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  1. These posts about turtle parenting have me giggling. I think the statements about the environment each week are a little tiresome for me - especially last week’s, which seemed forced. It’s reminiscent of Sergio on Project Runway.
  2. Thanks! I must have been scrolling my phone. I’m finding this show a little slow, but not in the good way.
  3. Is no one watching this? I need someone to explain to me how they matched Jacob’s prints to the sweater before he had been arrested.
  4. Some of the pieces featured in Jonny’s introduction gave me David Rose (Schitt’s Creek) vibes, so I love that! I hope that he has better weeks to come. Watching the judges touching the clothes on the models made me appreciate how on PR, they frequently show the judges ask if they can take a closer look, and they often show Brandon say hello to the model. Maybe the same happened here, but it felt off - maybe because most of their comments were so harsh. Overall, I preferred this to the first. Looking forward to the next two!
  5. This felt long for me, but I’m still here for it. Also here for all of the shots of Paris. Speaking of, what a waste of carbon emissions, flying everyone to NYC just to turn around and fly them to Paris for some lame attempt at drama. I don’t mind the seamstress angle, but I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around a designer that can’t sew at all. Maybe that’s normal. I’m not into fashion at all, but I’m all about all of these shows. Good thing I’m not there with all of those fabric shears. I’m not sure I could keep myself from lopping off the butterflies on Martha’s shoes, or Esther’s hair for that matter. I know - shallow and immature, but hey - at least I can acknowledge my shortcomings. I haven’t seen all of the PR seasons since I did not get the channel it was on for a while. When I found it again just this last season, I was so happy to see Christian as the mentor. It was reinforced by seeing Tim, who I used to think I liked. Maybe if he still said “make it work” it would be better? His over the top declaration about the next big designer/brand being in the room was just about too much for me. In spite of it all, I’m looking forward to more. Just keep the aerial shots of Paris coming.
  6. @nodorothyparker, after every episode I say to my husband, “What a weird little show,” so I love that you described it the same way. I really do enjoy this show, and I hope it gets a third season! I find so many comedies to be predictable and the jokes obvious, and often recycled, but this is always funny and catches me off guard with the humour. Stuff just comes straight out of left field.
  7. Also, Please Like Me. Claire tells Josh’s mom that the first time they had sex, they did not actually because he was between her and the sheets.
  8. It has crossed my mind that Sergio may think that he will be the mentor in that situation should he win.
  9. I loved this episode! I rarely laugh out loud when watching tv alone, but when David said “I said radish” and his reaction to Herbert’s (or is it pronounced ”Erbert?”) response struck me as so funny! @Harvey made such a good point about the loving relationships, both well established and fledgling. I tried watching this once on my sister’s recommendation, but I gave up after 2 or 3 episodes. We were together one evening when my dad was dying in the hospital, and we wanted something light to put on, so she put on Schitt’s Creek. I heard my uncle come home and mutter “stupid show” when he saw what was on. This time, I kept watching once I was home again, and still needing something kind of light to escape reality for short periods of time. I started to enjoy it, but thought it was funny but shallow. During an episode in season 4 or 5, it hit me very suddenly what a lovely show it is. It may seem stupid or shallow, and David wears weird clothes, and Roland is annoying af, but at the heart of it, is love. It’s a show about supporting, and accepting and loving. What a gift it has been.
  10. That was such a bad twist! Sometimes they make sense like making ice cream last week or to go with pie, or a side for your dessert imposter, but this one was just dumb. And Val pouting saying she doesn’t want to eat raw pizza dough - well, how about you don’t make them make pizza in an Italian rainbow cookie challenge.
  11. I was happy to see the sand lady back, but I’m annoyed that they didn’t just leave the camera shot close up on the art she was creating. I do not need to see the two musicians, though I can see why they would cut to them. I really don’t need to see the judges, or a wide shot of the theatre and I really, really don’t need to see randos in the audience!
  12. There are many, many examples of people helping other people in sports competitions. It’s good sportsmanship to do so. I loved the onesies! I would have been in one at the first opportunity. I would have gone to the tie dye lesson in it.
  13. That was Veronica saying that Sergio did not trust her on the machines.
  14. Anyone else having this happen? Every time I hear/see press for Birds of Prey, for a second I think it’s The Birds Have Eyes 3: The Crowening. Every time.
  15. I’m glad I’m not alone with my irrational reaction to it. I mean, do it once to start the runway show if you must, but why multiple times? Now every time it happens, know I’m glancing over to share a knowing look with you. 👀
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