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  1. I can't see that happening since all the Duggar couples are married and both parents agree to film. There are no custody battles going on here.
  2. It is true that reading and listening use different parts of the brain. They are technically two different processes, but they work in tandem. Also, everyone's brains work differently and some people need to listen to a text to fully understand and retain it. Publishers have been making read-alongs for decades because there are enough kids out there that both need to look at words on a page and hear them at the same time. I used to never listen to audiobooks until 2 years ago. I was resistant because I know I can read a book faster than any narrator could speak it. But, my library patrons love them and I needed to learn how our electronic audiobooks worked in the app. Also, I can only lie convincingly to a certain point, so I needed to try a few. I do enjoy the ones I have listened to, and I have been able to recall the text when necessary. There are still some books that I would never attempt to listen to and just read with my eyes instead.
  3. I work in literacy, and ebooks and audiobooks are reading. Its truly just a personal preference. The text is the same. I get touchy about this because it is my job. Audiobooks were developed initially for the blind and have grown from there. The production values have increased exponentially since sighted people started to listen to them. Unabridged audiobooks are literally a narrator speaking every word in the text. Ebooks are great for people with different disabilities to read books. People with dyslexia can use special fonts and backgrounds to help them read and understand the text. Also people with mobility issues who cannot hold a physical book can use an ereader or tablet to read again. Ebooks also allow the reader to increase text size for people with eyesight issues. Large print books are more expensive than ebooks. I personally read physical books, ebooks, and audiobooks. Depending on the book, I prefer each format. They all have their pluses and minuses.
  4. I can't do any form of Aiden with a Y. The town next to mine is Ayden, home of the Ayden Collard Festival complete with a yearly collard eatin contest.
  5. The only silver-lining I can see with Lauren's latest post, the whole month of October is Baby Loss Awareness Month. Lauren waited until the 10th to post something. She could have been posting something daily since the 1st like some other people who show up on my social media feeds.
  6. At least cash is spelled correctly. Kim Zolciak from RHOA has a son Kash.
  7. I saw growth with Tahani tonight. She is always going to name-drop her friends and acquaintances are a part of her, but I thought she handled her situation well. She sought Janet's advice, but she was able to figure out how to really connect with John on her own. I loved Jameela's delivery of her research on John. She expressed ignorance about John searching for cheap airfare to Bali but not disgust. Season one Tahani would have shown disgust.
  8. It's all man-made and designed to keep women shackled to mediocre men. Divorce was an option for Jews during Jesus's life. In the Bible, Joseph almost divorces Mary before Jesus is born. Polygamy was also present in the Old Testament.
  9. I am not 100% certain about why Gothard is against divorce, but I imagine that it falls along the lines of other Christian faiths. Heathen Catholics can separate and divorce but if they want to remarry and stay in the Church's good graces they have to get an annulment. Those annulments have various steps and costs depending on the type of marriage that is being dissolved from just a civil ceremony up to a church sanctioned marriage. The Church of England did not allow their faithful to remarry after divorce. That is why Edward VIII abdicated for his brother when he wanted to marry Wallis Simpson. Also why Princess Margaret's marriage to Peter Townsend never happened. This was eventually changed allowing Charles and Camilla to marry and Charles can keep his place in the succession. I would assume the Duggars would be against any divorce of the marriages that JB has arranged. I could see him allowing Jana to marry a divorced man if his previous marriage was a civil ceremony or in a different church. He would not care as long as the man was now the "right" type of Christian. Especially if the ex-wife in that situation was a godless hussy who works fulltime, drinks alcohol, wears revealing clothing, etc. They don't expect their men to be virgins just look at who Tabitha Paine married.
  10. My mom wears RX support hose everyday. She wears closed-toe shoes with them. Sandals like the ones Michelle is wearing have the tendency to slide right off with the hose
  11. I have not stepped foot into a Golden Corral in more than a decade, but those rolls are the best thing on that buffet. Who hasn't stuffed a few rolls into their bag whist visiting?
  12. From what I can gather from larger people on Twitter, this is usually not the case. I follow Roxane Gay on Twitter and she is forever calling out different venues where the chairs do not work for her body, flight attendants who do not know how to handle a fat passenger bringing their own seatbelt extenders, venues where there are not stairs for her to get on the stage for a reading, etc. Thin, able-bodied people don't know how to handle people with unruly bodies. It never occured to the hostess that Kate could not fit into the booth until Kate spelled it out to her. And most likely, that information went in one ear and out the other. Toby could have made the reservation at the restaurant, specifically asked for a table not a booth, and they still could have ended up in the situation shown.
  13. I was one of the tallest people in my 7th grade class, and most of the boys never caught up. It took me a few years to feel comfortable enough in my body. Middle school was not fun. I do feel for Kate. I never though about the fact that Kate is just Kate and not someone with an obvious talent or interests like her brothers. It happens and it can suck on occasions. Things like that do make it harder to figure out a college major and career. I also know the struggle. I did not figure out what I wanted to do until I was 25, entered graduate school at 26 and did not get a job in my field until I was 32. I can see where Kate got complacent doing a job she tolerated for years. Kevin got lucky finding acting after his football career disappeared.
  14. I see body issues as something that encompasses more than weight. I always got the impression that Kate never really felt pretty especially with Rebecca as her mom. Katr is starting to enter a time where her body is changing, she feels awkward, and it is never fun to shoot up to be taller than the boys. She also looks at the popular girls and sees them somehow immune to these changes. It's hard on a girl when she first realizes that she is never going to look like the perfect paragon of feminine beauty. In many ways Rebecca is that.
  15. I think Bug is a horrible nickname for your only daughter especially when your don't bother bestowing any nicknames on you other 2 kids. I am honestly not shocked to see Kate grow up with body issues with Rebecca calling her Bug. Kate broke my heart when she asked her brothers about boys like a girl who is bigger than them.
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