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  1. chessiegal

    What is...In the Media?

    Not to mention it would be illegal. This is a FCC regulated game show.
  2. I remember 20-30 years ago using talcum powder for "freshness" on occasion. As a chemist, I was puzzled by how talcum powder could cause cancer. Some googling says J&J knew their product contained asbestos. Now that's interesting information.
  3. Kathy Lee Gifford is on the Today Show. Katie Lee, ex of Billy Joel, is on the Kitchen. Two different people.
  4. chessiegal

    30 Minute Meals

    Her weekday ratings are tanking.
  5. chessiegal

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I think it depends on the jurisdiction, but I've never heard of a room with no window being able to be called a bedroom. In Maryland, in addition to a window, it must also have a closet to be called a bedroom.
  6. chessiegal

    Indispensable Kitchen Gadgets

    Got an email from ATK this morning touting the next greatest thing in countertop ovens - an intelligent oven, on sale for just $650 ($100 off!) June Intelligent Oven Supposed to recognize your food and cook it to perfection.
  7. chessiegal

    Fixer Upper

    And I stand corrected on Bargain Mansions - I see it's going to be on HGTV this season.
  8. chessiegal

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I don't miss the narrator. Glad they ditched the constant recaps so there's more time to show the houses.
  9. chessiegal

    What Did We Eat Today?

    I cobbled together some form of meatloaf from the ground beef I had leftover from hamburgers the other night. It's cooking along with a prepared scalloped potato casserole. I'll probably nuke some frozen veggies to go with. Comfort food.
  10. chessiegal

    Indispensable Kitchen Gadgets

    I got my Breville oven at BB&B, so it was 20% off, closer to $300. If I get 3 years out of it I'll call it a wash.
  11. chessiegal

    Indispensable Kitchen Gadgets

    How long is a while? It's well over a year since I bought it, and as I said, daily use.
  12. chessiegal

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    We are a Verizon household - landline, internet, cell phones, and cable. We didn't get Verizon because of the app - already had it. The app was an added perk at no additional cost when it came out. And we're old, so we're probably not the demographic either.
  13. chessiegal

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I love the FIOS TV app. Works fine for me at home and anyplace that has internet. I couldn't get through an hour on the treadmill at the gym without it. I can use it without internet connection, but then you're using cellular data, so I don't. ETA: And you can do more with the app than watch TV. You can use it as a remote, set up and cancel recordings on the DVR, and look at the current channel listings. I was out of town once and realized I had forgotten I didn't set shows for recording while we were gone. Easily remedied with the app. I see the ad a lot also, but I like the app so much it doesn't bother me.
  14. chessiegal

    Indispensable Kitchen Gadgets

    I usually check America's Test Kitchen for equipment reviews. Problem is, they change their top picks before an appliance wears out (blender, food processor). I've seen many people make dough in a food processor. I belong to ATK's websites, so I have access to everything on their sites. ATK is showing Breville's BBL620 as their top rated mid-priced blender. As for ratings, I probably wouldn't buy anything less than 4 stars. Sometimes people have a bad experience with a product that may just have been a defective product. I bought the largest Breville countertop Smartoven, over 12 functions, cooks with convection. Someone panned it in a review but mine has been humming away for over a year with me using almost everyday, sometimes several times a day. I'm cooking for 2, so it's so much better than heating up my huge Jenn-Air oven. Everyone I know who has an Instant Pot loves them. BB&B is now carrying them so you can use your 20% off coupon. I've not heard of anyone having to replace one.
  15. chessiegal

    Favorite Commercials

    I wouldn't say this is a favorite commercial, but it amuses me. It's for hard iced tea with young people cavorting around a lake. One overhead shot shows people playing cornhole on a raft. I laugh because if I were playing they'd need a huge bin of extra bean bags because I'd be tossing them into the drink with regularity.