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  1. I know its technically correct, but Dolly Parton did not write "Jolene" and "I will Always Love You" on the same day for Matt to answer "what's Parton?". Dolly is the greatest American alive, show some respect and answer it correctly, "who is Dolly Parton?"
  2. I really do not get Jessa dressing her girls with so many layers and then posting a picture of Ivy in that position.
  3. The quotation marks is what gets me. I am a proud member of Romancelandia and one of the most popular books these last few weeks over there is Morning Glory Milking Farm https://www.amazon.com/Morning-Glory-Milking-Farm-Monster/dp/1736546619/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1764SATT20M6R&dchild=1&keywords=morning+glory+milking+farm&qid=1631652136&s=books&sr=1-2 I have not read this one yet, but farm "desire" and farm "experience" have a different connotation on this one.
  4. Baker's delivery is perfect, and I love Jedrick taking his shoulder pads back.
  5. It doesn't look like a White Claw. White Claw cans are long and narrow
  6. I agree. Them being outside is the same as parents being downstairs with the kids upstairs. Parents do that all the time and no one says it's bad parenting.
  7. Yes and no. It really depends on what flavor of Protestantism you choose. In theory, they are against any hierarchy within the church and the idea that a person needs a church in order to find salvation. But, most of them have been following an earthly leader since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses.
  8. It's not about the actual beliefs. It's about John MacArthur being right while everyone else is wrong. So whatever baptism Jinger had before is void because it did not happen at Grace Community Church or one of it's affiliates. There is no building on what happened before like what happens in other Christian churches. Baptism is something that should only happen once, and any church that requires a person to be rebaptized is suspect in my book. When my Catholic church welcomes in new members at the Easter Vigil, they skip baptism for anyone who has previously been baptized. Of course, we
  9. I need to check out those review of Song of Achilles because it being a queer book was common knowledge in the book circles I frequent. I just looked up the pre-publication reviews of it from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal and both of them mention it. I don't see how the publisher tried to hide the content. If someone was blindsided by it, then they have been living under a rock for close to a decade. I was pleasantly surprised with the reveal in Evelyn Hugo. That one was hidden, but it does make sense.
  10. Yeah, Olivia Munn was Messy before her relationship with John, and I am side-eying her now. I get that she is now 41 and wants a baby, but there are other options available to her that do not have her diving into a relationship with a man fresh out of rehab.
  11. When I was a kid, mom did the whole family's laundry. I am one of four. She sorted per her ideas of how laundry should be done. I personally did not start doing my laundry until college because none of us would do it right. I did not start doing laundry until college. Now that I live with her, we do our own laundry. She can do her own per her rules, and I do mine.
  12. It really depends on the school. Once Derick graduated, he was no longer a student of U of A and may have lost library privileges. This pandemic really sucks for many reasons. Before March 2020, almost every university library was open to the public, but it's a different story now.
  13. I agree. Also, attempting to study at home with a wife and two kids is difficult. I'm not blaming Jill here, really any family is liable to be a distraction in the best of times. And, 2021 is not the best of times. I don't know about Arkansas, but in my area, the libraries are not open for studying. We are open, but only for people to get in and get out. It is very possible that Derick did not have the choice of going to the library to sit and study for 4+ hours on a daily basis. And even if Jill did take the boys out of the house on a daily basis, where could she take them for more tha
  14. They set up the Excalibur bread starter too neatly. As soon as we found out Charles was not biologically a Boyle, I knew he was going to be the One True Boyle who could open the jar.
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