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  1. I finally found the 1st house the doctor couple looked at. It was NOT for sale. It is in Lakeview and is a fairly new build. They said on the show it was 3 years old and 2400 sq. ft. It was built in 2016 and has 2320 sq. ft. It does have 4 BRs and 3 BAs as stated on the show. It last sold in March 2018 for $525,000. Brittany said it was listed for $575,000, and that's what the couple offered and they bought it.. I'm still taken aback that Brittany would look into a camera and tell bald face lies.
  2. If you want a good laugh, check out Brittany's FB page. She has a link to a YouTube tutorial on how to do makeup. 🤣 Lots of praise from adoring fans.
  3. I wouldn't go to those bozo's party. I'd be looking to sell.
  4. No kidding! He's been looking for 2 years. He knows what the market is. Wanting something doesn't make it reality. The repeated mantra - for 1.8 million we should get everything we want. No dumbass, the market is whatever people are willing to pay, not what you "want".
  5. I found the second house in Uptown. It is still for sale, and guess who the listing agent is - Brittany. It was listed on July 14, 2020 for !.2 million, dropped to 1.089, and is now listed for $990,000. Brittany said on the show it was listed for $650,000. What a bunch of BS.
  6. I found the Sleepy Lagoon house in Covington LA featured on tonight's first show. It is not for sale, and is in rental programs. Lie number 1.
  7. Grilled chicken breast with a creamy mustard, parmesan, and rosemary sauce, sautéed zucchini and grape tomatoes, and garlic mash potatoes.
  8. What you're missing is applying real life logic to GG, especially when it comes to money. The Palladinos use whatever financial circumstance that fits their plot du jour.
  9. I found the Chicago wife to be annoying. I got the impression she was trying out for her own Reality TV show. She evidently memorized every phrase in the producer's script. Her walking into a walk-in closet the size of a room and dismissively calling it "too small" was the height of pretentiousness. Get over yourself woman.
  10. The episode I saw was new. It was preceded by a rerun. My online guide said it was new, and they were running promos saying there would be a new episode.
  11. Oh, I hate that Buick/Alexa commercial in which someone is actually arguing that the car is an "Alexa"... Were these people recently kicked in the head by a mule? For some reason, I dislike the 1970's-looking girl trimming a Bonzai tree. I thought they began to phase Alec out of the Shriner commercials when they introduced the new younger and cuter kid arriving for the first time. I think he's kinda hot. I'm in awe that a human being can move like that. I find it impressive.
  12. Blue Apron - creamy chipotle chicken with cilantro rice and cotija cheese. I was thinking of stopping my Blue Apron subscription, and then they come up with a winner like this. It's definitely not something I'd make without being given the ingredients.
  13. I didn't watch the Sunday shows when they aired this week on MeTV, so the shot gun wedding episode didn't make any sense until I saw the end was a Laverne & Shirley show. Seems like the show just kept getting sillier.
  14. I thought the Tucson couple were weird. The producers must have done a happy dance when they saw their audition tape. They must rent a storage unit for their Halloween crap. And 30-60 people at their parties? Good thing they live in the boonies. I wouldn't want them next door to me.
  15. Maybe she was taking her cue from HGTV, who has started using promo chyrons with yellow lettering with a pink background. I liked the real estate agent too. When the husband said his wife wasn't spoiled, she was "particular" my husband said she was "peculiar". 😄 She's married to a JAG. She needed to stop complaining. He has a good job with wonderful benefits. When he said when we got married, we said all we needed was each other, and her response was - oh, how times have changed. I found her to be extremely unlikeable.
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