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  1. Why is it on a tray on the bed?!?!?! Garlic stuffed olives served on the bed?! Otherwise this is sweet and exactly the kind of presents I like - garlic stuffed olives included.
  2. You have my sympathy. My mother has gastropareisis and type 2 diabetes. She is terrible at controlling both, so no good advice there. As I look at both diets, they do seem opposite in a lot of way. I would strongly recommend seeing a nutritionist because it is confusing and the Internet is little help. I make my mom a lot of soups.
  3. I’m wondering if the laser surgery isn’t connected to a breast tumor but instead to a met, like a brain tumor. She may have already had breast surgery and not want everyone up in her business.
  4. @ChiCricket my parents divorced when I was really young, and my dad married my stepmother when I was three and her son was four. Then they had three children together. So I have, technically although we never differentiate, a stepbrother and three half-siblings. I spent most of my time with my mother in a different state. For me, there is a distance because I spent most of my time with my mother, so there is a lack of shared experiences. But I don’t feel any different from them because we aren’t all full siblings. And we are all closer as adults. My middle brother and I favor each other heavily, as do our children. I will note that my sister does draw a distinction between the full three and my older brother and me. So, I wouldn’t tell the brother and I would leave it be. It’s really hard to be the odd one out. Maybe on some level he suspects. People get weird with that info. Like, what if someone refuses to give your niece a family heirloom because it’s from the dad’s family. I think there’s too much risk of stirring up unpleasantness for him and others. If he is curious, he certainly knows he can ask the daughter. That being said, wow! Sorry you’re going through all of this.
  5. Right, her post on how easy graduate school is reflects poorly on her and on her program. She would do well to pick her words more carefully.
  6. Love the Eternally Grapeful! I’ve been trying to get back into makeup. I wear minimal make up, but I’m ready to look a little more polished. I bought lipstick and wore it to church. Lots of smiling, lots of talking....I get to the car and see that I have lipstick on my teeth. I’ve worn it one time since then. Trying to convince myself to get back in the saddle.
  7. I don’t think she is converting anyone. Rather, I think she is talking to Christians to begin with or people who went to a Christian church at some point. I think she says something like, “can I pray with you?” The other person agrees with varying levels of enthusiasm or out of a sense of customer service, and Jill puts it as a win. Bear with me because I don’t think I am going to express with this well. I also think Christians want for each other to have a deep and fulfilling relationship with God. Saying one time over the phone, “I accept Christ as my Lord and Savior” or whatever it is they talk about, isn’t the end point. Maybe theologically, but not practically. It’s not like, “boom they said the magic words my work here is done!” It’s such a shallow concept of faith.
  8. Jinger’s hair looks shorter than Jill’s in those recent salon pictures.
  9. All I think of when I look at the picture is how painful it must be for Joy.
  10. When the news of the molestations came out, my reaction was, “yeah, that makes sense.” We we’re seeing individual puzzle pieces, not knowing what the full picture looked like, but once we got that last piece, it all made sense. He oozes entitlement and smugness.
  11. Ah yes, nothing illustrates what skillful construction workers they are as showing them in a generic home improvement store debating what little parts they need by the kitchen faucets. Let me run out and book a consultation with them.
  12. Yes! Thank you! Volunteers don’t get paid yet they appear to have some money coming in. He’s playing the victim, which is a shame because he’s blowing away what sympathy people would have for him. I had insurance, a true emergency c section, a week in the hospital, and my twins in NICU for 10 days. They are now 5, and I still owe several thousand dollars on our combined hospital bill. When he complained that no one paid the hospital bill (which I don’t fault him for wishing the birth special had), but then said they paid the medical bills off later that year, that’s when he lost his credibility for me. Maybe TLC didn’t write a check to the hospital, but it sure looks like the bill was paid with a stipend from Duggar Family Entertainment or whatever the LLC is.
  13. I was just piping in to say the same thing. I don’t know the Maxwells, but I do know breast cancer. If she had a hormone receptor positive type, they’ll want to shut down her ovaries for five or even ten years. I don’t envy her position at all. Breast cancer is hard enough, being post partum is hard enough, and then she has factor in her religion - that’s tough.
  14. I lived in Greenville, NC until recently and there is not a Home Depot, but there is a Southern Elevator! I’m glad someone caught that, because I have been so curious why anyone would move across the US to little Greenville. My husband works in a similar industry and commutes back to Greenville for work (and also travels a lot). They have constant turnover with the techs and have a hard time finding someone with enough common sense. I can see why the business would hire someone who came recommended even if it meant he had to move.
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