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  1. Farie totally crushed that made to measure. I’ll admit to not knowing much about Frida Kahlo but I loved seeing such a bright M2M. (I think her pieces are beautiful though. There are some where you can feel all the pain she has.) I also like how Adeena bought her own culture into the made to measure. Died at the sarong/so right joke. That pattern challenge was a bitch and a half!
  2. I really want to rescue Lucas from this shitty show he's on. (Tempted to write a bar owner named Lucas into my next book if that wouldnt be plagarism) I really only watch for him and Rosemary. And Lucas just deserves better. Honestly, the problem with drawn out triangles means that the main character will almost never end up in a good light after waffling and changing their mind. it makes them look fickle, and in Elizabeth's case, it makes her look selfish and lowkey weak as well.
  3. I really thought there’d be a plot where Robert and Allie tag team baby sit Lil Jack. thank god 😅 Rosemary really is (re???) starting the newspaper. Good for her. I’m proud of her.
  4. Perfect oldie song 100%. They're scrolling through spotify. "He's so fine"? Menswear challenge. "A Smile and a Ribbon"? Dresses! (and of course, they upload every episode's soundtrack on spotify!) I definitely want to make a bakers cap now, they're very cute! I loved seeing the made to measure as well, and it's exciting knowing there's a women's jacket MTM challenge coming up too. I only sew for myself, so utility jackets are probably the last thing in the world that I'd sew. One of my favourite things about this show is seeing the pure creativity that the contestants have. Look at t
  5. I'm so excited for this weeks episode! I can't want to see how they'll handle menswear!
  6. BIG SAME. The way she doesn't even care about Mike that much, lmao, the show will never convince me that Mike and Fiona are a viable couple. (Although, I do see where Mike is coming from. Too bad she's a lesbian.) Speaking of the show convincing me, I know they did not just spend a whole episode on the will-they-wont-they on a couple I don't care about. Like they fast tracked this whole ass relationship only to spend 95% of the episode lowkey waffling. It was so lame. The amount of time these two men have spent fighting over this woman who isn't even that great of a ca
  7. Is Rosemary a detective now??? I hope her midlife crisis/second act story is her opening a private investigation business
  8. Damien really seems like a typical frat bro who just...took up sewing one day. It's a strange combo
  9. I also feel like her super rich, overbearing parents would have dragged her home the moment they heard
  10. Wonderful! Adding to this, Foldline breaks down each pattern from the pattern challenge, and the made to measure, which is a fantastic resource (and of course the only one I really wanted from e2s made to measure is a Vogue pattern 😤😤😤)
  11. I don't like how they're showing us the made to measure patterns this series! THey used to show the brand/number, and that's how I got so many new patterns but not this year. I'm gonna have to go on a deep dive to see if i can find a couple from this episode. And, like last week, I'd rather stab myself in the eye than do all those buttons and buttonholes on a time limit. Lawratu is so lucky! I wonder if she knows the lotto numbers
  12. Imagine if Fiona was actually a lesbian. I would be so happy and also I would die.
  13. Nathan is the opposite of a catch. He is a throw. Also, lately I've been thinking that Elizabeth's babysitter Laura, and Olivia Benson's (L&O SVU) babysitter Lucy must be related in some way. They truly are only there to Babysit(tm)
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