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  1. adora721

    Caitlin Snow

    I hope Wallace keeps KF exploring her feelings like guilt and being empathetic to others. It may lead to something of substance.....maybe. ETA: My current hope is that when the new Wells arrives, he'll accuse KF of being like the KF on his world who murdered people directly or helped to murder people. Of course, the team will defend her, particulary Cisco. However, new Wells will continue to pester KF with questions about having helped anyone to an early grave or working for criminals. He'll make the team question the sanity of keeping her on the team. And he won't trust her, at least not for a long while. I hope that triggers nightmares in KF of taking HR to Savitar, trying to help kill Iris, trying to murder Tracy Brand, freezing people's fingers and toes off, trying to murder Cisco and Barry, holding an icicle to Cecile's throat, etc. Perhaps she'll confess to Ralph, since he doesn't know because she lied to him S4, that she did help to murder a team Flash member. Perhaps then she'll realize that she needs to apologize, stop allowing the team to defend her, and attempt to make real amends. That would make me very happy.
  2. adora721

    Caitlin Snow

    It's hard to give her the benefit of the doubt when DP has a history of asking for or mentioning in interviews that Caitlin should be friends with Felicity, Patty Spivot, and now Joan Williams, but not with Iris, the woman who's been in Cait's life for six years now. I wonder what those three have in common, besides a background in STEM? Hmm.....
  3. adora721

    Caitlin Snow

    Some of the responses were hilarious. Like a couple people said they thought Caitlin was just like a mom to Barry🤣
  4. adora721

    Caitlin Snow

    Make of this what you will 🤣
  5. So, on "Arrow" 8x1, Oliver was looking for Dwarf Star material on orders of the Monitor. It turns out that Chester has the following powers in the comics: "Chunk has super strength and invulnerability. Chunk can also absorb matter and expel it into a pocket dimension called the Void. Chunk can be hurt only by bullets that are coated or laced with White Dwarf Star material, the substance that allows superhero the Atom to shrink." It seems that Chester may be useful in expelling the antimatter into the Void, unless Chester can only absorb matter, and not antimatter. However, Ollie's Dwarf Star material can harm him. Now, why would the Monitor ask Ollie to get material that could harm someone who might actually help get rid of antimatter?
  6. adora721

    Caitlin Snow

    No offense to Robbie Amell or Victor Garber, but they are not irreplacable as Firestorm. That was proven true when they found Jax for Stein. Not to mention they have had a multiverse to utilize for another Firestorm Ronnie and Prof. Stein using new actors. Just like there are two Lois' with different actresses playing them in the coming crossover. The question isn't why not bring back RA or VG; it's why haven't they sought out new actors to play another Earth's version of Firestorm to play with Cait/KF? ETA: Since DP is third-billed in the cast, it makes sense for her to get screen time, but that screen time has to be compelling and make sense. It's been neither for ages.
  7. adora721

    Caitlin Snow

    Cisco wasn't even angry at Cait when she almost got Cynthia murdered by the Thinker in S4. Cait is Teflon and has plot armor; there are never consequences for her or KF, at least so far. Think back to how angry Barry got at Wally for not telling him about his Savitar nightmares or when Wally thought he could protect Iris from Yorkin's touch of death that turns people into ash. Think of how Barry didn't even raise his voice to Cait when she finally confessed to keeping a part of the stone. Perhaps it's just bad writing, in DP's contract, or just White privilege. Think of the convicted, female Texas cop who was hugged by the brother of the man she murdered and by the judge, who's supposed to be impartial.
  8. Just found a description that fits Cait and KF at the DC Comics website "Sociopathic by nature, Killer Frost’s icy exterior matches her chillingly cold interior. Militant and sadistic, she enjoys killing and feels no remorse when taking another’s life. Frost constantly finds herself at odds with the hero Firestorm, whose vast output of energy provides a massive power source for the villain. And when it comes to unlimited power, Frost will kill anyone in her way to get it." Totally explains why neither apologizes and feels no guilt about hurting, murdering, or working in human trafficking.
  9. Earth 19 is still intact; only Earth 2 is gone so far. Perhaps he and Killer Frost will take a liking to each other since Cisco called her a White Walker🤣
  10. It's not the only reason for controversy. Turns out this episode's director, Chris Peppe, was an editor on the show for a few years and worked on DP's directorial episode last year. This leads some to think Chris and DP are tight, which may be a reason for the removal of Cisco's name to imply that Cait is more important than she is to Barry. Of course, now we're into to conspiracy territory. Leaving conspiracies aside, what story telling reason would there be to leave out Cisco when we saw him in the flashforward?
  11. So, there's a little bit of controversy about Barry mouthing Cisco's name when he was telling Iris who he saw die. However, the sound was muted so that it seemed like Barry said, "You,...Caitlin". At first, I didn't notice it, but after rewatching the scene, his mouth does form Cisco's name. I wonder why editing made this decision in post-production to remove the sound of him saying Cisco's name, especially since we saw Cisco die in his vision. It's at minute 1:16 that he mouths Cisco's name.
  12. I find it hilarious that the show is going out of its way to add more females for Iris to befriend and move her as far away as possible from Cait, the only other female who's been on the show from the start. They're creating a huge buffer and separation while passing the Bechdel test. It's kind of genius, but so obvious. I mean, I like that Iris has her own squad, but it's still pathetic the show never found a way to make a believable friendship work between Iris and Cait. The fact that Cait/KF is surrounded primarily by men is also telling.
  13. Found the following in a Tumblr ask: "The secret organisation on the flash is "black hole" i think? looked like their symbol on the b&w pic on the man's suit that was in the file. the leader is a speedster named raijin (god of lightning in japanese). maybe... part b's endgame villain?" Anyone know about this Rajin speedster? Found some info. on Black Hole: "Black Hole also known as The Black Hole is an extremely dangerous Central City Criminal Organization who are comprised of Rogue Scientist who have studied The Speed Force trying to harness the power of The Speed Force. They have made advance tech mainly weapons that have been used against Speedsters but also used by normal criminals to use for crimes in Central City."
  14. Although it hurt, I think they did this because we cared about those E2 characters and therefore, it was a way to give the audience a real stake in the COIE events. It also lets us know that there will be real losses in the Arrowverse, but without us losing E1 characters we love and have been invested in for six seasons on the Flash.
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