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  1. Sometimes...I'm pretty sure there was a time when they did not ask for BMS for "Johnson". They are horribly inconsistent.
  2. I also said Iran and Iraq for the same reason. Wikipedia does, however, state that I was correct in thinking India is majority Hindu (~80% compared to ~14% Muslim). I guess India just has such a massive population that even the minority Muslim population is also quite sizeable.
  3. Me: I can't believe she missed that! Mama Secnarf: Not everyone does crosswords. My mother and I do the weekly TV guide crossword puzzle together and I think Eton is on there every third week.
  4. Ugh I just couldn't get the word for FJ to my brain in time. Didn't help that I also took a major detour with soldier (thanks to the year in the clue). I had gotten as far as evangelists, while still knowing that wasn't quite the right word.
  5. She dialed 911 - they showed that on the phone's screen.
  6. I got the part where they wanted a specific snake, but I said 'cobra' for reasons I cannot articulate. I would never have known copperhead, though.
  7. Didn't Alex mention on Monday that he had a cold?
  8. That is exactly what I said, too. I'm chalking it up to nerves. As well as his continuing to forget to phrase his responses as questions - though that was really getting on my nerves.
  9. Finally got caught up - so glad the characters have caught on that Kelly is nuts. The way she inserted herself into the Coopers' lives was not normal. Maybe it's from watching too much Criminal Minds, but she seemed very pathological. It is a bit exhausting though that all of the characters have so many issues. Real life has enough of that that I would prefer for the TV shows I watch to be a bit lighter, but I am engaged enough in the story to keep watching.
  10. Yeah, 'cedar' was a dead giveaway. It's on their flag, ffs. I did take a bit of a detour before I read the 'cedar' part of the clue though, as "Middle Eastern country" + "space" = Kazakhstan for me. I didn't actually know about Lebanon's space program but the cedar piece ruled out anything else.
  11. I assumed it was something like nitrogen dioxide and the writers just didn't know the difference.
  12. She was Elisabeth Filarski back then, and she appeared in the second season in the Australian Outback (that was the season when I started watching and developed quite the obsession with the show as a 10yo child) I haven't watched it in years, but I couldn't believe it had been 20 years already since the show started!!!
  13. Blitzkrieg is the name of a military tactic, and the Blitz is an actual offensive raid against London that occurred in 1940-1941, which is what the clue referred to. They aren't the same thing. I can't say what the judges would have ruled, but I don't think it should have been ruled correct.
  14. I thought Alex mispronounced trebuchet, which was especially odd as it's unlike him to pass up an opportunity to use his French accent. Having had to build a trebuchet in high school physics, I am intimately familiar with them 😛 Several surprising TS though - I can't remember them all, but Blitz was one.
  15. I also said Walter Cronkite, at first...then discarded that idea, and said Churchill. I was still fairly certain Churchill was wrong, but thrilled that it was close enough that the contestants guessed him too 🙂
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