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  1. I bailed on this season weeks ago and am close to done with the show completely. But so help me if there punishment was Soylent Slop I'd watch at least the first 4 weeks.
  2. Several other game shows have been giving away trips. Wheel of Fortune still gives one away with the prize puzzle. It seems like they're mostly to Hawaii or the Caribbean. I think contestants had several years to redeem trips even before the pandemic. The assumption most likely is that travel will resume soon and the winner can use the trips. For the Hawaii ones, I'm assuming they could use them now if they feel comfortable traveling. Drew's beard might look better if he'd shorten it. He's spot on that he looks like some old timey prospector. He just needs some boots and a pick axe. He apparently likes it though because he enjoyed making the point he'd be wearing it all season. Over on LMAD, I kinda like the Galatic Senate / VIP booth at the club makeover of the audience. I don't think the Zoom audience adds much but at least they have people in person so it's not bad.
  3. So that crack they passed out to the audience before the show....apparently they're still giving out the same amount, just to the actual contestants.
  4. Guy's Grocery Games isn't a take on the original Supermarket Sweep. Other than being set in a grocery store, they don't really have anything in common. The finale of GGG is a bit like the finale of SS (moreso since they changed the concept of the final run on GGG in recent years) , but at the end of the day GGG is a cooking show. I agree that there's something missing from this version. I like Leslie's enthusiasm and that she's a fan of the original. It definitely adds to the energy of a show (contrast with Joel McHale on Card Sharks who's clearly just there for the paycheck). Still, she could take it down a notch. It's a gameshow, not a bit on SNL Weekend Update. I don't like the Security Guard, Cashier, Barista or Flower Guy. They're not a huge problem, but they're a distraction at best. The main problem seems to be in the gameplay. There are so. many. bonuses. I know that original kept adding more and more bonuses opportunities but I think it was detrimental there too. They spent almost all their time on them gathering their bonuses and none on getting the groceries. I also don't like the change that the can drag their inflatable around with them. In the old version, you had to pick it up and immediately take it back to the register. The other problem, as, mentioned above, is the commentary on the player's shopping. You need a play-by-play of what they're getting and why, not Leslie riffing on them. I feel like this is where her enthusiasm works against the show the most. They need an announcer to do this part, For some reason, the show seemed to have a lot of filler. The contestant interviews seemed to go on forever and there just felt like a lot of fluff. I thought they were drawings things because they were going to have an extended bonus round like on Press Your Luck, but when it ended up just being two half an hour episodes I couldn't figure out why it seemed to drag compared to the old show which had the same run time. They same to followed the same formula of gameplay.
  5. I actually think they can bee strict sometimes. One time the word was Valentine's Day and the player gave the clue "February Holiday" and they were buzzed out because they said part of the word.
  6. Today's rerun was from 2015 with Bob Barker as a guest. I noticed there was no male model. Did they not use a male model everyday like they do now or did they just not have one because Bob was there and he's no doubt appalled at the idea?
  7. "My future's so bright...I gotta put on my glasses." That's....not how it goes.
  8. I loved the song at the end, even though I can't stand the reverend character (it doesn't help he was likely cast because of his resemblance to Joel Osteen) and I'm iffy on the son. If Eugene is alive, then everyone he has encountered is a figment of his imagination or he's been recasting the people he's met making his way home as people from his past. If Ginger's mom really saw him, I don't believe she'd just given him a coat and not say a word. OTOH, I think she was pretty waster on the wine so maybe she thought she was seeing things. Ginger hate on for Margaret is getting a little old. Her mom and Eugene are the ones who knew about her and kept her hidden. Margaret did know about her until recently and sure she hasn't welcomed Ginger with open arms but she's tried to work with her.. Ginger is like that contestant on a reality show who is all "girl power" but is the first one to turn on other women.
  9. Wow, all the things wrong with the world (and I'm not even talking about the 2020 hot buttons) and THIS is what you get your hackles up about? How do special snowflakes that are oh so easily offended function in the world? This is the type of person that spends their life being offended on behalf of everyone and everything else, most of whom neither want an uninformed whiner like this twit speaking for them. No one beat the goats, no one killed a rat and ate it, no one even put a bear in a tutu and made it dance. Get a damn life loser and stop trying to latch onto everyone else for one.
  10. The implication is that Eugene had an affair with the "slutty aunt", that she mothered the third child (the one in a coma) and the lawyer made the arrangements for the woman in Colorado to adopt him. However, if he placed Eugene's with that women, he may have placed the aunt's child there too, thus explaining why she has two adopted sons. That would mean the lawyer knows he's faking the DNA test.
  11. Carla did this special because she's most known on FN for the Halloween Baking show. Maybe don't have Anne do a Halloween show if she's too stuck up to wear a costume. Carla's switching into more Bob Mackie-like off its than Carol Burnett on a Saturday Night while Anne spends the show in a devil horn headband from Dollar General.
  12. Apparently Raven Symone is hosting Holiday Wars. I don't think Shin Min can balance out both Buddy's minion and her. I may not be able to take this one.
  13. Still trying to force Buddy and his crew down our throats. I'm glad the cookie show has a fixed panel with Gesnine and Jason. A lot of the rotating judges on that show were annoying bloggers. First Allison Hannigan and Kristen Chenoweth? Is this really supposed to pull in new viewers?
  14. I had other words in mind, but since I was commenting on her tact I figured I should use some.
  15. In addition to the complexities of music rights, Antonia also seems to be unclear on what dissertation means. I'd say she's prone to hyperbole, but that would probably be challenging too. Maybe we should start with a simple word like rude.
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