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  1. I find John to be an interesting historical figure who's true villainy has never really been explored in movies too much. Dude was one of the worst kings ever to rule England and was like the Disney version but much crueler. I don't know if I have ever seen a film version of John where you have him arranging the murder of his nephew so he can inherit the throne. And then you have John refusing to pay his brother's ransom so he can keep being regent in England.
  2. I only watch this show sporadically and usually do not give it my full attention when I actually do watch it. I was unaware that Dr. Marcel's given name is Crockett. I busted up laughing last night when I heard the name. To me it sounds like something out of a bad movie. I can't imagine a writer for a network show deciding that had to be the name of the new surgeon. Not even a surgeon, but a role for a handsome actor to play as a viable love interest. Look if I was a patient and planning g a surgery, i would want any other doctor than Dr. Crockett Marcel. The name inspires zero confidence. What's next, Dr. Tubbs? Are.the writers just trolling us at this point?
  3. No one or he and Sophie just cuddled. We the viewers have been conditioned to assume every time a couple wakes up in bed together that they had sex. We only saw a shirtless Kevin and a blonde woman in bed. From a writing perspective, this is a great cliffhanger to leave the audience pondering on for the next two weeks. I would love to see them subvert the trope of couple in bed means sex the night before.
  4. I don't know why the show had the Queen Mum and Lord Montbatten scheming to keep Charles and Camilla apart. The show chose to take away Camillas agency for the sake of drama. In reality Camilla wanted Andrew Parker-Bowles. She made the choice to marry Andrew. Whatever she felt for Charles back then she had kept to herself. Did she consider what her life would have been like as Princess of Wales? Did.she decide that it wasn't worth it? Only Camilla knows. I would have loved for the show to have gone down this path instead of what we got.
  5. I got the feeling that Diana was looking for a man to take care of her, be her white knight, the romance novel hero and all that jazz. She had enough self-awareness to realize she was a handful and too much for many a rich man. She had already been burned by Charles and at least in my opinion was looking for the exact opposite of him. Diana knew marrying another British aristo with loads of money was just a gilded cage where she would be always looking the other way while her husband dallied with another woman. I don't know if she would have married Dodi, but if she did she would have been miserable in that marraige as well.
  6. Shouldn't that be Molson or Labatt instead of PBR?
  7. I have not found Kevin to be that high maintenance of a child compared to his other siblings. I remember the episode with Kevin's family therapy session and Rebecca straight up admitted that she needed Kevin to be alright because her hands were full with Randall, and then Kate and Jack had their own thing. Which as that kid in my family, it sucked as a child and it hurt like hell when you realize what's up with Mom and dad. But, I also do understand Rebecca's point of view now that I am an adult. She has so much on her plate with Jack, Randall, Kate, cooking, cleaning, her mother, maybe her father and his health, Jack's dad's decline etc etc. As an adult I now understand the emotional labor Rebecca (and moms everywhere) do on a daiy basis. If Rebecca (and my mother) needed one kid to be okay so she could tackle the next task, I get that now. We haven't seen much of toddler Kevin so I don't know if that was true back then as well. He could have been a terror or a good kid. We shall see next episode I assume.
  8. Look, Connie should have let Sonny finish the job. You don't call you mobster brother in to take care of your abusive, cheating POS husband if you are not prepared for him to take it to the obvious conclusion. Now Randall and Kevin are regular guys who can just go a few rounds with Mark. No need to kill him. Although, I do know of some great places to hide the evidence not too far from Pittsburgh.
  9. There was no way Sergio was going to win this challenge with his political statement and the flash sale aspect. He could have had the best design on the runway but another designer still would have won. Obviously the producers know that profiting off of this would be a very bad look for them. This is also a fashion show where the producers and network want to stay as middle of the road as possible and would not want to upset the apple cart with their sponsors. The show is going to stay neutral in order. The judges can all donate their own money to RAICES or other charities operating on the border, but the show itself will not. This is part of the reason why I hate the show when it decides after the trip to Mood that this is going to be a flash sale challenge. I don;'t think Sergio would have changed his idea, but there would have been time for a producer to speak to him off camera to let him know how things would stand with his political statement. The same thing with designers like Dayoung in this challenge and Delvin in the previous flash sale challenge who chose prints for their design. Mass producing clothes based on the prints found at Mood is not something that can always happen. It doesn't matter how good the design is if the designer picked a print that Nineteenth Amendment cannot reproduce. Not to mention the other logistics of producing hundreds of the design in multiple sizes. Not every design works in a factory. These are things that IMHO the designers need to know at the beginning and not mid-challenge especially a one-day challenge.
  10. I agree. The writers are going to drag the identity of Kevin's baby-mama out until the season finale. This episode (and probably the next 2 as well) is still in January 2020, the flashforward in August 2020, still plenty of time for Kevin to impregnate the mystery woman. We also don't know how far along she is. All we know is that she has morning sickness. She could be 5 weeks pregnant or 5 months, who knows.
  11. There are a lot of us who get brunch after church on Sundays. Nothing like a bloody and eggs benedict after Mass, or french toast and a mimosa, followed by an afternoon nap. Sundays the way God intended.
  12. I had the same thought about Randall and Kevin. I don't see Randall being as loving and supportive if Kevin called him in a crisis. If Kevin called Randall asking him to help him not take a drink, I could see Randall blowing him off instead of talking Kevin off the ledge. We all saw Randall and his dismissive attitude during Kevin's family therapy session. I can easily see Randall being someone who thinks addiction is a moral failing and a choice instead of a disease like his anxiety.
  13. That was a difficult hour to watch but also worthwhile. I know part of Randall's pathology is his stubbornness and his need for control, but how many more people are going to suggest therapy before he listens? I applaud the writers for having Darnell be the one this week to talk to Randall man to man about the need for black men to seek professional help. It would have been so easy for them to have Darnell be a dick to Randall at the town hall especially after the way Randall treated him the day before. I may be in the minority here, but I don't like Randall always calling Kevin when he breaks down. Its great that Kevin has a big heart and wants to help his brother, but not in lieu of a licensed professional. This is not Kevin's responsibility. Boundaries are important.
  14. There is no need to post pictures of your sick child in the hospital. My sister has had some scares with my neice and nephew, but she never felt the need to tell all of her followers. Some things need to stay private. A smartphone is still a phone that can be used to call or text those who need to know. A novel concept for the Bateses, and Sierra, and Jilly Rod. They choose to share this information for sympathy and free shit.
  15. Not to get too off topic, but Derry Girls is about the regular Northern Irish Catholics trying to go about their lives. The show is set around 1995 give or take a year so the violence is not as bad as what it was in 1975. At that point, the children of the dissidents are over the politics and care more about popularity, boys, Take That, etc.. I actually have friends who live in Derry who are a few years younger than the main characters of Derry Girls. They love the show.
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