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  1. I liked it! Ryan is a very rootable character and Javicia did pretty good in the role. I think they gave us a believable reason for Ryan to go after Alice. But Alice is a strong enough villain she can have her own storylines that aren't directly connected to Ryan's version of Batwoman. I loved the more emotional moments with Jacob and Sophie (I guess this is the end of Sophie/Julia?) but I worry about her role in the long run. Mary's too. What I liked about Team Batwoman was that Kate and Mary were sisters as opposed to just teammates. There's no preexisting relationship between Ryan and Mary/Luke which reduces them to doctor and tech support respectively. Ryan has been blessed with a ready-made team and I don't really like it when superhero shows do that. I hope they build up the relationship between Jacob and Mary. At this point they are the only family they have left. Alice lying next to Mouse's dead body must be one of the creepiest scenes the show has had. I am glad they wrapped up the fake Bruce arc. Tommy was barely trying! And now Ryan knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne too. I believe they are being vague about Kate's fate because they wanted to avoid the Bury Your Gays trope. I think Kate's disappearance will be a storyline and when Ruby doesn't come back by the end of the season they'll say that she moved abroad or something like that.
  2. I am glad I jumped the gun there.
  3. I'd rather Bloodwork than Grodd. I haven't liked a Grodd episode since season 1.
  4. I know nothing about Planet of the Apes. Other fans caught the reference and I took it at face value because they were filming with the stunt guy they use for CGI villains like Grodd and Bloodwork.
  5. Starry

    Iris West

    I am pretty sure Iris made this list last year too. Maybe it's time to give her a break?
  6. It seems Central City Strong is a reference to Planet of the Apes. It's more than likely another Grodd episode. I agree about Mother.
  7. So they basically ended it because the creator got bored and wanted to try something new? It sucks that the actors had to find out when the audience did.
  8. I wanted to see more ponytails and braids. Now that's not going to happen 🙁 I hope they won't ruin her hair.
  9. After they announced the spinoff was in development, I figured this was going to happen. They already have Batwoman as a black female-led superhero show. They obviously don't need another one 🙄 I wouldn't mind another black male superhero protagonist. I just don't think it has to be Painkiller. He's one of my least favorite characters. I think they could have brought all of them together (minus Kate Kane) for another crossover if it weren't for the pandemic. It wouldn't have been as big as Crisis on Infinite Earths but you can do enough with a three-episode crossover in my opinion. Now that last Crisis scene looks like a joke.
  10. Canadagraphs posted some set pics and Abra Kadabra is coming back: Link.
  11. I don't think this is a fair comparison because unlike WestAllen OF weren't the season 1 OTP. Sara and her relationship with Oliver were absolutely used to damage Lauriver even more but OF were just getting started. Ray monopolizing Felicity's time was definitely a problem but unlike Patty he was being considered for a spin-off. I understand why fans didn't like it and wanted more stories for Felicity alone and for OF together but I can tell they had an actual reason to give Ray so many scenes with her. I agree I thought it was strange that they weren't writing more shippy content for OF in 5A and I remember fans being frustrated about it (also because in some cases WA got the blame) but their new love interests were barely a blip on the radar. In 2A not only we weren't getting any WestAllen but Iris herself was sidelined while Barry's temporary girlfriend got plenty of story. It's been a long time since I watched Arrow season 5 but despite the lack of Felicity's POV and OF romance I don't remember any retcons. But again I could be wrong and maybe there were some rewrites and I just forgot about them. It's true that WestAllen never got it as bad as Lauriver and I never really thought they were dropping them for good but that was only because I knew Patty was going to leave as it was announced before her first episode even aired. Barry and Patty as a couple were never written as OTP material but there was so much of Patty as a character that could have eventually changed. Season 5A OF were similar to season 2A WA in terms of romantic content but it was clear to me that the Arrow writers had no interest in their temporary love interests while the Flash writers gave Patty plenty to do for someone with guest star credits. But Nazi Kara and Oliver were an actual canon couple. And why would a Barry and Kara romance need to be a selling point for the crossover? I am pretty sure people would have watched it anyway without AJK trying to make it seem there was going to be romantic chemistry. I don't think they were trying to use Superflash to opt out of WestAllen. I am sorry if it wasn't clear before but I was arguing a different point here. What I meant is that AJK went way overboard with the ship baiting of his leads with multiple love interests. Oliver and Kara were not exempt from that even though I never thought they used any of Oliver's temporary love interests to sideline Felicity and OF like they did with Iris and WA in season 2A. They definitely used Sara and Mon-El to marginalize and eventually replace Laurel and James. I don't believe it's a reach to think they could have tried to do the same with Patty and Iris.
  12. I replied in the Relationships thread.
  13. I agree that Barry and Iris were the OTP in season 1 despite Eddie, Linda, the ship teasing with Caitlin and the lack of Iris. But I disagree about season 2 WestAllen. They hammered home destiny only after Patty left because they needed a cheap trick to reintroduce the couple after they had done their best to sideline their connection and even retcon Iris' feelings. Season 2A was when you had characters like Patty refer to Iris as Barry's sister and her never correcting them. It was when Eddie was upgraded to the love of Iris' life when no-one called him that in season 1. Somehow he also became her fiancé even though he never proposed, she never said yes and never wore the engagement ring. I don't think Patty herself was ever written to be Barry's one true love but they absolutely attempted to raze the foundations of WestAllen and only went back to recentering them after the Earth-2 episodes. Also keep in mind that before the Worlds Finest crossover AJK was gushing over the Barry and Kara chemistry and they are two characters who were never going to get together. Even Mehcad Brooks was talking about Barry hitting on Kara but where were those scenes? Where exactly did Barry hit on Kara? AJK got his actors to lie about scenes and oversell the Superflash dynamic. It's true that many protagonists have multiple love interests before they settle down with The One but AJK went way overboard in my opinion. I didn't watch Lois and Clark but when OF were broken up I don't remember Oliver's temporary love interest getting more screen time than Felicity. Patty got way more than Iris and that was despite the fact that Iris knew about the Flash and Patty didn't. That's why they were being shady in 2A, not just because Barry got a girlfriend that wasn't Iris.
  14. That's probably true but I wasn't calling Caitlin a lead. I meant that AJK wanted his protagonists Oliver, Barry and Kara to have multiple romances. I mentioned Caitlin in the context of her being a possible love interest for the lead, not a lead herself. After re-reading my comment I realize that I could have worded it better.
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