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  1. Did I miss something? When did it stop being the return key? My laptop, which I bought in 2017, says "return" only. I have seen both 'return' and 'enter' on various keyboards throughout my life, but I don't think 'return' is obsolete.
  2. I have heard just "the brass" but the entirety of my knowledge of this subject comes from watching too much NCIS. Having said that, FJ was an instaget for me. Add me to the list of people who thought of Ken for H&R Block. I chuckled at the clue.
  3. I couldn't see anything in that scene. Did she already take it down? If so, care to elaborate?
  4. It is her legal name, though. We have seen her sign legal documents with that name before. My favourite part of this episode was Tegan's doubt song-and-dance. I have hated Oliver since he deleted Connor's acceptance email and didn't tell him. Did Connor ever find out about that?
  5. Interesting - this never even occurred to me. They had to specify because the UN lists countries in multiple languages, and if you're looking at the Spanish-language list, there will be many countries with Spanish articles. I don't know how else they would have worded it to make it clearer? If they meant countries that speak English, they would have stated that it is the list of English-speaking countries or list of countries with English as an official language. That would be easy to clarify. But since they literally meant the list of countries of the world written in the English language, I'm not sure how else they could have worded it.
  6. For the DNA piece - not explicitly Hannah, but it could show that Frank is the product of incest. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down through the maternal line - so you have the same mtDNA as your mother, her mother, etc. If Frank has the same mtDNA as Sam, then there would have to be incest going on as both of their mothers would come from a common maternal line. On its own, this wouldn't prove that Frank's mother is Hannah as opposed to Sam/Hannah's mother, grandmother, maternal aunt, etc. But, it would prove that there was incest. There are also what are called long stretches of homozygosity - there is normal variation in unrelated people, and therefore variation in their offspring's DNA. However, individuals whose biological parents are closely related (siblings, first cousins, etc), you see stretches where instead of variability between the two copies of the DNA, they are identical. This is why rare recessive genetic disorders are more common in consanguineous families. As for your first question - I think I would find this much more interesting if Sam never actually knew that Frank is his/Hannah's child. But, I bet the connection is through the Aunt that Frank mentioned - Aunt was friends with Hannah, and Aunt's sibling might have been trying for a child and been unable to (or whatever the story may be) and took the child, possibly without ever knowing the true paternity.
  7. Buzzy Cohen is on the new Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, as one of the "backup players". He'll be continuing on the next episode, if anyone is interested (or wants to avoid).
  8. I don't know about mushrooms or baseball caps, but in Canada it's a 'thing' to "Spock the Fives"https://mymodernmet.com/canadian-spock-your-fives-bill/
  9. I did exactly the same thing he did - "keto" diet, but "keto" isn't a SA capital, so let's think of 4-letter capitals...which brought me to "Lima" which isn't a diet (but is a bean?) I thought the wording of that clue was a bit challenging.
  10. I was yelling "The Good Place" at my TV, but none of the contestants heard me 🙄
  11. My initial thought more spawns out of the conversation about maybe the Aglaeca was human, and that the ritual wasn't meant for something that was human. I thought the ritual actually will end up requiring close family (not necessarily a blood relative), which in this case would be Carson.
  12. Well, speaking only for myself, I could not for the life of me extract her name from my brain. I knew instantly that it was the author of To Kill A Mockingbird. The problem was that for some reason, my brain kept bringing up the names "SE Hinton" and "Lucy Maud Montgomery" - I knew they were both wrong. Had I been on the show, I would have had to write "the author of TKAM", and never would have forgiven myself for blanking on Harper Lee. I even knew that she had used her middle name, too. Having said that, I was shocked that only one of them came up with it because I would have expected them all to get it. I did wonder if the person who didn't write anything had also blanked on her name, though.
  13. Never heard of Evangeline? But yes, the pronunciation was bad, especially for a pre-med student. Then again, I was predisposed to dislike her as soon as she stated her reason for going to Spain was because she is pre-med (i.e. to pad her resume/application).
  14. It wouldn't be the first time a show went all "Who Killed XXX" only to have it be suicide.
  15. secnarf

    S17.E19: Blarney

    YES. That was an awful scene, and one that always seems to pop up whenever I decide to watch a rerun - and unfortunately, I can't stand to watch any part of that storyline in the episode.
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