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    I have yet to hear anything the Karolyis actually did to train/improve the gymnasts, other than starve, isolate, and terrorize them. On a different topic, the Olympic channel is televising a lot of international gymnastics competitions right now. Just search for "FIG Gymnastics".
  2. I want to endorse the Emily D Baker video 100%. She explains everything in a very clear way and she digs through all 5 of the motions and shows you the important parts.
  3. When he mentioned that, it finally made sense to me why back in the first episode Charles kept making omelets and then throwing them in the garbage, something that was unexplainable at the time.
  4. It makes perfect sense, and thanks for answering my questions. When I first read the prosecution's discussion of the defense's expert witness's testimony, I couldn't figure out why such a high-priced big city law firm would hire someone who didn't appear very "expert" at all. Then I read further about previous trials where that firm testified and I realized that the defense has decided that the best way to deal with the evidence is to confuse the hell out of the jury about it. And that, unfortunately, could work.
  5. I didn't get the impression that Josh was actually offered a plea deal. The way I read it, the defense threw it out as a hypothetical: if he took a plea, how much time would he be looking at? Back when he was arrested, someone here posted a link to a lawyer who explained the sentencing guidelines with a spreadsheet and it was really informative. This was specific to Josh's case. Anyone else remember that and have the link? ETA: I stand corrected. I just read one of the exhibits and it specifically mentions that the prosecution made a plea offer.
  6. So I skimmed over the responses last night and I have a couple of questions for @hathorlive, our computer forensics expert. The prosecution is throwing a lot of shade at both the defense's expert witness and the firm she works for. Do you have any opinion of these people? Second, they say that even though the firm does not have a good reputation, there are previous cases where they managed to muddy the waters with false or incongruous information that nevertheless confused the jury. Do you have an opinion on that?
  7. Wait, she's got 6 kids under the age of 10, a 7th almost here, a husband who needs to be waited on hand and foot, and she's got time to post on SM?
  8. I’m sure there are plenty of alternate racers who will gladly be vaccinated for the opportunity to run the race. Yeah, I'm sure it won't be optional. Same thing for the crew. And dammit, it shouldn't be optional. That we are even bringing up that possibility 20 months into a worldwide pandemic is beyond belief.
  9. Quilt Fairy


    But we had pictures of Suni actually moving into an Auburn dormitory. At least I thought that's what it was.
  10. I think just the opposite would be true. Or he could always move to Texas. You know, in the last few years many if not most of the complete assholes I have seen on the news are listed as Harvard Law grads. It makes me seriously doubt their vetting process.
  11. I spent all weekend waiting for the new episode and then the holiday messed up my time sense so much that I forgot about it until Wednesday evening. When they were standing in front of Sting's door with the turkey and Oliver did his sound check, I thought that they had bugged the turkey.
  12. Yeah, it didn't seem to be well-balanced, even in comparison to previous years. I don't miss the end obstacle with the underwater window things, but 2 extremely similar hanging/swinging obstacles one after the other just seems stupid. However, as stupid and sappy as this show can get, it is the only show I watch that can make me scream "NO!!" when someone falls unexpectedly (like the long-haired guy) and makes me clap for the best runs (this time it was for Vance Walker and Jesse Labreck). So there's that.
  13. That really is their only route, isn't it? (Aside from the various legal gymnastics.) That someone else did it? Which is why the phone call from Josh geolocated to the car lot at the exact same time the CP was downloaded is so important.
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