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  1. I was really surprised Lord of the Flies was a TS. I know everything is EIYKI, but it's Lord of the Flies! I loved Anjolie with that big DD bet (although I felt the clue was a bit easy for a DD, especially in DJ), and was really hoping she would be able to scrape out a win.
  2. I got Lucerne, having been to that exact spot - they do occasionally show pictures of it on J! that look startlingly like my holiday pictures! It was one of my favourite places to visit, though. I'd love to go back. For FJ, the line "...with some fava beans and a nice chianti" immediately popped into my head, so that piece was easy. Problem was, they wanted the author, and I could have sat here until next year and not come up with his name.
  3. Yes!!! It was driving me insane because I kept thinking it was Gibbs (I tend to listen more than actually have eyes on the screen). I am a *huge* Simon and Garfunkel fan, and one of my big regrets is not going to their last reunion tour. When Parker said he had tickets to a reunion concert my reaction was basically, "what is this alternate universe and how can I be a part of it?!?!" and I kept wanting him to blow off the case to go to the concert. So I did laugh at the end, when Parker admitted the bluff. Kind of surprised none of the characters questioned it, though. I did enjoy
  4. Original air date: Oct 18 2021
  5. My dad had that poem on a tapestry hung on the wall for the past 30+ years. It doesn't come up on Jeopardy as often as all of his other works, but it's the only one I know well. Didn't help me for Friday's FJ :(
  6. I am so sorry you have lost enjoyment in the show :( so kind of you to continue to run this contest though, which makes the show so much more fun (for me at least)! I’m not sure if you are still testing yourself with the FJs or not, but I think you definitely get to sample food from all the tables each week, for all your dedication!!
  7. Looks delicious! I also got 4/5M*. Maybe during the TOC we will have to bring back the Mattsterisk. I had held out hope for my first 5/5 week, but didn't know Friday's FJ. I did obviously pick up on Rudyard Kipling being the author, but had never heard of "Just So Stories". @saber5055 I think your post is missing Thursday's FJ?
  8. "Burden of knowledge" I then realized that I get half the answers correct because I *lack* burden of knowledge 😂
  9. This comment made me google Robinson-Gissette and skim through their Twitter/Instagram pages. Yes, completely fascinating - especially how chimerism affects their entire being. I don't know that I would listen to a podcast (not really a podcast person) but a short trip through social media was quite interesting. I actually did notice that all of the directors in that category were female before Mayim commented on it...and then was supremely disappointed that they had Mayim comment on it, as if to say "look, we can do all-female categories without sticking 'women' in the catego
  10. I am so sad Matt lost. I really liked him and enjoyed watching him win. I had recently taken to checking ahead of time if he won, so I wouldn't be stressed while watching the game. Did that today just after the game started and gasped out loud, thus ruining it for my family watching with me 🤦‍♀️ Even NYT waited until 8:02 before pushing out the phone notification. I did find Austria to be quite easy, and was surprised Matt missed it, though it wouldn't have made a difference in the outcome of the game. He seemed extremely off tonight.
  11. Original air date: 10/11/2021
  12. 1/5 as per usual. In honour of Canadian Thanksgiving, I shall be bringing a pumpkin pie.
  13. And yet, if it was a question that was answered verbally, it would have been accepted even if it sounded a bit more like four syllables than three when the contestant said it. It's the Barry/Berry thing all over again.
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