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  1. It is a petty and very personal reason to dislike them, but they all have that sponsor patch prominently on their shirts that says "Udder-gun" and I find it tasteless every time I see it. Like I find the Witch Doctor outfits cheesy.
  2. I noticed that they always say the top 16 will be "selected by a jury". Which implies to me that given 2 bots with identical but so-so records, other factors come in to play. Presumably the jury is also how the seedings are set.
  3. That has always confused me. I've noticed that in every technical over the years they always have a large range of cutters and part of the challenge is to choose correctly. But otherwise, if they need a piece of equipment, the specific item is provided on the bench.
  4. This IS Season 2 of Knife or Death. Those 6 or so episodes they had last year was Season 1. I'm totally confused that they brought it back at all. I still watch it although I find it mostly boring.
  5. On the Jane & Howard podcast, they both thought it was a sub-par episode. Jane also called the show-stopper the worst one ever in 10 seasons of GBBO, the primary (but not only) reason being that they didn't, in fact, bake anything.
  6. They mentioned that many of the bakers were using fancier pans because the cultured dairy was adding more rise to the bakes, so you'd be able to notice the definition of a more detailed pan. I didn't notice anyone greasing and flouring their pans, but if you do that you shouldn't have trouble getting the cake out. BTW, if anyone is fascinated by some of the fancy bundt pans, here's the source. Although I do find it kind of a rabbit hole where I could spend hours looking at everything they have. I will caution that before you buy anything directly from the Nordicware site, check Amazon or Williams-Sonoma first, they may have it cheaper. https://www.nordicware.com/bakeware/classic-sized-bundts I know it didn't fit the brief, but I thought Phil's was cute.
  7. Derek Hough ruined that special. What were they thinking, filming him breaking into dance all over the building and grounds? It was ridiculous. PBS would have done it much better, even with breaks for fund-raising. Unfortunately, I have to wait 2 weeks to see the movie. I'm visiting a friend in Virginia soon and we're planning on going together. (Although it was very tempting to go to an evening show last night, which was my birthday.)
  8. It's tooo bad they couldn't do a tie-in on American Ninja Warrior like they do for big summer movies. Although I wonder what a Downton Abbey obstacle would be. 🤨
  9. I've resisted Hulu and CBS All-access, but I don't regret getting Netflix. It's got some awesome TV shows not available anywhere else. Heck, it's worth it to me just for The Great British Baking Show. BTW, the "El Camino" part of the title is related to the car Jesse was driving when he broke out of the compound.
  10. Thanks for the heads up! It's 7pm central BTW, and I would have totally missed it if you hadn't mentioned it. I wonder what the NBC connection is?
  11. I was really looking forward to the Warren interview, but was really disappointed. I couldn't understand Warren at all, she was just rambling, and she's definitely got a hoarse throat even if she won't admit it.
  12. Am I the only one who hates Daniel Gil's hair? I can't stand hair in my face and I can't stand to see people with hair in their face. I was seriously hoping that he would fall on stage 3 because of the damn hair. Although I can't believe he timed out on stage 4. It's interesting that both times they've gone to stage 4 the ninja who completed stage 3 last, i.e., the person with the least time to rest between stages, failed. I noticed that at the beginning of the show Matt said "the person who climbs stage 4 in under 30 seconds wins a million dollars" implying that every person who climbed stage 4 would get a million. Only later it became "the person who climbs stage 4 in under 30 seconds fastest wins a million dollars." They fudge this stuff all the time and it bothers me.
  13. I understand it was a choice by the producers, I'm saying that choice left me unsatisfied. I've just finished the audiobook (it's awesome, BTW) and there is much more background about the rapist. Although ultimately even he can't explain why he did it other than an inexplicable compulsion. Do we have a thread about the book? I might have to start one.
  14. Over the last few days while reading various forum threads full screen video ads have started popping up. It seems random, I don't know if I've hovered too long over something or what. The last one was a car commercial, I don't know if they all were. This is a new thing.
  15. Has there ever been a show that had its seasons so messed up between the UK and the US? Not just once with PBS but two more times with Netflix! I count Netflix twice because of that "The Beginnings" business. Although since they do have it, I would love to see Netflix air S1 and S2. I watched them once back when they were still on YouTube, but it would be great to see them again. Legally. I understand why PBS did it originally, because they started with season 5 and if they had labeled it as season 5, we viewers in America would have said "What happened to the other 4?" Netflix could have straightened that up and they made it worse.
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