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  1. I just took a gander at KJ's Instagram, and I can see why Amy is upset. KJ is sloppy and used a random picture of the Duggar family to accompany her post about abuses in fundie families. The picture in question has Deanna in a prominent position.
  2. I loved Will and Grace during its original run when I was younger. When I tried to watch it again as an adult, I hated it. Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack are all assholes who constantly punch down. I can live with unlikable protagonists with asshole tendencies, but I can't do punching down. I will also watch reruns of ELR. There's something about that show that reflects real life and makes it funnier. There are a few duds every season, but when the show gets it right, it's still hilarious no matter how many times I see that particular episode
  3. I had the same thought. It's not them being blonde that makes me think this, but how put together the kids are. All of them have their hair done, and their clothes are too neat. Ruffle them up a tad, and your mind won't immediately go to the Aryan ideal family.
  4. It really depends on how old Deja is, and the state laws. I'm not going to do more research into the specific Pennsylvania or Massachusetts laws regarding this (not doing more research than the writers), but many states in the US allow 16 or 17 year-olds to marry without parental permission. This marriage would emancipate Deja from Beth and Randall allowing her to move up to Cambridge and finish high school or dropout, get her GED and go to community college. There would be no legal recourse for Beth and Randall to stop this. All they could do is not give Deja any financial assistance.
  5. I have a theory that someone on the writing staff has a significant other who love romance novels and talking about romance novels, and that person thinks he/she/them understands the genre due to this secondhand info. The romantic plots in this show almost hit the mark for many romance tropes. Kate and Philip is reading like grumpy-sunshine. Philip is definitely grumpy, but I would not classify Kate as sunshine. Only in the writers' minds is Kate sunshine.
  6. I can buy Kate and Toby divorcing. The show has laid the groundwork for that. That episode last season with Toby's dad and the home repairs had such a heavy-handed metaphor. I am still not sold on Kate moving on with Philip.
  7. When it comes to Deja learning how to drive, does anyone here really think that Randall would be content with a random driving instructor? I have no doubt that Deja completed whatever drivers education required by Pennsylvania, but Randall is going to Randall. I just looked it up and Deja needs to complete 65 hours of supervised driving before she can get her license. Most driving schools do not devote that kind of time for kids, and it's up to the parents to do the rest of the supervising.
  8. The light isn't even on yet. He has some time. I kid though. I am like your husband and gas up either right before the light comes on or as soon as it goes on. I had a night as a kid having to walk with my dad because he took the gamble that he had enough gas to get home.
  9. Sometimes it's okay to adjust the schedule for a special day, but not when you already have plans and a babysitter lined up. Also, not when you are leaving the next morning and your spouse is left with kids off their schedule from the night before. I also thought Toby's househusband comment was a bit condescending. Yes, he did take care of the kids, but that was months ago when the kids were at different ages with different needs. Toby needs to listen to Kate about where the kids are now.
  10. I know everyone here hates Kate, but this is a reach based on what we have seen. The show has not given us enough info to know that Kate is dragging her feet about moving with the kids to SF. We also have not seen any evidence of Toby looking at real estate in the Bay Area or researching schools for the blind. All we have seen is Toby working hard in SF and coming home bearing gifts whenever he can. No conversation about them moving yet.
  11. I'm not saying that Madison is denying Kevin access to their twins. Kevin is the one who has chosen to take a backseat to her. He lived in her garage for months, popping in every morning to spend time with the twins. Now he's at Kate's, but still visiting the twins. There's no reason why Madison can't bring the kids to Kevin's. He's ceding his access to Madison instead of getting his own place, a nanny, and ironing out a custody agreement with Madison.
  12. I think her blue eyeliner is making her eyes appear blue. Jill also could be like me and her eye color changed into adulthood. I was born with blue eyes and had blue eyes as a child. I cannot remember when they changed to green. It was a gradual change.
  13. Kevin does need a place of his own especially when Toby is in town, but Kate has to love having another adult at home when Toby is in SF. Someone is there to watch the kids so she can take a shower, go to the bathroom, run to the grocery store to pick up milk without having to wrestle two toddlers in and out of their car seats (or run that quick errand for her), etc.
  14. I do think the thesis of this episode is that while a parent may miss a milestone because of work, the child will remember something else that bonds he/she/them with their parents. Don't let your adult baggage weigh down the moment. Or at least that is what I got from it and Rebecca's speech to Jack. I doubt that my Dad was present when I took my first steps, but we had other things. I could do a whole Pearson speech about me, my dad, and the Goodyear Blimp and how after him being gone for almost a decade that stupid blimp can make me cry.
  15. I follow a few romance authors on Twitter and saw that last night. From what I can piece together, there is more than one website selling the services of various ghostwriters and they are claiming to have written many titles from authors like Nora. I saw some screenshots and they are claiming to have written books by Joanna Shupe, Alisha Rai, Ursula Vernon, and Neil Gaiman just to name a few. I am also waiting, popcorn and wine at the ready, to read Nora's response to this.
  16. I also did not see Kate doing anything out of the ordinary. If anything, I saw the fun dad vs. mean mom trope in full effect with Toby and his gifts. I get Toby wanting to spend time with his kids, but he needs to respect the schedule Kate has set up.
  17. The only thing I can see with regards to Kevin and his situation with the twins is Kevin is being too nice to Madison. He's bending himself backwards to allow Madison to retain full custody of the kids instead of asserting his rights as their father. Kevin knows how much Nicky and Frannie mean to Madison that he does not want to rock the boat. Successful co-parenting is not bowing to one parent's whims while ignoring the other, and that is what is happening right now. Kevin is being too generous with Madison. I know that is his nature, but this is a time for Kevin to be a little bit selfi
  18. I have some personal experience with a toddler and a hot grill. Sometimes it is no one's fault that the kid burns their hands/head/whatever. Toddlers are sneaky, fast, and dumb. Accidents happen in the matter of seconds. I'm also preemptively not buying Jack remembering this future incident. As far as I know, I remember my little brother burning his palms on the grill because I was 11 or 12 when it happened. He does not remember.
  19. The only author I can name offhand is Kevin Kwan.
  20. I agree that David has never been handsome. Jill went for David because he was the most "exotic" looking white man she could find. Jill did not want any of the pasty-ass white boys she grew up with, but she was too much of a racist to date outside her race. She pretty much has admitted this. Also, a Latino would have been a step too far for Jill. Just look at her correcting anyone who misspells the Rodrigues last name.
  21. I have no need to see the Nicky/Edie love story play out. We already knew Nicky gets married at some point, and now we know who. To me, that storyline is wrapped up now, and the show can move on to tell the other stories, but I know this is a mileage may vary situation. For some viewers, this is not enough. I also think the actors sold the little material they got and I can fill in the dots myself.
  22. The show also wants Malik to be this super ambitious and intelligent young man who made one bad choice when he was younger but that shouldn't be held against him. He's Randall-approved. He knows the last thing he can handle is another child. I understand being young, full of hormones and in love, and I also get that really smart people do some really dumb shit; but Malik making the same bad decisions doesn't ring right for the character the show believes Malik is.
  23. It's not about the size, it's knowing how to use it. 😉 That being said, I will also forgo being ladylike and say it--Pete is willing to go down on a woman and not stop until she comes maybe even multiple times. He probably also knows how to use his fingers. Goofy looking funny guys don't have the luxury of just laying there while she does all the work or only pumping until he's climaxed and she is left unsatisfied.
  24. I can see why Kim is interested in Pete for a little while. I see Pete as the exact opposite of Kanye. Pete is the guy who doesn't demand anything from you while Kanye is the one who never stops demanding. Kanye sounds exhausting as a partner, and I doubt his is good in bed. Kanye is the guy who expects to receive and never reciprocates.
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