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  1. can someone tell me what the text that Kate saw on toby's phone said? I was too far away to read it.
  2. i am an Outlander reader also, and while I was disappointed at things they changed/left out in the tv version, Discovery of Witches is so much worse, constrained as they are by only 8 episodes. I just finished reading the first book again just to keep everything straight. Saying the writers are putting the emphasis on the wrong syllables is the perfect way to put it. There was so much to put in that I suppose they did the best they could under the circumstances but to take that book and only give it 8 episodes is a disgrace. I think the development of the relationship between Diana and Matthew especially received short shrift. Baldwin didn't come across as particularly menacing, as compared to the book, and if I hadn't read the book I would have no understanding of what daemons are. I am hoping they do a better job with books 2 & 3. '
  3. I am in the minority here because I loved the season finale. Very glad they made Emily a drug user rather than a victim of someone spiking her drink. Much more realistic. I did not like Fornell pulling his gun on the doctor and his other over the top reactions. I have never hated Ziva although I was glad when she left because it gave them a chance to freshen up the show with some new people. Cannot wait to see where exactly this new danger to Gibbs is coming from and I will be looking forward to more NCIS in the fall.
  4. one of the razor companies i (Gillette) s apparently getting a lot of flack because in their latest ad campaign they featured a very large woman in a bathing suit. Not whitney's size but close. They are being told they are are encouraging an unhealthy life style for profit. I wonder how long it will take Whitney to jump on the wagon and accuse all the critics of fat shaming?? Maybe she should see if she can make modeling her next career lol.
  5. just saw an article about Jenna and VAL (DWTS) this morning. She wore a turtle neck dress! Reminded me of that bride who was looking for a turtle neck dress in an earlier episode. It was a Vera Wang and was lovely. The portion from just above her breasts up through the turtle neck was sheer, as were the long sleeves. When I first heard turtleneck I thought "ugh" but it was so lightweight and sheer it was lovely. Modest too, unlike most of the dresses we see on this show. There was no mention in the article when their episode would be airing. Maybe they were waiting until after the wedding?
  6. correct me if I am wrong but wasn't Tristan with a pregnant girlfriend (or a girlfriend who had recently given birth) when he hooked up with Khloe? So where does she get off playing the poor victim?? Did she think she was going to magically transform him? And then to come out with all of this BS on instagram or whatever. My sympathies are with True. What a pair of parents she has.
  7. I found the show very interesting but I also found myself yelling at the TV every time Jazz said she wanted to see her "beautiful vagina." As someone up thread said she probably uses that term to cover all of her new female parts but I found it very annoying that she brought it up so much. Everyone in her family knew what she was having done, she didn't need to keep bringing up her vagina. I don't think any of them wanted to hear much about it. Dr. Bowers even mentioned the specific names for her external genitals perhaps in the hope that Jazz would be clued in to the fact that her vagina was internal, not external.
  8. cannot get ride of the quote box, sorry! Could Tom Burley be Tom Christie? He was one of the settlers at Fraser's ridge and at least in the books plays a somewhat important role.
  9. abbey


    Just saw this episode and was wondering the same thing....It didn't make any sense that Radar was delerious from the rabies shot or that Col Blake could tell the dog wasn't rabid without examining its brain tissue. I was also surprised that rabies vaccine was apparently readily available in Korea. Then again maybe rabies was prevalent there.
  10. I have a friend who was a marine and a body escort during the Korean war. They wouldn't send him over to Korea because he had 2 brothers already in combat units over there. He had some very moving stories to tell about the body escorts he handled and the very strict regulations there were for their conduct as escorts. That part of the episode rang very true to what I had heard from him.
  11. If I remember correctly Deja got a couple of text messages last night and they were shown on the screen? I was too far from the tv to read them. Can someone tell me what they said?? Thanks!
  12. My parents bought a new house when my sister and I were about Will and Zoe's age. We did not go house shopping with them. When they found the right house they told us about it and we drove by it but we never went in until it was ours. Maybe I am an old grouch but I see no reason for kids that age to go house shopping with their parents, especially when they are as undisciplined as Will and Zoe are. Their misbehavior is not cute, not entertaining, and disrespectful to the owners of the house they were in. Will and Zoe are cute kids and I don't expect them to behave perfectly but I expect them to mind their parents and for their parents to actually require them to behave when necessary. I
  13. Happy Birthday Dot! I always enjoy your comments on our favorite not so fabulous fat person. I hope you are having a great day.
  14. it is pretty sad when people will pay, sometimes in big bucks, to have someone who doesn't know them and will never know them wish them a happy birthday etc.
  15. Just curious....is this show on a cable channel somewhere?? Loved watching it while it was on TV and would like to see it again if possible.
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