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  1. The idea that Sammi and Lola are somehow damaged good because their father is Charlie Sheen is sickening. This seems to be the attitude that Rinna and Erika have, and I just cannot wrap my head around it. If anything, a "true friend" like Rinna should be defending Denise and her parenting because of what those girls have been through. Not saying that because the girls have met sex workers through their father that they are fair game.
  2. He was also raised in Scientology.
  3. I wonder if it is because Amy explained to Jill how to take these types of pictures in terms Jill understands. She had some cute outfits from C & L, but she just took them out of the packaging, threw them on, and had Izzy snap some pictures. Amy must have told her to wash the clothes before wearing them, and maybe not stand outside staring into the sun while her son snapped away on her phone.
  4. I actually like both pieces, just maybe not together. But, I think tie-dye suits Jill.
  5. They also have some pretty major things going on in their own lives that they do not want to talk about on camera. Dorit, PK and their finances, Mauricio and his lawsuit, Tom and his lawsuits, and whatever it is that keeps Harry as far away from his loving wife as possible. These women are also not smart enough to create engaging fake storylines to make up for what they don't want shown. So they attack LVP and now Denise to appease the cameras. There also seems to be a lot more footage on the cutting room floor this season as well. It appears there were multiple events where cameras were present, but very little of that footage has appeared.
  6. Jill is in a tee shirt and Derick is in a suit. He must have found some summer internship. Good for him, I'm sure this pandemic made that difficult.
  7. I grew up with a prankster father, an older, and sandwiched between male cousins on both sides of my family. I have zero aversions to anything squishy, slithery, bugs, spiders, rodents, etc. I learned early to show no fear, or else that fear would be exploited. A couple of years ago, I was a chaperone for the high school youth group at my church. The diocese here used to do a yearly youth convention and I got tapped to be the female chaperone. Whoever was running it asked for volunteers to come up on stage for a bit, and I obliged my kids and went up. The bit was a prank where we were blindfolded and asked to put our hands into a bowl to guess what was in there. It was something like pennies, cold spaghetti, etc., and the final bowl we were told to take off the blindfold to see it was full of dirt and worms. The joke being our reaction. Well, the male chaperone, and various youth all squealed their surprise while I just stood there nonplussed, my eyes saying, "is that all there is." I really didnt care that I was just on stage fondling earthworms while wearing a blindfold. I was upset I now had dirt under my fingernails and I was craving a cigarette.
  8. I think JB would go even further than permanent lockdown and find Jana a godly husband immediately.
  9. I can't imagine that being the case. Her son was with her, and he ended up alone in a boat on a lake.
  10. I know Teddi is always trying to stay relevant, but I still don't understand why she inserted herself into this argument in the first place. She wasn't talking about threesomes at Denise's house and Denise has no beef with her, but she still felt the need to bring up Denise making them all look like bad moms. This beef should only be between Denise and Erika.
  11. I do think Camilla is Charles' person. She makes him a better man, and I do love to see them together. I do like her and would love to hang out with her and have a drink, a laugh, and a ciggie. Vanity Fair just did a piece on her which makes me love her even more. https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2020/07/how-quarantine-introduced-the-real-camilla-to-the-world
  12. I would never go out on a boat alone like that, but not everyone was raised to respect the water. So many people overestimate their own abilities when it comes to large bodies of water.
  13. The first event was a "family barbecue" where Sutton's boyfriend and Edwin also showed. Now, Aaron was the only husband to be seen at the table with the ladies. I also think Sutton did extend the invitation to the husbands for her event, but Edwin, Mauricio, and PK all chose not to attend. It looks like Denise had to bring her guard dog because all of the men decided to stay home. With the exception of Harry and Tom, an event like this has brought out some of the husbands in past seasons.
  14. This season is boring and repetitive because both Kyle and Dorit have topics they do not want discussed. Erika as well, but she does have the Chicago story to work with. They are ganging up on Denise to have something to talk about instead of themselves or their husbands. Just like last season with LVP. They are too dim to craft another story to misdirect the other ladies and viewers, so we are left with them beating this dead horse.
  15. I find the character of Lord John Grey fascinating because his existence shows the author is receptive to valid criticism. Gabaldon was rightly criticized for having her villains be queer, and she then crafted a gay hero. I only wish he wasn't also in love with Jamie. The whole everyone is in love with Jamie got old. But, I can see why he is written this way. The original series is heavily influenced by the 70s and 80s historical bodice rippers. Jamie is written like the heroine of these books. And yes, these books have some consent issues to put it mildly, but that is also because publishing had not evolved yet to allow for a woman to want to have sex on the page or at least a virgin heroine. The whole rape is historically accurate argument comes from this as well. It wasn't until the mid 90s that historical romance writers began to move away from the hero being abusive to the heroine. The problem is Diana Gabaldon stopped reading these historical romances when she began to write her books and she missed this changing tide.
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