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  1. chessiegal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    A deviled egg mid-morning. My husband had a medical emergency at the gym this afternoon, and went by ambulance to the ER. He's doing well, spending the night in the hospital for observation, but I have no appetite at all.
  2. chessiegal

    The Great Food Truck Race

    Tyler said on Twitter there were twists this season they couldn't make up. I wouldn't be surprised if the food inspector was one. And yes, the violation would go to FN.
  3. chessiegal

    Kate Plus Date

    Because production would have to have anyone going in signing waivers/clearances to be on camera. Too much trouble.
  4. Human trafficking is real and alive in the US. My husband is a retired federal prosecutor who tried many human trafficking cases. Our domestic violence and abuse center sees cases of it.
  5. We fly mostly Southwest from BWI and have never had a problem with the kiosks. A few years ago we flew from Paris to Florence on Air France. They had kiosks, and I was so surprised to see that our reservation was there. Not sure why I was surprised. Our son-in-law works in banking, started as a teller. I mentioned to him our bank has started using "greeters" - how can we help you when you go inside. He said research has shown it cuts down on robberies. Our tellers have cash at their stations.
  6. chessiegal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    I just set it on the broiler setting, and set it for 10 minutes, then added another 3. I think broiler is 500F. Only downside to doing salmon inside is it stinks up the kitchen, therefore making outside grilling preferable.
  7. chessiegal

    House Hunters

    I wonder how much of being on this show is suggested by the real estate agent. At one point we were thinking of retiring to Wilmington, NC. I saw a show with an agent from there I liked, and checked his web site. He made a big deal of being on HH. Free publicity. Watching an episode where the Mom complains she can't see the kids playing in the living room when she's in the kitchen. My husband's response was she shouldn't give them hand guns. :-}
  8. chessiegal

    House Hunters

    From June 15, 2012, reporting HGTV has never tried to deny how HH is made. How House Hunters is made
  9. chessiegal


    Even Shakespeare only had so many stories. We joke on Frasier about which Shakespeare play they are riffing.
  10. chessiegal

    House Hunters

    Fair enough. I was pointing out that this information has been public knowledge for at least 10 years for those who think it is groundbreaking news.
  11. chessiegal


    I can't decide who is my favorite, David Hyde Pierce or Eddie. I'm leaning towards Eddie.
  12. chessiegal

    Real Estate Shows: Different Shows, Same Storylines

    Or having that much money and wanting to be on a TV show.
  13. chessiegal

    House Hunters

    How much people get paid has also been out there before. Old news.
  14. chessiegal

    House Hunters

    None of that information in that article is new - it's been common knowledge for years.
  15. chessiegal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Grilled ribeye steak with baked potatoes and steamed asparagus for dinner tonight. Last night was to be the same but with grilled salmon. Thunderstorms were too severe to grill the salmon, so I remembered how to broil it in my Breville countertop oven. The salmon came out perfectly.