HQ of the Justice League?
  8. Meh. I mean, I like the concept, but 1. It usually comes down to two teams while another gets hammered, and 2. Throwing the scores away for the climb-off seems to make everything moot. You can say that the US lost when Drew Dreschel decided that he HAD to complete the course, injuries and all. I get where he was coming from in terms of putting on a show, but he could have hurt himself for a longer period of time . . . possibly knocking himself out of ANW12. Am I pedantic for thinking the US should have gotten a headstart with their lead? Of course, in a perfect world, we'd have an entire season of international teams competing in a World Cup of Ninja, with every nation that has a franchise sending a squad over. And maybe a few that don't have their own version can do it anyway. Are there any fans of The Challenge reading this? Turkey could just send Turbo, and he'd probably advance all by himself. But yeah . . . if a one-shot/three-team event is all we get . . . and the non-US teams probably don;t get the time to familiarize themselves with ANW . . . I guess we can live with that.
  9. Basically, sixty minutes of distrust, with a few things sprinkled in. Honest to Zod, it never occurred to me that the new guy might wind up being named "Geo-Force." Probably because it's a dumbass name, but it fits with the original comic book Outsiders, a team Black Lightning was on at the time. If Gambi makes an outfit for him, I'm really hoping it doesn't have a "GF" on it. One asymmetrical letter is bad enough, but two? Yeesh. And Tobias is back! So is Lady Eve, but I feel we need more of the snarky albino gangster. Funny that Lynn wound up decking him. Of course, she also has temporary metahuman abilities. Honestly, the next time she loses her batch of Greenlight, she's gonna hiss "PRECIOUS!!!" for twenty straight minutes . . . because subtlety isn't this show's strength. And Jennifer gets to see Khalil again! And because she's been left out of the loop, she thinks that she could get through to him, going as far as to restrain her father and sister. But then the tech kid Gambi is fretting over says that the stuff inside Khalil says that he still loves her. Fuck it, let's go with that. Is it me, or is Odell a sad-looking man? Same dour expression no matter what. You can imagine him going to the high-end brothel (why, yes, there is a high-end brothel in Freeland), and solemnly asking for three women and one guy. The guy would get to watch. Watching Jefferson zap him was fun because Odell is that big of an asshole, if not outright evil. Better line of the episode: Anissa asking if Odell was quoting Dr. King while being worked over? Or Jefferson asking the new kid what an eunuch was?
  10. I'm kinda wishing there would be a disclaimer before the episode. "Due to the events of Crisis On Infinite Earths, refugees from wiped-out Earths have been popping up, especially on Supergirl. Why aren't you watching all the shows? What, you think you're hip jut because you're watching this and not The Simpsons?!?" Beth's plight mirrors that of Dick Grayson and Helena Wayne in the comic Crisis. Basically, they found out they became non-entities in issue #11 because they had come from Earth-2, which had been compressed into one Earth. Imagine Beth wandering around, greeting her sister, getting choked out by said sister . . . and then she finds out that this is a reality where Kate couldn't save her, and the result was an oddly awesome villain that eats naught but tea party fare. And scenery. Man, Mary is a cooler customer than I would have expected. Putting Beth in the Alice wardrobe and wig should have resulted in dry-heaving at best. And she can grasp the concept of a multiverse. Just deputize her, Kate! Don't even train her in beating people up, because a costume would invite heartbreak. As for the GCPD not turning on the Bat-Signal . . . yeah, that felt a little "much." "Look, we have two people being held hostage by the Wonderland Gang. Or Menegarie. We're not saying why we don't call Batwoman. All we ask the public is to consider there are so many asinine reasons why we're not doing that beyond her liking women."
  11. . . . and here is the battle. ETA: . . . and here's the rap battle score. It's pretty catchy.
  12. Man, I am tired. Watched Doctor Who and Supergirl back-to-back. Way too much game-changing stuff. Winn's back! But there are two of them! I'm not sure where Toyman Winn came from. Is he the Winn from the new Earth-Prime? If that's the case, wouldn't Original Recipe Winn be wiped out of existence? Or is it a case of "Dude, the Legion can deflect anything"? Hence the tight relationship with Nura Nal and getting hitched to Ayla Ranzz. Jeremy Jordan did good in both roles. Calling J'onn "Papa Bear" was a sweet moment. So was the puking in the bag after J'onn brought him up to speed. But it looks like it's killing Brainy to heed the words of Female Brainy to work with Lex. At least there's emotional conflict. I'm mostly confused by the rest of the stuff. Or maybe it's because I had a lot of my plate today.
  13. Well.. Shit. Like Chibnall is paddling the asses of the fandom, screaming, "YOU LIKE THAT?!? YOU BLOODY WELL LIKE THAT???!???" And I mean that in the best possible way. I mean, when the return of Jack Harkness isn't the biggest bombshell, you know it's a game-changer of an episode. There is a new Doctor. Who might be an old Doctor. Who may have been female before Thirteen. I'm thinking alternate timelines . . . novels and Big Finish plays have a lot of those. But seeing Ruth go from tour guide to smartly-dressed Time Lady with a TARDIS that resembles a police box? That's a lot to take in. Great, now I hear Jack laughing his ass off hearing me type that. And, of course, this is a brutal, more cunning Doctor. Actually, she seems like a Doctor from the Time War . . . but we only had one of those, right? Paul McGann transformed into a CGIed Young John Hurt in "Night of the Doctor," right? So we couldn't have several incarnations of War Doctor. Once again, I'm thinking alternate timelines. Or maybe it's a Time Lady that thinks she's the Doctor. Maybe this has been set up by the "Lone Cyberman." Maybe this is part of a scheme from Chibnall to kill Whovians with significant doses of fan service. Hairy Judoon are a little scarier. Also, they can now be lumped i the same group as Adolf Hitler under "Was In The Episode Title, But Was So Insignificant In The Bigger Picture." Who knows how long Adolf was stuck in the cupboard after Rory shoved him in there. And, of course, Jack immediately assumed Graham was the Doctor. At least he moved on to Yaz. Barrowman brought the cheese . . . but it was the good cheese. And the door is now open for him to play a significant role this season.
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