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  1. No Food Network despite you playing the same commercial every break declaring otherwise, it is not "that time of year". So please shove your jingle bells in your pumpkin until at least November.
  2. Boston Rob's face during Vince's blubbering was priceless. You could tell he was put off but trying hard (and failing) not to show it.
  3. It's a play on 'are you on Santa's naughty list'.
  4. So Black Lightning is on the Waverider with Flash, Kingdom Come Superman and....Harbinger?
  5. Both Batwoman and Supergirl have said Crisis will have major repercussions on their shows, which seems odd. Batwoman is just starting, so I can't imagine the groundwork they're laying for their show will be significantly altered 9 episodes in. And unless they're planning on the story withe Lena and the new boss at CatCo only being a first of the season plot, I can't imagine Crisis changing much on Supergirl.
  6. Is that the dude from the Arby's commercials? And the Tribbles are vicious now? I hate prequels.
  7. Apparently every DC show has to have an AI. Flash and LOT have their Gideons, Arrow has Archer, Supergirl has Hope and now Black Lightning has Shonda. I was most amused by FauxSiri responding to Anissa with "what's up" every time. I think the most unbelievable part of this show is that the city has been quarantined---by a force field no less--and everyone's just going on about their business. Hanging out in bars, taking a moonlit walk on a quiet street. No chaos or anything. The city looked calmer than before the quarantine.
  8. Geordi did "Modern Major General" in TNG Disaster. Beverly was staging a production of Pirates of Penzance and was trying to coax LaForge into taking a role.
  9. I missed the first 15 minutes, where I'm assuming it was explained how a company can sue you for not patronizing them. The hell? I'm sure Amazon would love to sue you for not buying everything from them but they can't.
  10. Isn't Jay Garrick still trapped in the Speedforce prison, and that's why Jessie Quick is on Earth-3 to be it's Flash? I know Cecile is a meta now, but she''s basically Counselor Troi. If a space jellyfish wanders by during the Crisis, she'll be able to tell you it's in pain.
  11. This was my first reaction, but she's a mother. Deserved or not, her son's just been been raked over the coals on national TV literally 5 minutes earlier. Realistically shes not going to do anything but try to keep him from going off the deep end. She may genuinely be blind to his bad behavior and believe what she's saying but I can't fault her for supporting him in that moment. So strange. They call out crappy houseguests in the most obvious and dramatic way they ever have....and then invite this HR nightmare back?
  12. Whatever he's been doing, seeing him hang off the side of that helicopter tells me it hasn't been leg day at the gym. Ain't no way they're in that hut. 100% they're in the cushy production area. Peachy probably sleeps with Boston Rob like his teddy bear.
  13. I'm just watching the ending. Jackson says's they had 99 days. The implication: "but we ain't gonna have 100".
  14. I think Jackson is just a dick, plain and simple.
  15. He would have had better success saying he had to do without sex for 3 days.
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