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  1. The Flavortown Kitchen is meant to be delivery only. There's one near me but I don't live close enough for delivery, which I wouldn't want to do since there's a lot of fried on the menu and that doesn't travel well. From what I can tell, the address for most of the locations if for Buca di Beppo so I'm assuming it's some deal his company struck to use their kitchens to prepare delivery. Maybe that will be his next show: Guy's Chance to Prepare Take Out In A Kitchen Rented Part Time.
  2. I questioned the 'prize'--and the need for a chef to run it--after the first episode. You're running a chain franchise, not a restaurant. The Dominos up the street isn't selling an artisan crated white pizza on a gluten-added chick pea crust with locally sourced cumquats and free range tofu. They're selling the same gooey super cheesy melty extra cheesy dipping folding sliced pizza that were developed in a corporate kitchen and sold by thousands of other Dominos--using ingredients that you have to buy from Corporate (on top of the franchise fees). Most of these contestants are s
  3. Yeah, the kid being under was a stretch to say the least. But I assume the cold could preserve the body long enough for it to be resuscitated. Probably not the most outlandish thing this show has done. Was anyone else expecting Julie Benz to to take a shovel to Owen's head? Or least pull a gun on him? I still think she's going to be involved in this coyote plot somehow. Unless she's here to be Owen's GF this season. I kinda feel like they're leading to a "joy of birth / agony of death trope" where one of the team dies just as Judd and Grace's baby is born. Nut I don't think
  4. The viewing audience. All of Lucy's shows were top 10 hits until Life with Lucy in the 80s. By then the TV landscape and public's taste had changed. But before then her shows were winners and on more than one occasion the network had to coax her into continuing. I agree the later shows are weaker and largely tread on the popularity of ILL. Here's Lucy wasn't as bad since you had Lucie and Desir Jr. to add a different dynamic. The hardest part of watching that show now is the decor. I know the early 70s was bad in general, but that set looked like someone dredged it up for the subbase
  5. Yes, because they negotiated the rights to release it on DVD separately. And they would have to negotiate the rights for streaming separately, which they've apparently opted not to do.
  6. Music rights are highly complicated but in general they're specific to medium which the program is being delivered. When the rights for ILL were being negotiated for to air in syndication, streaming, DVDs and probably VHS tapes didn't exist. So just because the studio had the rights for the music broadcast reruns, they didn't have the rights to sell that music on a DVD or to show it on a streaming service.
  7. 'Tis the season for diet program and exercise machine ads.
  8. With those pants, who was looking at his hair??
  9. I think that's when the Caesar cut was becoming popular for men.
  10. "If you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep, also known as 'insomnia;..." Gee, thanks for clarifying that very difficult word for us. I never would have know what you were talking about about, throwing around those $10 college words if you hadn't spelled it out for me.
  11. Easy mistake. The retro channels bleed together after a while, especially with a lot of the shows jumping between them. I just wish one of the would bring it back. TAGS is on at least three different stations where I'm at and airs a lot. I can't believe there's not one station that would want to air it which makes me think it's a rights issue, either being withheld or too costly. But then if CBS sees it as a valuable asset then I don't get why they stopped airing it for Christmas.
  12. Hallmark used to show in the mornings for something like 5 hours. I don't remember it being on TV Land, at least not since they switched to more modern shows. MeTV used to show it in a 2 or 3 hour block on Sunday afternoons, then moved to one episode in the early morning. I'm wondering if it's less about the channels not showing it and more about CBS not renewing license agreements. They be trying to limit this show to Paramount+ as much as possible.
  13. You had to replicate a cake that was on display. Part of the task was to know both the flag and to know if the country it re[presented was in the EU. France and Germany were the only correct answers. The UK and Norway were there as red herrings and the others were not from Europe (Jamaica, Chile, Columbia, Sierra Leone, Russia, Thailand, Brazil and South Africa).
  14. I think so. I saw Jamaica, South Africa, Chile and Columbia along with the UK and Norway.
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