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  1. It's interesting to me the difference in the Celebrity commercials depending on the market. Celebrity sponsors a cooking show on PBS - Simply Ming with Chef Ming Tsai. The sponsors get a short spot at the beginning or end. Celebrity has a brief appearance of their top food chef, who talks about being inspired by the food around the world for what they serve. TOKTALLY different vibe than the commercial on commercial TV. I've taken the Queen Mary 2 from New York to England 3 times. It was wonderful. Mostly old geezers like us. Very refined and elegant.
  2. chessiegal

    Season 1

    That makes sense. It definitely had the visual they were going for. The scientist in me couldn't keep from saying it wasn't correct. In The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, there's a plot line where she should have a quirky request in her contracts. Her manager decides when she is on the road, her room should be filled with teddy bears. When Mrs. Maisel walks into her first room, it is filled with yellow teddy bears. I thought, wow, Amy sure does like yellow overkill!
  3. I ran the USG category, what they got to.
  4. chessiegal

    Season 1

    Question peaches, every time I see that scene I think there are WAYYY more than a thousand yellow daises. Our marina, which has beautifully landscaped grounds, had large beds of daises planted one year. I stopped one day to count how many there were in a patch much smaller than in that scene, and was at over 200 before I stopped counting. My husband saw me staring at the daises, and asked me what I was looking at. When I told him the truth, I thought his eyes were going to roll out of head, lol.
  5. Boy howdy, this group made me feel smart. I lost track of all the TSs I got. I can't believe Dennis has won 3 games. His DD answer of Lincoln made no sense, when the clue had the word assassin in it. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was the only classic film I could remember that had to do with federal politics.
  6. If it's any comfort, FN donates food bought for shows that isn't used. I'm a chemist and a good home cook. For me, cooking is like working in a lab. Most of the chemists I know, both male and female, are decent cooks. However, I had one male colleague whose only ability to cook meant using a microwave to prepare frozen meals.
  7. chessiegal

    Season 1

    When did Max go to Canada? I remember him going to California to teach a class at Stanford.
  8. For FJ I went through what Washington's 4 cabinet positions would have been. State (got that) , Treasury (no), War (no), and, and, and.…. times up!
  9. I heard a NPR show about people with OCD some years ago, including interviews with people who were recovering. The disorder was so debilitating they couldn't lead a normal life. It was heartbreaking.
  10. Can you contact the service department of your internet provider? I know you are not supposed to write down passwords, but we have every single password written down.
  11. She was cooking brisket in Season 1 to get Joel gigs at the Gaslight.
  12. Watching Dan and Steve, first winners, on A Moveable Feast on PBS.
  13. Grilled marinated pork tenderloin, steamed broccoli, and scalloped potatoes au gratin. Weather forecast for tomorrow is 100% chance of rain, sleet, and snow. Tonight's dinner will be enough for leftovers tomorrow. The older I get, the more I choose not to go out in icky weather.
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