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  1. I'm not wild about the changes either. I think I'm most thrown by the one celebrity per team.
  2. They've been filming since covid so they shouldn't run out of episodes. There's no schedule for upcoming episodes so maybe it's done. Food Network doesn't really cancel shows, they just stop producing them without any comment. Cutthroat Kitchen just disappeared one week and wasn't heard from again.
  3. John: "Welcome back 2 fan favorites!" Me: "New season, who dis?"
  4. Maverick

    S05.E01: Panic

    When he was telling the lawyer how bad her advice was, I kept expecting them to both laugh and admit it was part of their plan. I completely expected her to be in on it with him. So I wasn't really shocked when she took down the cop. But I was confused because if they were working together, why keep up the act in the house? Are we supposed to assume they weren't working together and after spending time preparing his defense she only just at that moment decided to throw her life away and become a murderer for this creep? I know there are women that fall for criminals but the Stepford W
  5. I'm convinced this show is deliberately trying to fall into the 'so bad it's good' category and that the bowling alley scene was an homage to Grease 2, which falls into so campy and earnest that it ends up in the unintentionally good realm. When I saw the commercials and the announcer intoned 'a new drama from FOX' I was like, really? A drama? And seeing it cemented the fact it's not a drama. I got several good laughs and am convinced I was laughing with the show, not at it. The excessively bitchy judge who didn't have her first period until 30, the gay guy wondering if the kid
  6. I sort of bailed too. I was watching the last half but decided to do some work when I found it more interesting. They were obviously trying to be "current" but instead came off a cliche. There's a vegetarian agent. And a lesbian agent (who had a love-hate affair with another agent). A do-gooder agent that picks up trash in parks. A young rebel agent who mouths off to cops. A quirky tech guy who's learning Mandarin (because bowling with nuns was already taken but quirkily rambles on like quirky Sebastian. And of course the first female lead has to have young kids so we can see
  7. Last year's Halloween Wars wasn't impacted by Covid. They They film it very early in the year (or maybe even at the end of the prior year) so it was filmed before everything shut down. Maybe Covid had something to do with eliminating the rotating judge, but I don't see how it forced the other changes. Ditching Jonathan in favor of the ghost guy wearing the doucebag hat and LOOK AT ME glasses was clearly Discovery forcing a cross-pollination of their TLC crap into former Scripps shows.
  8. This has basically been turned into Cake Wars: Halloween. Losing the pumpkins was a horrible move and took away what made this show unique. These are the multi-medium display pieces anymore. They're just cakes. I also miss Jonathan, the small scare, the tasting treat, the horror movie judge and the rotating judge. And why the hell is Aarti educating Shin Min on candies? She knows her stuff and has been doing this a long time. Absent a host, she should be taking the lead here.
  9. My cable guide says there are four teams of cake artists. That would only get them through three weeks, which can't be right. On one of the holiday shows last year the did something weird were you lost there times and you were out or something like that. I don't really remember because the contestants were turning out crap work and the judges were awful. Apparently they're going that route here. More evidence they have royally effed up this show.
  10. Oh please no not Molly. She thinks she's just too precious for words. I noticed yesterday the audience reactions we all thought for years were canned but actually a live audience were missing.
  11. That's a huge accomplishment in the game of Big Brother.
  12. Unless you're dining form a food cart in the Magic Kingdom, no they generally don't. The commercial is stupid and I'd lay money the casting call said they were looking for a "Melissa McCarthy type" because that's clearly who she's try to channel.
  13. I agree that parading his kids around to win a reality show is kinda gross. As for telling people they're adopted, I don't get the outrage. Lots of parents are upfront with their children and the rest of the world that their children are adopted. If a parent wants to keep it quite, that's their prerogative but there's nothing to be ashamed of about adoption.
  14. I despise the Applebee's commercial. I was shocked to learn it was a real song and not some piece of crap made up just for the ad.
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