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  1. i havent watched this damn show in a while and i tuned in for this. Honestly we deserved a Pussycats spinoff so long ago. Kevin getting all of his life from the girls singing Little Shop made my whole week. As did Josie calling Hiram a lil bitch. What a great character. She was wasted on Katy Keene.
  2. Honestly, I just assumed his son was adopted.
  3. This is the most modern thing we’ve seen a Schimgadoon woman wear! (And she still has a garter on lmao) i loved this song. Jane Krakowski was 100% worth the wait. (Is the Baroness really a nazi? I just watched 1/3 of the sound of music maybe its time to rewatch lmao) i was not expecting Emmas secret to be that (but tbh ive been preoccupied this week) but it was a good twist. Kristin Chenoweth is a star. I knew this, but DAMN!! The hearts are back into play! Playbill Breakdown
  4. Okay, but does anyone else wanna read the book Scooter would write? I feel like that would be a blast and a half, definitely titled "Aw, Jeez"
  5. Playbill References! ( @CHIPPINGS)
  6. Ok, obviously, first, Ariana Debose is a marvel and a talent!! What an icon, I love her!!! That woman is a freaking STAR. I too am interested to see how this will end up. Josh and Melissa will obviously get back together, but like how? (and is it wrong I already feel bad for Hot Doc and Ariana Debose?) Oop, Kristen Chenoweth is planning a run for mayor and I am so here for it!! Where does Melissa keep getting these dresses?
  7. Ann Harada was also in the Cinderella revival and her Stepsister's Lament is nothing short of iconic.
  8. Playbill breakdown of references! (mainly for @Chippings)
  9. I'm still allowed to not like it lmao. god, that breakfast looked amazing.
  10. How is this town full of Hot People? How do I get there? I hated Josh this episode. Of course he'd choose the laziest way, and THATS NOT HOW TRUE LOVE WORKS! You needa connection, friend!!! Loved the "you done tamed me" reprise (but, as an Aaron Stan, I hope this isn't the last of Danny Bailey!) and Melissa's enjoy the ride reprise! The cross the bridge one seemed like a filler but was fun (and I really wanted them to tap! The Charleston but had me longing for a time i too could Charleston) If we go three more episodes with no tap number im gonna be so mad
  11. Im finding the guy who plays Vern to be the best actor this season, or at least my favourite! He's very good with subtle things and reactions like this one!
  12. I tried! I think this is the one you want from Playbill (The seven daughters names went by me so fast, on both watches. I only got Tootie, the youngest from Meet Me in St Louis.) And here's from from Vanity Fair, bc who can resist? (not me.)
  13. you put the corn in the puddin' and the puddin' in the bowl! you put the bowl in your belly cause it's good for your soul!
  14. after a year + of drudgery and monotony, this show is exactly what I need. I watched both episodes twice, and the colours! the costumes! the choreo! (High kicks!! THE HIGH KICKS!!) the lyrics! The people behind it are clearly having a lot of fun, and it shows. I like how they showed Josh and Melissa getting together, their lovely year anniversary, and then directly into the fact that their relationship is stagnant. Kristin Chenoweth is perfectly suited to the villian role, as Aaron Tveit is suited to the role of Town Rapscallion. I can't wait to see other characters that were
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