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  1. Given the context, singular versus plural could make one answer correct and the other not correct.
  2. As a forensic scientist - meth is now a problem everywhere in the US. I remember over 30 years ago we saw a lot in California, and then it just took off. I've lost count of the number of papers given at forensic meetings saying what a problem meth is in their area. Now it's everywhere.
  3. Since the RI HH episode was highlighting finances (she qualified for a loan, and implied he didn't, even though he owned his own landscaping business), I was wondering about the boat that they wanted to be near, which I understand. Was it his or theirs? They said they used it a lot. That was no cheap hunk of change boat. It was at least 30 feet long, and probably cost $150-200K new. Plus it costs money to keep a boat at a marina. ETA: And the cost of fuel for a power boat that size. We spent a whopping $30 for diesel for our sailboat this year. We've seen power boats rack up $600 at the fuel dock. Their boat probably gets at most 1.5 miles/gallon.
  4. I think gray is alive and well. The Home section of my newspaper recently ran an article on the virtues of gray.
  5. I ran the ion category - good thing, I think someone would have knocked on my door and taken my chemistry degree away if I hadn't. Also got Woolworth. My husband got FJ because he spent some time in Buffalo trying a case. He said you can't spend time there without knowing it's where McKinley was shot.
  6. Dang-you're right! We have a barometer on our sailboat, more decoration than anything else, but I still move the needle to see the changes. Looking forward to regular games tomorrow.
  7. Wanting to have the sun to wake you up in the morning has a logic to it. It's the people who want facing a certain way because of some superstition that annoy me. Same with house numbers - those are so arbitrary. But then I'm a scientist and don't believe in any of that crap.
  8. I belong to a social club that occasionally has authors come and speak, none, however of her genre. I was surprised they don't have much say in the covers - the publishers decide on cover designs.
  9. Could be, but they said they had been dating 2 years. That's a long time to hold that kind of resentment/concern. I'm with the blonde for not wanting shared walls. I've had bad experiences in both a condo I owned and an apartment I rented. Shoot, I'm now in a single family home, and have trouble with neighbors in the summer when they feel inclined to share their music with the whole neighborhood. Assholes.
  10. If the only answer they would have accepted was "volume", it doesn't matter if James said liquor or liquid. BMS makes no sense.
  11. I was thinking of barrels and fifths.
  12. I was wondering if they would have accepted volume of liquor.
  13. Aww - what a wonderful memory. I never lived near any close relatives, still don't. I'm a step mom and grandma to kids many miles away. I love them all. My youngest stepdaughter visited when she was a teen and said she wanted to learn how to make Crème Brule. I didn't know either, but we learned how o do it together. It was delicious.
  14. No, I meant smoking weed high. And I'm changing my opinion from a little wacky to wacky plus.
  15. The guy in Quito was a little wacky. I was wondering if he was high.
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