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  1. Ah. In that case, would the transcripts even be available to the public?
  2. Does anyone know when the trial transcripts are going to be available? I feel like we should do a thing like Rachel Maddow does when she reads transcripts out loud on her show.
  3. Bob Odenkirk returning to Naperville, IL to promote his book.
  4. While I have gotten used to a more modern interpretation of the books, I don't see Siegfried and Mrs Hall getting together. There is zero sexual tension between them. Also, there was (and I think still is) an unspoken class system in the UK, and Mrs Hall, while a perfectly nice person, is not the same class as Siegfried. I didn't notice the silver tea set, but it may have been a family heirloom that the widow wouldn't have even thought of selling. It certainly wouldn't be a vet's place to suggest it, either. Has it been established that Tristan is actually a qualified vet now?
  5. The Amazon group? IIRC, Travis Story was diddling around before he finally produced the timesheets for the carlot that the prosecution wanted. When the prosecutors finally did get the paperwork, there were rumors (probably from an unreliable source) that what they had might require a referral to another group, like a forensic accounting team. I've not heard anything since then.
  6. I'm very surprised that most of the critic reviews are middling at best. I'm not a horror fan but I found this very enjoyable, intelligent and engrossing, creepy without being gory. I didn't care for the Melody storyline at first, but I got into it as it progressed. There were a good many unanswered questions at the end, but I didn't think it ended up on a huge cliffhanger. Dan ends up in 1994, Melody is reunited with her mother in the current day. It's the kind of ending you'd expect from the Twilight Zone. I thought the acting was very good, and I quickly became a fan of Mamoudou A
  7. Sorry if my bolding confused the point I was trying to make, which was only that Josh's team did/does include an appeals specialist.
  8. Josh's legal team included an appeals specialist from Gelfand's firm. Presumably he was on the team because they expected they'd lose and need to appeal. They've already paid for some of his services. Why add him in if they didn't intend to use him?
  9. As an odd bit of serendipity, Discovery ID just launched a new reality show called "Calls From The Inside" which features inmate recordings and specific cases where they have led to solving a crime. Also, I assume that the OP who commented "The checks haven't cleared" was snarking.
  10. I've heard of it. But it's usually the punch line of a joke.
  11. "My seed has been righteously sown. I'm done. Until tomorrow night." - Every married male Duggar
  12. From what I've read, his desire to "get better" will definitely affect either the sentencing recommendation or his placement or both. I'm sure SOTDRT Josh is smart enough to play the game.
  13. This is from a former freelance NBC producer: Whether or not this covers TAR, I've never heard or read anything about judging being controlled by "people behind the camera giving hand signals". So I don't know that. Sorry I got the acronym wrong, I knew he said he had something. I myself occasionally have SBFS (Senior Brain Fart Syndrome).
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