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  1. I think they didn't want to get back to Iris' time sickness until season 8 and that's probably part of the reason why the scene with Nora got cut. Though I wish they had kept it in. The WestAllen one? They are flirting at home instead of discussing the villain. Sorry guys it had to go 🙄
  2. So tired of the heroes talking down the villains. So tired of the technobabble. How many times are these characters going to talk about "reverse engineering" something? I swear it's like I hear that phrase every other episode. I was here for the adorable giant kitten and the dragon. Also, searching for the totems is equivalent to searching for the Paragons. Lena's plot held my attention. I know it's random but I didn't hate it at all. Let's defeat the big bads with the power of magic for once. Enough with the power of love and compassion and the power of "science". I can't
  3. For the first time since early season 1 I am so invested in the show I can't wait for the next episode. The pacing works for me. If they managed to keep it up, I would be grateful. I couldn't stand Jason and his drama before but Red Hood? I love him! If turning Jason into a scary criminal mastermind is their way of making me care for the character I am all for it. I never had a problem with Hank and Dawn and was sad about Hank's death. Yes he was dumb, reckless and stubborn but I still felt for him and I am sure giving him touching interactions with other characters like Dick and Gar
  4. Except Barry and Iris as characters didn't ruin anyone's wedding and that's not what they are saying here either. Ava thinks that they are a magnet for supervillains and that's why she doesn't want them at their wedding. It's a reminder that the WestAllen church ceremony got interrupted by Earth-X Nazis but the joke falls a bit flat when you consider that the supervillains only attacked because they were looking for Kara. Maybe it's her they shouldn't invite. I love WestAllen and didn't find this offensive at all. This show has said worse things about Wally and his family and had Ava make
  5. I didn't care for the singing but the vow renewal was badly needed because Barry and Iris didn't get a wedding. If both their ceremonies hadn't been ruined in the most offensive way I don't think people would have asked for a vow renewal and the writers wouldn't have come up with the idea either. I am sure many would argue that it's "shipper nonsense" that doesn't advance the plot and that villains interrupting a wedding is what should happen in a superhero story but I like seeing the humanity in my characters. The human element has been sacrificed at the altar of plot too many times before so
  6. Exactly. Barring any shenanigans. Eric wants the pregnancy to be a series finale thing but he also plans on continuing the show past season 8. There's no way he's married to that date if he wants both things to happen. That line should have been cut. They use the human element to further their sci-fi stories. Trying for a baby is a very "normal people" thing to do. Meeting your adult children from the future is not. The purpose of the first graphic novel and the interlude was to prepare us for Nora II and Bart's arrival. I also think they weren't sure if they would get renewed w
  7. Or maybe it's Zoom? Eric said he wanted to bring him back. I was so happy about the vow renewal and then I read that part of his interview and felt a wave of disappointment. It makes sense that he's waiting until the final season for a pregnancy arc but it sounds like we'll never see Iris pregnant period. When Grant spoiled that they were planning for a baby I was afraid that meant Candice would leave at the end of the season because I didn't think TPTB would be creative enough to write WestAllen as parents of babies without shipping their kids off screen all the time (see:
  8. Sorry I phrased it wrong. I meant that I don't think he will take that much time off. It's just a feeling I have. Selfishly, I do not want him to because five crossover episodes carried by the supporting cast sounds like a nightmare. I wish I knew in advance how the first graphic novel would look like so I can decide whether season 8 starts in 2022 for me. I don't want to be a buzzkill but I think they only eased up on the restrictions because they were about to wrap for the season and were less worried about shutdowns. They need to stop asking the actors about this and start asking th
  9. They are moot questions now but they weren't back in season 4 when Barry and Iris mentioned having kids the episode before their wedding. Now that I think about it, they can use a combination of Barry and Gideon for the appointments 😂
  10. I'd rather they move up production than have the supporting cast carry episodes in Barry's place. But then I don't think Grant will get that much time off. I guess we'll see. It seems they will have 18 (?) episodes for season 8 too. I hope they won't be as strict with the restrictions. I can't do another year of no fighting, no kissing and no touching.
  11. The writers have made Caitlin an expert in every science field. She's the person they go to when they have anything that remotely resembles a medical issue. Didn't she perform surgery on Ultraviolet just two episodes ago? It was Caitlin who delivered Jenna and when Cecile was starting to get powers from the pregnancy, Joe brought her to Caitlin to see what was happening. Caitlin's role in season 1 was to study Barry's meta DNA. It was her who figured out why he kept passing out. It's not a leap to assume she would be able to tell if a meta can have kids and if regular humans can carry met
  12. I think adding random people in their wedding party would have been even worse. Best man and maid of honor are important roles. Cisco made sense for Barry but Caitlin was a terrible choice and that's only because the writers spent three years neglecting her relationship with Iris. At the time Iris and Caitlin were the only female regulars on the show. They should have bonded for that reason alone. And even outside of the Flash cast they should have never treated Iris like an outsider who's not good enough to hang out with the "cool guys and gals" because she has no powers or a scientific backg
  13. I agree with this. I loved their final scene in 7x11 but I didn't like how tacked on it felt and the Forces arc didn't work for me. I hated that Barry said that maybe he and Iris weren't meant to be parents because they didn't know how to handle the Forces. Those people are not their kids no matter how many times the writers wanted to push that plot point down my throat. And of course a pep talk from Joe is all it took them to calm down, get their confidence back and start a real family by the end of the episode. It felt rushed and there wasn't enough character exploration. Iris' fears ab
  14. I think they went about it in the worst way but they were also wrong for believing that many people would go crazy about a double wedding. In my experience, there isn't a lot of overlapping between shippers and even when there is, those who ship both tend to be more quiet. Taking this forum as an example, OF are not that popular among the WestAllen fans here and when I used to post in the crossover thread on the Arrow board the vast majority of the people there disliked WestAllen. Those who love both couples still wanted two weddings and for the characters to attend each other's wedding festiv
  15. I am not sure they realize that there's a time and place for some of their running gags like Diggle vomiting every time Barry gives him a "lift". They also think that when characters act quirky and cutesy or do things because they are very much in love people will perceive their actions as adorable and romantic instead of rude and inappropriate. It works for some, not so much for others. Maybe they did know that people would be pissed off but they didn't care because it would get them to talk. Even with Iris, I am sure they are aware that some fans hate her for what she says or doesn't sa
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