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  1. I'm sure Enoch will be back, probably next week. All he has to do is hang around until the team makes their next pit stop in time. That's exactly how he and Fitz got to the dystopian future "taking the long way").
  2. I hate when shows have someone we've never seen before come in and randomly take over a prior character's life. They buy their/business/take over their job/rent their house/etc etc etc. So I'm not going to enjoy some rando coming in taking over Gotham Pride Realty, running the Holed Up, dating Sophie, being antagonistic with Jacob and becoming Batwoman all based on some flimsy, contrived reasons.
  3. Luke's a given to stay. There has to be tech support and he had the least connection to Kate. Mary's a fan favorite so she's not going any where, whether it makes sense or not. She clearly loves being on a superhero almost as much as working with her stepsister, so she would stick around if nothing other than to be medical support for the team. Her interactions would be much less meaningful but they will probably put her in a relationship with Luke to give her more of an emotional hook. The rest of the cast doesn't make sense to stick around. Even if the new Batwoman is a Wayne, the connection to the Kane is through Kate's dead mother not Jacob. So is the new Batwoman going to just happen to be gay too? Or have they bailed on looking for a gay actress?
  4. It seems Anderson brought Andy for anything pop culture related.
  5. Millie wasn't even from Mayberry. She was from, I believe, West Virginia like Aunt Bee.
  6. WTF with the Toto song question being worth $125k. As has been pointed out, even if you don't know the song it's the only one in Africa. It should have been a $1,000 question on that alone. Even with that, the song has been all over the place in the past year or so because of the Weezer cover. But then they have the JFK question at the $64k level in the next round. I know people have different knowledge backgrounds and some people find things easy that most find ridiculously obscure, but this one was glaringly off base. I'm not surprised this was renewed. It'll will undoubtedly be on the fall schedule at the latest. Without the audience, this is tailor made for social distancing and they will be desperate to have something new on the air.
  7. I don't care for Robert and especially hate his Dr. Phil untrained psychologist antics but even I don't think he really believed he helped these people. Food Network's a business and Irvine's their bitch. They were going to get an episode out of this and were going to stick to their narrative of 'Robert Irvine fixes restaurants by fixing the owners', But anyone could see they needed professional help, especially the husband, The way he desperately wanted her but would get so agitated she was trying to shut him out was just scary to watch. Hopefully they arranged for some professional counseling afterwards but I wouldn't bet on it,
  8. The first two seasons are a tough rewatch. Everyone's so stilted, they all say "sir" every third word and Riker really needs that beard. Even Patrick Stewart and LeVar Burton, arguably the most experienced and best actors at the start of the series, need time to calm the eff down and settle into their characters. And the less said about the plots the better. I caught bits of Code of Honor and The Naked Now today. O. M. G. Just what the hell were they on? And why is there a different chief engineer every damn week. I will say Marina Sirtis gets the most improved actor award. The difference between her Troi from the beginning of the show vs. the end is night and day.
  9. I know Sunny can get nasty when replying to the "haters" but I think that tweet was just tongue-in-cheek acknowledging the comments about her always being outside. I'm assuming she doesn't want to explain why and she could have acknowledged the comments in a much uglier manner. I don't care for most of their kitchens. I'm trying to figure out if Katie based hers on that mirror maze on Ellen's Game of Games or if Ellen ripped her off. GZ's is ok, but too dark for me. Jeff's is the nicest but it's a LOT of white. And Alex, what is up with that window. It looks like a pee-quarium.
  10. A lot of celebrities seem to play for charities they or their close family run, it seems. Just on this show, Dr, Phil and the The Modern Family guy (I think it was his sister's charity). I'm sure a lot of these are legitimate charities that they want to get exposure and support for, but it just doesn't look good. There's such a thing as avoiding just the appearance of impropriety and wish shows where someone plays for charity would do that and require they pick one they're not closely associated with.
  11. So we're back to calling Top Chef a "cooking competition". OK. Poor Tiffani. Dave was so mean to her in TC Season 1. Boo-hoo. Boo, effing, hoo Tiffani. She certainly was not an innocent. She was an arrogant, condescending terror. In the one of the final challenges, Dave was fed up with her and snapped back "I'm not your bitch, Bitch" which became a Thing (this was before memes). She's tried to rehab her reputation ever since. When she came back for Cooking Competition All Stars, there was this whole storyline about how awful she was and how much she had grown. The times she's judged on Chopped, she tries to come off at this warm person. She's usually the one making a positive comment or acts so touched when a contestant inevitably shares a sob story. Of course she always sounds 100% rehearsed and fake when she does so. But tonight, OG Tiffani was back. She was in full on bitch mode. Girl, you are not Alex G so stp acting high and mighty. She was particularly vicious with Dave, so she claim she's over it all she wants but she obviously still has a death grip on that grudge. Dave was clearly taken aback she was one of the judges and he took her tongue lashing way better than I would have. After that stunt (which was clearly intentional and for the DRAMA), I would tell FN to shove it the next time they call if I were Dave. I hate all the ridiculous posturing in these Beat the Judges episodes, both from the judges and the contestants. I thought it was bad on Tournament of Champions, but this is way worse. Some of these make them look like borderline cases of textbook megalomania.
  12. Rerun today had the case wit the Little Grocery Cart That Ran Down the Hill and Ricocheted. What. The . Eff. was up with MM. She came out of the gate like Judge Linda Blair spewing pea soup. The defendant was hardly sympathetic, but she's dealt with far bigger losers and held her patience,..at least until things got rollong. Speaking of unsympathetic litigants, today had another case where I didn't feel sorry for either party. The plaintiff was the textbook definition of a moron. She couldn't form a coherent thought, much less convey one. Her husband's first thought goes to her stealing his meds (rather than accusing the drug addict she allowed into their home) and her sister is a double agent working against her. Or triple agent working for her. Or just another nut that fell off the family tree. Defendant lost his arm in a car wreck and became hooked on pain meds, which could maybe garner some sympathy but then he sits there a laughs when the Judge points out what a loser he is, just like countless other losers that have passed through. And of course his texts about the iPhone that went missing were just a joke. THIS is when MM should have been going on one of her tirades
  13. I thought the prizes were a little light for a prime time show but I enjoyed it. I too noticed the one contestant with RuPaul. I actually had a post written about it, but i was't paying full attention, I went back and watched it and when she first gets on stage she's fine. She even runs up and hugs Ru. But after....she wasn't havin it. She kept her back to him, ignored him when he tried to say something and didn't even acknowledge him when she won...but hugged Drew and the model. It was really obvious.
  14. The syndication package Logo aired dropped a lot of 8th and 9th season episodes, so I haven't seen many of these episodes Antenna is showing in forever. Some I have no recollection of, like the 60s fantasy episode with Bobby Rydell and Fabian. Others, like the Australia movie, I probably haven't seen since they first aired (all I really remember is Blair and Jo being chased through the Sydney Opera House). The writing in these last two seasons was pretty bad. I've already complained about The Little Chill, but you also have other inconsistencies like meeting Andy's plagiarizing grandmother and learning that his uncle paid for his trip to Australia and wanted him to be a farmer. Yet a few episodes later we find out he's a foster kid who's going back into the system because his foster parents are getting a divorce. Blair was basically written as a characterture more often than not. She was always vain, but she was also written to be caring and have integrity. Yet she acts like some flighty debutante think she can get into law school on just her name, When Blair and Jo graduate, her grandfather travels from Poland to see her. But Jo's father is very American, so did his parents immigrate to the US and then move back? I'm sure there are several explanations but the writing is so bad with the characters and their histories it stands out.
  15. Safir is the same person Alice was revealed to be working for way back before Crisis. Is this a canon character? I assume kryptonite is needed as a power source for some weapon that can kill a Bat.
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