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  1. It's bougie as hell, but not a bad concept. It's an adult place for adults that does not cater to college students.
  2. Nor was Marissa Tomei's for My Cousin Vinny. She made that movie.
  3. When you grow up watching the imitators, it can be hard to recognize the genius of the originator. I had the same reaction to Some Like it Hot. I had to take a step back to realize how groundbreaking the ending was. It will never be the funniest movie ever made for me, but I can appreciate it for what it was in the 60s.
  4. Josh is being prosecuted by the feds and not the state of Arkansas. Federal courts run separately from state courts and have their own guidelines. The judge followed the federal rules and regulations as it pertains to Josh being released and made her ruling. Josh's ability to see his children is up to the state.
  5. Josh had some devices confiscated in November 2019 when the search warrant was acted upon. Since he was not charged with anything at that time, he could easily purchase a new phone, tablet or laptop. The car lot was shuttered after the raid. It appears that Josh's illegal actions were happening at the car lot where he brought his RV in and set up his laptop using the internet there. If Josh has been under Duggar house arrest since then, he may have not had the opportunity to do anything else illegal. Josh was "working" at the car lot in May 2019 when he downloaded the files.
  6. I believe that was the judge getting on record the fact that both Mr. and Mrs. Reiber knew what they were signing up for with Josh. The judge made the decision to release Josh with a long list of conditions. She needs to make sure the people who volunteered to house Josh understand those conditions.
  7. She must have received some writing advice from Anne Rice.
  8. And Margaret's son, James V, married Mary of Guise who begat Mary QoS. Then you have the Four Marys, Mary QoS's ladies in waiting. It feels wrong that Margaret's line is full of Marys instead of Mary.
  9. If it was decided that the M kids could not stay with Anna, they would not immediately be placed into foster care. Josh has multiple adult siblings who may be willing to take in a kid or two. Taking the kids away from Anna does not immediately taking them away from their extended family.
  10. I know someone who used to do this kind of work. I had to take a class once about how to spot child abuse and she led it. I don't think you are ever going to find anyone willing to casually give you concrete examples of the techniques used to get honest answers out of an abused child. They have heard some stories and usually do not have the spoons necessary to fill you in. You just need to trust that they are trained to do their job, and whatever reasons you have listed here are things they know about.
  11. In matters like this, CPS is trained to question the children in a way that promotes honesty and away from parents like Anna. They know parents will attempt to coach the kids to keep to a story. Sadly, Anna is not the first mother nor will she be the last who will choose their spouse/partner over her children.
  12. I wonder about this as well. I assume an investigation was triggered by Josh's arrest last week and that it is ongoing.
  13. The warrant for Josh's arrest was issued last week on April 30th. We have to give CPS time to investigate. It's been a week at this point. CPS needs to do a thorough investigation and not rush it.
  14. This is nothing compared to what the Hapsburgs did in Spain. The ancestry of King Charles II of Spain is a doozy. Most of us have 16 great-great grandparents, he had 9.
  15. These are federal charges so the judge is following federal guidelines. Josh was able to find a third party custodian who is willing to house Josh until his trial and babysit him. Or I should say that Jim Bob was able to find someone to babysit Josh. As much as we all want Josh locked up, there is no indication that the judge is sympathetic to Josh and his religious beliefs. She was doing her job, and Josh does have a long list of restrictions.
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