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  1. @GeeGolly I have used Prozac on my own dog and with many dogs when I worked in animal rescue. It worked really well at keeping the dogs from getting too heightened. I had a pet sitting business, and my partner swore trazadone worked better. I did take care of a lot of dogs who were on trazadone, and they were easy and mellow. I have used trazadone for my dog for periods of short term stress, and I wasn’t really pleased with it. It’s like it had the opposite effect on her. In any case I am a big fan of head meds for pets.
  2. Don’t know how to get rid of quote box. I want to know how this lunch came about. Did the crew travel to have lunch? Why just Jill and Jessa?
  3. The high school track outing - particularly the use of the hurtles - reminds me of when they climbed the historical monument. No respect for anything.
  4. It looks like a sleeveless shirt over the white shirt. Where did the sleeveless shirt even come from? Why have one?
  5. So what is her address? Where does Savannah’s school mail go? I think this technically makes her homeless. Would be fine if it were just Janelle, but it seems like a really unstable situation for Savannah. So zero chance Kody visits, right?
  6. As semi-official missionaries, do you think they give any money to the church? I can see their thinking they shouldn’t give the church any money. In which case they have showed up and taken over their local Ohio church and not contributed financially. Or maybe they think their children singing and preaching in church will bring in more offering? Just thinking aloud.
  7. So let’s add another baby into the mix. And another. And another. 😒
  8. Re: ill-fitting dresses They are dresses, usually long shift dresses. On little waifs. How hard can it be to find something to fit?! That should be the easiest to fit! Plus it’s so weird how the undershirts are always contrasting, and not in a good way. Jill is either actively making them look disheveled, or actively neglecting them. I don’t think they are merely slipping through the cracks.
  9. I live in the American south and having similar problems with this roller coaster spring. I have a space heater for cold mornings, and every time I get ready to store it for the summer, the weather report shows to keep it out. I have a few plants I have been shuffling from outside to the garage so they don’t get too cold at night. A major upside is my hVAC unit is barely running. I love saving money.
  10. Thinking about the Duggars working in the real world: My husband works in construction doing trade work. It requires following directions to a tee, keeping a clean workspace, arriving on time, keeping the client happy, keeping a lot of other people happy, and a ton of problem solving skills. I would say after all that does is matter how much experience the tech has. Given the lack of accountability and lack of humility the Duggars have, it’s going to be a rough transition to gainful employment. I foresee a lot of, “this is the way I have always done it” and that not flying when you n
  11. Zero chance he never was sloppy and looked at something that Covenant Eyes would have caught. Was Anna diligently checking Covenant Eyes reports? (Not blaming her by the way!!!!!!!) Did she willfully ignore? Was it set up but there was an understanding she would not go Josh or anyone else if something came back on the report?
  12. Very curious to see how soon Josh sees Anna and sees Anna plus kids. And will it be Anna alone, or Anna with a minder. And I am still wondering if Anna can live in the guest house without a headship or if she has to move back into the TTH.
  13. I had to plug my phone in. Ran my battery down refreshing everything
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