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  1. I guessed as much, and of course Bravo being Bravo the ladies got tickets to the XXX show instead of a R rated one. I do hate these producer shenanigans. I am assuming that production set this up since we did not get LeeAnne going after Stephanie for getting tickets to the wrong Ladyboy show.
  2. It kills me that the show glossed over the fact that the British Army was in Northern Ireland on Harold Wilson's order. They had opportunities to drop a line or two of dialogue into the script to set up season 4 but the show chose not to go that route. So now we will get Uncle Dickie going out with a bang without any context, and only the IRA will have blood on their hands.
  3. Yes women are very quick to say "what did she do to provoke him" when the man in question is their crush. Case in point, JK Rowling and her decision not to fire Johnny Depp as Grindewald. I don't know if she flat out admitted that she has had a crush on him since 21 Jump Street, but it was heavily implied.
  4. If I am in a crowded theater, I expect some noticeable audience reactions--laughs, gasps, scattered applause, etc. I find it enhances the movie-going experience. If I want silence, I will wait for the dvd and watch it at home. Some of the best movie going experiences I have had have been because of other audience members. I will always remember watching Halloween H20 in the theatre and a woman yelling Or seeing Eyes Wide Shut with the two black women sitting behind me giving their own commentary. There is a fine line between being obnoxious and being funny, and I can see where it differs from person to person. For me, that is what makes it worthwhile to go out the theater, pay for a ticket and pay for overpriced popcorn and a drink. I do draw the line at clapping at the end of the movie though. That is completely unnecessary unless you are at the premier where the actors, directors, writers, etc can appreciate it.
  5. I do see the logic of setting up your infant's social media accounts if you are a celebrity in any capacity. They do need to get the name locked down before some "fan" creates an account. And then use it the bare minimum to keep the account current or whatever the term in social media parlance. Posting on it all the time is going too far, but there are reasons why you would do it.
  6. Now that Derick got his message out there about wanting to write a book, I wonder how long it will take before he gets a book deal. I can totally see the staff at one of the Big 5 publishers (or more) doing the numbers today to see how well this book could sell. If it looks like it could be a bestseller, then it could happen. The publisher would provide the ghostwriter and editors to make it happen and set Derick up with a book agent. If they work fast enough, the book could hit late spring 2020. Or the numbers aren't there, and this book never happens. It's really a coin toss at this point.
  7. I don't see Derick getting a six figure advance. His tell-all won't sell enough copies to justify that. A six-figure advance means the publisher expects book sales to also be in the six figures. I know Derick is an idiot, but I don't think he would be that stupid to use his advance as a down payment on the house. The Dillards home is around $200,000. A down payment of 20% of that would be $40,000. Assuming he has an agent, then his advance would have been $50,000. He would have used up all of his advance on the house and left no money to pay the mortgage for the next few years. And then, he is also on the hook if the book does not sell enough copies for him to earn back the advance. Advances are loans from the publisher based on the projected earnings of the book. They are meant to be used by the author to cover living expenses while the writer finishes the book or books.
  8. Jill has been doing some studying on her own over the last year. She will occasionally show the book she is reading or podcast she is listening to on her Instagram stories. These titles all have one overarching theme--becoming a happy adult after an emotionally stunted childhood. I would not be surprised to find out that she is seeing a liked-minded Christian therapist. There is no way to know if Jill made this decision or if Derick pushed her into it, but she is trying to help herself which is more than what any of her other adult siblings has done. I would also never announce to the world that I was in therapy, so Jill may be keeping this on the DL. I have always thought that Derick was unaware of Josh's real crimes. As much of an asshole as he is, I have never doubted that he does care for Jill. His ire seems to be placed on the real culprit--JB and Josh. I don't think we will ever know what Jill actually wants. But, she can easily use Derick as a scapegoat with her family. Jill may want to have zero contact with her parents or Josh and she can use her "headship" as a reasonable excuse. This way she can still get together with her other siblings at her house where she can set her own boundaries.
  9. I do think that this movie is Martin Scorsese coming to terms with his, his actor's, and as an extension his characters' mortality.** The last act of this movie is breathtaking. By the end of the film Frank has either outlived or alienated everyone he has ever cared about. That scene in the bank was brutal but understandable. The scenes with the priest where Frank has the opportunity to tell someone about the burden he carries, but he is ultimately unable. Absolution is there only if Frank asks. A better theologian than me could have a field day with this section of the movie. **Given the ages of Marty, Bob, Joe, Al, and Harvey, I can see why Martin indulged the way he did with this movie. Joe Pesci came out if retirement for this role. The odds are very likely that this was the best script to get the band back together and add Al Pacino that was ever going to appear. While I still prefer Goodfellas over the Irishman, I do think this is a worthy movie and I will rewatch this eventually.
  10. You mentioned His Holiness Joe Pesci and now I am obligated to drop this link-- https://youtu.be/8r-e2NDSTuE
  11. I watched this at home over the long weekend. I enjoyed it. The CGI wasn't that noticable. but I could still see the almost 80 year old bodies in every scene. It doesn't matter if the tech is there to de-age the actors when they still move like old men. Overall, I liked it always glad to see Joe Pesci on my screen.
  12. I can guarantee you that I have had more fun with strangers in a hotel lobby than anyone had at the TTH yesterday. My secret--alcohol.
  13. She's a hoot. I love old people when the filter is gone and they really don't care anymore. They always have the best stories.
  14. One thing that struck me in this episode was that Tony had zero intentions of divorcing Margaret for The Thing. He was not going to give up on his cushy lifestyle as the brother-in-law to the queen. He was going to continue to see Lucy, take her down to his country house, take her abroad, but not marry her, while leaving nasty notes for Margaret to find. His words to Lucy were "she's not going to divorce me." Margaret really forced his hand on this one.
  15. With all this talk about Phillip being upset he is only a Prince or a Duke and not king, I am reminded that the only male spouse of a female English monarch to receive the title of King was William III back in 1688. He also had a strong claim to the English throne, married Mary to strengthen it, and negotiated with the English to be styled King and to continue his reign after Mary had passed away. It's not like England has had many Queens--Matlida, Mary, Elizabeth, Mary II, Anne, Victoria, and Elizabeth II. Phillip had zero precedent for being styled a King Consort especially after Albert was only a Prince.
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