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  1. And tastes like crap. Certainly not dance worthy.
  2. There's a reason why all of my step-grandchildren ate Cheerios, particularly Honey Nut, as one of their first solid foods. My husband eats a large bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios topped with Grape Nuts, topped with a banana, blueberries, and strawberries with skim milk. Every day!
  3. I'd report that to your Postmaster. You can also go to the USPS web site and report it. I worked in the Postal Inspection Service forensic lab for a few years, and learned enough about the postal service to know that most Postmasters would care.
  4. I recorded Ina's new show last weekend, and the recording started with the end of Giada's show. It was filmed at home with Jade and a guy with dark hair and glasses. Anyone know who the guy was?
  5. Last night I made a Blue Apron pesto linguine with zucchini and goat cheese. It was very good. The 10 oz. of pasta turned out to be too much for us, so tonight I'm adding some more zucchini and roasted garlic shrimp. This is the first Blue Apron dinner I'll be keeping the recipe card and making it again. I think it would also be good with scallops.
  6. My extra firm tofu is in a landfill somewhere. No takers from my post on the neighborhood FB page. Blue Apron doesn't advertise it, but you can un-choose the food they decide to send you and pick from about a dozen meals they have available that week. I was so tired of them sending hamburger variations almost every week. I've chosen my meals through July, and am considering suspending it for while.
  7. I buy the Utz reduced fat kettle chips in an 8 pack of mini-bags that are 100 calories each. I have no self control with a regular size bag.
  8. Call me quirky, but clean my kitchen counters before I use them, and afterwards,
  9. Austin architect was a major PIA who thought WAAAAY too much of herself.
  10. Her new shows were probably filmed 6 months ago or more. But like @schnauzergirl said, she's damned if she does, damned if she doesn't with friends showing up.
  11. Also, Trex uses them to make their manufactured lumber.
  12. They also changed the kitchen. It used to be a separate room with the swinging door, now it's a half wall and the swinging door is always open. Every time I see the wallpaper in the kitchen I chuckle. I used a similar wallpaper in the kitchen of my first house because I liked it so much. 😄
  13. I got my Blue Apron box today that has a salmon dish with a fresh zucchini/radish salad. The salmon is supposed to have a tamarind-tomato sauce on it. I decided to ditch the salmon recipe and marinate it in olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, and dill and grill it. I'll halve the zucchini and grill it also. I will make the rice and add in the Asian style aromatic herb packet. I'll use the radishes on a green salad. No idea what to do with the tamarind paste.
  14. They showed 2 young black women who own a boutique in the preview.
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