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  1. Got FJ thanks to those Jetpunk quizzes. They have helped me out so much.
  2. I also got that impression - but I was more curious as to which real life person she thought Osmosis Jones was named after 😉
  3. I did know that he was named for Buzz Aldrin (though I didn't know his original name), but there just wasn't enough in the clue for me to get there - and a non-human or animated character never even occurred to me. There are millions of movie characters, and a significant number that are related to space in some way. I couldn't run through them all in 30 seconds.
  4. I definitely thought the definition they gave for FJ 100% described laissez-faire, which I answered before they finished reading the clue and with complete certainty 🙄
  5. This is the biggest reason why I am so grateful to work in a place that encourages everyone to wear scrubs! In other areas, finding appropriate clothes for work was always a challenge.
  6. 3/5 - assuming that "she who played Blanche" doesn't count ;)
  7. I was confused about the wagering - why did Ankit not bet enough to cover Mara's score going into FJ? Had she bet nothing, she would have won.
  8. Ok I definitely misread that post and thought Lance Bass was going to guest host Jeopardy 🤦‍♀️
  9. Me too. Immediately cottoned on to The Dock of the Bay, and then spent the rest of the time trying to remember who sang it (first). My first thought was also Marvin Gaye - anyone know if he ever covered it?
  10. I initially said 'lunch break' but then changed it to 'coffee break' - when I first heard the phrase, it was as a student working part time while in university, and I remember it striking me as very odd when my manager was telling me I would get a 15 minute 'coffee break', since a) not everyone drinks coffee and b) it took wayyyyy longer than 15 mins to get to either of the two coffee places in the building, line up, order and get coffee, and then drink it as a hot beverage. At the time I thought it was just that manager's terminology, but then when it came up at subsequent jobs, I realiz
  11. Well, for FJ I knew it was the person who played Blanche DuBois, and couldn't get any further than that. I could have sat here til next year and not come up with her name.
  12. 1/5. As someone who immediately considers a question a write-off if it is earlier than 1800, I wasn't thrilled with two days in a row of 17th century something-or-other.
  13. I had a feeling when they were up 3-1 in the series that the Habs would end up winning 🙄 It's just sad at this point. I had a brief moment where I somehow thought lemurs were in Australia and said Tasmania. Luckily caught myself before the time was up, but I can't say I had a great game. My cat, who we had for 18 years, died somewhat suddenly on the weekend and it has been quite rough.
  14. 0/5 this week - clearly not cut out for the TOC tournament. Friday's was extremely obvious in retrospect, but my brain had already shut down for the weekend!
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