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  1. Ken didn't do well with his "persona". James was basically trying to mimic The Beast from the GSN version and it was clear he was trying too hard. He's my least favorite of the three to begin with. Since they're all famous for being themselves, I think they're afraid people won't separate person vs. character and are afraid to get to cutting in their remarks.
  2. Melissa revealed her mother's suicide during Food Network Star. It was a very awkward moment given she revealed while presenting at a festive party during a game show. Up to that point she had given no indication of her mother's suicide but had talked about her mother in what some thought was contradictory. I don't remember the specifics but there was something about essentially being raised by a Spanish speaking nanny and her mom being in the military. She came across as a very disingenuous person and wasn't widely liked on that season which contributed to see people side-eyeing her.
  3. I thought Ozzie did something for the Playboy Channel. I only know about OnlyFans because someone posted a pic of Mark from Big Brother that was supposed to be so salacious that he had to brag about how much courage mustered to post it.
  4. I would have loved to have seen Leonard Nimoy but it wasn't going to happen unless they used a Ouija Board or found a way to tap into a real life Fringe alternate universe. Or did one of those creepy holograms templated on a body actor. In which case, no. Just no.
  5. Frozen pizza does not belong on a cooking show. Sure it does. Just ask Audy Sandy. Lol
  6. It's not required that the letters be touched. They pop up automatically during the toss up rounds. Also, when Vanna filled in for Pat, they had Minnie Mouse fill in for Vanna and she didn't reveal any letters.
  7. I hate that one because "Joshy" seems completely mentally deficient.
  8. Yeah, color me shocked they pulled Melissa out of mothballs. I had hoped to never see her again. Tregaye is less surprising since post-acquisition Discovery tapped her to do a cooking show for OWN. She's slightly more tolerable without her poppin' on fleek routine. Slightly. As if having Hunter on this show isn't bad enough, now Guy is having him as a guest chef on Guy's Ranch Kitchen. Please, make him go away. He has zero charisma and I'll never buy chefs like Jonathan Waxman salivating over his cooking.
  9. Pat is going to snap Network style before this is over, isn't he? I didn't think it was possible, but Leslie was more here than on Supermarket Sweep. I like her but she's too exhausting being on all the time. Less is more. I know it's fun to laugh at how dumb celebrities are, but surely they're having them play things up. When they first switch the letter board, I remember some interview showing that there was a frame around each letter that she pushed to reveal the letter.
  10. You can definitely have a fence(ing) problem with your house. Yours is over the property line, neighbor's is on your property, it right on the property line and each owner expects the other to pay to fix it, a neighbor thinks it's their fence and tears it down. Just watch People's Court. Fencing cases are a dime a dozen. I still agree it's the weakest of the lot. Everyone knows the aunt problem is the best one. Lol
  11. So much this. Every. Damn. Commercial break. I've seen the Mike Rowe and Joanna Gaines commercial at least a dozen times tonight just watching a couple of shows on Food Network. I instantly mute whenever they go to commercials (which is frequently) I think Mike Rowe's supposed to be kind of a jerk, but at least somewhat dilfy eye candy. I can't stand Joanna's ugly mug so even mute doesn't help. Part of why they're airing them so much is because they have shows on that will only be available on pay streaming. They've made a point that Restaurant Impossible will only air on D+ now. I hate to tell them, but between their incessant commercials and basically taking away shows they're going to end up driving viewers away.
  12. The IRS charges significant interest and penalties, which get exponentially worse they longer the debt is outstanding. They will not waive your tax liability but the penalties and interest can be negotiated in a settlement agreement.
  13. Starting a new thread for the new year. Thanks for the thread title, Conant! Didn't care for the guest judges either. Michelle Bernstein, while an accomplished chef, really does not have the camera personality to be on TV. Methinks there's a reason you so rarely see her on Food Network or any other cooking show. I know the judges are rotating and GZ will be one of them--which is odd because they're subbing some rando contestant into the judges round. I don't know why he wasn't included with the other judges. The tuna crackers may have been the most vile processed food they've had on this show. And that's saying something with all the wacko sodas and ice creams they've had.
  14. Yeah, if she's got a reason she doesn't want to be around others, fine. But I don't see the purpose of her coming into NYC just to tape outside vs. taping outside at her home. Other than it prompted better wardrobe choices.
  15. It's airing on Food Network tonight--again. I can't believe this horrible woman is getting cooking shows now too. They'd better keep her and her clan contained on their own channel and not have them start popping up.as hosts and judges on other shows.
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