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  1. I know there was an episode where Jack comments that Danny was the only one who could tolerate/was civil to Jack. I'm fairly sure is was stated that Danny's son was named after him too. So it was surprising to see Danny so hateful to him. I still don't understand why they all (minus Jamie, I think) hate him so much. It's not like he did anything to betray her. By all accounts they just drifted apart. Maybe they just hated him from the beginning. I'm surprised he married her if they acted like that when they were dating.
  2. Does Mulgrew not get along with the rest of the cast? I know she and Jeri Ryan weren't friends (but I thought they kept it professional) but I never heard anything about her and she he rest of the cast.
  3. Letting people off the hook because they later "do good" is hardly anything new for the Arrowverse. Harry Wells, Oliver Queen, Sara Lance and Mick Rory are all murderers. Black Siren and Leonard Snart were criminals. Roy Harper committed murder and had it covered up. Supergirl may be the only show without someone of questionable background being allowed to go free and/or be part of the team.
  4. You know how there are some American actors who should never do a British accent? (Think Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins). After hearing Sebastian Roche tonight....it cuts both ways.
  5. Ah Mark, another stellar character introduced by the series. Didn't he basically kidnap Barbara on their first date? Having two dates for the same night is a bit tacky, but really if she agreed to go on a date for dinner with someone they really have no right to expect the evening to continue after that. If she wanted to go home after dinner--for whatever reason--he needed to let the night end. I know it's supposed to be cute because this is the guy the show hired to be Barbara's twu luv but in the real world, acting like that is creepy.
  6. 80s. Early 80s. Pretty sure it was inspired by Jane Fonda in 9 to 5.
  7. At a minimum, the QF dishes were planned in advance. They had to make sure they had the proper ingredients stocked to complete a specific dish. Most likely they were given the dishes to order by Production. Maybe they asked the judges to suggest a dish and made tweaks/alternate suggestions. I do think they intentionally put Blais last and gave him the most obnoxious order.
  8. So, no Group C after all. This is really kind of a crap season. I think they need to rest this show for a while. If this is the best they can do for contestants then the show isn't sustainable.
  9. Deacon was asked not to show up at his son's (public) school. He was giving the demonstration there that he had already given at his daughter's private school. He discussed it with Hicks at the beginning of the episode.
  10. Seriously, what is up with the Care Bear crap this season? "When I was reborn, it was wonderful. I was surrounded by love.". Barf. And why is the Speed Force good and all the others are evil? So did they find an unused script from Legends season 2 lying around and decide to film it? Or more accurately, why did they cobbled together a bunch of stuff from Legends season 2? Time traveling and confronting family, dinosaurs loose in the present day. Why do the actors need reduced / missed episodes this season? Didn't they have to stay in their Covid bubble? I enjoyed Iris
  11. "6'7? That's just rude man". Lol. Can't have a Danny appearance without reminding about his height.
  12. Wasn't Rachel Luttrell on Stargate Atlantis? Is that her daughter?
  13. This is like some genetic freak monster from a 50s B movie. It sounds like someone crossbred Chopped with Cutthroat Kitchen with Martha's Bakeaway Camp.
  14. Well if you know it's Scott Conant, you know not to use raw red onions. They judges aren't supposed to know who's competing. But there has to be at least some suspicion for at least some. The Chopped judges in particular are part of the FN "in crowd" and I can't believe that Judge Scott doesn't have at least some whisper of what Chopped judges are competing. I think it fairly easy to suss out Maneet as well. Other than Aarti she's really the only Indian chef in the FN stable. It's not 100%, but if you get a great Indian dish there's a decent chance it's her. They have a lot
  15. Blind judging doesn't really work with the Top Chef format, though. It makes sense in the first episode where they don't know the chefs (although I'm sure Tom at least is involved in casting) but with the same chefs every week they're going to figure out some of them. For example, Shots is likely going to turn in some take on Japanese cuisine most weeks. Here the judges don't know who's competing at all, much less in a given battle. Plus the entire judging panel rotates. Top Chef can say it's not a cumulative competition all they want but.... past performance matters. My main co
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