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  1. Why did the birthing center take her when they knew the baby had birth defects?
  2. Oh @ChiCricket I am so sorry to hear this.
  3. I haven’t read it, but I am dying to! On Gretchen Rubin’s podcast, Happier, she interviewed her in Jan or Feb about the book. I’m so glad you like it!
  4. Strep as an adult is SEVERELY awful. I’m so sorry!
  5. Let’s see, I have gone back to school full time, I’m married, and my boy/girl twins share a room. I guess when I study at school, I am doing it wrong. Should I kick the husband to the couch? Aurora would have the room to herself while Breanna is in school. King Sol is in school, and Ari would have the house to herself. With this show there has always been an is she or isn’t she in regards to Robyn’s being a stealth bitch. Then, for the last year or more, Robyn has been quiet on SM trying to curate/rehab her image. I am LOVING that she has blown all of that up to pieces. Now everyone hates Robyn.
  6. I have very oily skin, too. However, last year, following the advice of skincare addiction on reddit, I started using a nightly moisturizer. To my utter shock, my skin has been dramatically less oily. Over the summer my skin looked dewy instead of slick and making my hair gross, etc. I have two theories. One is that, while I didn’t think I was using products to strip my skin of oil, perhaps I was and my skin had upped the oil production to stay hydrated. Or, I’m in my late thirties and coincidentally my skin is naturally cutting back on the oil. @Zella now would be a great time to see if it works for you.
  7. Judy is probably permanently on Jill’s shit list for implying God did not protect them from covid-19.
  8. I am in school and almost all of my classes are online. Today I messaged a few fellow parents that I could watch their kids if they close the schools. Meanwhile my SAHM fundie lite neighbor, whose daughter is in my twins’ class, is bitching up a storm and saying the school should pay her to watch her child if they close. Again, she is a stay at a home mom. And her MIL has Parkinson’s. It drives me bananas how people can be so selfish.
  9. I am currently attending a technical community college 20 yrs after I earned a four year degree from a top tier university. I am very sorry to say I thought community college would be a breeze. Nope! It is intense! The main difference is the community college tests are multiple choice and have a study guide, whereas the university’s tests were multiple essays requiring critical thinking. Otherwise the breadth of information covered is similar. For someone like Tim who has hasn’t had to organize himself for studying for multiple subjects and questionable schooling altogether, I can’t imagine school is going well. Maybe he was retaking classes this semester, but his grades were so low this semester he dropped out before they dropped him. He could have also gotten somewhat of a refund by dropping out now. No way he left early for spring break and is still in school. Signed, Midterms are kicking my ass!
  10. @Scarlett45 I love the pic of him in the box! I am so sorry for your loss.
  11. I haven’t seen the episode. I understand Robyn said it was Aurora’s choice for the panic attack to be included in the episode, but I am questioning the filming of it. Of course TLC kept the cameras going, but I think Robyn should have told them to stop.
  12. @Scarlett45 I am so sorry to hear it! I worked in veterinary medicine for 10 years. It’s hard to spot, and it varies cat to cat. I had a foster kitty who was in kidney failure, and I didn’t know until it was an emergent situation. One of my own cats was diagnosed at 7. 7!!!! She lived for two years. There were a lot of things that kept her going, but I remember at the end calling the vet, and she said, “we can do xyz, or we can say, ‘we love you, we know you have a chronic disease and are never going to get better, and we’re going to let you go to Heaven.’” That was incredibly helpful for me. Sending lots of love to you.
  13. How is Lolli’s natural inclination not to put her arm around her grandson? Instead she turns away and holds her arms? What?! She doesn’t look she has a heart for children 🙄
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