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  1. If you Google Brett one of the pictures that comes up is him pulling down his shorts in the BB kitchen, exposing his (I have to agree nice) ass. So I doubt Rockstar's bombshell fazed him much. I can't say I'm surprised the Jackholes are his people, unfortunately. I think it's spot on that with a different cast he would have been just as bad. Hopefully Winston got out of that relationship.
  2. Good Lord. All this drama over ass pic? When I heard nude I was expecting full frontal. Brett spent his BB season almost naked so he's not shy. Regardless, it's totally wrong to send that out but I wonder if he's losing much sleep over it.
  3. H&I showed Macrocosm the other night. I'm fear this is another episode where Star Trek was prescient about the future and 2 foot tall Covid viruses will be chasing us around by Christmas.
  4. I dunno. I never thought I see curbside pickup for liquor, much less home delivery but here were are in 2020.
  5. Round trip ticket (complete with envelopes that totally can't be tampered with to ensure the desired outcome). Project DNA (Don't Need Ants--In a never-before-seen comp, it's the House Guests vs. Ants for control of the house. Spoiler Alert: The ants win). Secret Pairs (so secret even Production doesn't know who they are because they all paired up during pre-gaming). The Hacker (a COVID scare has everyone phlegmy and talking like the Baroness from GI Joe). BB Roadkill (what the HGs will be eating because the local meat processing facility is temporarily closed--everyone vies for slop!). And course Friendship Bracelets (Friendship!), meant to protect 87% of the cast in the first 3 evictions but some PA Intern misreads it as Fiendship Bracelets and invites back Ivette, Maggie and Cappy resulting in the first and biggest twist fizzle of the season. The CW is airing a show from the UK based on summer camp called Killer Camp where the killer is one of the contestants (a la The Mole) and the eliminated player is gruesomely murdered each week. Maybe that will be this season's twist: BB22: Death Before Eviction.
  6. It's possible that the station that airs TPC in your area is owned by a company that runs a CBS/NBC/ABC station. Sometimes if there's something preempting programming on one of these station, they'll put it on the secondary station because they get more ad money for it. In your case, it sounds like Ellen was preempted and since they surely get more money for airing Ellen than TPC they decided to bump TPC. The road rage case was just...wow. I have no doubt the defendant chased her down, went up to her car and generally acted like a loon. But I'm also sure she and her son were not the innocent little lambs as they claimed either. You know the birds were flipping and f bombs were dropping on both sides. And I know it had to be a scary experience to have this guy coming at you but she still came off as a drama queen. And really, if she was so scared of this guy why was she dragging him into court to further rehash it and antagonize him, Same thing as escalating things on the road; sometimes you just cut your losses and back away from the crazy. I did love the plaintiff's reaction when Judge MM straight up told her "I have no sympathy for you." She couldn't believe the judge didn't want to give her a hug and $5,000 for all she had suffered. They were both crazy for agreeing to air this disaster out on TV..
  7. They're lucky they were able to finish filming. You can start to see evidence of the pandemic becoming an issue during this episode. At least one person in the audience was wearing a mask and two of the competitors did a elbow bump instead of a handshake one the green. I thought we had seen the last of Diving Range. Hopefully fourth time's the charm and we're done with it. The Distractor was good but this hole is wildly imbalanced. There's a big difference between some can can dancers behind the hole and a bunch of smoke completely obscuring it.. Hole No. 2 is another one with a lot of subjectivity to it (how is determined which doors get opened at which time?).
  8. I suspect the show will end similar to Continuum. In that show, the main character--who was trying to get back to her son--finally made it back to (a better) future but she found an alternate version of herself and her family. Even though she knew they were living better lives, she could never be a part of it. Short of some "it never happened" reset, I think getting back to the future and finding it populated by alternate versions of themselves is the only way this works.
  9. Wally would be fine. I feel like he would have learned to take care of himself. He was fairly self sufficient. And even if couldn't--or didn't want to--he would have had no problem finding a woman wanting to play the doting housewife, 50s or not. Beaver on the other hand...
  10. Because she's a moron. She can't understand that she wasn't given some special off-the-books deal just for her precious self but instead just a rack rate anyone gets...even after been told this fact multiple times. I'm sick of every single insurance company / commercial having some wacky situation / snarky mascot / absurdist plotline. Liberty Mutual tried to counter them with their "real people" commercials which were absolutely horrible with punchable idiots but even they now have an inanimate fortune teller unicycling away and that nutty limu series. Even Hartford's old people insurance commercials now refer to their coverage as "The Buck". I will be so happy when insurance companies stop using Green Acres as a template for their ads. I blame those damn cavemen for this trend.
  11. Next week, to celebrate 15 years they're bringing back the 15 best acts. I'm, shouldn't that be the winner from each season ( which we know isn't happening)? Phrasing it that way makes it sound like either the winner of some seasons wouldn't have won in others or the wrong act won in the non-winners season.
  12. Another rerun this week. Are they trying to stretch the season out or did production get cut short due to covid?
  13. She wouldn't be any worse than some of the other rumored returnees. But I was thinking more along the lines of Mark, Tamar or Jonathan.
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