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  1. I don't understand how WIlford went from being the next Messiah to the enemy (at least Melanie's enemy). I admittedly was not paying close attention in some of the earlier episodes, but that seems hard to miss.
  2. Airdate: July 16, 2020.
  3. Well, this is going to be closer to how the various US versions of the show have been filmed, with mixed results. (They've been getting it better the last few seasons.) I do think the ability to go home and practice for the next episode's bakes enhances the quality of what is produced. And, although the bakers as a group do generally get along with each other, living together in a hotel for several weeks can be stressful.
  4. I was very happy that the Chicago episode showed how beautiful my home town can be. Phil as a foodie tourist is just a ray of sunshine wherever he goes.
  5. That is one long article. I'm surprised they got that much information about S4. I'm thrilled that it's finished so we can look forward to something new in the fall. Does anyone know if they filmed S4 sequentially with S3 or was there a normal filming gap? I just wonder because so many other shows had to stop in the middle of filming a new season.
  6. Word. I submitted it for Best Theme Song and was thrilled to find out it won. I don't know how much original programming is going to be broadcast in the coming year, but at some point when these awards are held again, I'm going to submit it for a new category: "The Show That Always Makes Me Happy." I've binged on this show not just during the shut-in but so many times I've lost count. (Now if only Netflix could get the first couple of seasons!) You're not alone. Not only have I never watched some of these shows, there are an astounding number that I've never even heard of. Then I find out it's on yet another streaming service that I don't subscribe to.
  7. Of course he's talking to us, taking us with him, that's the whole point of the show. That's why they have to film everything.
  8. Wow, I wonder what machinations went on to go from 6 seasons to 5 and then back to 6. This is a multi-million dollar production, I hardly think it was simply a matter of Morgan "changing his mind". Sorry about the spoiler box, I can't seem to delete it.
  9. Does anyone else wonder why the Trump campaign is airing ads during Rachel's show? It's not his demographic, and we're hardly likely to change our minds based off an ad. I just find it very bizarre.
  10. The couple I bought my townhouse from had those built-in bookcases, complete with the rolling ladder, in the living room. They didn't come with the unit, so I offered to buy them. But the sellers wanted what I thought was too much for them, so I said no thanks and they packed them up and moved them across country. Big mistake on my part. I still regret it 28 years later.
  11. She's reading it herself. There's no sample up on Audible, so it's impossible to say how well she does.
  12. Sounds like they've owned 70% for some time. I don't see this meaning any change.
  13. I wanted to comment on that at the time, but I wasn't 100% sure which girl it was. Anyhow, the fruit in her painting actually looked like fruit, and I was super impressed by that. She has some talent.
  14. Except I remember reading that the way the show tests how "doable" the challenges are is that J or Ben does the 1st/2nd round challenge and David Baker does the historical recreation challenge. So none of the judges should be a stranger to time and material constraints. I am surprised that they make a big deal out of "who will be the judge you compete against" during the episode and yet they consistently spoil it in the teasers. Definitely a case of the left hand not know what the right hand is doing.
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