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  1. There are a lot of problematic aspects of race dynamics in this show.
  2. You managed to put into words something that has niggled at me for a while but I've been unable to articulate: while Daphne's actions tend to be rationalised by her inexperience and the time period she exists in, criticism of Simon's actions are viewed by modern lores, and downplay his trauma.
  3. The duel is closing the gate after the horse or however the saying goes. If the story gets out, it won’t restore her reputation. It would just leave one man dead and another a fugitive but the scandal remains. Also at the time, they didn’t realize anyone knew about the garden encounter. If anything, news of the duel - which will get out what with one man dead/injured and the other fled - will make people ask questions that they might not have asked. Whichever scenario, the duel doesn’t help solve anything but Anthony’s pride. That’s why she’s pissed.
  4. OMG, your entire comment got me in stitches. So does anyone think Mary/Luke is still happening or just me?
  5. I'm sorry but.. what? Sex wasn't invented in the 21st century! For as long as humans have been smashing genitals together (read: forever), there've been more frisky business than a moment that was, IMO, rather vanilla dirty talk.
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one that was taken out by Julie in the backseat urban legend. I loved Mary coaching Ryan through the heroic pose. Ryan writing to Kate is a nice nod to season 1, but I wish they'd figured a less hamfisted way to start it. I think that's the problem with this season and the recast of sorts - it's all a bit hamfisted to fit Ryan into a story/world that was built for Kate. It's still enjoyable, but there are already dangling threads like Sophie, beginning to fray.
  7. In the Pilot, I think Kate asked Luke to modify the Batman suit to fit her so it’s really the same suit.
  8. Consenting to sexual intercourse does not automatically include consenting to ejaculation into a vagina, and conception. That’s why birth control exists. Non consensual condom removal - including intentionally damaging a condom - is a sexual crime and is classed as reproductive coercion, sexual assault or rape in different countries. This is actually victim blaming, which seems to be exactly what the show runners were going for
  9. This seems like an opportunity to genderbend Sophie and establish Benedict in a gay OTP. I would love to see an mlm spin on Cinderella.
  10. I want to see more of Anthony and Simon's bromance. They're practically shippable, their chemistry is that good. I imagine happily-wedded Simon and bride-searching Anthony having some great banter. If they can do this while shirtlessly wrestling, even better. I'm still holding out hope for Eloise/Penelope endgame and gay or bi Benedict.
  11. I also could have done without the Numbers speech. But the new season premiere wasn't bad. I like that the fake!Bruce is out of the picture because without Kate, that storyline won't have had the same impact. So who else thinks that Ryan Wilder has some superpowers now?
  12. Daphne is 21. I will always remain confused how Simon's decision not to immediately disclose years of psychological abuse to her became equivalent to lying. He always made it clear that he couldn't have children. If he had promised Daphne the opposite or at least given her the impression that their "conjugal efforts" would lead to childbirth, then this would be a lie. Not explaining the details of not having the children is just that - not giving her all the information. Lying means giving her false information. This insistence always feels like victim-blaming to me. A way to frame what Daphne did as "justified" because Simon "deserved it." If anything, we don't have enough of instances of rape being actually called rape in the world. From Whoopi Goldberg declaring that statutory rape is not "rape rape" to people arguing that women can't technically rape men, to #metoo showing that systematic, institutional sexual assault was overlooked for decades because it was just part of showbusiness. I mean, the statistics alone of rape convictions are there. To me, it's as simple as this - rape is sex without consent. Regardless of Daphne's age or rage, there was a point in that act where her sexual partner withdrew his consent - she knew he withdrew his consent - and she refused to stop. I dunno. I try not to opine too much on this topic, because it's one of those things I don't like arguing about, you know? Discussing it makes it seem like non-consensual sex being rape is a subjective judgment based on scenarios.
  13. She wasn’t angry, she was frustrated. She hadn’t had a proper conversation with him. She didn’t know if what he told the Queen was true or just another part of the ruse to get the license. She didn’t know if he hated her for forcing him into marriage. She thought they’d get to clear the air on their wedding night and he puts them in separate rooms! Daphne probably thought that for like 2 seconds before Simon made it painfully clear that just because he liked kissing her didn’t mean he wanted to marry her. They say why in their big love declarations. Simon feels sick with guilt that he’s forced her into marriage, believes she hates him and is trying to spare her the affliction of his presence. Daphne in turn feels sick with guilt that she’s forced him into marriage, believes he hates her... you get the idea. 😄 Miscommunication between the lovers is a feature of the genre, not a bug.
  14. Newly weds “christening” every room in their new home is as tropey as it gets. It’s not Simon disrespecting her or rather either of them disrespecting each other, it feels a little puritanical to view what is clearly mutual enjoyable sex as something the man “takes” from the woman. They also seem to share an exhibitionist kink as evidenced by the “what will they think?”/“does it matter?” exchange. I’m more concerned about Jeffries or some other servant needing to pick up crusty handkerchiefs after them!
  15. I think this fight was worse than their duel. The kind of fight you can only have with someone who knows you too well and knows all your insecurities. Coincidentally, the two actors have great chemistry as old friends. I was surprised rewatching how few scenes they shared together. I feel like if they had more focus than they actually did.
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