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  1. I was watching Create today and saw a promo for her new show airing Monday night. DVR is set to record all new episodes.
  2. Just another example of the writer's inconsistency. It's so prevalent, it gets to the point of hardly worth mentioning. I saw a commercial for Finish dishwasher detergent saying you should run your dishwasher every day, full or not (BS), and it reminded me of Emily telling a maid not to run the dishwasher when it wasn't full, yet when Rory is snowed in there she acts like she doesn't know how to use the stove. Yeah, I'm sure Emily is regularly checking how full the dishwasher is. (Not)
  3. I enjoyed Murphy Brown the first time around, especially Dan Quayle's outrage over a single mother, but the few reruns I've watched seem dated.
  4. No. it's the woman. The husband is holding a smart phone. ETA: The show is as stupid and annoying as the ad.
  5. I never thought I would have to worry about what my cat would eat. She's on a prescription diet, and after noticing that orders on Amazon were scheduled to arrive in 1-2 weeks rather than next day or two, I ordered her food from Chewy earlier than normal. Rather than the normal "will arrive in 2-3 business days" I got an email saying we'll let you know when it ships. Yikes!
  6. Susan has the voice she was born with. As long as it's not an affectation, it's all good for me.
  7. What is this - annoying mother week? Tampa mom was another PITA.
  8. I don't think open concept is going away anytime soon. Our paper's Home section recently reported that real estate agents said most buyers wanted it.
  9. Last of the leftovers. I sautéed some asparagus and added it to chicken alfredo. I'm so used to going to the grocery store almost every day, it is taking some discipline to only go when I need something. Tomorrow is the day.
  10. As soon as I saw the category of Presidential sweets I yelled "jelly beans!"
  11. Yeah, that SC mom was a major PITA. I knew she would pick the first one that had nothing but a piano in it that everyone seemed to pretend wasn't there. And why did all three of the fireplaces have to work? That made no sense. Loved the house - it was adorable. Didn't like the young couple in Louisiana. They said having a baby at 19 made them have to grow up faster. Seemed to me she still had a ways to go. Very vain too - wanting a house she could show off.
  12. I don't know why shows call houses like what I call a split foyer a split level. I bought a split level - you walk in from the front door to the main floor - living room, dining room, kitchen. Set of half stairs up to 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Half set of stairs down to an above ground basement with utilities and, in our case, an unfinished area we made into another living area.
  13. It's on Ciabatta bread. Do Rapid Pick-up online so you can just go in and grab with no human interaction. When I picked up my order yesterday there was only 1 customer in the store that I didn't need to get near. MD has restricted restaurants to take out only.
  14. No sign of it showing up in my markets through the first week in April. (DC/MD)
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