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  1. I'm in Pitt, and the city of Greenville conceded pretty early on that Halloween was still going to happen this year. They want a smaller event than what would usually happen on a Saturday Halloween, but they are not stopping it. I think it would take Gov. Cooper ordering bars to close on that night to minimize, but even then the party would move on over to somewhere else. Which would actually be like what happened back in my day. It used to be that Halloween happened in one area filled with apartments (my little brother actually lives there right now). You chose to live in those complexes because of Halloween and all of your friends would naturally show up at your place. Many of the apartment dwellers would mix up a large batch of PJ to share, but BYOB was also permitted. Underaged drinkers galore. Halloween slowly morphed into getting all of the drunk college kids into the commercial area of downtown to better keep an eye out.
  2. I have not heard that Gov. Cooper has banned trick-or-treating statewide. From what I can gather, the official position is to discourage it. At least in my county, the cops will be too busy trying to limit the amount of drunk college kids in the streets on Halloween to worry about trick-or-treating.
  3. I am at work right now, and my workplace filters all social media posts. Sometimes I want to see what y'all have linked, and pull out my phone to check. This is not one of those times.
  4. I long to be The Legend, but alas, I am a lowly civil servant who has yet to win the lottery. I did tell my mom though that I want one more Halloween before she sells the house to finally do it. I do not plan on disclosing that piece of information to the new buyer.
  5. Too bad she lives out in the country so we cannot go and flock her yard with flamingoes waving rainbow flags.
  6. I cringed and felt the bile rise in my throat when I scrolled thru Jill's pictures and saw Janessa with her hands in her mouth. I highly suspect Jill did not wash Janessa's hands after playing in the corn.
  7. Did you notice the quotation marks where I said people. I have heard of many a celebrity or wanna be celebrity who call the paps themselves.
  8. I can actually see at least one photographer who would show up to "catch" Jinger. Covid has really done a number on celebrity events and even celebrity sightings. The celebrity rags need content and the photographers need the job. So anytime someone's "people" call, there has to be at least one desperate enough to snap some pictures of Jinger.
  9. Yeah. Ancestry is based out of Salt Lake City. I do get the reason for charging because creating and maintaining databases isn't cheap. Also, Family Search started off as just free databases for searching and the actual records were on microfilm. You then had to have those rolls of microfilm sent to your local Mormon community who had the resources for you to look. The reasons why the mormon church collected these records is extremely suspect.
  10. I was going to do the same today, but the line at the closest place was too long after work. I will try tomorrow or next week.
  11. I do think Jana sees a lot of what she wants her life to be in the perfectly constructed fantasy that Joanna presents. I can see the artifice in Joanna and the life she projects with the perfect family, the perfect house, the perfect recipes, etc. Jana probably only sees the end result and wants that.
  12. I agree. The Gaines have not really partnered with anyone long term and they do need to create enough programming for a network. I can totally see JB trying to market Jana to them in an attempt to create a new show.
  13. Speaking of that, I wonder if Jill is still making those recipes where one chicken breast is supposed to feed 6 people with a yearly recommended sodium intake for one.
  14. They also strike me as a couple where each enjoys his/her partner and enjoys sex with said partner. Sex is not a chore for Kendra so she will keep on getting pregnant and be surprised that she is knocked up again. They don't seem to be planning this.
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