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  1. Angela screeching... oh hell NO! Time to go pee.
  2. Does anyone else start messages and think "no, that's stupid, who wants to hear your thoughts on that?" That's me. 🙃
  3. @Jeeves, I think finding a new hairdresser is second hardest only to finding a new doctor. Change is stressful. You get used to the one you have and the way they do things. Hopefully you'll find one you like even better, and who is even more welcoming. Thanks for reminding me that it is a nice day outside (Chicago area here.) I'm going to force myself to go put up my outside Christmas lights. I won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving, but I hate putting them up when it's so cold that the hair inside my nose freezes! 😂
  4. My husband went to Puerto Rico this morning for a wedding, so it's just me and the dog here. Why must my house decide tonight is a good time to make creepy sounds?😮 PS I turned on music so I can't hear the noises😁
  5. Last Sunday I went to get a haircut, and walked in as they were closing. They apologized a bunch of times, and kept on apologizing as I hurriedly backed out. They obviously had been yelled at before by (very last) minute customers for not taking them. I said" oh no.. I'm SO sorry..I should've remembered the hours are different on Sunday!" I think people who are fine with just casually dropping into a business at the last minute and not understanding the employees are dead on their feet and want to go home, have never worked a service job in their life, and it shows. Ps. :::::::waving hello to everyone reading here::::::😊
  6. A lot of the replies are dragging all 3 of them.
  7. Sounds like my sister. But funny how they can support themselves when their enablers all stop enabling them. She-Shed's mama is totally enabling her behavior. If she can't afford a place to live, she shouldn't get married. She's not doing her daughter any favors...I have a feeling her mother always gives into her.
  8. How about the fact that she was given (had plastic surgery paid for her) to even be able to model, also? That doesn't look like the same nose, to me.🤔
  9. If you want a good laugh, read all the replies to this tweet: 🤣😂😂🤣
  10. This is me to a T....also...hi everyone! :::::waving wildly:::::: I'm feeling so much more chipper than I have been over the past few months. I'm trying to read through all the small talk I've missed, but I'm sure I'm going to miss things, so please forgive me if end up missing any major life events for anyone. So far, I'm loving all the art talk 🙂 ok back to reading...
  11. I tried to watch..I really, really tried. I had to nope right out after about 15 minutes...he infuriated me.
  12. Ooooo.. Sliding in at the last second..I forgot it was on! (I was treating my dog for fleas gotten from my sister's visiting dog😭) Bring on the snark!
  13. Hoo boy. I need this show this week to take my mind off real world events. Bring on the snark!
  14. I'm ready today! I had a full Girl Scout troop here at my house yesterday, so I couldn't watch the show live, and it was the hardest sacrifice of my life!😂 Can't wait for all your snark 😁
  15. She always looks SO thrilled to be there. 🙄
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