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  1. That hasn't stopped John David though. Lawson would be the headship and could leave whenever he wanted and his wife would just have to deal.
  2. Lawson also loves the attention he gets when people speculate about his marital status. Once he finds a girl, all of that attention goes away. No one cares about the groom, only the bride. Lawson ain't having that.
  3. Honestly, I don't trust gym owners or gym patrons enough to even think about walking into one. Leaving aside ventilation issues, I don't see gyms staffing enough people to properly sanitize machines and other equipment after each person. Proper sanitation requires you to spray disinfectant, wait sometimes up to 10 minutes, then wipe with a clean towel. Even in pre-covid 19 times, people were always so impatient in the gym.
  4. Tatler has an unnecessarily catty piece about Kate-- https://www.tatler.com/article/the-duchess-of-cambridge-is-the-julyaugust-cover I really don't know why they had to bring Meghan up in this article. For me, it makes me think less of Kate. Kate is upset that she actually has to work instead of Harry and Meghan. I get wanting to be hands-on parents, but how many other women are working moms? And how many of those working moms have no other help? Of course, this is still unnamed sources speaking and I do wonder if it's the Kensington Palace PR doing its spin yet again.
  5. I can see that. She has a changing table, and I can't imagine using one with a 2 year old. At Janessa's age and the level of experience Jill should have, it's easier changing a diaper with the kid standing up or on the floor.
  6. I like Roger solely due to the fact that he was played by John Slattery. Any other actor, and I would have hated him. There is just something about the way John reads a line that i find myself laughing when i should be horrified.
  7. I went to Atlantic Beach on Sunday. Friends have a timeshare at one of the condo places, so we had a place to park and a real bathroom we could use. The beach was crowded, but everyone was keeping their distance. Almost everyone was using this new shade which takes up a decent amount of beach https://shibumishade.com/
  8. Harry Crane was borderline for me. There's sleaze and then there's Harry. The way he always had to bring up how Joan got her partnership was pretty shitty. SCDP would never have happened if it wasn't for Joan and all she brought to the table. The company was successful because of everything she did on a day-to-day basis, and she deserved a partnership for that alone.
  9. MMV, but I like the Veronica Speedwell books and I see them being very tongue-in-cheek. Deanna Raybourn writes romance-adjacent books and has definitely read a lot of romance novels. Veronica and Stoker are both characters straight out of historical romances. All of those traits listed for both of them have appeared in romance. These characters just happen to have all of them instead of just one or two quirks. Stoker cracks me up with his characterizations because he is so much the Alpha Male Hero to end all alphas. I see them as frothy, historical fun. That being said, I have only read the first three books and I space them out with my other fiction.
  10. I'm currently rewatching this, and just started season 6. Knowing how it all ends helps to see the nuance in the characters I didn't catch when it aired. Megan is not bothering me as much because I can now see how badly Don treats her from the jump. Don makes the same mistakes with Megan as he did with Betty, and it is interesting to see how she reacts differently. Because Don never really confronted why his marriage to Betty fell apart. It was easier for him to think Betty left him over the whole Dick Whitman thing and not his controlling behavior or his affairs. Even then Betty was willing to overlook the affairs as long as they happened in Manhattan (or on a business trip) and did not interfere with their life. I see why Don wanted to marry Megan and thought himself in love with her. Don is a shit dad and needed a partner to take care of his kids when he had them. Dude couldn't even handle every other weekend. Then Don heard Megan wanted to try being a copywriter, and he envisioned a future where his work-wife was actually his wife. They get married and he just dumps Megan into Peggy's lap to deal with. Of course, Megan worked only when Don wanted her to work. I get why Megan wanted an out from that work environment. I do think the groundwork was laid in seasons 4 and 5 that Megan was not completely honest with what she wanted. A running theme of this show is that what you think you want is not really what you want. Megan put aside her childish dreams of being an actress, but she still wants it. She was lying to herself and Don in Tomorrowland when she said she had given up on that dream. I do think, though, that a better actress would have been able to portray this clearer. Unpopular opinion here, I think Megan is just as childish and immature if not more as Betty. I know Don needs to be called out for his controlling behavior, but her hissy fit in the Howard Johnsons was not the way to do it.
  11. I loved the resolution to the Rose and Bernard story. They retire to a tropical island that happened to conveniently cure Rose's cancer. Yeah, they never got to see their children and grandchildren again, but there are worse ways to go.
  12. That made me laugh. I can see Cate acting this way because she was forced to do PR for the movie and could not hide her dislike for Oprah. I get not wanting to go on Oprah especially during that time period. The show was a joke at that point, and the audience was next level annoying. That response reads to me like Marshawn Lynch's glorious "I'm just here so I don't get fined" during a mandatory post-game press conference.
  13. I kept on getting distracted during Abe and Kate. Why was Eric drinking red wine? Have the writers forgotten the fact that Eric doesn't drink?
  14. I enlarged it. It's a cheap set of probably freshwater pearls. The pearls are irregular in color and shape.
  15. One thing that is bothering me about this latest attempt at a giveaway, the only listed condition is both you and your spouse have to follow both of them. I know each state has it's own laws about contests, and this does not strike me as legal in all if them. IANAL, but I do know some states require all conditions to be posted, or anyone is eligible and you dont have to meet any of the requirements. This particular giveaway discriminates against any single person and women who's husbands dont have an account. There is no way that is legal in all 50 states. Not to mention international laws. Also, what would they do if a same-sex couple enters? Like @Churchhoney I have also read about the rise of these types of posts on Instagram. I predict states attorneys general will be pressuring Instagram to crack down on these posts very soon.
  16. I do need to research this more. The hard part was that my grandfather did not start talking about this until he was old enough not to remember specifics. I also think that he was getting his ladies mixed up as he was telling of his youthful exploits. Getting back to the Hallmark version of this story, I do need to travel to The Highlands and meet my hunky, kilt-wearing future husband. Given my age, he will be a widower with two little ones. Over the course of my search I will discover that my late uncle tried to find his father, but was unable to locate him. Poppa did move to another state when he returned. Or, the hunky widower is my.late uncles solicitor who finally tracks me down in the States. He was actually trying to find my late father. We bond over discussing my family's history. I'm not too enamored with this version because I would probably have to share the inheritance with my 3 siblings. The rest of my aunts, uncles, and cousins are SOL though. Unless my uncle was the Scottish Bill Gates.
  17. I may or may not have an aunt or uncle over in Scotland. My grandfather was single during the war and apparently had a good time in Scotland. He brought back some mementos. One of his paramours was an ARP warden and I ended up with her pin. He also kept a picture of a woman holding a baby with "Ellie, Scotland 1945" on the back. We all have no idea who Ellie was and whether or not the baby is my grandfather's.
  18. I can buy this. There's something about that kitchen
  19. Jill still has a long way to go, but all of those outfits suit her. I see her personality in them. Baby steps, I know.
  20. Reason #1045 I can never become an influencer, all that beige puts me to sleep. Their color palette is soooooo boring. I need color and pattern in my life.
  21. I do agree that Catherine did really love Henry. I also do think Henry loved her in his own way until he didn't. Or he loved the idea of marrying her after Catherine spent years in Henry VII's court, broke, and with an uncertain future. Henry always loved to see himself as the hero. Keeping this about the fiction versions of the Tudors, I absolutely hated Philippa Gregory's take on her. Arthur, the man she was married to for 5 months as teenagers, was the love of her life and the reason why she couldn't divorce was because she made a promise. Oh and BTW, they totally did it. Nothing in the historical record about Catherine supports this. She would never lie to Church authorities about something so major. She was too devout to ever contemplate it.
  22. There is also option 3 where your (usually retired) mentor needs your help with solving their white whale.
  23. Catherine of Aragon's stubbornness intrigues me. One one hand I get why she refused to make Henry's life easier, but she had one job and failed. Henry was not the first king to ever seek an annulment after years of marriage to a woman who failed to give birth to a son. Most famously, Eleanor of Aquitaine was both the Queen of France and the Queen of England. I know England never had salic law, but the only ruling queen in their history, Matilda, was a failure. I get why Henry wanted a new wife to try to get a son. But, I also realize Catherine could not bear to see Anne Boleyn rise. I do wonder what Catherine would have done if Henry wanted to marry another royal. Would she have stubbornly refused to acquiesce to an annulment in that case?
  24. I got a kick out of Laszlo as a bat yelling out "Human Form" before changing back. I wonder if that was scripted or if Matt Berry just made it up.
  25. Yes, especially if the Duggars stay inside all day. I don't see JB or Michelle opening the windows and doors to air the place out. From what I have read, air-conditioning especially in commercial spaces helps to spread the virus.
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