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  1. Everyone is white in the books. Julia Quinn is never going to write POC as her heroes or heroines.
  2. Yeah, that's what i get for commenting at work.
  3. That is a lot of bows. You can buy them on Amazon in rainbow packs of 20-40.
  4. The top rack is Felicity's wardrobe while the bottom rack is Evie's. I don't think the wardrobe is too out there. Most likely Evie will be wearing Felicity's old baby clothes. Felicity was also the first grandbaby on Jeremy's side so I can see his mom and sisters buying up all the cute clothes. I do the same for my niece and nephew. It is so easy to find clothes for a little girl. I am constantly buying my now 6 year old niece something new because I saw it and it looked cute.
  5. I can hear the cranky old lady in my home through multiple closed doors some mornings. I was spoiled before, my late cat liked to snuggle and as long as her food and water dishes were full, she never bothered me. The only thing she would do is bat my face for me to roll over so she could cuddle next to my heart.
  6. Yours never felt the need to sing the song of their people at 6am????
  7. That was Ella Emhoff, Kamala's stepdaughter.
  8. Randall and his family used to live in New Jersey because he was working in finance in NYC. Rebecca moved to NJ as well to be close to Randall and her first set of grandkids. She and Miguel decided to move to California after Jack was born to be close to Kate and their latest grandchild. Nicky ended up somewhere in Pennsylvania after his stint in Vietnam probably because that is where he is from and where else was he supposed to go. Yes, Marc being in San Diego and the whole Randall in Philly subplot are stretches, but the rest of the background geography makes sense. Kevin is an actor who moved to LA because that is where the jobs are. Kate followed him and became his assistant because the writers are incapable of creating an actual story for her independent from her nuclear family.
  9. The show looks like they filmed the actors in both French and English because the actors lips matched up with the words. But, it was also dubbed. There were times usually in the beginning of a scene or when an actor's back was turned that the dubbing became noticeable. The tone of the voice did not match the actors' body language. It would be too loud or too forceful. I will say that when it happened it was jarring, but then show almost immediately correct itself and I forgot about it until it happened again. And it was not all of the actors usually just the female cop and Assane's estranged wife. It's almost like the show used different voices for them or used software to de-French their accents.
  10. I binged this over the weekend, and I really enjoyed except for the sound mixing. I got annoyed with the English dubbing when it did not sync with the action. It looks like the French cast filmed in English because the lips matched the dialog, but there were times when the tone was off. I wouldn't mind watching these episodes in their original French with subtitles instead of the dubbing. I hope the show takes the time to fix these issues with the next batch of episodes. I did like the show leaned into the ugly after effects of French colonialism. The constant shock from white people when Assane showed up, "I didn't know you were....young, old, etc" when they meant black. And the journalist's whole rant about being a woman of a certain age was perfection.
  11. Accents are a fickle thing. For some, they easily adapt to the local after a few years, for others they keep their accent after decades. It also depends on how insular a life the person lives. If Hai doesn't venture out much into the English speaking world and he continues to speak Vietnamese the majority of the time, he will retain his accent.
  12. The short sleeved frocks would be worn in the warmer months. Also they would be wearing layers under the dress. If they were cold, then they would use a shawl to cover their arms. In the winter, they would be wearing long sleeves and dresses made out of warmer fabrics like wool.
  13. The Bridgertons, Featheringtons, et al all would have gone to church to see and be seen on major holidays only. They would have also have been Church of England which was pretty bland back then. The clergy were second or third sons of the aristocracy who took orders because they needed the salary. The fire and brimstone was kept to a minimum. There were some clergy who preached harsher sermons, but that was not the norm especially in London. The story of Onan would not have been discussed anywhere near these ladies.
  14. It's not an Amazon issue. I am a librarian and cannot order the print of any Bridgerton book after the first. The publisher only reprinted that one last year, the rest of the books are impossible to get right now in print. I just checked the Ripped Bodice bookstore, and they have the second book listed as backordered. The ebooks are available though. They will reprint the rest eventually. Covid has also done a number on the printing side of publishing. There are delays everywhere forcing publishers to have to prioritize what gets printed. New releases are naturally more important. It's very possible that the books will not be reprinted until the trade paperback media tie in for season two. Which means books 3-8 wont get reprinted for awhile.
  15. Thanks for sharing. From my end of the publishing process, we are also loathe to call many books ghostwritten. The celebrity memoir and the rest of the celebrity books published, we always catalog and classify them as the published author. With the obvious caveat that the definition of memoir means the books may not be 100% verifiably truthful. If the book was actually written by a ghostwriter instead of the celebrity who's name is attached, well caveat emptor. Jeremy and Jinger's book will most likely be classified as a religious book hanging out in the Dewey 240s. Another section of non-fiction books which are anything but. My interpretation of ghostwriting is more commonly found in fiction. Where V.C. Andrews is still publishing new books 35 years after she died. And Ann M. Martin and Francine Pascal used to reign supreme. Now we have James Patterson who is at least giving the actual writer second billing on all of his books. And while she denies it, there is no way that Danielle Steel is popping out 6 books a year at her age.
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