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  1. I sometimes change my avatar just because I feel meh, or I'm in a mood..I think it should be up to everyone to do what they like with it, whenever they feel like it. Sometimes I think "oh, but everyone"knows me" by that picture..and then I'm like "F that! I'll change it if I wanna! They're not the boss of me! That's my extremely mature mood todayπŸ™„
  2. That has to be making you feel so feel so helpless! I'm so sorry.
  3. He was a beautiful boi. πŸ’”
  4. I was telling my kids and grandkids today (in a zoom meeting) that I just learned this week what Juneteenth meant. Most of them didn't know what it was until recently either. Only my two granddaughters who live in the city of Chicago knew (and then only from their friends.) I think this should be taught in school.
  5. All three of those for me too. 😭 (And I've never smoked in my life ,btw.) I just had a virtual visit with my shrink and I started crying when I told him I just gained 15 pounds during the 3 months we've been on lock down. I had a lap-band done, that I had lost 50 lbs with, that had to be removed when it made me unable to eat or drink anything (even water)after awhile. 😟 He just just started me on topiramate for weight control this week. I looked it up and it says it's used for seizures and migraines of which I have neither, but then I looked further, and it is used for weight loss too..so..I guess since I'm desperate I'm going to keep trying it. (Seems to be working so far.) I probably shouldn't have looked it up.I love to sabatoge myself. 😜
  6. They said they are doing it to be fair. Whoever gets into those first masses won't get to attend another one until everyone who wants to attend a Mass has had a chance to attend one. My sister's evangelical church in Colorado is doing something similar. She was complaining to me about it today. They have 800 parishioners, and only 50 were allowed in today (today was their first time also.) Next Sunday it'll be a different group of 50, and so on. She is incensed because "everyone can still go to tattoo parlors!!" to which I replied "last time I knew, you don't have 800 people gathered together in a tattoo parlor."πŸ˜‚
  7. My husband's Catholic church is starting having Masses again tomorrow here in suburban Chicago. (Well, it's after midnight here as I post this, so I guess it's today already.) But he didn't call in quickly enough to get a reservation...so they are all filled up, so he's SOL (why they couldn't have scheduled more than the usual two normal Masses after being off for three months is beyond me.) He is really disappointed, but I can't say I am...I really don't trust him to follow social distancing rules.
  8. These clothes are probably from the second hand store (marked way down because they're out of style even to the other shoppers there.)
  9. I love this advice. I need to say it to my kids once in awhile. On a side note, I'm having a problem right now with my dog having fleas (again.) Not a huge problem considering what's going on in the world right now..but I need to do something about it, because they're biting me now too (and not my husband, ofc.) I was sharing this with my messenger group that just has my 3 daughters in it (because my sons are not big communicators.) This was one daughter's "helpful" reply... (she has my sense of humor)πŸ™„πŸ˜‚
  10. I really liked this explanation of why so many people (including me!) are so set in their own way of thinking. (this is the clean version, there's another one that contains swear words.) It is not slanted politically one way or the other, btw. https://theoatmeal.com/comics/believe_clean
  11. I'm sorry you got so scared. These are weird times, for sure. I found this: "When your body is subjected to stress, it goes into fight-or-flight mode. Stress hormones flood your body and speed up your heart rate, blood pressure, and your breathing. Your body prepares to deal with the stressor, interpreting the anxiousness as a signal that you’ll need to stand your ground or escape from danger. Your muscles become primed to act, leading to a trembling sensation, twitching, or shaking."
  12. Thanks for checking @Scarlett45 ...I'm fine, where we live nothing much happened. We live in Cook County, but just on the edge of it. All the stores near us are in DuPage County, and they didn't seem to be getting touched (that I heard of.) How is it where you live? Be safe, please!
  13. Thanks for posting all the details on how your church handled everything. My husband is chomping at the bit to go to a real Mass again. I hope his is just as cautious when they open up again. I have to admit I don't want him to go yet, because he will be hard pressed to follow social distancing rules... (I love him, but he's kind of clueless.)πŸ™„ She'd better call ahead to be sure.😯
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