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  1. Agree with above that pre-calling is referring to the solution (what is xxx), not the clue itself, and the definition should reflect that (whether we call it an answer or question is confusing, but hopefully you know what I mean by that!) The way the phrase is used on this forum isn't to refer to the clue but to the solution. It's basically calling a potential correct response based on the category alone.
  2. I have always liked this too, but she is becoming increasingly annoying. I really liked her character - both the concept and execution - initially, but she is becoming annoying. I feel like they are taking it too far and making her like a stereotypical "blonde" character. I do, however, really like Roundtree.
  3. Well, that's better than me. I started crying with "This is Jeopardy!". How could he say see you next week??? He knew it was his last episode. I was sad Yoshie lost. I liked her and wanted her to continue her streak for Alex's last game.
  4. I have never seen Hair and did not realize that Aquarius was a song in it. It is a bit disconcerting to not realize I had such a gap in knowledge! Needless to say, I got the song but not the musical. @saber5055 I hope you don't leave! Or at least, come back soon. We will miss you.
  5. Not gonna lie, I did laugh at one of the categories tonight being "your government at work". Another form of the J! curse, perhaps? When I think of WWI movies, I don't think of WW. It never would have come to me. I could only guess 1917, but I was certain that movie came out in 2019. I was given a free on-demand movie and selected it, only to not be able to actually watch it because the way it was shot gave me motion sickness. I also had to google to make sure I wasn't going crazy about Dunkirk - that is a WWII movie, not WWI.
  6. Thank you!!!!! I am honoured. Lovely medallion, and a fitting end to 2020! And congratulations/thank you to everyone else for not also achieving this score 😉
  7. And then there was me, who spent the first little while wondering what exactly they meant by 'state' - were they referring to US states or sovereign states? I did eventually decide they wanted US states, and assumed the two states had similar names. First thought of Virginia/West Virginia, before deciding on the Carolinas in the nick of time. The red dwarf answer had me cracking up. At least white dwarf wasn't a terrible answer, but red?!
  8. 0/5. A bit embarrassing considering they were all repeats!!
  9. Greek mythology is one of those topics that is difficult, if not impossible, to reason through if you don't know it/aren't familiar with it. The extent of my mythology knowledge is what I have managed to retain from watching Jeopardy - unfortunately, this particular fact was not retained from the first showing of this episode!
  10. Did a google search and nothing remotely close to that quote came up. Whatever that line is from, it isn't Snape.
  11. One of my earliest memories is of walking down the street with my dad and singing that song, so it always makes me smile, and last night was no exception.
  12. I have read the Harry Potter books numerous times, and I have absolutely no idea what you are referring to in the spoiler tags - I don't think I have ever read that line before.
  13. The clue about grapefruit and medications in today's episode was blatantly wrong. The interaction many medications have with grapefruit is due to compounds within the grapefruit juice inhibiting an enzyme in our body (CYP3A4) that breaks down many medications (and is responsible for activating a few others). Grapefruit juice often leads to a build-up of the medication in the body. The clue stated: More than 50 medications are affected by the juice of this citrus fruit; its enzymes break down the meds. Of course, I had no idea for FJ, so clearly I am not that smart 😛
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