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  1. As long as JB is paying the bills for his various married dependents, they have no choice about attending the trial. We will most likely see all of the over 18s at some point. Well, except for whoever is watching the Ms.
  2. I hope Justin and Clare have a couple of more years of him not getting tab A into slot B correctly. This knucklehead is nowhere near ready to be a father.
  3. We were watching NBC last night and there was a Peacock commercial with Die Hard. My mom said she needs to watch it to see if it's a Christmas movie. I wanted to immediately pick up the remote and show her, but it was after 10 and we both had to work this morning. We will have to wait until Friday night. IMHO, it's just as much of a Christmas movie as It's a Wonderful Life.
  4. When I was a juror, the case wrapped up around 4 pm, and the judge decided that was enough for the day. He decided to hold off sending us to deliberate until the next day. We could have started deliberating that day if we were not constantly getting interrupted due to prior commitments from the judge, prosecution and I think the defense attorney, and an hour lunch break. We were empaneled, sent back to the jury room while whoever did what they needed to do, heard opening arguments, sent back again due to whatever else had to be taken care of that day, heard the prosecution's case, broke for
  5. Typically, juries do not deliberate on weekends. They deliberate during regular working hours of the courthouse and the judge handling the case. Deliberations can take anywhere from an hour to weeks depending on the case in question.
  6. After reading all of the books, the first three are definitely the weakest. But, each series builds upon what happened before. I really don't see how the showrunners could write just the second duology without heavy flashbacks that include characters like Alina and Mal without ever seeing them again.
  7. I don't like Jill's new hair color on her. It's too cool for skintone or something. The right hair color does not accentuate facial redness. I don't remember Jill looking that red as a brunette. I belive she has warm undertones, and without makeup the cool blonde is not flattering. That being said, I love the color for myself. I need to splurge and finally get my hair colored professionally. I have a bit too much white for my 41 years. I thing that is the right medium blonde for me and my neutral undertones.
  8. And this is why I do not think Anna is trying to get knocked up again so soon. Anna believes what Josh is saying, and he will be acquitted. No need to skirt the biblical teachings of Gothard that says she is to wait 80 days after the birth of a daughter because Josh will be home with her and the kids when that blessed day happens.
  9. In Jessa's defense, it is fall and the colors look appropriate with the leaves.
  10. In Gothard families and their ilk, a woman never has autonomy. Her body is never her own--it belongs to her father first and then her husband, and those men can use and abuse it as they see fit. Of course, JB cared more about protecting his golden child. Josh had a future that was lightyears ahead of being a broodmare for Jesus.
  11. Ma and Pa Rodrigues are in a right pickle when it comes to the boy Rodlets. Deep down Jill knows she and David cannot afford to let them stay in their home indefinitely, but how can she keep them under her thumb if they leave.
  12. Lizzie has been posting videos of their roadtrip on TikTok. They looked to have an amazing time visiting the different contestants, and Jurgen and Lizzie went on the roller-coaster in Brighton. Lizzie did seem a bit put out with the 5 hour road trip which made me laugh. Depending on which direction I drive, I can drive for 5 hours and still be in the same state.
  13. The person who famously said that was the Nazi-fucker Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel.
  14. I honestly don't find that story too farfetched. I have been around long enough to see mediocre men (and it is almost always men) working in positions they are nowhere near qualified. So many things are about who you know over what you know, so this scenario sounds plausible. Josh's whole stint at the FRC somewhat proves this. And then you have Jeremy who has attached himself to John MacArthur's butthole in order to ride that to some yet to be determined position.
  15. All of the furnishings look like some Boomer or Boomers downsized and dropped off their furniture at the local thrift store. That room is my Rust Belt Boomer mother's dream from 1980 something. The unrelenting shades of brown complete with doilies was quite the thing when I was growing up in Northeast Ohio. I would not be surprised to see Jill get a variation of this couch for her new living room
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