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  1. I just realized today that the only "friends" I have in real life are relatives..that's weird, right? I'm 67 years old, so I don't see that changing, but it's hard when you want to vent about family, and it's Inappropriate ( or you know It's going to get back to them.) Just me?
  2. Too fake..all of it..I had to take it off my dvr (and I love trash tv) 😕
  3. Thank you everyone...sorry for swearing..I was shocked to my core. This group is the best.
  4. Well, crap. My sister just called me and told me her youngest daughter daughter just died. She was just diagnosed last year with front temporal dementia (I think) and rapidly declined. She was only 48 years old. SHIT.
  5. This app always works for me: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shoozhoo.imageresizer
  6. I thought of Hamilton right away when I heard cuckold..I'm a BIG fan of Hamilton and any all things Lin-Manuel Miranda (this old lady recently became obsessed..I don't know how it happened) I've never had a celebrity crush before, and I am OLD. It's how I can feel a tiny bit sorry for these 90 Day dummies who fall in love with people they have NO chance with..EVER. 😂
  7. Hi everyone! I remembered to watch this live for a change 🙂 yay
  8. @DragonFaerie, and everyone else...same sentiments from me. I sincerely mean it, just don't have the oomph yet to write it so I'm tagging onto to @jjane 's message (hope you don't mind)
  9. @Temperance, I thank you for pulling me back in...I've missed this friendly forum. I hope you feel better soon too. Two of my daughters kind of forced me to go to downtown Chicago to the Goodman Theater with them tonight to see the play The Music Man, and I had the BEST time! Three of my granddaughters went with, and they loved it. Actually, come to think of it, my teenage granddaughters took US...and we had awesome seats that were each worth $128..that we got for $5 each. (But my oldest daughter always finds these great perks because she's a Girl Scout Leader and a Veteran, and then she tells the kids about them.) Here's the info for anyone else in Illinois (not just Chicago) to sign up their teenagers, and then they can take YOU to great professional plays...cheap! (they're trying to instill a love of the arts in younger people, and also make sure kids who maybe couldn't afford it otherwise can go.) https://teenartspass.urbangateways.org/ PS The Music Man got a standing ovation 🙂 PPS I almost didn't jump back into posting because I'm sure I've missed SO much of everyone's good and bad news...but I'm just going to hold my breath and close my eyes and do it. (I'll try to read backwards more tomorrow..it's almost 4am now) My kids are bad influences..dragging their old mom all over Chicago 😊💗
  10. Thanks for thinking of me. I'm ok now, but recently went through a really bad cycle of depression, and I'm just getting my head above water in the last few weeks.
  11. Gives me more time for getting snacks when I'm watching live..I never watch a minute of Darcy...can't stand her.
  12. This is super shallow of me, but I'll just say right up front that it's something I personally can't stand..Jeremy's mucousy, nasally sounding voice ::::shudder::::: I just want him to blow his nose..take a decongestant..steam his head...something! I only lasted a couple of seconds. (Maybe it was just me?)
  13. You know you wouldn't have any temptation to drink up the profits? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. You could not pay me enough money to watch the new shit show of family Chantel. Their voices make my ears bleed.🤢
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