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  1. OMG! I thinking that it doesn't even sound like the same guy, but then he started actually narrating the book, and I couldn't stop laughing.
  2. Last week Kevin's dish looked gross and sounded disgusting (to me) and yet it won. There are still so many chefs that they didn't go into detail about most of the dishes. For example, I heard Melissa say she was making her wonton wrapper, but I didn't know it was stuffed with lobster. I was pretty sure she was going to win, though, when Ludo said it was almost a Michelin star dish and he'd be happy to serve it in his restaurant. Nobody was going to beat that.
  3. This is one of the reasons I like the recently completed Tournament of Champions on FN even though I can't stand Guy Fieri. They had one gimmick - the Randomizer - and it managed to produce a unique challenge in every contest. And won by As for LeeAnn, I'm beginning to wonder if she's not the same caliber as the rest of the chefs here. It's kind of the old school/new school debate over in the Survivor forum. Top Chef was a different animal when she was first on, brand new and finding it's way. There were no James Beard nominees then. And IIRC, the years when she worked behind the scenes, her job was to test the challenges, to prove that they could be done in the time allotted. That's not the same thing as producing a winning dish every week.
  4. Or one of the writers is a Rube Goldberg fan.
  5. I'm over the anger. It seems that every host on MSNBC is doing nothing but yelling at me. Rachel's not as bad as Ari Velchi or Chris Hays, but still, all crisis all the time is exhausting. (God knows how much spit Chris Matthews would be spraying at the camera if he were still on. ) I wouldn't be watching MSNBC if I didn't agree with their perspective on the current administration. They don't have to convince me. I expect professional journalists to give me the facts and expose the lies - calmly. I wish the network would rethink how they're handling this, it's not like it's going to go away anytime soon.
  6. Not that they're going to be able to find much after that explosion, but it's a chicken in a fried chicken place. There's nothing to draw their attention.
  7. Did they ever show how Delores was using that special contact lens? When she put it in, it gave the same effect as when Charlotte had the glasses put on her to see Serac, so I'm assuming it's something like that.
  8. Exactly. The judge said bail was $7M in cash.
  9. I also liked his intro where he said not to be bothered by the lack of laughter, it didn't bother him as he started doing stand-up in England.
  10. And when one (or more) of them needs to go to the hospital, of course they'll go and take up a bed. God forbid one of them be alone for a while. This kind of activity is being seen in fundamentalist groups from the Deep South to Brooklyn to Israel. ETA: By "this kind of activity" I mean meeting in large groups for marriages, religious services, funerals, etc.
  11. I feel ya. A few months ago a friend asked me how grey my hair was and I said "I have no idea". I think I'm going to find out now. Even if I had the opportunity, my stylist is my age (60s) and had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery less than a year ago. No way I would risk her life for my roots.
  12. I would swear that in one of the first couple of BB episodes with Saul, there is a scene in Saul's office where he mentions to Walt that he had either 3 wives or 3 exes. It was a throw-away remark in Saul's typical breezy style, but it's always stuck in my mind since BCS began and we met Kim.
  13. We have seen no evidence that Caleb has ever had the extreme wealth needed to visit Westworld. Just the opposite, in fact. The only thing that is hinted at but not yet revealed is exactly what happened to him during his Army service.
  14. Does Hale needing some special glasses to seem him mean that he's some kind of holograph? What is the purpose of the special lens Dolores put in her eye? I didn't see her put it to any kind of use, AFAIK. Did anyone else get a little freaked out when the boy that Nathan was playing with in the background was wearing a face mask?
  15. Delores says "No one knows you like I do and no one knows me like you do". I can only think of 2 people hosts that could mean, either Teddy or Peter Abernathy. Yeah, that was when I ruled out Teddy. So, Peter Abernathy? Didn't he have a violent storyline at one time? So is Host!Charlotte supposed to have all of Charlotte's memories as well as their original memories? How would that work, there's only one pearl in her.
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