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  1. I slept 13½ hours last night! I only woke up then because my husband came upstairs and woke me up in a panic thinking I had croaked. 😁 I woke up with the worst headache, and runny nose..so of course, I immediately thought..I'm a goner..I've got the "rona"😱 ...then I turned on the TV... I'm such a drama queen..it's spring.....it's allergies.
  2. Today is my youngest son's 20th wedding anniversary. They are on total lockdown on their military base in Germany, so they weren't expecting to celebrate much (because they have four young kids, and of course a babysitter is out of the question right now.) They heard a loud knock on their apartment door and then heard someone running down the stairs. This is what they found outside the door.😊 Ps..this was from a family they just met recently. (Military families become fast friends very quickly because they're all transferred so often.) So nice of them, it made my son and dil's day (their kids loved it too) πŸ’—
  3. For some reason...this made me think of what are people doing now who usually get regularly waxed "down there" at a salon, which are closed now, of course. NOT me...! I got shaved down there for childbirth for the first three times I gave birth in a hospital (the last two were planned home births with a home birth doctor.) The itching when the hair grew back almost drove me nuts! So..what was I talking about... Why did @Scarlett45 post even remind me of this?πŸ˜‚ I'm losing it guys..I NEED my husband out of my space! I even bundled up and tried taking my Kindle out to read on our trampoline, and he followed me out there not 20 minutes later asking me for something that was in plain sight.πŸ™„ Next stop...the tree house!
  4. Here's a meme I saw on facebook today. Do you think my husband would get offended if I showed it to him and said he'd be the jackass in this scenario?πŸ€” (Tbh, it would go right over his head, which is why his car keys are now well hidden)πŸ™„
  5. Ok..I don't think I can watch animals being mistreated (I cried my heart out over a stingray my brother caught until he put it back in the ocean)..but I just saw this..maybe someone else would be interested? https://www.upworthy.com/free-broadway-shows-andrew-lloyd-webber--youtube If you're a fan of the stage and lamenting the lack of theater performances for the foreseeable future, here's some good news. Famed Broadway musical writer Andrew Lloyd Webber shared a video announcing that Universal is launching a new YouTube channel dedicated to stage-to-screen musicals. The channel is called "The Shows Must Go On," and it will air a different show every Fridayβ€”but just for 48 hours. This one is playing right now: Next week, for Good Friday April 10, the channel will air Jesus Christ Superstar. The rest of the schedule will be announced at a later time
  6. Having just lost a beloved family member to this virus...not.fucking.funny. 😳 😑 😠
  7. Here is a link to the interview my son-in-law Nathan did for WGN TV if anyone would like to see it. https://wgntv.com/news/coronavirus/this-is-wartime-medicine-what-that-means-for-patients-and-health-care-workers/
  8. Chicagoland people, tonight at 10:30 you may see my sil Nathan interviewed on WGN. (my journalist daughter said you never know if an interview will actually run until it does.) To the rest of you..if you hear of a murder in Illinois..that would be about me. This morning, before I woke up, my husband decided he *had* to go and buy a bunch of cement blocks that were on sale at Menards.😑 He just flushed our 20 day isolation down the toilet for THAT?! 😭 I really, really want to kill him. 😠 (why is Menards still sending sale papers in the mail anyway?!) I just hid all of the car keys. Hope he enjoys trying that sh!t on foot. He is a #COVIDIOT (even after we just lost our nephew to it) 😟
  9. Can we combine Sunnybebe's thoughts and and Geegolly's video song choice and tweet it out to the world? The two are perfect together! That's exactly how I feel rn. ❀ πŸ’œ πŸ’š πŸ’™ πŸ’›
  10. She wanted to know if my nephew's wife (Flaco's widow) would be ok with people in the family talking with the news media (on camera) about him. She didn't want to cause her any more pain, but also felt that it could help inform people that it's something to take seriously. Ps..we are worried about our own daughter, who also works at the airport, and was told was not allowed to wear a mask on the clock, nor was given any hand sanitizer (and can't find any to buy.) She just happened to have these last couple of weeks off for her kid's spring break, but she has to go back SOON. 😟
  11. My daughter sent this to our family group (she's a former news anchor) "I want to let you all know that I have been communicating with my friends in the media who have been asking to tell Flaco's story. One is a very good friend who I trust. (WGN.) I passed the info on to Flaco's sister, but I just wanted you all to know in case there is someone else that wants to speak about it. I have a friend that asked me if I would try to use my connections to share our family's story because she's really upset seeing people going out and about like there's nothing to worry about. She has cousins that are telling her Grandmother that it's no big deal and that people are making things up. I agree with what she's noticed about people being out and about and not taking precautions. As B___ mentioned last night, customers keep getting close up in L__'s face when asking for his help with something and some still try to shake his hand! Also, I went to Target to pick up a prescription and I saw whole families there shopping like nothing. Not getting groceries, just wandering around the aisles shopping as usual. Anyway, with all that being said, I said I would ask you all, but I think it really should be up to M (Flaco's widow) to make that decision...and only so a lot more people can be warned. I just don't want to even ask her right now though...I'm so conflicted😯 What do you all think...should I ask her!?" «««--- said to our family, not you guys, btw. Oh. And my husband just got this LOUD @$$ alert on his phone..he almost jumped out of his skin. (so weird his old clunky flip phone got it and my "smart" phone never did)
  12. Thank you everyone. I still can't believe it really happened. 😟 I need to talk about him. His name was José but was Flaco(skinny) to his family and friends. He and I used to sit in his basement and talk while all the extroverts in the family partied loudly upstairs during "his" holiday gatherings. Even though just the thought of parties made him cringe...he knew his wife loved to host them, so he gladly helped her. He helped her with all the shopping,cooking, and set-up and and waited until the party was going gangbusters....and then she'd send him downstairs to relax , knowing how stressed he was getting, and she couldn't be happy unless he was happy too. They were perfect for each other. OMGosh I wish I could go to her house right now and just hold her and hug her! I can't imagine how's she's feeling 😭
  13. Thank you...this helps. PS..I know they're scared and it's their way of coping😟
  14. I have never wanted an ANGRY reaction option here as much as I do now. FU Jill! 😠 😑
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