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  1. I see both sanctuaries and conservation should be the goal. Also, stop private ownership and breeding of exotic animals in captivity. If the big cat ban is accomplished (and I do applaud Carole for her efforts to make this happen), then fewer animals would need sanctuary in America. Then over time more money can be used for conservation in Africa and Asia. As long as the Doc Antles and Jeff Lowes of the world are breeding tiger cubs, there needs to be sanctuaries.
  2. Reading the article, I get the feeling that the filmmakers do no like Carole and animal sanctuaries in general. I can't get around the idea that Carole and other sanctuaries should euthanize their cats and use their money for conservation only.
  3. I can't fault her for the silicone cutting board. They may be flimsier than other cutting boards, but they are easier to sanitize than wooden or hard plastic ones. I use them, and have never had a problem with my cutting board slipping. I bet it's her counters that is causing it. Honestly, I'm more appalled at the way she mangled that bulb of garlic.
  4. It's close to 7 hours, so not easy to do in one fell swoop. I was riveted in the first 10 minutes, but I am one step away from white trash. The third episode is where it swerves into a true crime documentary. I will say it goes to some very dark places, but I couldn't look away. It made me glad I made the life choices I did.
  5. The moment when you find out that Joe found his campaign manager at the ammo counter Oh, I wanted to add. Carole Baskins definitely killed Don.
  6. I also had to pause in order to process all the crazy. Every time I though I had heard it all, the show dropped another bomb.
  7. I get the feeling that this address has been planned for some time probably since it was announced that Charles was sick. It just took some time getting a crew and equipment together that will not accidentally infect her majesty. Or, and this makes me chuckle, someone had to teach her majesty how to film using either an ipad or laptop like in Charles's video.
  8. So is anyone else getting Franklin Graham proselytizing during their 6pm news, or is that just me?
  9. I would give blood, but the Red Cross doesn't like me. I know the supplies are low, but they exclude so many possible donors. I got a false positive test back in 1997 for either hepatitis A or B, and was told to never give blood again.
  10. I would attempt to link it here, but work blocks Reddit. Someone who interned at Big Cat Rescue posted on Tiger King's Reddit yesterday. The lengthy post was positive for the facility with a good collection of sources linked in the post. It was very informative.
  11. I haven't been to Mass since the first weekend in March. Our bishop gave us dispensation to skip Mass around March 10th. I have been a good girl and have not gone out all that much in the last three weeks. I haven't heard any news reports in my area about churches still meeting. As far as I know, churches are complying with Governor Cooper's orders.
  12. The family actually cracks me up. They are playing the role of grieving family while they are just upset about the money and not Don. The ex-wife knows Don cheated on her repeatedly over the course of their marriage. Any man that picks up a woman at gunpoint walking down the street and takes her to a hotel room is not faithful. She should have gotten hers in their divorce.
  13. In my part of NC, the numbers are low in some counties mostly the rural ones where people don't travel much. My county had its cases spike after all the college kids came back after spring break. Classes are all online, but so many of them live in apartments so they came back. As far as I can tell no landlords or management companies let their tenants out of their leases insuring all of them came back. The mayor of the largest city in my county is a landlord and of course he is still collecting rents. These students came back and have been partying at home for the last two weeks.
  14. Honestly, PETA is such a problematic organization that they hurt any argument similar to Carole.** Carol's cause is noble even if she is deeply unlikable. If the doc was really supposed to be an expose of the big cat world a la Blackfish, then they should have footage from someone else. Some experts in big cats to explain why random people owning, breeding, and selling these cats is horrific. **PETAs stance on the tigers in these zoo's is probably along the lines of their views on pittbulls.
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