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  1. I can't get the sound to play on that. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Me, too! Isn't it funny what goofy things we hang onto?
  3. Does anyone understand the situation with Gillian and Robbie? What did the card say? They did get married, right? I know they aired the Christmas special right before this episode, but I don't remember much from it. Had their marriage taken a turn by that time? Celia, oh Celia! I'm thinking Alan's gotten over the illusion that the sun shone out of her ass! It's never been a secret that she has more money than Alan, so while she doesn't need to give Gillian a loan - when she's obviously desperately in need - there's also no reason that Alan can't say "You're the one that wants the remodeled kitchen (in our brand new house) - you pay for it!" Except of course we know Alan wouldn't do that. Speaking of houses, what did you think of Judith's? Wowza! Of course, I say that thinking it's an abomination. Are we to think that she's gone from a drop-down drunk to the next R. K. Rowling? That's a bit of a stretch. Oh, and be prepared. This last season is only 4 episodes long. 😥
  4. Air date: Monday, Sept 21, 2020
  5. I like it, too. I have been waiting for someone to fall just in their pursuit of the ring, but I don't think that's happened yet. A lot of people haven't been able to catch the ring, but they still manage to hang onto the bars with one hand. Also, I don't think having to use the smaller ring adds as much difficulty as they thought it would.
  6. Bob Woodward made that exact point the next hour on LO'D, specifically that you can't just tell them that they're idiots, you have to ask them why they support Trump, and there are many different reasons.
  7. OMG, this reminds me of The Handmaid's Tale episode in season 3 where they go to Washington, DC, and all the handmaids there are wearing masks (which hide something else, but I won't spoil it for those that haven't seen it).
  8. Just finished episode 4 and am still seeing no evidence that using a sailboat to get through the Northwest Passage is a good idea. I think the first mate was correct to describe the Captain as an adventure junkie who doesn't even care about the lives of his children who he brought along on this misbegotten expedition.
  9. I've got to stop watching Rachel. I don't think I can take it anymore. How easy it has been to destroy everything whose existence and integrity we never even thought to question.
  10. Thanks for this link. It clears up several things from last week.
  11. Week 2 of qualifiers. Air date: Sept 14, 2020
  12. ITA! She barely comes up to his elbow.
  13. That was a good interview. It's interesting to me that all the cast have really thought about their characters.
  14. Considering all the speculation and excitement about this season, it doesn't look like hardly anyone watched it. Where are all the posts? It was a really good episode, too. Was it because it was on Labor Day? Except, of course, what else would you have to do this particular Labor Day except sit at home watching TV? Color me confused.
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