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  1. I believe that Julian dropped the charges against Caitlin in return for Barry's resignation. Remember that Caitlin coerced Barry to allow Julian to join Team Flash to help her with her KF problem. Then Julian developed feelings for her that she took full advantage of by leading him on, even allowing a kiss that she knew would go nowhere. After that, I'm sure that Julian made certain those charges wouldn't ever reappear. Plus Barry must have convinced Joe to talk to Captain Singh on Cait's behalf, too. The whole world shifts its axis to give Killer Cait a clean slate. And there weren't charges either after she, the doctor sworn to do no harm, and KF worked in meta-human trafficking or tortured people into losing fingers and toes in S4. Such a great example of justice never being served, which reflects the US when it comes to unjustified harm to Black and Brown people by people who look like Cait. By my count, Cait committed at least 11 felonies in 3x7 alone. She's not an ice meta, she's a Teflon meta.
  2. Logan William's (young Barry Allen in S1 and S2) cause of death, "Marlyse Williams told the New York Post that according to preliminary toxicology tests, her son died of a fentanyl overdose, following his three-year battle with addiction." NY Post article.
  3. Me, too. I can skip it with ease. Besides, they were already making Lois seem more important instead of equal to Iris in the crossovers Lois has appeared in anyway. No offense, since I have always liked Lois Lane, but in the Arrowverse, these ladies should be treated as equals.
  4. I share your concerns, but there's one thing that gives me hope: Grant Gustin. Grant was the one to go against Barry and Caitlin even dating in the show. He stood firm on this even against the machinations of AJK and DP's attempts to make platonic moments seem romantic. I don't believe Grant would co-sign a hookup with Caitlin or KF, not even in a drunken, depressed, Iris is gone and I'm in lust, or even a body switch between Cait and Iris situation. Not even Barry's evil time remnant, Savitar, gave Killer Frost a second look when she was trying to flirt with him. I use to wonder if they'd have Barry and Cait somehow hook up to make a way for a White, non-multiracial, Bart Allen. But I don't believe that would happen because Grant would be against it. Even though he's not a perfect ally for Candice on all occasions, I do believe that Grant is an ally for WestAllen's pure relationship. Even if Eddie came back in some form, I don't think Candice would co-sign cheating on Barry either. She'd be emotionally drawn to him or sympathetic, but no cheating. That's what I'm holding on to so I can save my sanity.
  5. The fact that Killer Frost would delay treatment for an injury because KF was scared mommy wouldn't like her is highly selfish and borderline suicidal/homicidal. The injury is so bad that their body went into an ice coma. Caitlin owns the body, too. And she's in danger of dying since the meta powers aren't healing them. What a trash person that Ralph had the gall to call "awesome!"
  6. Robbie Amell's acting has really improved over the years. Gotta say I'm impressed.
  7. The level of blandness with Cisco and Kamilla's supposed great love has increased beyond my tolerance. There's nothing genuine about, "He's the love of your life" or "I'm doing this to help the person I care about most.". None of those words ring true to what's been shown on screen. Talk about telling but not showing.... Ugh! No one believes it, Eric. For the umpteenth time, why are people apologizing to Killer Frost who has yet to apologize to the women she tried to murder and has yet to apologize to Kamilla for trashing her photography at the art exhibit life coach Ralph took her to? Killer Frost acts likes she's a dangerous child throwing tantrums about nonexistent problems and Ralph has to pacify her by telling her she's just as important as Caitlin. When will she actually grow up and be worthy of that Dib-ploma?!
  8. Robbie Amell, former Ronnie Raymond, stars in the Amazon Prime series, "Upload."
  9. I actually think that's why CP should have hustled more to get other short stints elsewhere or even do a major commercial spot for a major brand. Because she isn't privileged and becaue she doesn't have the same level of security as others, that's why CP should have done more. I'm not laying it all at her feet. I'm sure holding on to her spot was hard. I'm just saying having more than one iron in the fire never hurts. Now, with the quarantine, there's less opportunity to do other things even though there's now lots of time. I've been reading a few articles in Callback Magazine; it's a new online mag focused on acting in Canada, but there are applications to the US as well. One common thread amongst the actors is constantly trying to stay busy and finding new opportunities in part because there's so much competition and because of the instability of the career until you've reached a certain level. I'm not blaming it all on CP. Just saying she needs to remember that there will be a life after The Flash, and she should be planting some seeds now if she wants to do more after this show is done.
  10. I can only say that Marc G. wasn't a fan of KC based on how Laurel was treated and since Felicity was his "creation", it makes sense how things went down. With Marc and Berlanti both on board with the EBR change, I don't think AJK could overrule those two.
  11. I suspect this was because the showrunnner prefered EBR. The showrunner has a ton of influence over the writing on the show. In S2, CP has exactly 12 words in the episode that started the crossover. I suspect that was just to fulfill the contractual obligation, but then Iris wasn't shown again during the rest of the crossover of S2. However, DP was in every episode of every crossover except for the S6 crossover. Why? Different showrunner in S6. AJK and Todd both seemed to favor DP, whether that was because of the contract or just preference, CP got the short end of the stick for a long time until things started improving a bit in S5 with Todd and now Eric.
  12. Per AJK, about killing Eddie, "This wasn’t always the plan, but it was always a possibility. " Exactly, and the fact that AJK's wife was DP's agent. I used to wonder the same, but now I also wonder if CP is just not that motivated. Obviously, she cares a lot about her role on the show and how it affects the future of WOC in media. However, I not sure she's that determined to do more outside of the Flash for her career except for magazine articles and stumping for Shethority from time to time. When asked, CP has said she doesn't have time to work on other projects because of her filming this show. However, that seems like a flimsy reason when you consider how little screen time she had in the earlier seasons when DP was being treated like the lead actress. With streaming services and their shows, I think that CP could squeeze in something else during hiatus, but she just doesn't want to do that for whatever reason. Brandon Routh did a guest appearance on "Blackish" in 2019, and he had like less than 5 minutes of screen time. Come on! You're telling me CP couldn't have done the same to give herself exposure on a major network like Disney-owned ABC?!
  13. Candice interview article, "The Ma'am in the Mirror: Candice Patton on That Fatal 'Flash' Moment"
  14. For some reason the pacing was weird to me, but lent itself to making this episode seem more like a movie thriller. I echo others who thought the Siri/Barry fight was great! For once, Nash did not annoy me. Not really happy Bloodwork is back. I'm hoping that Allegra's light powers will do away with Bloodwork once and for all. I'm hoping that Caitlin/Killer Frost's mom will play a part in their season 7 arc as a new ice meta. Susan Walters, the actress who plays her mom is a rather good actress and can sell evil ice meta well. I feel bad for Cisco. Mirror Kamilla had no reservations killing herself, which would leave her "beloved" Cisco devastated after losing Cynthia. Just goes to show how feeble the Cisco/Kamilla "love story" really is and it's not believable as being true love.
  15. Thanks for that information about how Amanda made the writing for Carter work on SG-1. Carter was fabulous! I met Amanda at a convention years ago; really great person! I haven't seen her direct, however. I hope she's just as good as she was at acting.
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