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  1. Jessa’s said that Ivy just rips the bows off which is honestly iconic
  2. Please don’t be mean to Danny Zuko!!!
  3. Honestly, there's no drama, intrigue or mystery. The costuming isn't close to accurate and it's just the same three things over and over and over again. It's not entertaining or anything at all. It's basically flour, or any boring spice of your choosing.
  4. Well in his defense, I’d smile a lot around Lee too!
  5. I feel bad saying this, but even Baby Jack is less cute. The christmas episode true was boring. The show has suck since The Firing of Lori. Not that I was a huge Abigail fan, but when everything became disjointed when they took it off the air.
  6. She is! But first, it was rudely foisted upon her and second, she got the shock of her life with John chasing after the trolley. She is at the most beautiful in that scene, she's a little nervous, a little funny, 100% charming.
  7. I absolutely watch the Trolley Song clip on youtube every day. I love Judy in this move, she's so beautiful and talented, and she plays the love struck girl next door just perfectly. MMiSL is my go to cheer up/mental health clear movie. (Justice for Judy. She tried and fought so much, you just cant help but really feel for her.)
  8. I was DELIGHTED to watch In The Good Old Summertime last night for this very reason! (I missed the one before it! A shame. But when the presenter explained the premise, I screamed.) I spent the day celebrating my 25th birthday and this was the perfect way to cap it off. Excited to watch Meet Me In St Louis tonight and Singing in the Rain tomorrow.
  9. Sailor (or Selah? Something like tha at least) was Jill/Derick's girl pick for Izzy!
  10. Honestly, Precious Nurie's first daughter will probably be named for her SWEET Mama and if she isnt then Jill will throw a fit
  11. She clearly never saw the Lazy Town cake song. it lays it all out for her. You gotta do the cooking by the book! Anyway, it's like anything else: sewing, especially (or i guess thats my hobby but it still applies) test the thing youre doing before you make any creative changes. Follow all the steps, measure twice/cut once, etc etc etc
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