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  1. I'm only an occasional dabbler in this thread. Could someone bring me up to date about Josh's visits to Jesus Jail? I remember when Josh came to one up here in Illinois (Rockford, IIRC) after he left the FRC because of the Ashley Madison reveal. But what was the second visit for? Was it at the same place?
  2. IIRC, wasn't Josh discovered to be using a computer in the legislative offices to view porn even then?
  3. Does the GPS monitoring requirement in the judge's order mean that Josh will be wearing an ankle bracelet?
  4. Luckily I was able to binge it during Watchathon week, which just ended.
  5. Is there still an amount of bail that the judge has to set?
  6. Inside it, preferably. ETA: Jinger has found a way to monetize Josh's arrest, at least: Jinger Duggar Recalls Josh's Molestation Scandal Becoming Public in 2015 | PEOPLE.com
  7. I think that's true for all of these "legends".
  8. If Josh is convicted on these charges, regardless of the amount of time (if any) that he would have to serve in prison, he would also be required to register as a convicted sex offender, correct? Does anyone know what kind of restrictions would be placed on him? Would he even be able to live with his own family?
  9. And tonight she won an Oscar for it!
  10. He had a meat gravy. That's the stuff that Amar licked off his plate. OK, everyone raise your hand if you thought there was a chance in hell that Kiki wouldn't go home for raw chicken. Served to the whole table. Yeah, I didn't think so.
  11. Hah! I've lived in Hinsdale since '92. We could've passed each other in Kramer's.
  12. My money's on wide margins and an extra-large type font.
  13. I have seen the wedding dress in real life ( it’s on display at Sony Studios in LA) & it is kinda taupe ( beige & grey), but it has silvery threads running through it, (& the leaf embroidery is silver ) so that might cause the bluish tones. I am very late to the party here, I only started watching last year, first the early seasons on Netflix and then caught up on the later seasons when Starz had a free weekend. Like several others, this is one of my favorite episodes and I've watched it several times. In fact, I watched it twice right before I started this post. And
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