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  1. So why do they have to "try to work in" Angela and Johnathan? I don't remember much of the later years. Just Sam in some backdoor pilot for models and Tony and Angela together (I remember an episode where the drama was should Tony still get paid for keeping house). Even in the first season Angela and Tony were basically surrogate parents for each other's children and Sam's living in Angela's old house so why is she not around / with Tony? It sounds more like they don't want to include them.
  2. So Damaris is on a Home Delivery episode with Christian and Voltaggio--both of whom have already been on this format and won big. Gee, I wonder which of the 3 of them is going to win. Hmmmm.
  3. Not always. Sometimes he plays the ever popular role of staff-weilding cheese maker.
  4. Yes, they were married in the first episode of Mayberry RFD. That was the setup for Aunt Bee staying on RFD. She didn't want to be a third wheel living with the newlyweds so widower Sam asked here here to move in and help with his son. Andy was a guest star in a few first season episodes but eventually he and Helen were said to have moved away. They did return to have Andy Jr. Christensed which saw Goober, Howard and Emmett fighting over who would be the godfather.
  5. The woman who was saved from elimination was described as a "rockstar" by the judges so I knew she wasn't going anywhere. Dude was toast the minute he was pulled into the bottom with her.
  6. The whole thing with the 1820 is kinda ridiculous. It was fine when it was some group of rich guys from Louisiana. But now these good ole boys are part of some cabal that spans the entire United States but virtually the entire world? Yeah, totally believable. Have they infiltrated Starfleet too?
  7. I'm not a pie person but chess pie is pretty good. It's basically just a baked custard. You can make it with buttermilk for buttermilk pie, a southern speciality.
  8. Duff definitely has a not-so-jolly side. He could get pretty snide in Buddy vs. Duff.
  9. Great, the "oil or cream" twit is back. I guess they weren't able to film a new commercial to peddle whipped cream for Thanksgiving (because who would ever think of such a thing on their own) so they hauled this gem out of mothballs.
  10. Nah, all those Hallmark movies have a Christmas tree farm (or pumpkin patch if it's Fall).
  11. Yes, the reporter is dead. There's just a lot going on in this show and things just move too quickly. There's no time for ramifications of these big reveals or for character development. But I guess that we're stuck with Short Attention Span Theater anymore. The Dynasty reboot tore about 3 years worth of plot in the original show in half a season.
  12. GGG switched to the celeb chefs playing for themselves instead of charity a few years ago, well before the pandemic. The chefs have varying degrees of success and fame. Damaris and Justin aren't making bank on their Food Network "fame" and haven't even parlayed it into other opportunities like top tier FN personalities. It's not as cringe worthy when they play. But when you have an Alex G--who has a lucrative contract with FN--or a Marlarky--who while coming off as a nut bar has a restaurant empire--it's a little more eyebrow raising.
  13. Yeah, the hair does James no favors at all. It's like what wardrobe does to the hot actor who has to play the geek in the movie until he makes the amazing transformation to stud. Drew's beard makes him look older, but I realized the main problem with his look is his hair. That floppy, center parted 'do is...something. Other than making people stand 15 apart at the wheel (seriously, do you board a courtesy shuttle when it's you turn?) I think the game play was fine. The show does suffer some from a lack audience, but not like LMAD where they're basically on screen the whole show. My biggest problem with that was that there were only two people who didn't get to make a deal. I always felt a little bad for people who bothered to dress up, trot out to the studio and sit squeezed in like a sardine for over an hour only to not get called on. It seems even more insulting when you're one of 12 to get passed over.
  14. JM may not have awarded the heinous plantiff any of the hunnids of dollars cash apped golden grill, but she still framed it as as a "lesson learned" for her. Really JM? You think she learned something from this? What about her demeanor, much less the magnitude of her horrible choices, makes you think she came out the other side of this ant better or wiser?
  15. I think the Goats were also a full day behind too, whatever season they were in. I think the final leg was in Hawaii and they never made it there. In their original season, Colin and Christie were almost a full day ahead and it took an Hour's of Operation or some similar stall to get the teams/show back on sync. After the early seasons and situations like this I think is when the show started introducing more limited flight destinations, boats/trains with limited departures and hours of operation tasks to counteract it.
  16. Be thankful you missed today's show. That first case was just...both parties were just awful. Some woman meets up with a guy on Facebook book after the pandemic starts. If you ask her they're dating, ask him she's an on call booty call. She "loans" him money over a period of weeks (all in response to his horrible grammar/spelling laced texts) and now wants the money back. He calls her a ho because that money was for sex. She retorts she's pregnant and if it's a girl he'd paying child support and if it's a boy he's "getting that shit on his doorstep" (this was after she said something unintelligible about abortion). There's other lovely bits about B&E and a 2017 misunderstanding involving bullets...all while the guy flashes his gold plated grill through the whole thing. A fine example of humanity, these too. It's really depressing watching this show sometimes.
  17. Like his Star Trek castmate Jonathan Frames, I think he does more directing than acting. Steve Harvey can't seriously be in consideration and if he became the host I'd definitely be out. He the most absurd name I've seen in this thread (followed closely by Rosie Perez). A few years ago, I thought Anderson Cooper was assumed to be the one to inherit the show. I'm iffy on him, but within the show itself he'd come across a lot like Alex. There has to be a short list they're working from. They couldn't have a deal on place with anyone because they didn't know when Alex would pass but they have to have a pretty good idea of who they want to go with.
  18. Aaron Spelling produced Vega$. His daughter Tori famously had one of her first screen roles on the show and the main character, Dana Tanna (played by Robert Urich) had a brief cameo/crossover with Spelling's Charlie's Angels.
  19. There's no crying in Christmas, Santa. Well there is in my house. But not at the North Pole. I hope he got it out of his system and isn't going to be a drama queen every week. I had a relative who tearfully informed us "this may be (her) last Christmas" every year...for like 20 years. I'm afraid we'll get "this may be my last bake" and a flood of years through the finale. When he starts declaring his preheat may be his last bake we know something's up. What the hell was Carla wearing? It looked like part of a costume from one of her gothic characters on the Halloween show. Girl you don't need to be calling someone a cold mess when you look like you're dressed for a live action version A Nightmare Before Christmas.
  20. Am I the only one digging Ted's look in the comfort food tournament promise? Hel-LO Mr. Allen. I think he's channeling the cowboy from the Village People a little.
  21. All the hosts have been on TV for years but we didn't know what their kitchen looked like (bit maybe they've been in FN Magazine...I don't know, I don't read it even in non-guest editor months). If she bought a home with a crappy (or at least not-ready-for-daytime) kitchen, my assumption is she can't afford to refurb it right now (that ain't cheap) and that's not exactly something you want to announce. Whatever the reason, I agree she can't do the outside thing much longer. Unless she's going to become The Pilgrim Woman, outdoors in New England in winter isn't going to work. I wouldn't be surprised if she's allowed to return to the set alone while the others still Zoom in. I mean after all, she's the guest editor of FN Magazine. The only one who has ever guest edited. Guest. Editor.
  22. I'm assuming Sunny's kitchen is pretty bad and that's why she doesn't want it on camera. I think someone said she recently moved to NJ so if she bought a new house the kitchen may need a return. OTOH, maybe she just doesn't want her personal space broadcast on national TV. She's never talked about who's doing camera for her so she may just be a private person. But what's really important is...she's guest editor of FN Magazine this month? Did you hear she's guest editor this month? They only mentioned it like 50 times on the episode so you may have missed she's guest editor this month. So if you missed it, she's guest editor of FN Magazine this month. Guest. Editor.
  23. They're only sold on the East Coast. I assumed this was filmed in California but that would be an odd choice to have stocked in the store if so. Either way, it's kind of crappy to pick a regional brand in the bonus round.
  24. The blondes would like to talk to their taxi driver's manager. Save some for later, Augustus!
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