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  1. I've said it before. The show is at its best when it focuses on Kate's relationship with her family. That powerful emotional connection with Alice, Jacob and Mary will be lost. And I am one of the few who was actually rooting for Kate and Sophie to work things out and get back together. Now that won't happen either. I don't even know what to say. I may give it a chance if they cast a woman of color in the role. It would be nice to finally have a non-white female protagonist but I am not counting on that either.
  2. We know what's going down in public though. I don't care if she and CP don't get along but it's a fact that DP has publicly erased CP and disrespected her position as the leading lady. I'd rather some people (even alleged CP/WA fans) admit that they don't care about what she did than insist that other fans are lying when the proof is out there for everyone to see.
  3. The Stars in the House live was fun. I don't want DP to be in the first three episodes. Too much screen time was spent on sending her off. I wonder whose scenes are getting cut to write her back in 🙄 I am not even speaking in hypotheticals. I am sure Eric is going to find a way to bring her back in the season 7 premiere.
  4. The writing for Barry is always so poor during crossovers I am not upset Flash is skipping this year event. When they bother to include her, Iris gets better material than Barry and that's saying something. I am sure they want Grant to show up on either Batwoman or Superman and Lois and it'd be nice if Iris and Lois interacted again but a potential Flash/Black Lightning crossover sounds more appealing to me. I loved the chemistry between Barry and Jefferson in Crisis.
  5. Trust me, I get this. When I heard that the plan was to air the new episodes in January I was sure they were going to have a shortened season. But then I read about the 22 episodes order and my speculation was the only thing that made sense to me. I doubt they want cast and crew to work on 44 episodes straight with very short breaks in-between. We know that the season premiere ( what used to be 6x20 ) is 90% shot and with Flash not being a part of the crossover they can theoretically go back to filming in August without having to pull long nights. It may seem irresponsible because shutdowns can still happen and the situation is far from being under control but money talks. I bet money is the only reason they're willing to order 22 episodes. And why risk doing a crossover at all? Because crossovers are money makers and even though this year event is going to be way smaller they're still going to have one.
  6. The crossover will be between Batwoman and Superman and Lois. Characters from the other shows will appear but the shows themselves won't dedicate episodes to the crossover.
  7. I don't think anyone thought it was going to be anything more than a goodbye scene. Of course Barry and Caitlin weren't going to make out and confess their love for each other right before she left but that's not the point because baiting a couple is not about being "obvious". It's either about coming up with AU scenarios where the crackship is canon or using writing, directing and editing tricks that leave the impression that there's something more going on there even though nothing will come out of it and the overall storyline won't be impacted. In my opinion that scene was bait because of the slow motion ( an editing trick that gets mostly used to imply romance ) and because of how it was framed with Barry being left behind in Caitlin's apartment for a "look back" shot. That's the only time I thought they were baiting SB this season. And I already said that from a writing/storyline perspective Frost and Ralph were given more scenes that could mean something more than friendship if they ever wanted to go there. I wasn't looking for it. It's the other way around. That stuff was blatant and put in there to beg me to see chemistry and potential. What fuels those shippers into thinking their crackship has a chance is the show baiting them, not what WestAllen fans think. Let's not blame us when it's the writers that give ( gave ) them false hope. And I don't think every Barry and Caitlin scene is bait, just that one. The last part to be specific, not even the entire scene. And I have reasons to be threatened. Not about SB ever happening but about the fact that these writers would rather give crackshippers a "bait" goodbye scene ( and DP is not even gone for good ) than give the canon couple more romance moments. I am threatened because they are going to great lengths to present Caitlin Frost as this badass hero who's also vulnerable and gets saved by Barry and comforted/praised by the entire team but Iris is written as a SBW who constantly needs to prove she's no damsel in distress and couldn't even cry about her husband dying in Crisis months after her daughter had vanished in her arms. WestAllen don't have to break up and Barry doesn't have to dump Iris for Caitlin for me to think that these writers are being unfair/shady/racist about my favorite characters and ship. This goes back to my point. Cisco is Caitlin's bestie but he didn't get anything at all let alone a goodbye scene complete with slow motion and a "look back" shot.
  8. If the plan is to shoot 22 episodes I don't think there's going to be many changes in the filming schedule. They probably expect to go back to work in the summer and wrap up by April which means it'd be business as usual for the cast and crew and the only difference is that the audience is going to see the new episodes much later. And since Flash is not going to be a part of the crossover they could in theory go back to filming in August instead of July and still complete their 22 episodes order by April. That's assuming everything goes according to plan and there aren't any more shutdowns. In case that doesn't happen, they'll probably shorten the season instead of giving cast and crew less vacation time. I am personally not optimistic they'll be able to shoot 22 episodes but this show has too many series regulars to have 13 episodes seasons. It's too many characters and not enough episodes. I hope they'll be renewed for season 8. It would suck to have season 7 be the last when there's so much uncertainty sorrounding it.
  9. Wallace has definitely sidelined Barry and Iris and elevated Team Flash's importance as a result. We've got so little WestAllen it looks like there's been more Barry and Caitlin and OTF even though they didn't get much more than what their fans are used to. But because they've been so stingy with WestAllen the amount of SB and OTF solo scenes bugged. And it doesn't help that Iris has been stuck in a mirror for the entirety of 6B and Barry's relationship with SirI was mostly strained. I remember that scene where Barry's lying on the couch and talks about watching billions of futures where Iris, Cisco, Caitlin and everyone else die and even though he mouths Cisco's name that part was muted and it sounded like he only says Iris and Caitlin and lumps Cisco in with everyone else. That was weird and completely unnecessary. And it's disgusting that Caitlin Frost is treated like this badass hero who gets praised for doing the bare minimum but still gets to be saved by Barry while his human wife has to constantly say and prove that she can take care of herself. This seems to be more of a Caitlin thing than a white woman thing because Sue has obnoxiously pointed out that she's no damsel in distress either. Every time Barry and Ralph act like they want to protect Iris and Sue they get pushback. It's not the same with Caitlin Frost and this "delicate flower" shtick has been even more annoying under Wallace's leadership. What has Frost done that warrants so much pampering and ass kissing from the entire cast? I don't remember one instance where she/Caitlin have been totally selfless or put their lives on the line for anyone. Is it Panabaker's permanent deer in headlights facial expression that makes the writers write her character like she's such a delicate little woman in need of protection? That's not happening. That scene was put in there as a parting gift to her fans. It was unnecessary as DP is not leaving for good but I bet that was their intention. Even if they make Iris evil, the story will still be about WestAllen. It'll be wasted potential, the evil Iris won't get handled with kid gloves like Killer Frost was and there will be team drama and "harmless" Barry and Caitlin scenes forced in-between but WestAllen will stay the main couple. But I will have to keep an eye on Lauren Barnett. She's a new writer and has written all the episodes with the most "personal" Barry and Caitlin interactions.
  10. He didn't forget. Leanne mentioned that she and Grant have talked about it many times but what he meant is that it hadn't come up when discussing storylines with the writers and producers. Helbing played nice when he was asked by the media but I doubt he and his writers ever intended to do a vow renewal. They never even mentioned Barry and Iris' anniversary! Wallace is the same except in his case I don't think he was asked by the media either. There were a lot of discussions about more romance at Comic Con though. I am willing to bet that these showrunners think that giving Barry and Iris scenes together and putting them through endless trauma is equivalent to writing romance. The fact that they are a married couple is acknowledged in the writing. How dare we think there isn't enough romance? 🙄 These people are already stingy with couple scenes and how many genre shows have done vow renewals? If it's not a comic book trope they won't genuinely consider doing it. I think it's more likely they'll do the Barry and Iris speedster team-up Candice suggested. I don't think there have been many OTF and Barry and Caitlin solo scenes either but Wallace definitely tried to be more "fair" in trying to pair Barry up with as many characters as possible when that's not always necessary or even good storytelling. Barry doesn't need to have as many scenes with the others as he does with his wife. She's his wife and the leading lady for a reason. And what ended up happening is that Wallace sidelined WestAllen but he also failed at strengthening Barry's relationship with the team. As for the crackship bait, the finale bugged. I didn't have a problem with what Barry said but Caitlin's pep talk got on my nerves and I was annoyed with how the scene was framed. The slow motion was ridiculous and why the hell was Barry standing in Caitlin's apartment when she left? It was done so they could have a "look back" shot but it made no sense to have Barry stand in Caitlin's house when she and her mother were leaving like he lives there. I am not one to think the writers are "baiting" every time they have Barry and Caitlin share screen time but this time I do think that was their intention. But I still think Caitlin/Frost has had more shippy scenes with Ralph. He was her life coach, brought her a cute stuffed animal, hurt himself to bring her out of that coma and there was that scene where Barry was hurt and Frost had a panic attack and flashed back to when Ralph was injured. Barry didn't really do anything for Frost outside of throwing her a birthday party which is still something compared to the nothing they had in previous seasons I guess. Now that they've had the entire cast fawn over Caitlin and Frost before DP leaves for a while ( if she even leaves at all, thanks COVID-19! ) I wonder if they're going to do the same for Iris when she gets out of the Mirrorverse. At the very least she deserves a great reunion with her husband and plenty of supportive scenes with him and her family.
  11. That video is adorable! I would settle for more romance, affection and happy moments but between Eric's style and COVID-19 I have no hopes anymore. I am not even going to delude myself about a vow renewal. The media keeps asking about more romance and a wedding and Helbing said that he would consider doing it but after they lie at Comic Con all these showrunners do is sideline WestAllen even more. But Grant and Candice are adorable and I am glad they commented about those things. This is the second time Grant has talked about how weird it was that he barely saw Candice this season.
  12. You can't have Nash bash Barry for considering to trade Carver's life for Iris in the same episode the entire cast wants to act like Frost is the purest being like she didn't drag HR as Iris to the chopping block. So Barry has to feel guilty for considering to let Eva murder her criminal husband who's had I don't know how many people killed but Frost is the best woman who's ever bestest when she's an accomplice in the murder of an innocent man? Get out of here! This writing is so manipulative I want to gag. But if you want me to hate Caitlin/Frost even more then mission accomplished! And no matter the music cues, the slow motion and all the editing tricks Grant and DP still don't have chemistry. I continue to enjoy the Ralph and Sue dynamic but I still think they need to tone down the quirkiness. Nash is veering into creep territory. Allegra is a stranger to you and wants nothing to do with you. Leave her alone! That "when are you going to stop trying?" "Never!" exchange wasn't as sweet as they probably thought it would be. I hated the fight scene. I didn't even realize Cisco was missing. Then I remembered he was supposed to be in Atlantis. It was nice to get Joe back. Eva's "Honey, I am home!" cracked me up. Am I supposed to spend the entire hiatus wondering what happened to Iris? Speaking of, they'd better let Caitlin/Frost stay gone for at least three episodes. You can't waste three episodes on goodbye scenes for a character that's supposed to come back in the season 7 premiere.
  13. I don't get what's the point of introducing a new Wells every season if all of them end up being rude jerks. Nash had no business pushing and shoving Barry.
  14. Every time they destroy STAR Labs over on Flash, they always rebuild it after two seconds. They can do the same with the DEO but in this case Team Supergirl has its own place so that won't be necessary. I don't care about Leviathan or Lex anymore. I've been struggling with the show this season. I am curious to see where they are going with the Kara and Lena strained friendship. That last scene was promising. It was nice to see Sean Astin again. I admit I laughed when William said he had put crack in whatever it was that Kara was eating. I liked the chemistry between J'onn and M'gann and at least they gave Nia some screen time in this episode.
  15. I think regular bullets won't work on Batwoman because they need something that can pierce the suit. It may seem nonsensical but I'll chalk it up to comic book logic. What I don't understand is why they are looking for Kryptonite specifically. My first reaction to that twist was "wrong show!". Kate's stubborness about Luke could have had deadly consequences. Their hug was super sweet though. Sophie and Julia were getting closer but it was premature of Kate to claim that they were dating. I don't think Sophie had to ask for her permission even though she was probably hoping she'd have a problem with that. Mary and Parker's commentary was hilarious. Last week I was skeptical but I loved how Mary was used here. I liked the Alice, Mouse and Hush trio. I have to say this show has been a pleasant surprise. I've been enjoying every episode lately.
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