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  1. No, the province is called "Newfoundland and Labrador" - Labrador being the mainland part and Newfoundland the island part.
  2. Thank you for this - came up on Final Jeopardy tonight!
  3. Yes, he would fit right into "No-filter Friday" at the office.
  4. Someone in the PTV forums for The Crown posted that factoid about Prince Phillip recently, so it was an instaget for me. Not sure if I would have come up with it otherwise, though.
  5. Yes, there are two more episodes and I believe the finale will be a two-parter aired back-to-back.
  6. Ugh, that was awful. Certainly my worst nightmare if I were to ever be on Jeopardy. I failed at FJ because I thought that the Caribbean island nations counted as part of "Central America". Apparently not.
  7. I bet James is kicking himself. It's rare for him to miss a FJ, and he tends to be decent at Shakespeare. Congrats for Ken though. He adapted his play quite well and was able to pull it off, unlike poor Brad. I really did want them all to win a match because they're all deserving, but Brad was just not having a good run this time.
  8. I kept waiting for someone to point that out to her - she was so eager just 'erase the earth' so she could get back to whatever it was she was watching. What she was watching wouldn't exist afterwards.
  9. I'm kind of disappointed. I had predicted this ages ago, and I prefer when the show zigs when I expect it to zag. This was really the only logical conclusion, though.
  10. And in my head, they were "Tony" and "David".
  11. I think Brad is lucky they didn't "subtract" from his first-game winnings in the second game where he ended up in the red. I don't think they ever considered that would happen in a tournament like this. I want James to win the tournament, but I really want each of them to win a set. They're all great players.
  12. I thought - based on "Tony" using his daughter to deliver video messages to people - that they were unable to get Michael Weatherly onscreen. But this did feel like the send-off that Ziva should have received.
  13. My FJ response tonight was 'not Beckham but the other guy!' His name just would not come to me. My response for "Chariots of Fire" was also "the one where they run on a beach with the music". My brain is fried. It's making work quite a challenge, never mind Jeopardy!
  14. Not a mod, but I would agree - is that not the general site policy for any show that airs in prime time? Jeopardy has been different as it airs in different markets at different times so a somewhat arbitrary time has been set, but for these tournaments I would think the regular policy applies. I also couldn't think with the new "think" music!
  15. Never read Catch-22. My wild guess for FJ was Profiles in Courage - although I wasn't sure if it was published in the 1950s or early 1960s (looked it up - it was 1956).
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