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  1. My husband signed us up to be notified by the county when we can make an appointment to get the vaccine. Progress.
  2. I never watch it in real time. I record it and then forget to watch. Sounds like I need to watch the latest one.
  3. Sesame cashew chicken with veggies over rice,
  4. Every region uses their own standard contracts for sales. Those contracts show what conveys, that is, stays in the house, with the sale. If you want something to convey that is not standard for the region, you have to have it written in the sales contract. Dishwashers and stoves are considered to be built in, and therefore usually convey. Refrigerators are easily taken out, that's why in some areas they don't convey and in other areas they do. Our last move was to a different county in the same state. The state part of the sales paperwork was the same for both houses, however the county parts of the sale contracts were a little different. The state contract has the refrigerator conveys unless otherwise agreed to by both the seller and the buyer.
  5. Speaking of ratings - This is from Food Network forum in the Network forum.
  6. Aww... There were parts of the revival I enjoyed. Now if you didn't know Amy and Dan wrote it, you'd think someone else did. The revival was like a parody of the original show. It was almost surreal. Made me wonder what they were smoking.
  7. Is it still in production? I don't watch it, so I haven't noticed if there are new episodes.
  8. Since The Kitchen is one of FN's highest rated shows, I don't think TPTB care what Sunny does. If ratings fell, we'd see a change.
  9. I'm enjoying the At Home episodes. It's fun to see everyone's kitchens. The out takes st the end are funny.
  10. You can get more information on the hosts and other Jeopary! info at The Jeopardy! Fan.
  11. Curious @NYGirl if you've noticed a difference in pace. The Palladinos crammed so much in one episode because of the scripts being twice as long as a normal hour show. I think the actors appreciated the ability to breathe in Season 7.
  12. Maybe it's because I went to high school in Royersford, PA, I picked it up right away.
  13. Cavatappi pasta and pork ragu with Romano cheese.
  14. As my mother used to say about the actor Van Johnson, Matt Czuchry can put his shoes under my bed any night.
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