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  1. Lady Eve is alive die to Crisis. I'm believing that until disproved. My bigger Crisis question is....why was the antimatter wave white instead of redin the previouslies? If they went to the trouble of changing just for a recap it had to mean something. The ASA being a subsidiary of Lexcorp like the DEO is would be awesome. Someone needs to lock Lynn in a room with Nancy Reagan PSAs on a loop. What were those diseases she said she cured? Metaebola? The hell? I'm guessing another Crisis change. I smell and meta infection crossover with Caitlin and/or Cisco.
  2. Now that they're on the Sam Earth, he needs to move to Gotham and become police commissioner.
  3. Is the magazine really called Catco? That's an ok name for a media conglomerate but as a magazine title it kinda....sucks. If Beth being back is connected to Kate's wish, maybe the Monitor is still around and giving the Paragons gifts, like he gave Oliver the chance to say goodbye to Mia and William.
  4. The overall reaction to Crisis seems lukewarm with most agreeing Routh's Superman was a shining spot. It's would be odd if someone wasn't trying to find a way to capitalize on that response. I do think Routh was let go from Legends due to money. All the CW shows operate on a tight budget,, and Legends most of all. Routh being an original cast member and having the most name recognition was likely the highest paid cast member and would get only more expensive when his contract renews.
  5. Alice's history didn't change because everyone was still calling Alice and Kate sisters. My first thought was post-Crisis the Kane girls were triplets with the third becoming Alice but I think Crisis is a misdirect. If something happened in Crisis, everyone else should know about it yet the previews make it seem like everyone is surprised by it. If she's a doppleganger from another Earth, she should be taken aback by the differences in Earth Prime but she seemed perfectly at ease. I love that in a world that now contains metahumans, dopplegangers, aliens, magic and highly advanced holography no one can believe that someone could impersonate Jacob. But then they also refuse to believe the lone witness when she says her stepfather didn't kill her mother when logic says she be lying about him doing it, not the other way around.
  6. The Paragons do not remember the new timeline. Kara was shocked at Lex being revered, Barry didn't know he and Kara team up on a regular basis, etc. For the other heroes, it doesn't appear they do either as Clark was surprised he had two sons. We didn't see enough of the others to know for sure. They all should be incredible confused and off balance if the remember both (for example Diggle would not only have an extra child but also know she had existed before and disappeared). But that's not something I'd expect them to have enough consideration of to include. The Legend premier is supposed to have Sara, Ray and Mick surprised that the team are celebrities (something alluded to in Barry and Kara's convo with Marv) which also supports those who were "restored" not knowing the new timeline. Someone has to be in the dark on each show because they'll all be mining the changes for comedic and dramatic reactions. I'm not sure Batwoman will handle it since Kate is the only one who remembers the old timeline and she'll have no one to relate to about what has changed.
  7. Oliver looks like he's dressed up for a night out of Dungeons and Dragons or Wizards and Warriors or some shot like that. Was this payback for making it so hard to get his image in the CRISIS logo? I'm assuming we get Nash back after Crisis. They all but said Allegra was a doppleganger for someone close to him, most likely his daughter. Why lay the groundwork for that if Nash dies in Crisis.
  8. Maybe the bar opens in episode 10.
  9. Between the title, the "awkward moment" and Batwoman's identity it sounds like Kate is going to get caught in a romantic moment while dressed as Batwoman. The bit about Mary focusing on Jacob's trial is sufficiently vague. I wonder if this is a real trial where he's been in jail for months or a TV trial where he's been in jail a few days.
  10. Flash and Supergirl are the most likely to be changed but they've put the pieces in place for the back half of their seasons so I don't see how they can change much. Whatever changes I'm wondering who will remember. Will it just be those in the Vanishing Point? (In which case on one on Black Lightning will remember if that show changes). Will it be those that were on the Waverider? Or everyone in the final battle, which appears to include Dreamer, Vibe and various other heroes.
  11. The Batwoman characters don't know about the multiverse but they don't know about powered heroes? Really? So they're on Earth 1 but have never heard of The Flash. Ok.
  12. I'm sure he's good at what he does, but I can't stand him as a judge. As I mentioned in another thread, he's basically the Melissa D'Arabian judge of the baking shows. He's always delivering a negative comment (even if the product is near flawless). I know all the judges do this sometimes, but he does it all the time and has this condescending way of saying it...just like Melissa.
  13. The first season was filmed in a real grocery store. After the show was picked up after that, they constructed a purpose-built grocery studio in a warehouse. It would have been too costly to construct and stock such a large set before they knew the show was going to be successful.
  14. I think Chopped Sweets is a completely separate show, kind of like Chopped Junior. The set is lit and decorated different and only has two judges instead of three...hopefully rotating judges. Thiago bugs me almost as much as Dan who FN has been pimping as a judge lately. For some reason they're also trying to make Scott Conant work as a pasty guru (which makes no sense given all the real bakers they have to find something to do with) so I guess that's why he got the host/judge role to make the connection back to main Chopped. I saw a commercial tonight for featuring Ted for new Chopped episodes touting how much harder the baskets are going to be this year so he's not going anywhere. Unfortunately Martha was in the commercials (complaining that the ice cream was too salty) so she's sticking around too. At least there's no one rapping 'there's a new judge on the Chopped scene'.
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