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  1. Who knew 8 months ago we'd need it?
  2. Is that really Tilly's career path, though? We see her far more often helping Stamets on the spore drive than on the bridge. She seems better suited to be a scientist. I can't think of anyone I'd want less as my Captain, and that includes Saru.
  3. Good grief, yes! In this episode they mentioned that what they do is "write code all day". Well, I wrote code all day for 13 years, and my title was Programmer/Analyst.
  4. Yes. These were some interesting legs with good tasks, and I could hardly watch because I knew - no spoilers needed - that the blondes would be eliminated in the end.
  5. I was totally confused by this episode. I thought (foolishly as it turns out) that Burnham was going to have to defend her theory about the Burn, which would justify her need for the SB-19 data. Instead, everyone apparently already knows everything she would have said, and instead she must defend that she is doing "The Right Thing" for "The Right Reason". And I am flustered by the totally inconsistent scientific "rules": FTL speed for a spaceship is not possible in this post-dilithium crystal universe (Discovery with its spore drive being the exception) and yet the Ni'Var knew not only that the Discovery was coming, but all of Burnham's research as well.
  6. Why did the producers place two yields in the mega-leg? What did they think would happen?
  7. Wait - what? I don't follow BTS stuff, can you explain? Are we certain that Grudge is literally "just" a cat?
  8. The one time I saw Chee animated was in the last leg when Hung was doing the roadblock walking down the building. She was in obvious fear, shrieking her head off, and he was down below, jumping up and down and laughing. It was - odd.
  9. Yeah, they only cut tasks where the order of the teams is not affected, but I'd like to see everything anyway.
  10. I believe they normally film it in the late spring to early summer, which they didn't do this year due to Covid. The fact that they could scramble and give us a new season when a lot of shows would have given up is admirable. ETA: In general, the UK has cooler, wetter summers than we experience in the US, but in recent years it (as well as most of Europe) has been experiencing dramatically hotter temperatures.
  11. I think it was also a matter of the number one rule of broadcasting: Never have "dead air."
  12. Discovery has such a small crew, any new number one should logically come from the bridge crew. My biggest issue is keeping Saru as captain. Originally, Discovery was a science vessel in a time when the universe was much more settled. In that setting, Saru is a decent captain, although I think he functioned much better as a number one himself. Now, however, it appears that Discovery needs to be more of an all-purpose ship with the potential for getting engaged in armed conflict. I don't think Saru has the "it" factor, the factor that made Kirk, Picard, Janeway, etc., great captains. YMMV.
  13. I didn't like them at first, but that was due to my inbred prejudice against any alpha male team. However, I've found them to be intelligent, decent racers with a good sense of humor. I'm only hating on Will & Grace at the moment, mostly because they think they're just so precious.
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