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  1. Katsullivan

    The Expanse Casting: That's Not How I Saw Them In My Head

    Thanks for listing how the the show has white-washed all its (explicitly described in the novel as) dark-skinned characters. It's almost as if you're making my point for me or something... 🙄 Also the "they picked the best people for the job/ black/dark-skinned people can't act!" wasn't a good excuse for the The Last Airbender casting atrocity and it hasn't got any better with age. It's also pretty universal in racism too but thanks for diminishing the societal discrimination that leads little black girls to think that dolls that look like them are evil as irrelevant.
  2. Katsullivan

    S02.E09: Blood Moon

    One word summary? Badly. I know right?
  3. Katsullivan

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    If they ever let me write this show, I'd make Caitlin catch feelings for Barry, be rejected, embrace her dark side, go full villain and have to be killed.
  4. Katsullivan

    The Expanse Casting: That's Not How I Saw Them In My Head

    Colorism, particularly in the US, is an extension of racism. So kindly don't dismiss it into the same category as fans are upset that "Daniel Radcliffe should have worn green contacts for the HP movies". That is just insulting to the very real people who are affected by it. And by people affected by it, I mean there's a billion dollar industry that thrives on making dark-skinned African and South Asian women believe that their natural skin colour is inherently unattractive. It's not even her actual heritage - Aja Naomi King could pass as Nigerian and to the best of my knowledge, she's African-American with all the genetic heritage that comes with. But Lyndie is unambiguously biracial - from her skin colour to her facial profile - and it's obvious why she was cast.
  5. Katsullivan

    She's Superman's Cousin!: And Other Supergirl Spoilers

    Needs more red.
  6. Katsullivan

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    I came off feeling that Max's "girl power" bonding with Eleven was more for the sake of the writing shitting on Lucas than anything to do with either Mike or Eleven.
  7. Katsullivan

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    This. We've seen how the writers treat characters they don't want to write for: that's how Iris was the character with the least impact in season 3, when saving her life was the season's goal. That's why Iris became Team Flash leader in season 4 and we didn't find out she quit journalism in the middle of season 4. They're bad at writing for Caitlin because they're writing for Caitlin at Iris's expense. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but it's the truth. Iris is the second lead, the title character's LI, she's the second most important person in the story and the most important person to the most important person in the story. Getting her right isn't optional. By disrespecting the dynamics of the show - by making Caitlin, a supporting character more dominant than Iris, it skews the entire story. It's not a coincidence that all the best The Flash episodes (Runaway Dinosaur, Flashtime, Once and Future Flash) are the ones that have not only the best Iris and Iris/Barry writing but puts them at the heart of the story. The Flash will never be as good as it can be because the writers are hellbent on demeaning/diminishing the show's leading lady for Danielle Panabacker and the racist perspective. So paradoxically, that's why the writing for Caitlin will always be bad. But racism/white supremacy has never been about being "the best that it (a story, a society) can be". The goal isn't to write Caitlin well but to write Iris worse. The writing for Caitlin can be bad, but as long as the writing for Iris is worse, then Caitlin has won.
  8. Katsullivan

    The Stranger Things Wishlist: What We Want To Happen

    Billy stays dead and we never hear about him again.
  9. Katsullivan

    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

    Just saw it. It was OK. Gotta admit I was spoiled for all the major beats so that probably affected my enjoyment... but there were just too many suspension of belief moments for me. All the Avengers were AWOL and it all rested on the shoulders of a teenage boy to save the world? Tony Stark giving said teenage boy control over WMDs? Peter handing over the glasses to a random guy that he literally just met? Someone that came from another Earth? After giving some convoluted illogical reason why he couldn't give them to the Director of SHIELD? I think Zendaya and Tom Holland have mad chemistry but it would have been nice to know/understand when his feelings flipped from Liz Allan to her. Also, convenient that everyone in Peter's group that mattered had been dusted. Yeah and about that - the blip? Seriously? Ah well, Ned/Betty were cute. Some ugliness though: I heard that this plot was almost shot-for-shot a Miles Morales comic story? Can anyone confirm or explain this. Yeah it was definitely not meant to be titillating. They only filmed a supermodel in skin-tight leather ordering a teenage boy to take off his clothes to give us a PSA about not taking pictures in bathrooms. 🙄 ETA: Oh yeah - and another thing that bugged me. The whole deal about his secret identity is that Spidey wants to protect his loved ones. So... he takes MJ out on a public date... in full costume... because no one would want to know who is the girl that Spidey took web-slinging through town? Or connect the dots between her dates with Spidey and her high school classmate?
  10. Katsullivan

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    Yeah I don't understand the argument that the writers whitewashing Caitlin means that they don't care about her. That's exactly what you to do with a "sacred cow" character. Considering how quickly the show writers like diminishing or humiliating Iris, without anyone ever defending her, I think it's gone far beyond "covert" racism at this point.
  11. Katsullivan

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    Billy was flat out abusive to Max and in the After-Show they were doing for Season 2, the producers clearly explain that BIlly was: racist, and abusive. He hated Lucas for being black but he would basically look for any reason to hurt Max. It's also stated that they haven't been family for long - looks like their parents just got married and decided to "start new" in Hawkins. But in season 3, they're suddenly close siblings who've known each other since Max was a baby. 🙄🙄 All I wanted was for that abusive, racist piece of shit Billy to die and I got that. Of course they had to woobify his ass first because heaven forbid we should be happy that a POS got what was coming to him. I noticed that they entirely retconned his relationship with Max so that his victim could cry over his dead body, while also sweeping that small matter of "beat up a child for being black" under the rug. Typical.🙄
  12. Katsullivan

    The Expanse in the Media

    With the news of Elvi Okoye's cast, at this rate, I'm more interested in release information for book 9. I will still watch the show but it's fallen way down on my regard.
  13. Katsullivan

    S03.E01: Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?

    As someone on tumblr said: the number of neck-rolls they made that poor child do. Erica is the sassy black girl stereotype and it's disgusting.
  14. Katsullivan

    The Stranger Things Wishlist: What We Want To Happen

    Billy Hargrove dies. 🤞
  15. Katsullivan

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    Well said. It's never addressed and it's so disgusting yet typical of the show to let the white MC get away with murder while the black woman gets ripped to shreds for looking at him wrong. (Or in Iris's case, "looking" at him at all.)