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  1. I *think* for injuries that require surgery, they have to happen quickly or the scar tissue makes surgery and recovery worse. I highly doubt she went to the doctor.
  2. Oh I can’t stand his voice. It’s so breathy. He’s a male Jackie Kennedy.
  3. I wonder what Jinger thinks of their financial situation. Does she have any knowledge of it whatsoever or does Jeremy have complete control? In her heart of hearts is she worried he is blowing all their money? Is she excited about the leases Lexus and feel smug at how successful they are, or is she embarrassed and wish he had chosen something cheaper?
  4. In terms of doing something educational past high school/GED, in addition to the ones listed, Bin, Joe, and Jill have taken classes. Bin has completed one or two programs - maybe an associates and whatever he did at Moody. Joe completed a one year program at Crown College. Jill took lay midwifery courses and whatever else with SOS. We could snark or belittle those accomplishments, but at least they did something.
  5. Didn’t read the tribute, but it sounds like they are worshipping Jill instead of God.
  6. BRB gotta find some linzer cookies! They sound delicious!
  7. @ginger90 I love the, I think it’s called pyrography? What a nice gift!
  8. Wait, what? He was offered a plea deal a month before the arrest?! Remember Anna’s snippy response on Instagram about how Josh is a diligent provider or whatever… does that mean she didn’t know about the plea deal and what was coming?
  9. I’m still shocked they left the van running for fear it wouldn’t start back up. That’s bad for business. Did she wait the five minutes of whatever in the Walmart bathroom and text Jed! from the bathroom, or did she have it out and about in the Walmart? So odd
  10. I think I have mentioned this before, but last year my husband was a sub-contractor for a building for Duke Medical Center. No contact with patients - the building was still unoccupied. But he had to have a current flu shot and TB test to walk on the property. He isn’t given a badge to work there without producing those documents. I was pleased!! Monday and Tuesday he is working at UNC. I am less pleased ;) Go Deacs! 🎩
  11. Five outfits per person here. When my twins were Sam’s age, we were so very poor and it was three outfits per kid. I0 per person is a lot! I read Jessa’s comment as smug. She’s hardly the person I would look to for advice.
  12. I agree his legal team has sat him down and made everything crystal clear, but that doesn’t mean Smuggar accepts it, believes it, or will act accordingly. I think he’s too far gone mentally to accept what a lawyer tells him. is Anna going to bring a tiny, nursing baby to court?
  13. Yep, I had the same thoughts. I don’t think Josh has the ability to fake it in court that he is a doting husband and father. He is going to be yucking it up with the lawyers and be the pompous ass he always is.
  14. Red pilled by a couple of his marriages?! Wow, that’s interesting. Is that Meri AND Christine? But NOT Robyn? Has Christine more or less left him? Does he accept any responsibility for at least half his marriages falling apart or is it all the evil woman’s fault? I wonder how Robyn and Janelle feel about Kody trash talking his wives.
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