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  1. Wow! I know why Maryland blue crab is expensive - they had a low harvest. Is it the same thing with dungeness?
  2. I believe MeTV is an over the air subchannel. I get it through Verizon Fios in the Baltimore/DC market. I know that Decades is an over the air subchannel out of Baltimore. I'm 30 miles from Baltimore and can't get it with an antenna that's supposed to have a 60 mile range.
  3. Awww - I adore him. He must have had a blast doing the ads with the football players. Give me some Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes any day.
  4. Yes - today there are folks who believe in "converting the gays".
  5. I guess it all depends on how your brain is wired. I used progressive lenses no problem. After my right eye cataract surgery, I took out the right lens of my glasses, thinking that would be better. It wasn't! My brain hated it. It was telling me, hey, your right eye is perfect and has your back. Forget the left eye.
  6. Years ago, Gene Weingarten of The Washington Post wrote that the double space after a period was done away with by newspapers to save space. For long articles, that saves considerable space. He also bemoaned newspapers getting rid of editors. These days I only glance through and sometimes read my local paper, The Capital. I always find errors an editor should catch.
  7. I am puzzled by fetv's schedule changes. Now I see they are replacing the 1-2 pm Matlock, that replaced my beloved The Wild Wild West, with Wagon Train. They keep adding shows that are already on MeTV. I get both those channels with my cable package, but I assume they are subchannels on over the air tv. Do some markets not carry both fetv and MeTV so that fetv feels the need to duplicate what's on MeTV?
  8. Some people enjoy what they do, and have no desire to retire. Obviously I don't know, but I sense the Gartens enjoy what they do and money is not a motivation.
  9. I'm surprised to read of so many people having problems post cataract surgery. All my acquaintances have had good results like I did.
  10. Cataract surgery was a miracle for me. I'm living in a whole new world of sharp images and vibrant color. I love my HMO. My surgeries had a $30 co-pay for each eye.
  11. What's up with Fingerhut (besides the woman gyrating like a maniac behind a lawn mower)? The ads say buy stuff you need from us and improve your credit score. How?
  12. I used to think the ZocDoc commercials were all edited from the longer version, but since Dad hits both his left and right foot in different versions they obviously have multiple versions. I guess once you pay to have the actors there, you make the most of it. Maybe it's the channels I watch, but it seems like they run one every commercial break. /Sigh
  13. I was behind a Kia Soul yesterday, and realized how much I miss the hamsters. The opera one was my favorite.
  14. If hackers can get your info, you just need to use common sense, This past year, I've gotten 4 emails from women in a club I belong to, asking for a favor. I answered the first one, and got the response did I have an Amazon account?. I called them and said I think your email account has been hacked. She said she knew, and was getting it fixed.
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